Inspired by a Movie – 3

Awakening the next morning, I went to the bathroom and then returned to bed.  As usual, I had a nice boner and decided I would wake Andi for some early morning fun.   A few tender touches later, Andi rolled toward me and asked if I didn’t want to save it for Jerry to practice on.

“No, I want some of my wife’s sweet pussy right now.  Jerry can practice later,” I told her as I slid my cock into her cunt.  A slow gentle fuck session soon had both of us gasping in pleasure as we came.  After a quick shower, we slipped into short robes and left the room.  Andi went to the kitchen to start the coffee as I went to awaken our guest.  Hearing no sound from the room, I eased the door open and looked in.  Jerry was still asleep, sprawled on his back.  He had kicked the sheets off and I could see he was sporting a morning hard-on, probably a piss boner but hard and stiff nonetheless.

“Rise and shine, my little suck toy,” I said as I entered the room, “It’s time for breakfast.  By the way, you may want to keep that boner.  Andi will probably want to use it.  Get awake and join us in the kitchen.  It’s just through the room where we finished up last night.”   With that I left the room and closed the door as Jerry sat up on the bed.

I was sipping my coffee when Jerry entered the kitchen a few minutes later.  He had wrapped a towel around his waist before coming down the hall.  “Morning,” he said as he reached for a cup and the coffee pot.

“Good morning,” Andi said brightly as she fried bacon on the stove.

“Morning,” I replied, “what’s with the towel?”

“Well, you didn’t give me my clothes back last night,” Jerry answered, “I put this on because I didn’t have anything else to wear.”

“Take it off,” I demanded, “I deliberately didn’t return your clothes.  You are here to try to make me happy.  Since I’m happier when the person sucking my cock is naked, you don’t need any clothes while your here.”

“Okay, okay,” Jerry replied as he removed the towel and draped it over the back of his chair, “But I’m not sucking your cock right now so it shouldn’t make any difference.”

“Listen up; I’ll only say this once,” I told him, “You’ll suck me off whenever and wherever I get the urge.  I don’t expect to have to wait until you strip for my entertainment.  I might be hard, soft or dripping piss.  If I say suck, you just wrap your lips around my prick.  No back talk, no delay, and no excuses.  The same goes for Andi.  If she says eat pussy, you eat pussy.  If I say fuck her, you fuck her.  If she says to fuck her, you ask my permission first.  If she tells you to suck my cock, you suck cock.  You may cum only when I say so and only how I want you to.  Any problems and I’ll send your ass packing and post the photos to the web.  Do you understand me boy?”

“Yes sir, I understand,” Jerry snapped back.

“Good, then suck,” I responded as I slid my chair back from the table, flipped open my robe and spread my thighs wide.

Jerry looked stunned for a moment then dropped from his chair and moved between my legs.  Reaching out he took my limp cock and lowered his head toward it.  A moment later, it was in his mouth.  I looked up to see Andi watching with a grin on her face.  I felt my dick begin to grow as Jerry teased at it with his tongue.  I savored the sensations he was giving me until Andi interrupted us.

“Sorry guys, I hate to interrupt but breakfast is ready,” she said as she set the plates on the table.

“Alright Jerry, you may stop for now.  Before you get up though, lick my balls.  You want them to be nice and ready to fill your throat with cum later,” I told him.  Jerry lifted his head from my crotch and allowed my now hard cock to spring free from his lips.  He then leaned down and gently lapped at my nuts with his tongue. “Nice,” I complimented him, “Now that you seem to understand your position in life, let’s eat breakfast.”

Andi joined us as I slid my chair back in place and Jerry took his seat.  Andi and I both noticed that, like me, Jerry now had an erection.   Apparently being ordered to suck my prick had excited him.  Andi just had to comment.

“I see that the two of you have been enjoying yourselves.  I know it’s not polite to point but since both of you are doing it I hope you’re planning in pointing at least one of those in my direction after breakfast.  I think I’d enjoy a good stiff one after we eat,” Andi said.

As we ate, Andi explained that she had to run into town and meet a client that morning. Jerry seized the opportunity to say that he needed to get to the campus gym and do his daily laps.  He explained that he had a pretty rigid training schedule to keep up and that was why he hadn’t left for spring break. 

“Not a problem,” I told him, “We have an Olympic size pool out back.  You can get in your laps right here.  Besides if you go back to the campus, you might have second thoughts about returning.  You still owe me quite a bit of head.  I’d much rather have you sucking my cock than for you to try to explain the photos or the video I’d have to post on the web.  You can practice right here, both your swimming and your sucking.  At least now, I know that you’re not in class next week so you’ll have plenty of time to pay me back.  With six or eight blowjobs a day, you can be back in the dorm by the end of spring break.”

