Hot Kitchen Table Love The Next Day

Brenda and her best friend Phire were on the back porch watching Jayson work on the field. The temperature was still blazing. The girls were only wearing their shorts. Jayson would stop to look at there juicy breasts with the chocolatety velvety centers. Brenda was talking about the day before. As she told every sexy and nasty detail, Phire was feeling a fire between her soft olive legs. With no shame reached down in her shorts and started to feel the river that was flowing.

“You’re getting off on this aren’t you?” asked Brenda.
“You dont know the half. That tongue would feel so nice against my pussy.”
“His tongue is good.”
“Im talking about yours.”
Brenda looked at her friend puzzeled. “What?”
“Ooooohh Brenda.” She was finger popping herself right in Brenda’s face. “Come on, I know you want to eat it out. And I know that you can make me like it.”
Brenda got on her knees in front of her friend and pulled off her shorts. She looked at the pink lips.
“Eat her Brenda.” She dove into her command and tonugue fucked her slit. She licked it like am ice cream cone and rubbed her clit. Phire moaned and bucked her pelvis and with every buck, Brenda fucked it hardee with her tongue.
“Fingerfuck me.” she sighed. Brenda looked up and their eyes met. She dug her middle finger in the plush pink valley and like the many cocks that were there she rammed it in and out. Gradually she added more and more fingers and by the fourth Phire joined her friend on the floor and rode her hand until she finally climaxed. Phire fell on Brenda and kissed her and licked her love of Breda’s fingers.

Jayson walkd over to them and sat on the chair.
“Hello Jayson.” They said in unison as Phire and Brenda started to engage in kissing. Jayson’s sex was throbbing and rising with every sight of their pretty pink tongues. HE got on his knees and started fondling Phire’s thighs. Phire turned around and started kissing on her boyfriend. The two were getting hot and bothered when phire decided he should join in.

She undid his pants and the girls pulled them off. Jayson sat there standing tall ready for anything. Brenda made her way to the chair and put her legs over each arm. She closed her eyes and rubbed her clit. But JJayson was fucking Phire from behind. SSeeing her on all fours and his dick in her plush pussy made Jayson go crazy and fucked he fucked. The two were in their own world when Phire made a way to her friends slit.

Phire ate her friend hungrily. Brenda Pushed her head in and played her nipples as her and Jayson locked eyes. Brenda looked down at the rod that had been satisfying Phire and saw that is was even more appetizing with someone else’s juice on it. Jayson saw this and qickly took it out to give to her. She sucked it and feasted on it.

After was about an hour at Sucking and licking and eating Jayson was wanting to explode. He lay on the floor and Phire was feasting on his balls and dick and Brenda sat on his face as he held his tonuge out to have her jump up and down on it. The girls both made out with his dick between their lips. The sensation was too much for him as he came and his love shot out. The girls helped cleaned him off and jerk off the rest of the milk shooting out.

Brenda came quickly after and the three fell over each other as they shared one French kiss.

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