Jennifer's World: The College Years ch 1

The start of the fall season was hectic. The freshman class needed directions to almost everywhere. Room assignments got mixed, and with the new cohabitation rule in the dorms, gender lines were soon drawn.

Jennifer looked on it all with humor. She had gone through this mess only last week, and so had a head start on the class. She signed in to the west dorm and followed the throng to the 3rd floor, where her room was.

When she opened the room, she saw 2 beds, one on either side of the room. At the foot of each bed was a desk. In between the beds were two standing wardrobe closets. There was a good-sized throw rug on the floor in front of the closets. Sheets and a blanket and pillow were neatly folded at the foot of each bed. It was a standard issue freshman room.

Jennifer took the bed on the right as you enter the room. It was slightly more protected from the door, which opened into a 6′ entryway into the room, and there were 4 coat hooks on the wall. She looked around and decided to get some money from Jason, her boyfriend and lover, to do a little decorating. She hoped she would not have to stay here longer than it was necessary to get into a sorority, but she was not going to live spartan until then.

Jennifer opened her bags and put away her clothes. She put her amazing amount of books on the desk, and then made the bed. Once finished, she put together her little bookshelf and placed it next to the desk. It fit perfectly between the desk and the wall on her side. She put away her books, put her supplies in the drawers, put her laptop on the desktop, then decided to lie down. Her classes did not start until next week, and she had freshman orientation and interviews starting tomorrow.

She must have dozed off. When she awakened, she saw a small girl making her bed. She had already set up her desk and put away her clothes. She had incense burning on her desk.

“Hello,” Jennifer said sleepily.

The other woman jumped from the sound of her voice, and turned around. She had definite Chinese features, but an American stance and bearing to her. She had black hair and almond shaped dark eyes. She had a slim but luscious build, and she looked like she carried herself well. Jennifer found her slightly attracted to her.

The girl spied Jennifer and grinned “Hiyo!” she said jovially.

Jennifer got up and shook her long blonde hair. “I’m Jennifer Holston,” she said.

“Yolanda, Yolanda Chu. How ya doin’?” she asked.

Jennifer was amused by the way this woman spoke English! “I’m doing all right,” she said. “I just got in this morning.”

“Got here two hour ago,” she said. “Had trouble finding here. Nice boy on floor directed me. Nice boyo too! Good buns!”

Jennifer laughed. “What are you studying?”

“Law. Corporate and trial. You?”

“Business and Trial law.”

“Good. We be in classes together!”

“I guess so,” Jennifer said.

Jennifer found this girl a little quirky, but likable. She moved with a lithe and grace born of a gymnast. Jennifer herself was thinking of trying for the track team, since she had done well in that in high school.

“You hungry?” Yolanda asked.

“Famished!” Jennifer said, just realizing she WAS hungry.

“Let’s go then!”

Jennifer got up, smoothed her hair down and straightened her halter-top. It had moved a bit while laying down, and showed a little more of her right tit than she wanted to show.

Jennifer looked up and started. Yolanda was watching her chest as she was adjusting her halter!

The two girls left and headed towards the cafeteria. They had soon lost their way and asked a couple of upperclassmen where it was. Since they had flirted with them, they had given the directions enthusiastically.

When they got to the cafeteria, they found it packed. They got their food and went in search for a place to sit. They found one at a table where a stocky built man and his slim Asian friend were sitting.

“May we join you?” Jennifer asked.

The two boys looked up, and their jaws dropped. Jennifer was wearing a white halter, her nipples slightly pushing through the material, and shorts and sandals. Yolanda was wearing a yellow tube top and yellow shorts, with flip-flops. Both women wore their hair long.

Jennifer was used to this reaction. Yolanda giggled, apparently used to this as well. “Well?” Jennifer asked archly.

“Oh, um, yes! Have a seat!” said the stocky one. Both men stood up as the girls sat down.

“Thanks,” Yolanda said. “My legs were getting tired.”

“You’re welcome,” the Asian man said, more formally than Jennifer would have expected.

