Jennifer's World: The College Years Ch. 14

There comes a time in life when one had to face reality, reassess the expectations, and plan for the future. Elaine Thomas was at such a crossroads in her personal life. The lesbian scene at college had become positively too aggressive for her tastes, and she was finding it harder and harder to find a decent lover. She had once been with Alex, and that was a great weekend, but now she was becoming more exclusive with that man Sam, and she was not sure if there were other girls at the school with a temperament comparable to hers that she could share her body with.

There was one person she could confide her feelings to, a man no less: Paul Wilkes. She and Paul were the Grand champions of their chess club, and their matches against each other the last two years were legend. He was also the quarterback of the college varsity football team, and a double major student. He was also gay.

Elaine had confided in him a couple of times of her frustrations about finding a lover to share with. He had empathized, complaining of the same thing. Now that her feelings were coming to a head, she needed to talk to him again.

She found him in the library, his nose stuck in a textbook, spreadsheets spread around him as he studied his accounting.

“Hi, Paul,” she said.

Paul looked up. “Oh, hello Elaine. What can I do for you?”

“You got time to talk?”

Paul put down his book. “For you, of course. I needed a break anyway. Let’s go over to the lounge area.”

Elaine followed him to the library lounge. Since it was early evening, it was deserted. Paul took a chair and motioned to Elaine to take the one next to him.

“OK,” Paul said. “What’s up?”

“Well,” Elaine stammered a bit, “I have been thinking on my life again. I’m wondering if I will ever find happiness. There aren’t many of us out there that think the way we do, or want a life like ours. You know what I mean?”

“Surely,” Paul said. “Do you know how hard it is to hide the fact that you’re gay in a room full of buff men? Sometimes I wonder if I should just quit so I can follow my own happiness. But, I have to stay. I am good, and our team is finally in first place in our conference, and they are counting on me. Also, I really don’t like the gay scene around here. It’s too rough for me. I want a quiet life with a tender lover. That’s hard to come by.”

Elaine was feeling a little better. Here was a person who understood where she was coming from, and made no judgements. Too bad he was a man.

“I see we have the same problem,” Elaine said to Paul. “What can we do about it?”

“Well, I don’t know about me,” Paul said, “but you have an option. Why don’t you go talk to Alex?”

“How can I? She’s shacking up with Sam.”

“That doesn’t mean she’s not approachable. Just talk to her.”

Elaine thought about it. “Hm. Do you know where I can find her now?”

If she is not in her or Sam’s room, she may be in Jennifer’s. You know Jennifer Holston, don’t you?”

Elaine snorted. “Hah! Who doesn’t?

Paul laughed. “Yeah, that was a dumb question. Well, she’s on the third floor of the freshman dorm. Come on. I’ll walk with you. Let me clean up my homework first.”

In a definately better mood, Elaine followed Paul to the table where he was working. Quickly, he stashed his paperwork in his backpack and put away the book he was reading. Soon, they left the library.

The walk in the cold, crisp January air refreshed Elaine. The snowdrifts on either side of the walkway glistened in the moonlight, and the leafless trees reminded her of the summer gone by.

The walk to the freshman dormitory was relatively short from the library. They were soon inside, shucking their coats.

The first floor was a hubbub of activity. It looked like a party was going on. Elaine and Paul ignored the merrymakers and headed to the stairway. They climbed the stairs to the third floor, and found the same din going on.

“Which way to Alex’s room?” Elaine asked.

“I don’t know,” Paul said. He looked around, and stopped a staggering boy.

“Do you know where I can find Alexandra Rockford?” Paul asked him.

“She’sh-uh-burp!-in Jjennifer’sh room,” the boy stammered through his drunkeness. The boy then blinked twice, trying to focus on Paul’s face.

Paul pushed him away in disgust. “I can’t stand a sloppy drunk!” he whispered to Elaine. “Let’s get to Jennifer’s room quickly. It’s down this way.”

“Elaine eyed Paul. “How do you know where she lives?”

“I’ve talked with her before,” he said simply. “She’s part of my business study group on Thursdays. We’ve studied in her room before.”


Paul counted five doors, and then stoppeed. “We’re here,” he announced.

Elaine suddenly became timid. She found some courage deep down, then knocked on the door. She gawked in surprise with what faced her when the door opened.

Yolanda stood at the door, stark naked. Her tits glistened with saliva, and her pussy was visibly dripping. She smelled of sex, and she had a smile on her face.

“Hello, girlie,” Yolanda said in her pidgeon English. “You need see who?”

Even Paul was gawking. Elaine elbowed him in the ribs. “I was wondering if Alex was here…”

“Oh, sure,” Yolanda said. “We’re having a girlie party tonight. Come on in. I’ll go get her off Jennie baby.”

Elaine’s eyes widened. Paul pushed her good-naturedly toward the open door.