Jerry was quiet for the rest of the meal.  When everyone had finished we cleaned off the table and loaded the dishes into the dishwasher.  I complimented Andi on the meal as we all headed toward the den.

“Thanks but I’m sorry I had to interrupt your games,” Andi said, “Why don’t you two go back to playing?  I don’t have to get ready for my meeting for an hour or so.  Maybe I’ll decide to play too.”

“That’s an excellent idea,” I told her, “And you’re always welcome to join in.” Dropping my robe on the floor, I sat down on the couch and spread my legs wide. 

“Jerry, why don’t you kneel between my legs and show my cock how much you like to suck it?” I said, “And be sure to lick my balls occasionally.  That was a nice touch.”

Jerry didn’t respond as he moved over and dropped to his knees between my thighs.  Leaning forward, he lifted my semi-hard cock and wrapped his lips around the head. His hand stroked the base slowly as he sucked gently at the glans.  I could feel my prick beginning to grow.  Andi dropped her robe and settled on the floor alongside my thigh.   Jerry was getting a little more cock each time his head bobbed over my lap.  As my dick grew to its full length, I saw Jerry hesitate and gag slightly as it probed the entrance to his throat.

“Remember the blow job only counts if you take the whole thing,” I reminded him, “And you have to swallow too.”

“I know, I know,” Jerry responded as he raised his mouth from my cock, “I just have to get used to it.”  He ran his tongue over my balls and licked up the shaft before sliding his lips back over my cum-shooter.  I saw Andi shift slightly and felt her hand brush my calf as she reached for Jerry’s prick

“That’s the way Jerry,” she encouraged him, “Treat it like a lollipop.  It’ll melt in your mouth.  Honey, I think Jerry’s doing very well.  He must be enjoying it some because he’s getting nice and hard for me.”

I relaxed and allowed myself to enjoy the sensations Jerry was providing to my cock as I watched him slowly work more and more of it down his throat.  He shifted slightly to get a better angle of attack and continued to ease more of my hot meat into his mouth.  Soon I felt his nose brush my pubic hair as my entire cock disappeared down his throat. I watched as Jerry’s head bobbed over my crotch, setting a steady rhythm with his lips sliding swiftly over my prick.

“Suck that cock, Jerry,” Andi urged, “Suck it good.  Swallow that cock.  Make him cum for you.”  From the movement of her shoulders, I could tell she was stroking Jerry’s dick as he blew me.

It didn’t take long for the perverse pleasure of watching a young man service my cock to begin to take its toll.  I could feel my orgasm rapidly coming on.  As the hot cum surged from my balls, I grabbed the back of Jerry’s head and humped my hips upward to seat my shaft solidly in his throat.   Cum blasted from my dick as I held his face in place, lips pressed into my curlies.

“Keep sucking, Jerry,” I told him, “Empty my cock. When I let go of your head, milk me dry with those sweet lips.”

As the initial waves of man-juice began to ease off, I released Jerry’s head.  He immediately resumed the up and down stroking of my prick with his lips.  The last drops of cum were gently squeezed from my slowly deflating cock as Jerry’s tongue continued to work on it.  Jerry finished and released my limp dick from his mouth.  As he sat back on his heels, I noticed his prick was hard as a rock.  Either he was beginning to enjoy servicing my cock or Andi’s manipulations had worked their usual magic.

“Great! Jerry,” Andi praised him, “You did great.  Didn’t he do great dear?’

“Oh yes, he did a fine job.  Jerry that was a much better blowjob than the one you gave me last night.  I’m going to enjoy having you around to train on my cock whenever I want.  With a little practice, you could be almost as good as Andi.  Since you owe me 48 more suck sessions you’ll get plenty of practice,” I told him.

“Honey, since Jerry did such a good job, shouldn’t he be rewarded,” Andi asked, “You should reinforce positive behavior so that it is repeated.”

“What kind of reward do you think he earned?” I queried her.

“I think he should be allowed to fuck me.  Watching him please you made me awfully horny,” she responded, “I really would like to get off as well and he really can fuck after he sucks your cock.”

“Well, I agree Jerry deserves to get his load off as a reward for giving me such an improved blowjob.  You probably deserve to cum because you brought me such a good, virgin cocksucker to break in.  I think I’ll save your pussy as a reward for really good service or maybe when he begins to show some initiative in servicing my cock.  Jerry blew me so I figure he deserves the same.  I’ll let you blow him.  You told me he was pretty good at eating pussy so he can do you at the same time.  You two can 69 while I watch.  Jerry, lie down on your back so Andi can be on top.  She likes it that way,” I instructed them.

As soon as Jerry had stretched out on the floor, Andi wasted no time in getting in position.  Dropping her hips, she dragged her slit and clit across Jerry’s nose and mouth.  Sighing she told him, “Eat me good Jerry because I’m going to suck you dry.”  With that she dipped her head and swallowed his cock.