“I’m Jennifer, by the way,” Jennifer said. “Jennifer Holston.”

“Tommy Queen,” said the stocky one, introducing himself.

“Jerry Chang, ladies,” said the Asian one.

“Yolanda Chu, boyos,” Yolanda said, in her flirty voice.

With the introductions out of the way, the four ate and conversed. Jennifer found that the two boys were in the same dorm, one floor down; Tommy was a Business Administration major, and Jerry was an Asian Studies major.

The meal went jovially, and by the time they were finished, the four of them knew they would be friends.

When they were finished, the girls said their goodbyes and headed back towards the dorms. The sun was going down, and the amber light flooded the quad beautifully.

“It is so beautiful here,” Yolanda remarked as they walked through the quad.

“Where are you from, Yolanda?” Jennifer asked.

“Dover, Maryland,” She said. “My family moved there three year ago.”

“I am from Cetnerville, about 85 miles from here.”

“You got a guy?”

“Oh, Yes!” Jennifer said dreamily. “He is so gorgeous! He teaches aerobics, and he is tall, and long and-“

Jennifer checked herself. She had said too much, and started to blush.

“All ok,” Yolanda said. “No need to blush. I understand. Your man big and make you happy?”

Jennifer looked at her diminutive friend, and saw that beautiful face and body.

“Yes he is,” Jennifer finally said. “I will be so glad to see him in a month. We decided to let me get into my classes before we see each other again, so I can get into my study habits.”

“Oh,” Yolanda said. “So you get lonely before then?”

“Maybe,” Jennifer said, not sure of the direction she was taking the conversation.

Yolanda said nothing the rest of the way back to the dorm.

The halls were a mélange of bodies coming and going from the communal washrooms. Boy and girls on the same floor can get pretty crazy, Jennifer thought to herself. She and Yolanda threaded their way through the milling bodies and finally made I to their room.

“Whew!” Jennifer said. “So many people!”

“Yes,” Yolanda said, flopping on her bed. “Too much for one day.”

Jennifer sat on her bed, looking over at Yolanda, who started to hum. She was trying to figure out what was so attractive about her. She was the same height as her, but Yolanda was a bit smaller all around. Her comments earlier had alerted Jennifer about—something she could not put her finger on.

Yolanda got up, and started to strip. “I take shower,” she said.

Jennifer thought that was a good idea. “Hang on, Yolanda,” she said, starting to strip herself, “I’ll join you.”

The two disrobed and wrapped fluffy towels around them. When they stepped out into the hallway, whistles and catcalls bombarded them. The girls just laughed and continued walking toward the showers, wiggling their asses as they went.

They got to the showers, and found them deserted. Jennifer took the first shower and Yolanda took the second. They shivered as the cool water hit them before warming up. They quickly washed themselves, then stepped out to t
owel off. They were just wrapping up again when the next wave of girls came in.

“Oh, look! It’s pigeon talker and her wondertit friend!” said the first girl. She was a good 5’8″ blonde looker. Jennifer decided she was a cheerleader

“Oh, look, Airhead League is here!” Yolanda shot back.

The tall girl took a menacing step forward. Jennifer stepped in between.

“That’s enough!” Jennifer said to Yolanda and the tall girl. She didn’t know what started this, but she was not about to get into a fight the first night!

The tall girl looked at Jennifer, and sniffed. Jennifer had the distinct impression that the woman had assessed her, and found herself not up to Jennifer’s ample proportions, so decided to compensate with bravado.

Jennifer kept an eye on the group as they passed. There were five of them, and they all looked about the same in height.

When the group passed, she grabbed Yolanda’s hand. She was still looking at the group with daggers in her eyes when she felt Jennifer’s pull to go back to their room. She let herself be led back.

In the room, Jennifer let go and turned to her. “Now what was that all about?” she asked Yolanda.

“Those girls came in with me,” Yolanda said. “They think they upper crust, or some shit like. They look down at me because I no speak English good yet. I do okay, though. That big girl was worst of bunch. She tried to hit, but missed and fall hard. Thinks I tripped her. Boyos saw it and took my side. They left. Then they found out who I was with in roommates. They know you too. Watch them.

