Holiday Buffet

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My friend and I arrived Friday morning about 11 , with plans for our friends to join us on Saturday. Once we unloaded the truck, we unload our bags and decided to play around in the pool for a bit. Well, that did not last long and we decided to go dry off and in for some time together before our friends arrive. As we were getting comfortable my friend informs me that she is horny.

We remove our swim suits I see her shaved pussy is wet as her moisture is seeping out and down her thighs. She informs me that when our friends arrive I am to follow her lead. She has me first take care of her incessant throbbing. I begin to lick her outer lips, starting at the bottom of her quivering slit and work my way up and over and around slowly working further and further in, after of about 7-9 minutes of the tortuous play I finally land my tongue on her throbbing clitoris, as I do she begins to spasm into a very wet orgasm.

She then rolls on top of me and while sitting on my face begins to tease my cock first with her hands, gliding her nails up and down my shaft, paying attention to torment me to enough to keep my cock engorged, but not to the point of no return. She then begin to focus on her own orgasm, as I probe my tongue into her bald pussy, just as I am fully focused on her achieving her second orgasm, she takes my cock into her mouth and is frantically pumping my cock with her mouth and she is flailing on my mouth bringing us both to very intense orgasms.

She then gets up and shoves my cock into her still quivering pussy, the feeling is so intense I feel as if I am still having an orgasm, she is wet and so hot, both of us throbbing, she leans forward and kisses me, her mouth is hot and still full with my cum. Initially I am shocked, but she is pumping her wet pussy on my throbbing cock and I do not care that we are swapping our orgasms in this kiss. She continues to pump up and down on my cock until I have another orgasm, pumping it deep into her hot bald pussy.

She then rolls off of me and is lying beside me, both of us aglow with the after the orgasm smiles pasted on our faces. She begins to giggle, then confides in me that she has been dying to feed my own juices back to me for sometime, and asks if I liked the taste as much as she does. I tell her that because it seemed to excite her so much, it was very erotic and yes the taste was very pleasing, she smiled. She then asked me if I would be willing to anything just for her happiness, I told her yes and I love her, she should never hesitate to be afraid to tell me what she wants. She said that pleased her and if I really meant it I would lick her pussy free of my sperm, so without hesitation began to lick her clean, kneeling between her legs I lapped at her beautiful cum filled pussy and to her surprise my erection began to return. As she noticed this she asked me if she was the only one with this fantasy, I told her that I had always wanted to go down on her afterwards to keep he orgasm going, but if I had realized how much I would enjoy the taste I probably would have been doing this for years.

After we began to discuss other unspoken fantasies. She informed me that she has often had fantasies of being gang banged, her pussy, her ass, her mouth, all holes filled over and over. Being pumped full of cum repeatedly. She also informed me more recently her fantasies involved me, but not as her master, lying beside her made to suck cock, have my ass fucked, having men and women suck my cock and balls, cocks pumping cum in my ass, and having me swallow cum. I tell her one of my fantasies is was to eat her cum filled pussy pumped, only to have her stradle my face and have me clean her up. I confessed that for many years I have had somewhat similar fantasies as hers, not as elaborate, but always got really turned on when eating a woman, when at the same time I was imaging some guy sliding his cock in my ass.

She asked me, so then you could do that?? I said I do not know, but in my minds fantasies I am not in control of what happens, it just happens and HAVE to do it. We then go take a shower laughing and joking with each other about this. After the shower as I am making us some Margaritas, she sets up the table for some games. We play cards until the 5am and must have 6-7 margaritas each, We really open up and talk about how hot we think the other would look in our envisioned fantasies, aroused by our discussions of our shared fantasies. I ask her if one day we could please fulfill all of our fantasies, she looks at me in shock, and says you seriously would consider something like that? I then realize that I probably went to far, then she laughs and tells me “yes you will realize all of your fantasies, I promise,” she reaches down and feel my rock hard cock, she smiles, “so they are more than just fantasies then??” I respond with only a smile.
She looks at me and says you know I would like to see you get fuck and fucked hard. In fact I would like to see you fuck hard in front of that fireplace. I am not sure what to think, she tells me to get undressed and she’ll be right back, then cuts me a big grin.

