Inexperienced Cheerleader Tastes Team Captain

I am 18 and just went off to college this year and tried out for the cheerleading squad as I have always liked it and have been told people love to see me cheer. I know they really mean, we love seeing your tits bouncing all over and your barely covered pussy when you spread your legs in the air but figured, I like it and it can pay for part of my schooling so who cares, right.

While I am not a virgin, I have not been very active sexually unless masturbation is counted. My nipples rubbing against the uniform or bra, if I wear one to contain my 34D sensitive tits, always gets me horny if the thought of people looking up my skirt doesn’t. I have only had sex with 2 guys, both from high school and neither lasted more than 2 minutes or were particularly big.

At tryouts, I learned that Cindi, the senior cheerleader was the captain and had a lot of say in who made the team and who got scholarships so I tried, without being obvious to be her friend. The problem was, she was almost never alone so I did what I could to get close with her during the practice and tryout phases of the day. One day, I saw her go into the group shower stall while almost everyone else was leaving for a party as they were going to clean up at home. I decided to shower with her.

I walked in and saw her washing her hair and was even more stunning than i had imagined. Her nipples poked out hard and were bigger than I hought – almost my size. Her totally falt belly was sexy and her trim thights helped her ass swell out smoothly and eagerly. I also noticed she had totally shaved her privates, which I had never seen before. I guess I stared a little bit because she was done washing her hair and caught me checking her out. When I realized she was looking at me, I quickly turned away and started soaping my legs to shave them. We did not talk, until a few minutes later when she asked if she made me uncomfortable? I told her she did not and asked why she thought that.

She told me I looked red and had dropped my razor three times while shaving my legs. I couldn’t tell her I was clumsy so I just said it was slippery. Then she asked me if anything else was slippery and I turned and stared at her. She asked if I liked her shave job and I admitted it looked sexy and she spread her legs and showed it to me. She told me she would pick me up for the party at my dorm in 45 minutes and I better be ready. The party didn’t start for over 2 hours and she was always late but I figured getting a ride from her would be a good idea.

I raced back to my dorm and got ready and she called me and asked if I could walk over to her dorm as she was running late. I agreed and went right over. As soon as I was in the room she asked me if I could help her get ready and hook her bra as she just painted her nails. I agreed and then saw the latch was in front and it only lifted her tits and left her nipples out. I started getting wet again and fumbled with the latch.

When I finally got it hooked, she asked me to put on her stockings. I agreed and she laid down on the bad and I knelt in front of her. I started with one leg and as I was rolling it up her thigh I started staring at her pussy lips through her see through thong. I was really getting wet and started breathing harder, hoping she didn’t notice. No girl had ever had this effect on me.

I started rolling the other leg up and she spread her legs wider. I wanted to see her pussy up close and finger my clit, which was swollen and throbbing against my own bikini panties. After tolling up her other stocking, she asked me to help her change her panties to match the black stocking, unless I felt the see through ones were nice. I told her I’d have to see them both to compare and she laughed at my voice obviously betraying my desire.

I took down her thong and could no longer help myself. I stared right at her clit poking out and reached for my own to give it some relief. She saw this and told me to eat her and I dove at her like a tigress and started licking and tongue fucking her hole. She was grinding against my face and I reached up and grabbed her nipples to hold her down, that only drove each of us more wild with abandon and she came, dripping juice on my tongue and I swirled it around my mouth.

She ripped my top off and started licking my clit and finger fucking me and I came quickly, crying her name out as I pinched my own nipples. She licked me through another mind blowing orgasm and then we started 69ing. She humped my face and she licked me and then she grabbed her vibrator and stuck it inside my pussy and I was thrusting faster and faster and finally came with a “cock” inside me and then we rolled over and I fucked her clean shaven pussy with it while flicking her clit with my tongue.

When we finally calmed down, we were obviously late to the party and on the way she asked me if wanted to forget about that or sneak away every so often to do it again. I told her I was embarrassed by how I acted but would love to do it again if she promised to keep it a secret as I had never been so satisfied. Everything was normal at the party and when she offered me a ride home I agreed and she told me to fuck myself with her vibrator on the ride home and as I did she urged me along by squeezing my nipples and immediately upon my cumming, she yanked the “cock” out of me and sucked on it before stopping the car and fucking herself with it. I hope I make the team and become her roomie.

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