They must have been horny because their mouths tore at the others’ genitals like starving hyenas.  It wasn’t vicious, it was demanding.  Andi ground her cunt against Jerry’s mouth as frantically as she repeatedly bobbed over his cock.  Jerry thrust his cock upward into Andi’s mouth and throat as rapidly as he tongued her cunt.  It didn’t take long before they erupted in mutual orgasm with Jerry’s muffled moans mingling with Andi’s squeals gurgling through the cum he pumped down her throat.  Finally sated, they rolled apart and rested on the floor.

About 10 minutes later, Andi got up and said, “I’ve got to clean up and get into town.  Jerry, that was great. You even eat pussy better after you’ve sucked cock.  Maybe you should make that part of your foreplay.” With that parting shot, she headed down the hall.

“Bitch,” Jerry mumbled as she disappeared from sight.

I stood and looked down at him.  “Boy, you just fucked up.  You just called my wife a bitch.  A lady that just sucked your cock and complimented your pussy eating is not referred to as a bitch.  You have reached the end of my tolerance.  You need to go get a shower while I get your clothes.  You can go with Andi when she goes into town.  I think it’s time for you to get the hell out of here and start packing.  I’ll post the pictures this evening.  You’ll probably want to be out of town before your buddies get back from spring break.  Otherwise you’ll have to explain why you have a cock in your mouth.    Now go get a shower,” I demanded as I turned to leave the room.

“But, but what did I do?” Jerry pleaded as I was leaving the room, “I’ve agreed to everything you’ve asked for just to get rid of those photos.  Please, what’s wrong?”

Pausing in the doorway to the hall, I told him, “If you don’t know then I’m not sure I can explain it.  I can tell you that the one thing Andi hates is for someone to call her a bitch. If Andi heard you, there’s probably no recourse but to send you on your way and post your cock-sucking photos. Andi will probably insist on it after an insult like that. If she didn’t hear you, then I’ll try to educate you while she’s gone.  For now, get your shower.”  I left the room and went to the master bedroom. 

Andi was just stepping into the shower as I entered.  Joining her, I told her what had just happened as I soaped her back.  As she returned the favor, I explained how I thought Jerry’s supposed insult would play into our plans for his anal deflowering and what she could do to help it along if the afternoon played out as I expected it to.   Andi, of course, agreed since her ultimate objective for this weekend was to see my cock stuffed up Jerry’s ass.

Leaving the shower, I dried quickly and loaded Jerry’s clothes into a bag.  Returning to the living room, I put the bag on the table and waited for Jerry to return.  A few minutes later, he came back into the room.

“Would you please explain what I’ve done?  I don’t understand why you’re kicking me out,” he asked as he stood naked before me, “Let me straighten things out.  I don’t want to have to leave school over those photos.”

“Your clothes are over there,” I told him, “Now you have to make a decision before Andi gets out here.  She didn’t mention your “bitch” comment so you may have one last chance to wipe your slate clean.”

“But you called her a bitch a couple of times,” Jerry protested, “What’s the difference?”

“Totally different.  For one thing I’m her husband.  Secondly, I called her a bitch in a sexual context: bitch whore, fuck you like a bitch, that kind of bitch.  You called her a bitch as an insult because of something she said to you,” I told him, “Now you better hope you can keep Andi happy or she’ll send your ass packing and I’ll post the pictures and video to the college chat room.   You can agree now to whatever I propose or get dressed and leave with Andi.  Do you agree?”

“Agree to what?  You haven’t proposed anything yet,” Jerry answered.

“There isn’t time to detail the penance for your insult to Andi before she leaves.  You can either agree or leave now,” I told him, “Yes or no?”

“Okay, yes, I agree,” Jerry said, “What do I have to do?  Do I owe you another 10 blowjobs or what?”

“You’ll have to wait until Andi is gone,” I replied, “If that’s not acceptable get dressed and leave now.”

“No, I guess I’ll wait,” Jerry mumbled, “It can’t be that bad and I don’t want to have to leave school.”

Jerry and I watched Headline News and checked the Weather Channel as we waited for Andi to reappear.  The day looked to be almost perfect for an afternoon around the pool and an early cookout.  There was a chance of late evening storms but by then I expected most of our activities would have moved indoors.

Andi finally appeared and told us to enjoy our day.  She gave me a kiss, a quick squeeze of my cock and promised to hurry back so she could join the fun.  Heading out the door, she admonished us, “You guys have fun but save a little or a lot for me.  I’ll need some good times when I get home for work.”  Jerry and I walked her to the door and watched as she drove away.

Returning to the living room, Jerry couldn’t wait.  “Okay, tell me what I’ve agreed to.  I want to know what it’s going to take to get those photos deleted.”