I undress as I was told, thinking that she is going to show me the time of my life. When she comes back she is wearing a red leather body suit that is ankle to wrist with cutouts exposing her breast and a red skirt like ballerina wear. I sat holy shit, she giggles and tells me to lie down on the coffee table. After I do she comes over and kneels between my legs and starts to stroke my cock with one hand and with the other is rubbing my ass. As she is doing this she is telling me how nice it would to be to see a fat cock pumping it, without thinking, I agree and she then proceeds to slide in her fingers one by one. She is now stroking my cock down each time she slide her fingers in, my dick is harder than it has ever been. She keeps doing this until I finally erupt, cum pumping, and she has cupped her hand over the head of my cock and is using my cum as a lubricant to invade my ass. I tell her that I love the way this feels, she then removes the ballerina skirt revealing a 9 inch strap on and ask me how I think it would feel.

I tell her there is only one way to know for sure, and she asks if I am sure. I tell her to do with me as she pleases. She produces some lubricant and informs me that depending on how well I do depends on whether any of those other fantasies will ever happen.

She pushes the dildo into my ass, once she gets past my rectum, it seems to just slide in.
She then proceeds to slowly slide the long fat dildo in and out my ass, I tell her that the feeling is incredible, she then begins to tell me how much she imagines it must feel like what she feels when I stuff my cock into her pussy. Then she shoves that cock in as deep as it will go and then begins to start pumping faster. She grabs me by the hips and tells me to wrap my legs around her, as I do this she is able to pump harder and go in even further than before. As she is fucking me silly, she asked me how I like it, I tell her rough and fast, she is laughing as she is pumping me hard, telling me about how this may be the beginning of something for us, I agree.

She is still pumping at my ass when she asked me what I thought of the drinks earlier, I ask between grunts and moans, oh you mean the eggnog, she laughs and tells me it is more of a cumnog than an eggnog, her friend told her how sperm can be an aphrodisiac, and because she works at a sperm bank they prepared some just for this weekend. She inform me that in each glass that I had earlier there were 5 shots of cum for every shot of brandy, I laugh as I remember I asked for the last three to be doubles. She says she almost gave it away but decided to give me what I asked for, with 10 shots of brandy and 50 cum loads down, I tell her that now I understand what the extra “nut”meg is about. Then she reminds me that she is giving me what I ask for as she is pumping me rough and fast. Finally she stops after I shot a load of cum so hard
half of it landed on my face. Before she pull
ed that cock out though she had me lick it from her fingers.

We fall asleep, in the morning the fire is blazing again, as I stretch, I realize that my cock is throbbing with an erection, before I can open my eyes I smell that familiar recently fucked pussy smell, yum, yum and before I can react, it is on my face so I begin to lick as I assume this would be what she must want, as I begin I realize that I feel pubic hair my, Tara is shaved bald. ??? Then I here Tara say go ahead and lick James from Sara. My dick throbs as I realize what is going on, at first I am think this is a hell of a dream, then I hear Tara tell Carl to fuck me hard and fast, that is the way I like it, so as Carl’s cock breaches my rectum I realize that Christmas has cum early.

As I am being multi-sex gang banged Tara tells me between her grunts that she has had a group of her friends plus some of their friends cum play.
In attendance are:

Her friends from work Sara and her husband James as well as Vicky with her girlfriend Stacy
James friends Todd, Steve, Carl, Tim, Bryan, Tony, and Ralph and am told that each of them get at least two shoots in each of us.
Our old neighbors Bud and Shelly
From my work Tracy, her friends Jenny, Clara, and Terry

Needless to say my stocking was not necessarily filled but I got stuffed, as Carl fuck me and ended shooting his load deep in my ass, I heard Tara have an orgasm as did Tracy who was straddling my dick, hearing all those orgasms at once, I filled Tracy with my cum, which she promptly sat on my face to have me clean up, she is bald like Tara and brought own orgasm to mix with mine and she came like I have never seen a woman cum before, if having a regular pussy loaded with cum is called a cream pie, then she was like a double banana cream pie.

As morning went on both Tara and I got fucked and filled once all the guys and each pumped Tara with two loads each, I got to like her clean, twenty hot loads of cum, it took almost two hours, to get it all just as I thought, well that is it , more would flow. While I was cleaning her, I was fucked with dildos, dicks, everyone was laughing and just fucking like crazy, just as I had just about cleaned her up, I started to feel hot liquid splash on my stomach, then one by one six of the guys shot their load on my body, Jenny and Tracy licked me clean, then the started licking each others breast, then before you knew it, the were 69ing, Tracy was on top so I decide to help Jenny. I started licking Tracy’s ass, circling it then finally probing it with my tongue, and I discovered I was not the only one who got fucked up the ass

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    sounds wonderful, where are women like this??

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