Her best friend

Two girls that were randomly lusted after, but were pretty ordinary: There was Mel, with long brown and blonde hair, 5’7″, slim but with a tight ass and small but proportioned boobs. And Lyss. Lyss was about 5’4″ and medium build, with a nice ass and amazing boobs. The girls had been best friends for years, but they always managed to set eachother’s senses on fire. However, they had never met until one day..
It was like an explosion. As soon as they saw eachother, their lips clashed and hands wandered. Mel pushed Lyss back onto the sofa and ran her hands over her tits, sliding them teasingly up and down the girl’s thighs and she devoured her mouth. Lyss was doing much of the same thing, and they were both fumbling with the other’s jean buttons. Soon shirts were off, and Mel was rubbing Lyss through her panties, kissing slowly down her neck and around the skin the bra did not cover. Her free hand raced up her back to undo her friend’s bra, and let it fall carelessly next to the other clothes. She moaned gently as Lyss flipped her over so that she was on top of Mel, and all but tore her panties off. Soon her tongue was pressing hard on the girl’s throbbing clit, circling the lips and pushing into her. Mel arched her back and gave a cry of pleasure, but as she came close to cumming Lyss pulled back and kissed her hard, making her friend squirm and whine in need of an orgasm badly. ‘I have an idea’ she breathed, and dragged her to the bed. She produced a pair of handcuffs from her drawer and cuffed the blonde to her headboard, grinning at the upcoming domination. Slowly, she slid her tongue down Mel’s belly and kissed the insides of her thighs, slowly pushing a finger into her. Biting her lip the girl tried to stop from crying out but couldn’t as she thrust her hips and squirmed hard, screaming as she orgasmed all over her friend’s mouth and finger. Breathing hard, she was finally uncuffed and let loose on Lyss, whom she pinned to the bed hungrily. Mel kissed her hard, and practically clawed her way to hery dripping pussy. Not wasting any time she spread the lips and began sucking and licking on her delicious clit, pushing her hard to a loud orgasm. But as she was begged to stop, she kept on licking. She ran her tongue gently below her pussy and kissed her asscheeks before moving back up. Taking three fingers, she shoved them in hard and grinned as she felt the pussy tighten and shudder. She pushed gently, pulling out fast and then slowing down again as Lyss screamed into another shuddering orgasm that made sweat trail down her tits and cum into her friend’s mouth. They shuddered and looked at eachother, knowing they had to do it again soon.

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