Jennifer's Sexual Awakening Ch. 3

Chapter 3
If you are reading this one first, I suggest reading Chapters 1 and 2 beforehand.

Jennifer sat up. The wood of the floor felt good on her bare ass. Her pussy felt raw from being eaten out by Angela and then by Eric. She gingerly touched her clit. She jumped from the electric sensation caused by the contact, and started to rub herself again. She felt horny again, and very sluttish. She knew her life would never be the same.

It was hard to believe that she was wondering how sex would feel like earlier this morning. Then she met Eric, then Angela, and now her sexual initiation was almost complete. She had made it with a woman, sucked and deep-throated a cock, and now she was about to get fucked for the very first time. All in one afternoon!

Angela got up from the floor, wobbling a little, and went back to the kitchen. She came back with a plate of cheeses, a pitcher of orange juice, and three glasses. She put the plate in the center of the trio, and poured the juice for them. She sat back down cross-legged and started nibbling on some cheese.

“Eat,” she said. “You both are going to need your strength.”

Eric sat up. He reached for the juice Angela poured, and drained the glass in one shot. He poured himself some more, and started to drink that one more slowly.

Jennifer grabbed her juice and a couple of cheese sticks. She placed the cold glass of juice firmly against her pussy, shivering, and nibbled on the cheese.

“Oh, this feels nice,” Jennifer said of the glass at her snatch.

Angela laughed, and followed suit, purring at the sensation. “You’re right,” she said, “this does feel good! So soothing!”

“Now that’s not fair!” Eric said. “I have to wrap something cold around my crotch to cool it down!”

“Don’t worry dear,” Angela said, “I will cool you down later. Right now, we need that monster of yours at operating temperature!”

Jennifer giggled. She was eating to regain her strength.

“What have you got in mind, hon?” Eric asked.

“Oh, the bed and cuffs.”

Eric looked at her “Excellent!” he said.
Angela looked at Jennifer. “Finish up your juice, dear,” she said to her. “We need to get you prepped.”

Jennifer grabbed her juice and gulped it down, then finished her cheese. She accepted Angela’s hand when she got up and came over to her. Angela led the way to the back of the house towards the bedroom.

Jennifer watched Angela as she walked. She was about the same height as her. Her hips were sweetly flared, slightly bruised from their romp. She saw her tit in her mind. Sweet. A good 38C. Her pussy lightly covered with red pubic hair, and delicious. Jennifer felt the shiver of lust starting deep in her pussy again.

The two women entered Angela and Eric’s bedroom. Jennifer gasped. The bed was a true four-poster, made of mahogany. The was a net chair hanging from the ceiling to one side of the room. There was also a gymnastic “horse” on the other side of the room with what looked like manacles wrapped around one of the pummels. She wondered what kind of “prepping” she had to do.

Angela continued through the bedroom and into the bathroom on the other side.

“Come in, Jen,” she said. “We need to clean you up for Eric. What am I saying? We BOTH need to clean up! Phew! We reek!”

Jennifer had to agree. Their little tryst earlier left them extremely satisfied, but sweaty. Attacking Eric as they had did not help matters any in that department either.

Angela turned the shower, and both of them stepped in. Jennifer loved the feel of the water on her body. She washed her body as Angela washed her hair, then they switched places. In about 15 minutes, both women stepped out, their bodies glistening from the water, and both looked like drowned doge as well as their hair hung limp from the washing. They gingerly dried each other off, careful around the bruising. Jennifer was dismayed to find some around her crotch and back.

When the women walked back into the bedroom, they found Eric sitting on a chair dragged in from the kitchen. He was still naked, and his dick was still hard. He looked at the women and smiled.

“I was wondering when you two would finish,” he said.

“Just did,” Angela said. ” We had to clean up for you. Are you ready?”


“Jennifer? How about you?”

