Introducing Hot Niece To Swinging

My name is Rick. I am 42 and single. My friends Roy and Marie run a swinger’s club that meets twice a month at their house. Roy and I are on the same bowling team and after each of their parties Roy tells me what a blast it was and how I am missing some great sex by not joining. However, they won’t let me because I don’t have a partner. Then my niece Lucy came to live with me while she attends the local college. Lucy is 32 and divorced. She is very attractive; 5 ft.2, about 115 lbs, curly blonde hair. Very curvaceous. I have had fantasies about her. Roy and Marie have met her and have expressed their feelings for her. Roy has suggested that I bring her to one of the parties then I would be accepted. I didn’t know how to approach her about it at first. Then Marie suggested that I just describe it as a social event and once she got there and had a couple of drinks they were sure she would fit in.

I asked “What kind of drinks?”

Roy assured me they would be harmless, just something that would lower her inhibitions.

We decided to first do a test run by inviting her to a party with just Roy, Marie and me. So I told Lucy that they had invited us to a dinner party and she was agreeable. It would be on a weekend so it wouldn’t interfere with her school activities.

I told Lucy it would be casual so she wore a T- shirt, shorts and sandals. The T-shirt was tight enough to accentuate her ample breasts.

When we arrived, kisses were exchanged and Roy and Marie both gave Lucy sensuous kisses on the lips. They told her how stunning she looked and she blushed and thanked them. We then settled down for some small talk about her school work and Marie offered drinks. Lucy asked that hers be mild. Lucy seemed to enjoy the first one so Marie offered another which Lucy reluctantly agreed to as she said it gave her a buzz. As she was drinking the second one Marie sat next to her on the sofa and began stroking her hair and caressing her shoulders. Lucy was obviously loopy.  Marie began telling her how beautiful and desirable she was. Then she put her arms around her and held her close, kissing her neck and shoulders. Meanwhile, Roy and I were watching from another room.

Marie then kissed her passionately on the lips and Lucy was surprised at first but then began returning the kisses. I asked Roy what was in the drinks that brought this on. He said the drinks had a drug that would make Lucy agreeable to anything that was being done to her.

As we watched, Marie began squeezing Lucy’s breasts while kissing her. Then she lifted her shirt off, took off her bra and began sucking her nipples. Lucy was in a very aroused state as Marie finished undressing her. Marie then spread Lucy’s legs and began licking and rubbing her pussy. After Marie had her near orgasm she told her Roy wanted to fuck her and Lucy said, “yes, please.”

Roy, who had been watching the whole show, had a throbbing erection so immediately got undressed and got between Lucy’s legs while Marie began rubbing and sucking Lucy’s tits. Roy is very well endowed so when he slid his cock into Lucy she let out a groan, even though Marie had her well lubricated. Roy rode her for at least half an hour during which time Lucy had two orgasms. We didn’t know if Lucy was on the pill so Roy pulled out and came in Marie’s mouth. Then Roy motioned me into the room.

“You have to have this, man,” he said.

I was reluctant at first but I was so aroused from watching the action that I overlooked the fact that she was my niece and took Roy’s place between her legs.  I gave her another orgasm before I pulled out and came on her tits. All the while Lucy seemed to be in a stupor. Just accepting what was being done to her and enjoying it.

When we were done with her we had a drink and Marie dressed Lucy. Roy said when the drug wore off she would have no memory of what happened. After a while Lucy came out of it and apologized for nodding off. Roy and Marie assured her it was fine. Then we all had a bite to eat. Lucy was quiet the whole time.

On the ride home Lucy said she had a nice time and I suggested that we attend one of their parties. She said it would be nice.

When I spoke to Roy and Marie the next day they said she was even better than they had imagined and they couldn’t wait to have her again. So I will be bringing her to the next swinger’s party.

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