Jennifer's Sexual Awakening, Ch. 1

Jennifer still lived at home. She had just graduated high school, and yesterday was her 19th birthday. She had a boyfriend…sort of. He was “safe”, according to her parents, meaning that his intentions were ALWAYS honorable and above-board. This bored the living hell out of her, and she wished that someone would take her by the hand (or any other body part they wanted to hold) and show her what she had only heard about.

Near the end of June, a new neighbor moved in next door. Jennifer was in the yard when the truck pulled up. As was her wont, She was wearing her summer cooling clothes—bikini bottoms and one of her dad’s shirts tied off at the midriff (She liked wearing these shirts, for her tits were very large for her slim 5’6″ frame. She was kind of proud of her 38D’s, and she loved to encase them in a loose shirt to let them breathe. They were very firm, and extremely sensitive at the nipples and areolas). She watched the truck come to a halt in the driveway next door and saw one of the moving men get out and go around back. This man opened the back doors and climbed inside. He yelled something towards the house that she could not make out, and then the door to the house opened. Jennifer figured that they were preparing to put the contents of the truck into the house.

Then she saw him.

The man that came out of the house was at least 6′ tall, long black hair pulled back into a ponytail. He had a body that looked muscular, and he walked like he was floating. He had a strong jaw. Good legs. Small, firm ass. Jennifer appraised him and found herself staring. She also found herself getting hot.

That was before she noticed his crotch.

Jennifer had never seen a man’s penis before (only from what she had seen in books), and the sight of this man’s crotch made her nipples grow hard, and she started to get wet. His crotch looked like a large softball shape in the front of his pants
Now, Jennifer may not have had much sexual experience, but she had masturbated many times, discovering the lustful satisfaction of bringing herself to orgasm. Her left hand started to rub her lower belly and mound, and her right hand snaked into her shirt and gave her right nipple a rolling pinch. She shuddered from the sensation, then withdrew her hand.

“I have to meet this guy,” she thought.

Jennifer smoothed her shirt, her blond hair, and walked around the hedge to the driveway next door. The closer she got to the man, the wetter she felt between her legs!

“Hello,” the man said when he spied her, “you must be my neighbor. I’m Eric.”

“H-uh-h-hi,” Jennifer stuttered, “I’m Jennifer.”

“What can I do for you?”

“I-uh-wanted to come over and check you—I mean, meet you.”

“Nice to meet you.” Eric looked her over, and liked what he saw. He was partial to large tits, and Jennifer’s were perfect!
“Umm—are you here alone?” Jennifer hoped she didn’t sound eager—well, not too eager anyway.

“No I’m not. I moved here with my girlfriend.”

“Oh.” Jennifer felt disappointed, but that did not stop her pussy from tingling, though.

“Why don’t you go inside? I’m sure she would like to meet you.”

“OK.” Jennifer decided to play the nice neighbor and meet her. She was also relieved to have such an easy way of breaking contact with this stud. She never felt this way before!

Jennifer walked to the front door and knocked. A woman inside told her to come in. She walked through the house to the den area. There she saw a striking red-headed woman with beautiful features, and a body Jennifer thought put hers to shame.

“Hello. I’m Angela. Eric must have told you to come see me.”

“I’m Jennifer.”

Jennifer stood stock-still. She was feeling that same tingle looking at this woman that she felt looking at Eric!

“Is there anything wrong?” Angela asked.

“I—uh—gulp! —No.” she stammered.

“Here sit down. Let me get you some water.”

Jennifer sat down on the couch, thoroughly nonplussed. How could she feel a lust for a woman that was as strong as it was for Eric? She was gorgeous and sexy, there was no doubt about that. Jennifer had always paid attention to her body, and knew the signs of desire. Indeed, her pussy was so wet, and her clit had popped out from its hood and was now rubbing against the soaked fabric of her bikini bottoms. Each little movement of her hips or legs rubbed her clit against the fabric, sending ripples of desire coursing through her body. Her nipples were also painfully hard, aching to be fondled.

Angela had not come back yet. Jennifer started to slowly rub her clit through her bikini. She unbuttoned her shirt down to the tie and started to tweak and massage her tit with the other hand. With each rub of her clit and nipple, Jennifer spasmed with pleasure. Her imagination shaped around Angela, fantasizing that she was slowly licking her pussy, lapping up all the juices, sending her into the throes of lust, bringing her closer to cumming with each lick.

Jennifer placed her hand inside her bikini bottoms and tweaked her clit. She lurched with the contact. She was really wet! Her hands were working more feverishly now on her clit and nipples, bringing her closer and closer to cumming. In her fantasy, Angela had swung around and offered her pussy to Jennifer, begging her to lick her.

“MMM, that looks fun! Can I help?”

Jennifer started, pulling her hands away from her body. There, standing in the middle of the den, one hand slowly massaging a breast through a shirt, was Angela! Jennifer turned beet red, embarrassed by being caught masturbating herself.

Angela did not give Jennifer time to answer. She came over and sat down next to her, holding a glass of water.

“It was obvious you were having a good time. I didn’t want to bother you,” Angela said. “When you reached inside your bikini, however, that got me so hot that I felt the need to pleasure myself along with you. Then I got this idea: Why don’t we pleasure each other?”

Jennifer just looked at her. This woman was offering to pleasure her, and she didn’t know that she was about make a fantasy a reality for her. The thoughts that the offer brought up were extremely erotic to her, and they were so powerful that she could not speak. Instead, Jennifer leaned over and kissed her.

