In the Gym with Jim (Pt 3)

The week cannot go quickly enough as I wait for Sunday to come along to meet Jim and Kimberly at the gym again. The last two Sundays have been the most erotic adventures I have ever had. First my one on one with Jim and then my threesome with Jim and Kimberly; I can’t wait to suck and fuck them both again. My only concern is having someone walk and catching us in the act. I intend to bring this fact up and see if there is somewhere else we can meet for sex.

I arrive at the gym and both Jim and Kimberly are there. Kimberly is wearing a unitard and I can tell has nothing on underneath because I can plainly see her nipples poking through and there is a big wet spot on her crotch. I go to the recumbent bike to get a little exercise in before we go back to the sauna. Kimberly walks over to me and tugs my shorts down, climbs up, pulls her unitard to the side and lowers her cunt onto my cock. She says that she doesn’t want to wait to get fucked. Kimberly starts ride my shaft and is really getting into it when the door to the gym opens. In walks a beautiful black woman who has a gorgeous dark complexion.

Thinking we have been caught I start to push Kimberly off of my cock when she says, “Hi Janet, it’s about time you got here, get undressed and join in;” Kimberly slams her pussy back down on my cock and continues her ride.  Janet drops her bag and pulls off her shirt to show dark breasts that are about a 35D in size with large dark nipples that are already erect. Her nipples are so large that they stand out about 2 inches from her tits. Jim walks up behind her and starts to fondle her boobs and rolls her nipples around between his fingers. Janet turns around and kisses him and then bends over to pull her shorts off of her curvaceous ass–you can see her dark pussy as she is bent over removing her shorts.

While she is bent over she pulls off Jim’s shorts, letting his cock free. It springs up to her face and she quickly wraps her lips around it and pulls his hips towards her. She starts to suck in his cock with long strokes, taking it almost as deep as I can. Janet takes Jim out of her mouth and they walk over to where Kimberly and I are; Jim pull up a bench and sits. Janet kneels in front of him and sucks his cock back into her mouth to give him a blowjow,  so that Kimberly and I can watch.

Meanwhile, Kimberly continues riding up and down on my cock and her ass starts to match the pace that Janet is sucking her husband. She is staring at Janet taking Jim’s cock and she is getting more and more aroused. Her pussy is gushing fluid down my cock and onto the bike, her nipples are now eraser hard and she shoves them towards my mouth to suck on. I take her nipple into my mouth and suck in as hard as I can, this causes about half of her boob to suck into my mouth, I repeat with the other boob. I reach around and grab her ass as she rides me, a cheek in each hand and grope both of them roughly. I then take one hand and push a finger up into her ass as far as I can. This is the trigger she needed; she slams her pussy all the way down on my cock and presses my head between her boobs and lets out a scream, “I’m cumming.”

Jim is watching Kimberly orgasm while getting his cock blown by Janet, as Kimberly screams his hips arch forward and he starts to cum in Janet’s mouth. Janet continues to bob up and down on his cock until he is through shooting his load. She then lifts her mouth off of his cock and lifts her head and lets his cum flow down her neck onto her breast. Seeing his white cum all over her dark tits sends me to an orgasm, I grab Kimberly’s hips and hold her down as I shoot blast after blast into her cunt.

After I have finished my orgasm, Kimberly lifts off of my cock and we both go to Janet and begin to licks the cum off of her tits until she is cleaned up. Kimberly looks at Janet and says, “Everybody came but you, we need to correct that problem.” Janet looks at me and says she wants her pussy licked and she wants to ride my face while I do it. I lay down on my back on the bench and Janet straddles my face. She has a thick patch of pubic hair that has been trimmed neatly around her pussy; her pussy lips are open as she lowers herself onto my face and awaiting tongue. I lick the sensitive flesh between her clit and her pussy hole; she moans and pushes herself harder down onto my mouth. I push my tongue up into her pussy and she starts to ride it like it is a small cock; her pussy begins to send a flow of cream down into my mouth. Her taste is different than Kimberly’s; a more earthy flavor to it. Janet starts to rock back and forth on my tongue and moves her clit to where I can begin to lick it; I flick my tongue lightly back and forth across her hard button and she starts to say, “oh my god, so good, so good.”

