A few weeks ago, my husband and I sat down and had a long, long, long conversation about the future of our marriage. We have been together a total of 4 years, one of which we just lived together before we tied the knot. But there is one thing he cannot be clever about; fucking my wet hot box like a real stallion!hmm he is good but not often enough… After months of not talking about our lack of sex and passion in our marriage, I finally sat him down and went over our options!
A. Start taking supplements, viagra, horny goat weed or something that will give him a stronger sex drive to spark our marriage. B. Cut back on hours at the office and spend more quality time with me, so we can reconnect with each other to increase more romance.
C. Open our marriage up to other partners, not just any partners but safe partners whom we both are comfortable with.

I will admit I did see a spark in his eyes when I told him about the last option, so after weeks of not speaking about the subject, Stan decided to open up and allow me to pickup and try a younger guy. Well to make a long story short, I met this hot black guy off a swing board and invited him over for some play time. His name was Michael. Michael came over and was very cool when he met my husband, I found it very hot to have a younger guy hanging out with an older guy right before he fucked me! The night started smooth as Michael and myself sat on the couch drinking white wine, I noticed my husband hanging around in the kitchen looking from afar. Michael started rubbing my back and kissing my neck. I got wet instantly. I have not been touched in this matter in years. It actually felt like I was dating again.

His warm tongue rolled down the back of my neck, sending chills up my spine. I leaned back on the couch and reached over and unzipped his pants and grabbed his cock and it was as hard as a baseball bat! 10 inches Long, thick, smooth, soft and black, the head itsself was just huge, My heart dropped! Oh shit, how can I take all of this meat in my pussy, it was been months since I have had sex, yet alone with a dick the size of a cucumber!! My husband was quiet, but I could hear the sound of the water in the dishwasher.
Michael then sticks his tongue in my ear and is breathing hard, he whispers;Does that white boy touch you like this Bitch ;Does he make you bend over and touch your toes, while he fucks you up the ass Bitch;? My mind started to race and wonder, this guy may be too young for me, how can I keep up with him? Michael then grabs the back of my hair and pulls my head back and sticks his tongue in my mouth! I still have his elephant dick in my hands and its fully erect! and fucking huge!

He stands up over me and rams his dick in my mouth!! Its hard, long and Im gagging on it to the point where tears are coming out of my eyes. Michael says, suck.. thats a good girl baby, suck my black snake, my joe young until I tell you to stop!. Stan do you see your bitch slopping on my dick?Where did you find this latin bitch from? Im going to stretch her asshole to the size of london My eyes and ears cant believe what I was hearing. This asshole guy is ramming his dick down my throat and talking shit about me, while my husband sits there and does NOTHING!!!

I try to push his dark dick out of my mouth but he grabs the back of my head and forces me to suck it, I cant breathe! I think Im going to get sick, when I hear Stan say Yeah sometimes you just have to give em what they want
Michael charms in..Well I could see in her eyes she wasnt getting much from you, so I guess I will take over from here! The room is quiet. Michael pulls his dick out of my mouth, I could see my white spit running down his dick, he pulls his pants off to just his boxer shorts! Grabs me and bends me over on the couch! I was slightly pissed off, but wickedly turned on for some reason. This guy was an asshole but his mistreatment of me was something I wasnt used too.

I bend over, spread my legs and Michael says Damn, ‘I suppose you dont have any rubbers’, ‘Fuck it’! You want a real dick right…Take my meat raw, baby; He then rams his dick inside of me bareback!! OH my fucking God!! This guy is such a fucking asshole!!. My pussy opens up like a volcano while he starts to bang away on my hole! OHHHH Shit this young guy is ripping me apart, my pussy is soaked! My pussy lips are burning! He grabs my hair, slaps my ass and goes deeper inside of me!! Oh my goodness, shit, shit, shit, shit, this cock is deep and it feels good. I can’t even think right now, my pussy is being mistreated by a guy who just called me a bitch!! Michael grabs my butt cheeks opens them up and goes deeper inside of me, HOLY shit, my pussy is taking all 11 inches of this snake dick and I can feel it in my chest!! My pussy has already bust one nut, and Im ready to call it a night! Damn, I feel so old.
Michael then grabs me by my waist and walks me into the kitchen and says to my husband watch me fill your bitches pussy up with sperm.. hubby’s face is red, he looks at me in the eye with envy, but I could see him turned on! Micheals dick is still inside of me, he pushes me on the fridge and keeps pounding my pussy from behind!

You like this shit don’t you bitch, you love it dont you bitch; is what Michael yells! you.., get the fuck by the stove I want you to watch me fuck your bitch like the whore she is; my poor hubby is as white as a ghost, my lips are starting to burn from this big ass monster dick!! Michael then pushes me on the kitchen table and tells him, YO sit the fuck down…I want you to hold your bitchs hand while I fuck her, Im going to remember this shit for the rest of my life.

my husband sits down grabs the paper and looks at me as I frown with displeasure, hes speechless. Then he reaches over and kisses me while my pussy is being ripped. Thats a good bitch, kiss that wimpy motherfucker, while I FUCK YOU!! My husband grabs my hand, holds me real tight as my ass is being slapped. This is the most passion I have felt from my husband in years! Michael then grabs me, pulls me down on my knees and yells. Open your mouth wide bitch, as he squeezes his load in my mouth and on my face! My husbands eyes are wide as an Owl and red as Santa Clauses fat suit!! My face is full of black sperm while my husband sits at the kitchen table and watches

Yeah bitch, I want you to leave my sperm on your face for the next 30 minutes to remember me by!! He then grabs his pants and thanks my husband for being so quiet while he fucked me.

He then leaves while sperm drips off my face, I was so turned on, while my husband was humiliated. I didnt know what felt better.

can tell you now.. i definately wont be the last time, so i have much time to find out.

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