i never knew it was this good

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i never knew that getting it on with a guy could be so good, i mean, a straight guy never really takes time to look at another guy’s ass and imagine how it would feel to put a cock into it.
From the time I was twelve I always got turned on by seeing a nude picture of either a girl or a boy.When we went to the pool,i had to hide a hardon from my friends as they didn’t know that I was turned on by them but one of them eventually found out.
I was home alone so I invited my friends to come,i was in matric at the time,but they couldn’t as they had to go some other places as well.Makaveli came at around seven in the evening and we started by smoking a joint together.We sat and talked just about anything when I rose up and went to get a glass of water.I accidentaly brushed him on his ass with my hand and he moaned.
‘Why do you moan like a bitch when I touch you?’i asked him and he told me that it felt really good.My heart started beating faster and i asked him if he sometimes felt like he was gay.He told NO i am not gay but I’m bi-sexual,i get it on with both guys and girls and I could believe my luck.
I felt my cock getting hard inside my pants and I had no underwear on.He looked at the front of my pants and said he wanted to suck me.I told him to do whatever he saw necessarry to do.He stood up and looked me up in the face and put hislips on mine.His lips were soft and they had that sweet flavour to them.We started kissing each otherdeeply and I put my hands on his ass and he moaned further.I told him I wanted to fuck him and he said I must stop talking and deliver the goods.I took off my trousers and his eyes grew big when he saw that I was not wearing any underwear.
He came out of shock and knelt down to reach my pipi.It was hard and knotted like a 15 pounds hammer. He licked my pipi a couple of times and then swallowed it whole.He started blowing me off so good I even forgot that he was a gauy.
I told him to come with me to my bedroom so we could get serious.With that much excitement I had forgotten to lock the door.
We went to my bed and he started undressing.Makaveli has a very big cock and it was so hard by now that it was gleaming in my dimly-lit bedroom.I pushed him to the bed and he fell with a thump.I got hold of his cock and he moaned harder.He searched for my pipi with eyes closed and when he finally found it, he started jerking me off.
By this time his cock was in my mouth,and I was sucking for dear life on it.It realy felt good.WE continued sucking each other like that for ten minutes or so and then I felt my self ready to come.He felt me too because his cock started to stiffen harder than before and we shot liquid into each other’s mouths. I rolled him over on his back and looked at his asshole.It was small and tight and I just wanted my dick in there.
I took a condom under my pillow and rolled it on me.He was busy preparing himself for me with Vaseline on his poophole.
He faced the headboard and I tried squizzing it inside but he was too tight.I then started fingerfucking him to loosen him up a bit.It worked and I finally managed to slide my pipi inside.I started off with small strokes so as not to hurt him but he said I must pump him harder . I fucked him so hard that my balls were realy starting to hurt from thhumping against his buttocks.He was screaming like a bitch and It was so good.
When I felt that I was about to come I stopped a bit to give my self time to enjoy his hole.Istarted with the pumpimg again and then Wham! the door get’s thrown open and my three friends with their chicks,together with Makaveli’s girl and my girl also was with them.They were all looking at us with big eyes that showed huge interest on what was going on.They entered my bedroom and asked us what we were doing and I said to them ‘I never knew it was this good!’
What happened after this words evolved our friendship and lovelifes into whole new experience, but that’s another story!

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