While I am servicing Janet, Kimberly kneels down between my legs and starts to suck my cock. I quickly stiffen when she pulls off and a different mouth sucks me in. Jim has decided to try giving me a blowjob, this is the first time Jim has sucked my cock and he is a little rough doing it. He scraps his teeth against my skin, but that only make my cock harder. Kimberly reaches underneath and starts to play with my balls and I become fully rock hard. Jim stands and Kimberly begins to put lubricant on my shaft; then Jim lowers himself on to my cock. I feel Jim’s tight ass squeezing my shaft as he lowers himself onto my cock, I can feel it as he takes all that I have.

Feeling his ass tight around my cock is so intense that I bite around Janet’s clit and she squeals and start to cum; her pussy juice flows into my mouth and she reach down and pulls my head hard against her pussy as she cums. Kimberly is now kneeling in front of Jim as he starts to ride my cock; she takes his cock onto her mouth so that he is fucking her mouth as I am fucking his ass. Jim is really riding my cock with faster and faster strokes and his cock is pumping into Kimberly’s mouth just as fast. Jim says he is about to cum and Kimberly then takes two fingers and slides them up into my ass and starts to pump them in and out. She increases the number until of fingers until she has her whole hand in my ass up to the wrist. Jim grabs Kimberly’s head and shoves it down on his cock and unloads his cum into her throat. He also slams all the way down on my cock and then Kimberly shoves her fist as far in my ass as she can; this send me over the edge and I shoot my cum into Jim’s ass.

Janet by this time has come down from her orgasm and lifts off my face; she looks at Kimberly and says she wants to lick some pussy. Jim lifts off of my cock and I get off the bench; Kimberly takes my places and spreads her legs to give Janet access to her pussy. Janet kneels down between her legs and begins to lick away at her snatch as only a woman can do. Watching Janet lick and slurp at Kimberly’s pussy quickly get me hard again; I realize that Janet has yet to be fucked and kneel down behind her and slide my cock into her wet cunt. Janet lifts her head away from Kimberly’s pussy and says, “Oh yeah, fuck me with that cock.”

Jim sees this threesome and his cock responds back to fully erect; he decides he does not want to be left out. He lubes up his cock and kneels behind me and put his 10 inches into my ass and starts stroking my ass in rhythm to me fucking in and out of Janet’s pussy. Kimberly is the first to build to orgasm; she grabs Janet’s head and mashes it into her pussy as she cums. Janet, meanwhile, also starts to cream around my cock as her orgasm starts; her hot liquid is too much for me and I start to shoot my cum into her cunt. My orgasms cause me to squeeze my ass around Jim’s cock and it causes him to start shoot his load into my ass. All four of us are cumming at the same time.

We collapse onto the floor; Jim, Janet and I are all still connected by various cocks. Jim pulls his shrinking cock out of my ass; spent. Janet slides herself off my cock and sighs with satisfaction. Only I remain hard and ready. Kimberly sees my cock and says get up here and put it to use. I mount her on the bench and start to fuck in and out of her. She is still atingle from her previous orgasms and quickly begins to build towards another one. Her cunt squeezes around my cock as she cums and she pulls my face down to kiss me and suck on my tongue. I shoot another load into her pussy and collapse on top of her. This is the last that I have in my cock and it starts to shrink and slides out of her; my cum flows out of her onto the bench.

I get up off of Kimberly and help her off the bench. Jim comes over and slurps the cum off the bench and shares it with Janet in a kiss. We clean up the spilled cum from around the gym and clean each other up in the shower; we make plans for the next weekend at the gym.

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