Jennifer took this in, and nodded. She would definitely watch them. She sat down on her bed.

Yolanda shrugged, took her towel off, and started to dry herself. Jennifer looked at her nude body. Her tits were small, about a 34B in size, and she had a thin waist and slim hips. Her pussy hair was thick and brown, but well trimmed. Jennifer nodded her approval.

Yolanda was drying between her legs when she looked up and saw Jennifer watching her. In the flash of a moment, Yolanda knew enough about Jennifer to know that she and her would make it. She saw her legs rubbing against each other, and knew that she liked women as well. Yolanda made a decision.

“So,” Yolanda said as she stood, put her left hand on her hips, spread her legs a little, and flipped the towel over her right shoulder as if it were a jacket, “you like what you see?”

Jennifer had lost her reticence a few months earlier. Still, she blushed a little being caught staring. “Yes,” she said in a small voice.

“Good!” Yolanda said, “I thought maybe you were wacky, or something. I thought maybe you looked down at me. I ask you: Can I see your tits?”

This floored Jennifer a little. She had not met a woman as forward as this, other than Sherry. She decided to go with it for now. It might get interesting.

“Of course,” Jennifer said, with a glint in her eye. She stood up, and let the towel drop.

Yolanda whistled “You got big tits!” she said. “I suck now, OK?”

Jennifer smiled. “Come here Yolanda.”

Yolanda literally skipped over to Jennifer and hugged her. She kissed Jennifer with a passion. Tongues explored each other’s mouths, and hands explored each other’s bodies. Yolanda’s hands came to rest on Jennifer’s globes and fondled them expertly Jennifer tilted back her head and moaned.

Yolanda disengaged from Jennifer and went to lock the door. She then came back and planted her lips on Jennifer’s left tit, sucking the nipple. Jennifer massaged her head as she sucked.

“Ooh, that feels so good!” Jennifer cooed.

Yolanda continued her sucking. She then snaked her right hand down to Jennifer’s pussy, and slowly started to rub her clit. Every once in a while she would pinch it with her thumb and forefinger, making Jennifer squeal with delight.

Jennifer was amazed at the skill that Yolanda was showing. She also found herself being pressed back so that she would fall on her bed. Jennifer allowed this, and the two fell on her bed. Yolanda landed on top of her.

“Your big tit tastes sweet,” Yolanda said happily. “Now you suck mine.”

Jennifer remained amused by this girl’s way of doing things. Yolanda moved up and planted her right tit in Jennifer’s mouth. Jennifer started to lick and suck her small tit, easily taking the whole thing in her mouth.

“Ooh,” Yolanda moaned, “you know how to suck tit.”

Jennifer switched between Yolanda’s tits, alternating between sucking and biting them. Her hand found Yolanda’s pussy, and she started to tweak her pussy lips. She was very wet. She then found her clit, and started to furiously rub it. It did not take long before Yolanda started to squirm with need.

“Oh, fuck, make my pussy sing!” Yolanda moaned.

Jennifer continued to suck her tits. She then slipped two fingers inside her juicy twat and started to finger fuck her. Yolanda started to buck.

“Oh! Oh! My pussy on fire!” she said between moans. Need your mouth on me. Eat my pussy!”

Jennifer released Yolanda’s tits. Yolanda quickly turned over so that her pussy was near Jennifer’s mouth. Jennifer smelled her essence. It was heady. She took a tentative lick along the length of her pussy, which made Yolanda shiver. She tasted sweet. Jennifer knew she would enjoy this woman. She dived her head into Yolanda’s crotch, attaching her lips to her pussy, and sucked hard. Yolanda gasped.

“Oh, that’s it!” she moaned. “Suck me hard woman!”

Jennifer wrapped her arms around her slim waist and held her in place while she attacked Yolanda’s pussy. She shoved her tongue in her pussy hole, making Yolanda jump.