“I’ll explain this once as much as I can.  First, you now have to show initiative in sucking my cock.  That means you volunteer whenever you think I’m ready to have a blowjob.  I shouldn’t have to ask for or demand each and every one of them.  You’ll offer me the pleasure of using your mouth.  Second, after supper, you’ll apologize to Andi and explain your “bitch” comment to her.  Then you will tell her that you are ready to do anything she wishes as long as you are in my service to get her forgiveness for your insensitivity.  Regardless of what she demands, you will obey.  Her orgasms don’t count toward the payment you owe me so you’ll still have to take care of me as well.  Failure on your part to comply with any of these conditions will result in you returning to the dorm and the photos being posted,” I explained to Jerry.

“That seems alright but what is Andi going to want?” Jerry asked.

“That is what I can’t answer,” I told him, “Andi has her own ideas of what is appropriate.  You know she likes to tie men to the bed and use them for her pleasure, loves having her pussy licked and likes a hard cock in her snatch.  She likes kinky porn and gets a lot of ideas from them so almost anything is possible.  In your case, whatever she wants you must provide or face the consequences of having your cock-sucking photos going viral. If I know Andi, she’ll screw your cock raw this weekend as long as you’re doing everything she demands no matter how kinky it is.”

“Well at least I know that I will get to cum that way,” Jerry said, “When I only owed you, I couldn’t be sure that would happen.” 

“Oh, you’ll probably cum so much that your nuts ache and your asshole puckers,” I told him, “Andi loves to make her partner cum.”  I left Jerry watching television while I went to handle some email correspondence.  I sent Andi a quick description of how I thought we should proceed that evening to reach our objective of having my cock in Jerry’s ass.

After I completed my emails, I told Jerry, “You need to get your training in before Andi returns.  Let’s head out to the pool and you can get your laps in while I read.”  Dropping my robe, I led Jerry naked to the pool area.  I opened a cabinet and grabbed a couple of bottles of sun screen.  Handing one to Jerry, I told him, “You better use this.  Being sunburned tends to kill your sex life, especially if your cock gets burned.” 

Since Andi and I sunbathed in the nude on a regular basis, I had no tan lines.  As I mentioned, Jerry had a pale triangle that his swimsuit covered in competitions.  I definitely didn’t want him to sunburn his cute ass.  Jerry and I applied the lotion to ourselves, being sure to cover our genitals.  When Jerry had finished, I directed him to apply it to my back.  When he was done, I returned the favor, noticing that his skin was smooth and unblemished. 

I stretched out on a lounge chair at the pool as Jerry moved to the deep end to dive in.  His young body flexed as he stretched and warmed up a little for his swim.  As he assumed a dive position, I was treated to a nice look at his pale, firm ass cheeks.  Knowing that a tight, hot asshole was hidden between them caused my cock to flex slightly.  Jerry definitely had a well-sculpted body and I planned to enjoy every orifice it had to offer.  I was starting to appreciate Andi’s kinky idea of watching me fuck a guy.  Jerry’s virgin mouth had been fun and I expected his virgin ass to be sensational.

Jerry dove in and started his laps as I opened my e-reader and returned to my book.  Occasionally, I would glance up and watch Jerry’s progress.  His buttocks flexed, each cheek rising and falling as his hips rotated while he swam away from me.  His ass flashed in the sun as he flipped at the far end to begin his return.   Later I watched as he swam toward me, his head rolling to the side for air.  I noticed his lips were pursed as he sucked in a breath.  I knew that they looked very similar when wrapped around my cock and I intended to have them in that position as soon as Jerry climbed out of the pool.            As Jerry did his laps, I made sure to turn over on a regular basis to keep my tan more even.  A few minutes after I had returned to lying on my back, Jerry exited the pool. He had been swimming for about an hour.  He asked if there were towels available and I directed him to the cabinet I had taken the sunscreen from.  The warmth of the sun on my groin had caused my cock to rise to a semi-hard state.  I watched as Jerry dried off.  When he bent over to towel his legs, I was treated to a glimpse of the rosebud nestled between his asscheeks.  My cock sprang to full mast.

As he finished drying off, I called over, “Jerry, come here and bring the towel.” 

When he arrived, I took the towel and wiped off any traces of sunscreen from my prick.  Dropping the towel beside the chair, I looked up and said, “Now that you’ve had your laps, I think there is some more practice you need.”

Jerry didn’t bother to answer.  He just dropped to his knees on the tiles beside my chair and leaned over my cock.  Taking my dick in his hand, he leaned forward and slipped his lips over the head.  He slowly eased his head lower and lower until I felt his nose brushing my pubic hair.  Rising up slowly, Jerry began to suck my cock, his head bobbing slowly up and down the shaft.