Jennifer looked at Angela, then Eric. Up until now she dealt with her upcoming deflowering with detached thoughts and fantasies. Now she wasn’t sure. She knew that her lust level was still high, but this was another big step for her.

“Um, I guess so,” she finally said.

Angela leaned in close. “Don’t worry, lover,” she told her, “I’ll make sure you will love this.”

Jennifer nodded. Eric got up and came over to her, and hugged her. Jennifer smelled his man smell, and her head swooned a bit. Eric caught her.

“”I love that smell,” she told him.
“Carry her over to the bed, Hon.” Angela told him.

Eric picked up Jennifer and carried her to the bed and gingerly laid her down. He climbed into bed with her, then stroked her hair.

“Jennifer, if you are uncomfortable with this, we can stop right now,” he said to her. “I want you to enjoy this, but if you are not ready, I will understand.”

“No, I want you to do this,” Jennifer said, with more conviction than she felt. “When I first saw you, I knew that I wanted to be with you. I have not been with another man before, and I wanted the first time to be a special one. Then I met you, then Angela, and I found that I was attracted to her too. I was wanton! Then you came in, and I followed Angela’s lead and attacked you. I was curious about your cock. I never saw one before, and I was hot for it once I did. I took it into my mouth, and I swallowed it too. I loved the taste of your precum. I wanted to feel you mouth on my clit and pussy. You licked me and tongue fucked me until I came again. My body is still buzzing from that, and my pussy tingles from thinking of what you will do to it soon. Please. Do it. Fuck me.”

Eric lowered his head and kissed Jennifer. She found his lips sweet. He parted her lips with his tongue, exploring the inside of her mouth. Jennifer put her tongue in his mouth as she could. Her hands found his back and butt, and his hand cupped and massaged her tit, paying special attention to the nipple.

Angela pulled up the chair Eric was sitting in and sat down. She spread her legs and started to play with her pussy, rubbing her clit softly as she watched her man making love to their new neighbor.

Eric shifted position and kissed Jennifer’s neck, gently sucking on it. His right hand started moving down her body towards her pussy. As his fingers made contact with her clit, Jennifer gasped.

“Oh, yes!” she breathed. “Yes!”

Eric started to massage her pussy, placing two, then three fingers into her hole. He rubbed her clit with his thumb. Jennifer gasped as his fingers worked in and out of her.

“That’s it hon,” Angela said, “Make her hot with your fingers! Work her pussy!”

Eric looked at Angela and smiled. She was working her own pussy with her hand, while the other hand grabbed at her tits. He returned to kissing Jennifer’s body, working towards her tits.

Jennifer’s hand found Eric’s cock and grabbed it. Eric grunted. Jennifer started to stroke him in time with his fingers ramming in and out of her. Her lust was growing with each thrust, and a slight pain in her pussy. His thumb kept a constant pressure in the circular strokes on her clit, and she jumped with each round.

The foreplay continued for a few minutes more. Then Angela, her pussy dripping with juice, got up and pulled the manacles off the horse. She walked to the bed and addressed the two of them.

“Now,” she said, “I am going to lock your hands above your head, Jen love. Er
ic, Kneel at the edge of the bed. Good.”
Eric moved to the edge of the bed and did as instructed. He watched as Angelalocked Jennifer’s hands to the bedrail with the manacles, then
placed her hand on Jennifer’s snatch and inserted two fingers.

“Now listen to me,” She said to Jennifer. “I am massaging your twat so it is pliable. Eric will be fucking you in a moment. Now, your cherry will pop, and you will feel a moment of pain, then you will feel a lust that is stronger than you have ever experienced. Now bend your knees. Eric, fuck her now.”

Angela removed her fingers from Jennifer’s soaked pussy. Jennifer lifted her knees and raised her hips a little. Eric moved to between her legs and positioned the head of his cock at the opening of her pussy.

“Ram that thing into her hard, hon. Make her feel it!”