Yolanda, close to orgasm, dove into Jennifer’s waiting and wet pussy. She licked her pussy furiously, swirling her tongue around her clit. The harder that Jennifer sucker cunt, the harder she sucked hers. Yolanda expertly used her tongue on Jennifer’s clit, pussy lips, and hole. She made Jennifer bounce with each lick, and made her tremble with desire. Yolanda then snaked her hand under her and grabbed one of Jennifer’s tits, making her bounce.

“MMMMPPHH!” She said at the contact.

The two women furiously ate each other’s pussy. Jennifer’s face was covered with Yolanda’s pussy juice, and Yolanda’s was covered with hers. It was not long before both women started convulsing with their orgasms. Jennifer’s hit first.

“OOH, GOD!” Jennifer seethed, trying to keep her voice down. “I’m cumming Yolanda! Keep licking! I’m CUMMING!”

“You make me cum, Jennie baby!” Yolanda said, also keeping her voice down. “Fuck me with tongue in cunt! Make me—UH! UH! I CUMMMMINNN-!”

Yolanda couldn’t finish as her orgasm rocked her body. Both women hung on for dear life as wave after wave of pleasure rocked their world, and both realized that they could derive great pleasure from each other.

Jennifer and Yolanda licked each other clean of pussy juice as their pleasurable orgasms subsided. Yolanda rolled off of Jennifer and sat on the edge of the bed with a satisfied smile. Jennifer propped herself up on one elbow, looking at her. Yolanda looked back at her.

“You know, I was afraid that I be put in with girl that didn’t like girls,” Yolanda told Jennifer. “I not know if you like girls until you said you like my body. Don’t get me all wrong, Jennie baby, I like boys too!”

“I kinda figured,” Jennifer said. “I saw you flirting with the boys in the quad earlier. I figured you had no boyfriend, and wanted to attract one.”

“I did,” Yolanda said, “but now I know you like me as well, I can wait until I find right one. I like sex.”

“I know what you mean. I won’t see Jason for a month or so, and I wasn’t sure how I would please myself. Now I know that we can enjoy each other once in a while. That will make the wait bearable.”

“Same here. Can I ask: Where you get those bruises I see on thighs and pussy?”

Jennifer laughed. “I got them from the last sex time I had with Jason. We got kinda wild!”

Yolanda whistled. “I can see! You had much fun!”

“You bet!”
br />“Jennie, you think we can sleep in same bed now and again?”

Jennifer thought about it. “I don’t see any problem with that,” she finally said. “If we do have men, though, we sleep in ou
r own bed, you know?”

“You mean you be with others—and your boyfriend?” Yolanda said in surprise.

“Sometimes,” Jennifer said. “I would really have to like them. I already have two men I sleep with—”


“Yeah. I think I will introduce you to them sometime. I think they’ll like you!”

“You one wild one!” Yolanda said. “I think I like you more now. Jennie baby is as crazy as me!”

“Amen!” Jennifer laughed as she moved up the bed to lie down. By the spoken agreement, Yolanda lay down next to her and snuggled next to her tit.

Jennifer looked at the clock and sighed. It was 9:30 pm, and she knew that she needed to sleep to be able to tackle the orientation in the morning that both of them would have to attend. She looked down at Yolanda and smiled. She was nestled against her tit, and was cooing contentedly. Jennifer wondered just how lonely Yolanda was, and she already had a plan to help her to talk more like everyone else so she would not be teased as much. Besides, she would need to anyway, or she would not be able to pass her bar tests a few years hence, where she would need to be able to express herself to a jury understandably.

Jennifer pushed tomorrow’s thoughts out of her mind. She concentrated on the woman nestled next to her, and started to feel her pussy get wet again. She smiled to herself, reached over, and turned the light off. The moon shone through the window, lighting the two women as Jennifer drifted off into a contented sleep, dreams of Jason and Yolanda playing on her mind.

Jennifer found a compatible friend in Yolanda, and had met others. Her time at college has started. What new wonders will she uncover? Find out in the next chapter of “Jennifer’s World: The College Years”!

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