I lay back and enjoyed the sensations he was providing me. Jerry kept up a slow and steady pace, pausing only to suckle at the head of my prick before gliding his lips back down the length.  It seemed like he was beginning to improvise on his technique so make me cum faster.  After five minutes or so of Jerry’s ministrations I felt the familiar tingle begin in my balls.  Moments later, I felt them flex as my cock spasmed and cum rushed forward for release.  I grabbed Jerry’s head and held his lips tight to my groin as I filled his throat with my hot jism.

“Keep sucking,” I demanded as I released his head, “and don’t forget to swallow.”

Jerry continued his attentions to my spurting dick until the last of my cum had emptied and I began to soften in his mouth.

As he released my cock to drop limply against my pelvis, I told him, “That was a damn good blowjob.  With a little more practice, you’ll make a perfect cocksucker.”

Jerry stood and moved to the lounger next to mine and sat down.  He couldn’t hide the fact that his cock was almost completely hard.  Apparently, he had enjoyed sucking my cock more than he wanted to admit. 

“Well, now I only owe you 47 more,” he said as he lay down on his stomach in the sun.


Jerry and I spent another 45 minutes or so in the sun before I decided it was time to get out of the intensifying rays and avoid sunburn.  We dropped our towels in a hamper as we entered the house and proceeded to the kitchen.  Sandwiches were quickly made and consumed before we returned to the den.  I turned on the news as Jerry and I settled onto the couch.

I noticed Jerry seemed a little restless as we watched the news.  His nervousness soon overcame his reluctance to voice it.

“Sir, I’m worried about what Andi may demand of me when I apologize this evening,” said Jerry, “Do you have any idea of how she will react or what she may want from me to prove I’m sorry for insulting her?” 

“Actually, I’m not really sure how Andi will react,” I told Jerry, “She will be extremely pissed and may just decide to throw you out of the house.  Of course then I’ll have to publish the photos of you sucking cock since you won’t have paid your debt to me for screwing her in the first place.  You need to realize that you brought this on yourself.  If you hadn’t hit on a married woman you wouldn’t be sucking my cock for the next week or two.  Even then if you had accepted your punishment and not resorted to insulting Andi you wouldn’t have to be worried now.  I can guarantee that if she does decide to let you stay, she will demand a high price to cover the insult.”

“You must have some idea,” Jerry pleaded, “You said she likes to have her pussy licked and getting fucked and I don’t mind doing that but what else could she want from me?  You mentioned she gets her kinky ideas from porn.  How kinky is the porn?  Does she get into whips or anything like that?  Really, I need to have an idea of what she’ll want.”

“With Andi, I never know how kinky she’s going to get,” I told him, “Let me see if I can find one of her favorite movies.  That may give you an idea of what she may want tonight if she decides to let you stay.  I kind of hope she does because you’re getting better and better at sucking my cock.  I’d hate to have to publish the photos of you and lose access to those sweet lips.  I’m starting to enjoy them.”

I did a little searching for one of the movies that Andi and I had enjoyed before her tastes became more bisexual.  I had actually mentioned it to Andi in my earlier email on ways to proceed with Jerry.  When I had located the film I had in mind, I loaded the DVD into the player and selected play on the remote.  Returning to the couch beside Jerry, I settled in to wait for his reaction to my selection.

The film started off with a young couple, Brad and Lois, that enjoyed a lot of straight sucking, fucking and pussy eating.  Of course the action on the screen soon had my cock standing erect.  Glancing over, I noticed it had the same effect on Jerry.  The couple began to experiment with bondage as part of their sex play, taking turns being handcuffed above their head and strapped to the bed with legs spread for their partner to have easy access to their genitals.  With the girl strapped down, the guy would eat the girl’s pussy, force feed her his cock or just fuck her to his heart’s content.  Occasionally, he would tease her clit with a slim vibrator until she begged for mercy before seeking his own release.  Less often, he would apply some lubricant to the vibrator and assfuck her.  Once he swapped his cock for the vibrator and butt fucked Lois, pulling out to spray his cum across her back.  When the bondage roles were reversed the girl would indulge herself by sucking his cock, sometimes repeatedly as he squirmed against the bonds, or straddling his face to have her pussy licked and riding his cock until they both orgasmed.   As always in a porn film, Brad’s poor cock would be pulled out into plain sight for the obligatory cum shot. If he shot his load before she was satisfied, she would straddle his face and make him lick his cum from her cunt until she orgasmed. In one scene she used the vibrator to butt fuck him; at his request because he wondered what she thought was so great about the vibrator, while she sucked his prick until she pulled away to have his jism splash across her face.  Brad apparently enjoyed it since he told Lois that he could see why she liked the vibrator so much. He told her they needed to use it more in their lovemaking.  It became a regular part of their play to the point that she bought Brad his own vibrator.