Eric tensed, and then shoved the entire length of his achingly hard member into Jennifer’s wet and waiting pussy. His cock pushed past the cherry, tearing it asunder. Jennifer screamed in pain. Eric held his dick inside her until she calmed down. Angela was helping her by stroking her hair and kissing her. In a few moments, however, Eric felt Jennifer move her hips and squeezing his cock with her pussy muscles.

“Man, you are so tight,” he managed to say through gritted teeth.

Jennifer’s mind exploded. As soon as Eric’s cock pushed past her cherry, she felt a ripping sensation and then a momentary pain. She had screamed more from the surprise than the pain. She felt a loss of innocence at that moment, but not a sense of loss. She concluded she WANTED to lose it, and wanted to complete her trip from virgin to slut. She thrilled at the feel of his cock buried deep within her, stretching her to the limit. She started to move against him.

Eric took the clue, then started to pump. He started slow at first, easing his cock in and out of her. Jennifer matched his motions with her hips. Soon, he started to pound harder and harder into her.

“Oh fuck!!” Jennifer screamed, “Fuck me! Fuck me! Harder! Harder!”

Angela unlocked the manacles on Jennifer’s wrists, freeing her from the headboard. Her hands immediately found his neck, finding the leverage so she could shove her pussy on Eric’s dick in rhythm with his pumping
Moans of pleasure escaped Jennifer. Eric Then turned her on her side and continued fucking her. The sensation doubled, and Jennifer laid there, eyes glazed, moaning.

Suddenly, Eric withdrew and got off the bed. Jennifer looked up at with a needful look on her face.

“Get on the floor, slut,” Eric said huskily. “Get on your knees.”

Angel looked at Eric and gasped. The look of pure lust on his face was awesome! She saw that his cock had a little precum at the tip. She knelt in front of him and took his cock into her mouth, licking the entire shaft.

“Ooh, that feels good, you little whore,” he said to her. “Suck my dick until she gets into position. Then I want your head under her, licking her clit and my balls while I fuck the shit out of her!”

When she didn’t answer, Eric grabbed Angela by the hair and pulled her head painfully back and off his dick.

“Did you hear me, whore?” he snarled.

Angela winced in pain. This was something new, and she found herself thrilled by it. “Yes, Master,” She found herself saying. She thought she was directing this fucking. She now realized he had taken full control over it.

Jenny, now on her knees, took that cue. “I am ready, master,” she said, trembling. Oh, how she wanted that cock in her again!

“You can wait, slut!” he shouted at her. “Now, suck my dick, whore!”

Eric shoved Angela’s face on his dick again and forcefully shoved it into her mouth, choking her. Angela dared not refuse. Eric pulled her head back, then forced it all the way in again.

Angela accepted this, getting even more excited. She started to rub her clit while Eric shoved his dick into her throat. She started to really suck his member, licking the head, and running her teeth down the shaft.

Eric suddenly pulled his cock out of Angela’s mouth. “Get into position, whore,” he said.

Angela got on her back and moved underneath Jennifer. Then Eric knelt down behind Jennifer, rubbing his dick along her pussy.

“You want this, slut?” He snarled.

“Yes, master.”

“You want it hard?”

“Yes, master.”

“You want it to hurt?” He positioned his dick at the opening.

“Yes, master.”

“Then take it!” He rammed the full length of his cock into her very tight snatch.

Jennifer gasped, then bit her lip. It hurt terribly, but felt good at the same time. Eric pulled almost all the way out then rammed it in again.

Angela started to lick Jennifer’s clit and Eric’s balls, as instructed.

Eric continued his onslaught, shoving his cock into this wonderful slut’s pussy as hard and as fast as he can. He felt Angela’s tongue on his balls with each stroke, and he felt Jennifer’s pussy relaxing a little.

Jennifer kept gasping with each stroke. She grasped at the rug on the floor for support. She couldn’t believe that a cock was mercilessly slamming her pussy. All her fantasies were now a reality, and she was in heaven.

