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I am a 29 year old divorced bi white male that has been pretty lonely lately. So I figured if I can’t get a woman to give and receive pleasure with maybe the men will help. So off I went on to an Internet site and boy was I right. Many men willing to give me their cocks to suck and maybe in the future fuck me. But I wanted it then. So I started talking to a guy that really wants his cock sucked. So I messaged him saying where to meet me and when.

I show up and this guy has me get in his truck and we drive off to a very secluded place and I go to town. He had a shorter cock than I am used to but it was thick and uncut. First uncut cock I have ever touched, let alone sucked on. So my tongue is in his head slit and going around the inside of the skin around his head. Then I slide my mouth all the way down his cock. He moans as I feel the head touch the back of my throat. And he starts sliding his cock in and out of my mouth and holds my head in one spot, moaning loudly. I add more suction and stream after stream of hot sticky cum come quickly to the back of my throat; I swallowed every drop, continuing to suck him.

He says ‘That was amazing, thank you’ and pulls his shorts up. I sit up and we drive off so I was thinking great, the one guy I decide to meet with and that’s all he wants. But he had a surprise for me. We went to his house. We walked in and his wife and son were home. All I could think was what the hell is going on here? He introduces us all and he told them both that I am a great cock sucker. I’m still wondering why is he telling his wife and son this stuff.

While I was standing there in shock his son says to me ‘Oh yeah? Let me see how good he really is’ and pulls his cock out. I ask ‘Right here?’ and he says yeah and tells me that both of his parents have sucked his cock and fucked him! So I get down on my knees and start sucking and licking and deep throating his dick and when I look up I see the son sucking the cock I just milked. The wife I couldn’t see but I could hear her doing something in the background.

The son put his hand on the back of my head and I found out why real fast where his mother had went; she’d gone to go get the strap-on and sneaked up behind me while putting it on. I felt her kick my knees out to the sides a little bit and I tried to turn to see what she was doing but the son held my head in place even harder. She knelt behind me and put the head of the strap on against my tight rosebud and then grabbed my hips and drove that rubber cock deep in my ass. I tried taking my mouth off the son’s cock but he wouldn’t let me and actually forced my mouth to the base of his cock. She started fucking my ass with long deep strokes, moving faster and faster, keeping pace with the face fucking I was getting from her son. I got a second load of cum in my mouth that night and I kept sucking.

Next, the father went behind me and slammed my now gaping hole with his cock.  I was loving it! While he was fucking my ass, the wife got down and started sucking my cock and the son was still in my mouth getting sucked. Almost at the same time, the cock in my mouth exploded for a second time, giving me my third cum coated throat for the evening, my cock shot out a flood of liquid relief into the mother’s eager mouth, and my ass became the cum receptacle for the father’s huge load as he came hard and deep in my ass. Not surprisingly, we all collapsed in exhaustion!

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