 “Well, none of that’s too bad,” Jerry announced, “I think I can handle anything Andi asks for.”

I noted that the ass-fucking vibrator session in the movie didn’t appear to bother Jerry.  That could bode well for Andi and I later on as we used Jerry for a plaything.  As the movie began to transition to the next fuck scene, I paused it and stood.  Stepping in front of Jerry I waved my prick in his face and said, “Well right now you need to handle this.”

As Jerry opened his mouth, I stepped forward until I felt his lips wrap around my cock.  I rested my hands on his shoulders as his mouth traveled up and down the length of my shaft. 

“You should be enjoying this as well.  I saw your hard-on so go ahead and masturbate while you suck my cock,” I told him, “If you’re lucky, we’ll get off at the same time.”

Jerry grasped his prick and began to jack off as he mouthed my dick.  It took him a little while to get his rhythm coordinated but soon he was stroking in time to his lip action on my cock.  Placing one foot on the couch, I shifted forward so that Jerry’s head rested on the back of the couch between my hands.  His lips and tongue continued to massage my dick even as he stroked his own.  Soon I was flexing my hips to help him service my dick.  Before long, I could feel my orgasm begin to build. 

Suddenly, I felt a warm splash of cum against the back of my calf as Jerry’s body jerked and he groaned around my member.  I grasped Jerry head between my hands and began to hump his mouth faster.  Holding his head steady, I concentrated on fucking his face until the feel and suction of his lips brought the cum rushing from my balls.  With short, quick jabs I pumped surge after surge of hot jism down his throat.  As my orgasm ended, I continued to hold him in position as I allowed his mouth and tongue massage the last of my seed from my cock.  The thought crossed my mind that I much preferred my way of cumming to the porn industry way.  I’d much rather empty my balls into the warm receptacle that got me off than to spray it into the air.  Finally sated, I released him.

Turning my back to him, I laid my right foot in his lap and directed, “Very good Jerry.  I’m glad you enjoyed this now lick your cum from my leg and we can watch the rest of the movie.”  I watched over my shoulder as Jerry shifted and leaned forward to comply.  I felt his tongue gently slide along my calf as he lapped up the splash of jism his orgasm had deposited on my leg.  However, I was surprised as his tongue continued upward, slowly teasing a trail along my leg.  I could feel my deflated cock flex as Jerry swirled his tongue upward onto my buttock before stopping and releasing my leg as he sat back.  I could feel why Andi had enjoyed his oral talents the evening before.  There was some potential there and maybe a good tongue bath would be in order before the week was over.

Once Jerry had finished, I sat back down on the couch.  As I did, I noticed Jerry’s prick was still semi-hard.  Obviously, sucking cock did not turn him off completely, at least not when he could jack off while doing it.  I picked up the remote and pressed the Play button for the remainder of the film.  I knew what was coming and looked forward to seeing Jerry’s reaction.

The scene opened with Lois reading a note from Brad reminding her that he would be late since he was going out with the guys from the office to celebrate a new contract. 

“Damn, I hope he isn’t too late this evening,” Lois cursed, “I’m horny and was looking forward to getting off tonight.  I guess I’ll have supper and watch some TV until he shows up.” 

A little later Lois put away her dishes and went into their bedroom.  Sitting on the bed, she pulled a bag out of the drawer of her bedside table and removed a package from it.  “Well, Brad, I hope you like this new toy I got for us,” she said.

Opening the package, she lifted out a strap-on dildo.  She examined the garter belt-like harness as she read the directions.  It had an anatomically-correct, penis-shaped, about 1½” thick and about 8” in length.  It even had a pair of molded testicles to complete the image.  Apparently, the dildo was also vibrator as she quickly opened the drawer and removed a couple of batteries.  As she turned it over to insert the batteries, you could see a clitoral nub on the inside of strap-on.  After loading the batteries, Lois turned on the vibrator, holding the fake penis in her hand..

“Oh! This is good,” Lois smiled, “the nub vibrates just like the rest of it.  I think I’m going to enjoy this thing if Brad likes it.  I hope he gets home early so we can give it a try tonight.”

Lois practiced putting on the strap-on, adjusting the straps to fit her and clipping them in place.  After adjusting it to fit, she moaned when she switched on the vibrator as she held it snugly against her clit.  After a few seconds she took off the strap-on and returned it to the drawer.   

“Well, I guess this will have to wait until later or maybe even another night,” she sighed as she closed the drawer.  Slipping into a sexy, short gown Lois returned to watch the TV as the clock slowly moved forward.  Around midnight, she heard Brad come in and enter the living room.  He was obviously drunk.

“Go on to bed,” she told him, “You’re shit-faced.  I’ll be there in a little while.  It doesn’t look like you’re ready for any love-making tonight.”