When their lips met, fireworks went off in both of their heads. The kiss started soft, then quickly became urgent, as if that kiss could transmit the lust they felt for each other. Their tongues explored every inch of each other’s mouth. Their hands found each other’s tits and were playing with the nipples.

Angela took her shirt and shorts while still kissing Jennifer, then helped Jennifer remove her bikini and shirt. The touch of Angela’s hand sent thrills through her, adding more and more to her need.

When Angela was next to her again, Jennifer decided that she wanted to taste Angela’s tits. She broke the kiss, then started to lick and kiss her neck, heading towards those massive globes.

Jennifer slowly kissed her way down to her right breast. Angela let out a low moan of pleasure at the contact. Jennifer kissed and licked her entire breast ending at the nipple. She put the nipple in her mouth and gave it a playful bite.

“OOOOOH, yes!” Angela moaned, “Suck my nipples, woman! Suck them hard! OOH!”

Jennifer switched between Angela’s gorgeous tits, alternating between licking and biting and sucking, driving her wild.

After a few minutes, Angela couldn’t take anymore. “Enough!” she moaned. “Now it’s my turn!”

Angela slipped to the floor, positioned Jennifer in front of her, and slowly spread her legs. She took a long whiff of Jennifer’s aroma, then started kissing her at the knee, working her way up towards her honeypot.

Jennifer watched Angela’s head slowly creep towards her hot, achin
g pussy. The sensations of her tongue and teeth on her skin, coupled with the realization that her fantasy was now a reality, and the fact that before now she would N
EVER have thought about making it with a woman, awakened a primal lust and desire in her. There was nothing else; she wanted Angela! She wanted her to eat her pussy, chew her clit, tongue-fuck her…

“AAAH!” Jennifer moaned, “Oh, please, eat me! Lick my pussy! Bite my clit! Make me cum hard!”

Angela finally reached Jennifer’s pussy. She lapped at the juices that covered it, savoring its taste.

“MMMM, you taste so good!” she said.

“Eat me, slut! Eat my pussy!” Jennifer said. “Now where did that come from?” she thought to herself.

Angela rammed her mouth onto Jennifer’s pussy, sticking her tongue into her as far as she could. Jennifer screamed with pleasure. Angela licked and sucked her pussy lips making them even wetter. She alternated sucking her lips and driving her tongue inside her pussy. Each drive made Jennifer squeal with lust and pleasure.

Angela reached between her legs and started rubbing her clit, sending shivers through her body.

Jennifer lost all reason. Her thoughts were animalistic, living only for the sensations that Angela’s tongue was giving her. She didn’t even care if anyone heard her.

After a few more minutes, Angela stopped. Jennifer looked at her. “What’s wrong?” she asked.

Get on the floor, slut!” Angela growled. How that word sent ripples of pleasure through Jennifer!

Jennifer slipped to the floor. She found it hard to move since her body was still buzzing with lust and desire for this woman. She laid on her back.

Angela positioned herself over Jennifer, guiding her pussy towards Jennifer’s mouth. Jennifer knew what she wanted, and had the fleeting thought that she did not know what to do. She figured on winging it, hoping she would do it right so that Angela would return sucking her pussy. She needed Angela’s tongue!

Angela lowered her pussy onto Jennifer’s mouth. Jennifer started sucking the lips and licking the clit. Angela shuddered at the contact. Jennifer started to mimic what Angela had done to her, ramming her tongue deep inside her. Pretty soon, Angela was also screaming at the sensation.

Jennifer continued to suck Angela’s pussy and nibble her clit. Angela started to shudder uncontrollably.

“OOOH, YES!” she screamed. “Yes, that’s it. YES!” Then Angela dived into Jennifer’s pussy again, driving her tongue into her as hard as she could. This had the effect of making Jennifer buck, which in turn drove Jennifer’s tongue hard into her.

The two women ate each other out at a fevered pace. Their passion could not stay in place either, as they started rolling around the den, their mouths firmly attached to each other’s pussy. Their movements were becoming more spasmodic.

Angela lifted her head. “OH G-G-GOD!” she stammered, “OH, I’M CUMMING! I’M CUMMING!” She threw her head back into Jennifer’s pussy, biting and sucking like a madwoman.

I-I’M CUMMING TOO!” Jennifer managed to say with a mouth full of pussy lips.

Both women came at the same time. Jennifer felt the first wave hit her like a locomotive, washing over her entire being. She drove her pussy harder into Angela’s mouth with each wave. It felt like it would never end. Angela’s orgasm rocked her body, and she became so hypersensitive that each touch of Jennifer’s hands, body lips and tongue sent her into another lustful orgasmic ripple, rocking her body anew.

It was five minutes before the two women could separate from each other and look bleary-eyed at the ceiling.

“That was incredible!” Jennifer finally said. “That was the most sensational experience I’ve had! I-I never thought I could come THAT hard!”

“Oh, jeez, it was great!” Angela said. “I haven’t come this hard since my first time with Eric, and I really didn’t think I would make it with a woman!”

“Me either!”

“We have got to do this again!”

“Wait! I gotta catch my breath! I’m wiped!”

“Don’t worry, so am I. We’ll start again when we can both stand.”

“This time, I’m joining in,” said a voice from the front door.

The women looked. At the door stood Eric, with an ear-splitting grin on his face…

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