Her best friend 2

We admit, it is a bit sick to have a thing for your best friend. And yet both of you still be in a relationship, but to go through every day wanting the other so bad it hurts. You want both of them. Your heart aches for them.

But life isn’t fair.
We have one in a partnership, and one on the side, even though it’s much more than a side-meeting.
I love my best friend more than..well, almost more than anything.
We do everything together.
Everything means..yes, even sex.

It just so happened on this particular afternoon, we had just finished eachother off and were laying in my hot-pink-and-black bed panting, sweat running down our tits and big cheesy grins on our faces, that Lyss suggested we clean up and take a shower. This made me raise my eyebrows as my gaze wandered down to her pussy, because I had thought we ‘cleaned up’ pretty well…but I shrugged and jumped up to start the water anyway. I could feel her chocolate-brown eyes watching my ass as I skipped away and I felt slight color rising in my cheeks..when I wasn’t with her, I was pretty quiet and shy.
So I was in my bathroom, bent over turning the hot water on when I feet her hand run between my legs. My eyes automatically shut and my body gave a huge shudder of pleasure.
‘Relax.’ She breathed that one word in my ear as I leaned back against her, focusing only on the gentle touch of her fingertips probing my bare, needy pussy. I groaned in encouragement as she slid two fingers into my tight pussy and brushed them against the vulnerable pink insides. She made me reach behind and clutch at her hard ass and I arched my back and bit back a savage scream. She grinned and abruptly stopped, making me spin around, my eyes wild. ‘What the hell Lyss?!’ She laughed in that sick way of hers, making me whine and pout. ‘Get in the shower.’ She huffed and pushed me in, nearly making my slip on the white tiles. I regained my balance and pinned her to the wall. ‘You told me you wanted to dominate you for once, so I’m going to attempt it.’ I grinned as she smirked. She thought I had a perfect body, but what I saw in her..was my idea of perfection. She was 5’4″ and I was 5’7″. I was skinny with long legs and a bare pussy, with 36A tits that I thought were much too small. She told me she loved it, so I guess it was alright. She had 38C boobs that were absolutely magnificent, and a solid ass to go with it. I loved every inch of her, inside and out. And I wanted so bad to prove it to her.
I bit her neck gently, and kissed all the way to her belly. I squatted down as the water ran over us, my mouth inches from her drenched pussy, but I went instead to her thighs. I kissed and licked and sucked on the insides, getting closer to her clit with each hungry kiss. She squirmed above me, wanting me so badly to get to the point that it made me grin. I abruptly nibbled her pussy, and her reaction of arching her back and moaning pleased me, because I loved to please her. I loved her so fucking much.
My nibbles turned into gentle bites, pulling it out softly then sucking the clit hard. Her juices were mixing with the water and running down her legs, and I eagerly lapped them up. She moaned harder when I thrust my tongue inside her and pushed it in and out, while wiggling it to the most sensitive of places. I knew where her gspot was and I was determined to push her.
I slid two fingers in and she immediatly knew what I was going to do. I felt the slightly rougher skin of her spot and began to curl my fingers and pump them inside her while licking her clit. She braced against the wall and let loose a scream that echoed through my entire house, her body shuddering violently as she broke into a sweat. Then she finally let loose and exploded all over her thighs and my face, purring in pleasure as I let her ride it out, lapping up all her juices. Her legs gave out and she slid down so that he face was inches from mine, and I kissed her hard, letting her taste herself on my tongue. I always wanted to take her. God..I loved everything about this girl so much.
‘You’re fucking amazing.’
She reached over to cut the water as she ran her hand back between my legs. ‘Come back to bed, let’s play.’ She whispered, tugging me out of the shower.
We were back on the bed, soaked and still ready for more. She was on top of me and we had our hands between eachothers legs until she pushed my hands away and hungrily ate my pussy for all it was worth, dipping her tongue and fingers in. I moaned and bucked my hips, my free hand that wasn’t clutching the headboard pushing her face into my clit.
‘Fuck me, fuck me…oh god..’ I pleaded as my best friend brought me to complete submission.
She curled one finger inside me and quickly ended my cries with one long, final scream of ectasy. I pulled her up and shoved my tongue in her mouth, filling our kiss with much more than pure passion. I ran my hand along her ass and moaned softly, enjoying every second spent with her. ‘I have to go.’ She finally broke the kiss. ‘My boyfriend will be home soon, and your girlfriend gets off work in 10 minutes.’ I grinned at how close we had cut it this time, usually we had an hour to spare. I pulled her down for one final kiss before she got dressed, and I escorted her to the door in my robe. ‘I love you Lyss..’ I gently pressed my lips to hers, and watched her eyes melt. I have no idea what you’re supposed to do when you’re in love with two people and one happens to be your best friend.. She seemed to read my mind, and trailed her lips to my neck. ‘I’ll see you tomorrow, I love you too.’ She promised with a wry smile. It widened when she spotted my girlfriend’s car pulling up, and she walked past her to her own car. ‘Mel needed a shower.’ Lyss said innocently, passing me a sly wink as my girlfriend bought the story.
Best friends means whatever happens happens, right?

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