Brad grabbed his crotch and leering at her said, “Baby, I’ve got your love maker right here.  When you get your ass in bed, I’ll show you some love-making.  I’ll be waiting.”

“Yeah, right,”   Lois mumbled as she watched Brad stagger down the hall, I’ve heard that before.”  A few minutes later she finished her wine, turned off the TV and lights then went down the hallway to their room.

Entering the bedroom, Lois found Brad sprawled face-down, asleep and naked on their bed.  Lois joined him and spent several minutes trying to tease him awake.  She even reached under him, grasping at his cock to get a reaction.  When all she could get was a few mumbled responses from Brad, she gave up.  Rolling over onto her back, she reached into the drawer and removed her usual vibrator.  Clicking it on, she rubbed it along her slit and said, “I guess it just you and me tonight.” 

            Lois worked herself to an orgasm with the vibrator, her moans getting no reaction from the drunken Brad.  After resting a few minutes, she stood from the bed and returned it to the drawer and removed her new strap-on.  She quickly fastened it into place, adjusting the clitoral nub and pulling the straps tight.  Lois, a petite young woman, looked strange with the pseudo-cock jutting from beneath her short teddy.  Leaning over the bed, she again tried to rouse Brad but didn’t get any better response than before.  Lois then took the handcuffs from the drawer and snapped them on Brad’s wrist.  She straightened his arms above his head and snapped them into a hook they had mounted on the headboard, similar to one of the many hooks I had mounted in our bedroom.  She lifted Brad’s hips and worked a thick pillow beneath him. Lois then pulled the ankle restraints from under the mattress where they kept them fastened to the bed frame, spread Brad’s legs and secured his ankles.  Brad was now strapped to the bed; ass raised and still passed out. 

            Lois then removed a tube of lubricant and applied a generous amount to the head of the vibrator springing from her groin.  Spreading his ass cheeks, she then squeezed a liberal amount into Brad’s ass crack directly on his sphincter.  She capped the lube and tossed it aside as she wiped her hand with a tissue.  Kneeling between Brad’s legs, Lois smiled down at him and said, “Well, honey, if you are too drunk to fuck me, I’ll just have to fuck you.  I planned for us to try our new toy tonight if you wanted to but since you haven’t said no I’ll take that to be a definite yes.”  

Lois leaned forward and spread Brad’s ass.  She teased his lubed sphincter for a moment before sliding a finger deep into his ass, pushing the lubricant deeper.  Brad’s ass cheeks clenched for a moment and he mumbled slightly at the penetration but he made no move to pull away.  Lois finger fucked her husband for a minute or two then added a second finger.  Brad again mumbled but his ass cheeks remained relaxed.  Lois continued her manipulations as her fingers loosened Brad’s sphincter.  After a couple of minutes, she withdrew her hand and grasped the pseudo-cock in her hand.  Looking down, she guided the tip to the entrance of Brad’s ass.  With a slow push, she slid the tip of the vibrator past his sphincter and proceeded to bury the length of the pseudo-cock into Brad’s ass.

Brad’s eyes popped opened as he exclaimed, “What the fuck! Lois what are you doing?”  He immediately tired to get up and found himself bound to the bed.

Lois pumped her hips a couple of times as she answered, “Hi baby.  I’m just getting that fuck you promised when you got home. I hope you like our new toy, I sure do.  It also vibrates.”  With that Lois reached down and flipped the switch to activate the vibrator.

Brad relaxed as the buzzing toy penetrated his ass and Lois began a steady stroking of the toy in and out of his butt.  Before long Brad was helping by pushing his ass back as the vibrator slid forward.  Lois was paused slightly on each down-stroke to let the clitoral nub vibrate against her cunt as she butt fucked her man.  Soon she was moaning in pleasure from the sensations of screwing Brad’s ass. Brad lay smiling with his eyes closed as the vibrator reamed his anus.

“Oh shit Brad,” Lois cried, “I’m going to cum.”

Burying the vibrator deep, she grabbed Brad’s shoulders and ground her cunt against the vibrating nub as her body jerked in orgasm.  Moaning she muttered over and over, “Fuck, fuck, fuck.”

After her orgasm began to subside, she reached down and turned off the vibrator and pulled it from Brad’s ass as she rolled off of his back.  She released Brad’s ankles and retrieved the key for the cuffs from the bedside table.  After freeing his hands, she collapsed on her side beside him on the bed, the strap-on still in place.  

“Damn, that was great,” she said, “Did you like it honey?”