Angela was so turned on by this turn of events. She maneuvered her body under Jennifer, bringing her pussy close to Jennifer’s mouth. Jennifer took the hint and buried her face in it, savoring the flavor.

Eric continued fucking Jennifer. Jennifer pushed herself back on his dick as hard as he was fucking her, and eating Angela’s pussy. Angela kept pushing her pussy harder into Jennifer’s mouth and licking her clit and Eric’s balls. This erotic threesome lasted only 5 minutes before all three felt the stirrings of orgasms.

“Oh god!” Eric yelled. “I’M GONNA CUM HARD!”

“I-I-I’M CUMMING!!” Angela screamed.

“MMMMMPPPHH!” Jennifer managed to say, having Angela’s pussy still in her mouth.

Jennifer came. Her hips bucked so hard that she was bouncing Eric back a little with each thrust. She felt her juices flow all over his dick, lubricating it to the point that it felt like it was moving in and out of her even faster.

She also felt Angela come. Her pussy was bucking at her mouth now, and now she tasted her juices as they flowed out of her.

Then she felt Eric come. His sperm shot into her. Wave after wave of sperm coated her insides, making her hypersensitive to his thrusts. All of a sudden, she came again. And again.

Eric felt as if his dick would fall off. He had never come so hard in his life. The he felt Jennifer’s pussy juices flow over him, driving him insane as his dick became oversensitive, forcing him to thrust faster and faster.

They all fell over in a heap. Jennifer passed out from the multiple orgasms. Angela was still orgasming as she crawled over to Eric and placed his spent cock into her mouth, sucking out the rest of his come. He tried to stay still, but couldn’t as his girlfriend’s wonderful mouth worked its magic on him. Soon she was finished, and she lay down next to Jennifer and passed out as well. Eric soon followed.

It was dusk when Jennifer woke. She tried to move, but felt the soreness and quit. She looked around, and found herself alone. A blanket also covered her.

Angela walked in, limping a little. She was still naked, her red hair still mussed up.
“How are you feeling, lover?” she asked Jennifer.

“Rode hard. Put away wet. What happened?”

You passed out. We all did. Eric woke me about 10 minutes ago. He told me he cleaned up, got dressed, and went over to your house to tell your father that you were with me and keeping me company while I shopped for new clothes. You know what your father said?”

“Uh uh.”

“He said it was good you met someone nice and that you could be friends with, and that you did not go out much, and that you need to meet more nice people like us, to ‘broaden your horizons.'”

Jennifer laughed.

“He also fixed it so you could spend the night,” she
continued. “In fact, he sent over some fresh clothes for you.”

Jennifer was amazed. She loved her father, but she had never known him to be this kind to anyone. Eric must have really wowed him!

“Com on, Jen,” Angela said. “Eric is waiting for us in the living room.”

Angela helped Jennifer up. She was very sore, and walked a little bow-legged into the living room.

“Ah, you’re up!” Eric exclaimed. “Good. Jen, I want to thank you for making our first day here most memorable. I hope we can do this again sometime.”

“I’m going to have to recover first,” Jennifer said. “I’m too sore.”

“Amen!” He said. “and you will get that chance. For now, I am taking us all out to eat, to seal our friendship. You are one remarkable woman, I am a lucky man to know you.”

“Thank you,” Jennifer said.

“You’re welcome. So, get yourself cleaned up and dressed. I laid a nice dress out for you on the bed. We are going to have fun tonight. I picked a great restaurant out, and then we’ll decide where to go next.”

Jennifer followed Angela back into the bedroom. She felt sore, but exhilarated. She did find good friends, and she fully intended to be with them more often in the future. In her wildest dreams, she never thought she would meet people like them. She knew that she would make love to both of them again and again over time. This morning, she was a girl, this afternoon she was a slut, and tonight she became a woman. Her awakening was complete, and she looked on her future with new eyes.

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