“Oh yeah,” Brad replied as he rose from the bed sporting a solid boner, “I loved it and now I’m ready to do you.”  Reaching for the lube, Brad greased his cock and moved behind his wife.  Reaching down, Brad grabbed the straps of the harness and lifted his wife’s ass upward as he pushed her legs forward so that she knelt on her knees.  The camera zoomed in as he spread her ass cheeks with his left hand and lined his cock up against the rosebud of her ass.  We watched as he forced the tip of his prick through the ring of muscle and slowly pushed the length of it into her ass.

As his dick sank completely out of sight Brad said, “Oh baby, you’ve got a sweet, tight ass.  I promised you a good fucking and now you’re going to get it.”

The camera panned back as it showed Brad begin pounding his cock into Lois’s ass.  It would switch views between showing the two of them to close-ups of Brad’s greased cock pounding Lois’s asshole. One scene dropped to bed-level behind Brad that showed his greased, shiny and slightly stretched asshole with his balls and Lois’ rubber dick bouncing below it.  After pumping her ass for several minutes, Brad suddenly grasped the base of his cock, pulling out as cum splashed against Lois’ now stretched asshole before he jerked on his cock to spray the remainder across her ass cheeks.  His balls empty, Brad lay down beside his wife and said, “That was fun sweetheart.  We’ve got to do it again, all of it.”   The video faded to an end.

Standing from the couch, I ejected the DVD and returned it to the stack of porn that Andi and I kept near the TV.  Turning I told him, “Okay, now you have an idea of the some of the kinky stuff Andi may come up with.  It could involve more that just sucking my cock.  You’ve just got to decide if staying in school is worth it.  Any questions?”

I noticed that Jerry’s cock was at full mast as I moved back to the couch.  One of the advantages of youth I thought since I was still semi-hard.  I wondered whether it was the idea Andi using a strap-on on him or the thought that he might get to butt-fuck her was the biggest turn-on for him. 

“I only have one question,” Jerry said, “Does Andi have a strap-on and how big is it?”

“Well,” I answered, “that’s 2 questions but yes she has a strap-on but I don’t think it is as big as the one in the movie.  It’s been a year or more since I’ve seen it.”  I did know that one of the attachments was almost as large as my cock but didn’t want to freak Jerry out this early on.

I switched to TV over to an old western as Jerry excused himself to go to the restroom.  On the way out he grabbed a magazine as he explained he might need some reading material.  As he left the room, my phone buzzed with a text from Andi.  She would be heading home shortly and planned to pick up Chinese on the way for supper.  She planned to be home within an hour and said that she expected a pole would be ready for her to dance on because she was ready for some fun.  I grinned at her reference to pole dancing to avoid any possibility of someone using a text message against her.  WE did have a dance pole in our exercise room. The pole reference also reminded me of the questions from Jerry. 

I thought back to Andi’s and my experiments with a strap-on.  She had received it a couple of years ago along with a butt plug from one of our swapping partners, Shaun.  It came with several attachments of varying shape and size although none of them vibrated.  Shaun had asked that she use it on him as one of his fantasies since his wife didn’t like the idea.  Andi, always willing to please her partners, was glad to help him out.  According to her, Shaun enjoyed having to “suck her cock” before she fucked him in the ass.  Andi said that he only achieved a full erection was after being the “girl” for her, either sucking, being fucked or both, but then he was a sexual dynamo especially with the butt plug in place.  He admitted to her that he hoped to swing at least once with a couple where the man would be willing to take the place of the strap-on but was too concerned about STDs to arrange it with complete strangers.  Andi and I had tried the strap-on a few times over a couple of months. She had used an attachment that was about an inch thick and 6” in length.  I didn’t find it unpleasant after the initial entry but, like many of our toys, the strap-on and its accessories fell into disuse as new toys found their way into our house and was currently in a drawer in the bedroom.  Andi had had a few opportunities to use it on other occasions when the couple visited for a swap weekend, usually about 2 – 3 times a year.  The most recent of which had been about 6 months ago so it was about time for them to contact us again.  I had a feeling that that particular toy might see some more use before Jerry returned to campus next week.  Andi had enjoyed using the strap-on more than I had.

Jerry returned from the toilet with his cock now only semi-hard. and I informed him that Andi was on the way home and would be bringing Chinese for dinner.  I also warned him that she would want to play when she came in so we needed to be ready for her.  We watched the old westerns for awhile before I spoke again.

“Jerry, drop down between my legs and show my cock how much you like it,” I said, “Andi will be here shortly and she’s going to want some hard cock.  Getting me hard should help you stiffen up as well. At least it should if you’re beginning to enjoy your job.”

Without a word, Jerry dropped into place and took my prick into his mouth.  I enjoyed the sensations as my dick grew harder.  I gave him instructions to lick my balls and cock along with the sucking.  He quietly obeyed and I was soon fully erect.  Looking down, I saw that Jerry was in the same condition.  Andi would be happy to see a couple of hard male members waiting for her when she got home.  It wouldn’t be long.

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