“Go on,” Paul said to her. “I think you will have your answer, sonner than you thought. I am obviously not invited. I’ll see you later. You can tell me how it went then.”

Elaine smiled at Paul, then entered the room. The smell of sex filled it. When she turned the corner, the sight that greeted her got her instantly hot, and a lust she had not felt for a very long time welled up in her.

There were five women in the room. She recognized Alexandra instantly. The blonde woman, whose pussy she was busily eating, was Jennifer. She deduced then that the dark’haired chinese woman must be Yolanda. The other two women did not look like students. One was a slim, brown-haired woman, and the other was a stunning redhead. The redhead was busily licking the pussy of the slim one.

Yolanda went to Jennifer’s bed and tapped Alex on the shoulder. “A girlie to see you, Alex,” she said.
Alex looked up from Jennifer’s pussy and spied Elaine.

“I’ll take over for you, twat,” Yolanda said.

“Sure thing, cunt,” Alex said as she got off the bed. Yolanda immediately took her place and attacked Jennifer’s pussy, making her moan louder.

Alex walked up to a gawking, surprised Elaine. “Hello, dear,” Alex said to her. “What can I do for you.

It took a minute or so for Elaine to find her voice. “Uh, I, uh, needed to talk to-what’s with ‘twat’ and ‘cunt’ I just heard?”

“Oh, those are our pet names for each other, Elaine. We all have one. Now, what’s up?”

“Well,” Elaine started, digesting what she just saw and heard, “I’m having a little trouble sorting my feelings out. You see, you know what kind of lover I’m looking for, and other than you, I haven’t found one yet. I really liked being with you that weekend, and since you started shacking up with that Sam, I haven’t seen much of you. And, well…”

Alexandra smiled at her. “I think I know what you are saying. Tell me, when was the last time you had it?”

Elaine gulped. “Since before Thankgiving. It was a lonely Christmas, too.”

“Inviter her to our party!” Jennifer said to her, gasping from the tongue-lashing she was getting from Yolanda.

“Good idea,” Alexandra said. Then, to all of them: “Could I have your attention for a moment? Introductions are in order.”

The redhead stood up, and Yolanda got off a trembling Jennifer.

“Everyone,” Alexandra
started, “This is Elaine, an old lover of mine. Elaine, this is Jennifer and Yolanda. This is their room. The brown haired woman is Sherry, and the redhead is Angela. They are friends of ours from Cetnerville.”

Elaine said, a little timidly.

“Elaine here is gay,” Alexandra explained, “and she is looking for a loving relationship. Her lesbian tastes are not aggressive. She is not domineering, nor does she wish to dominate. She just wants to love.”

“Was this the girl you told me about before?” Jennifer asked.

“Yes, Alexandra said. “She is really very sweet, Jennifer. I think she could use your…special touch. It helped me…”

Elaine looked at Alexandra.

“We’ll see,” Jennifer said as she got off the bed. She walked up to Elaine. “Nice to meet you, Elaine.”

“Uh, same here,” she stammered.

“Alex here vouches for you. I trust her judgement in this. I normally do not share my life with someone I don’t know.”

“I can understand that.” Elaine was having a hard time concentrating.

“So, would you like to join our litle party here?”

Elaine looked at the naked figure of Jennifer, and felt herself getting even hotter. She gulped. “Yes, I would love to,” she finally said.

“There’s just one thing wrong,” Angela called over.

“What’s that?” Jennifer asked.

Sherry walked over to Elaine and looked at her. “She’s overdressed,” she said in a matter-of-fact voice.

Everyone laughed.

Alexandra went behind Elaine, reached around and cupped her massive tits. Elaine moaned. Jennifer unbuttoned her shirt as Sherry undid her jeans and slid them down over generous hips. Alexandra let go of Elaine’s tits long enough for Jennifer to slip her shirt off.

Alexandra then unhooked her bra, kissing her neck. Elaine let out a low moan. Jennifer took in one of her massive nipples into her mouth and lightly sucked it. Sherry hooked her fingers into the strings of her thong panties and pulled them down. Elaine stepped out of them and then spread her legs slightly. Sherry put her head at her pussy and licked her entire crack, flicking her tongue on her engorged clit.

“Oh, shit!” Elaine shuddered.

Alexandra lifted her head from Elaine’s neck. “Feels good, doesn’t it?” She asked her.

Elaine couldn’t speak. She just looked at Alexandra.

Sherry got up from Elaine’s pussy. “Your turn, Angela,” she said.

Angela smiled and came over. She replaced Sherry at Elaine’s pussy, and stuck her tongue into her pussy hole. Elaine’s knees buckled a bit at the sensation. Angela slowly flicked her tongue in and out, alternating between that and nibbling her clit.

Jennifer, meanwhile, switched to Elaine’s other tit and started sucking. She then grabbed one of her hands and placed it in her wet snatch. Alexandra took her other hand and placed it in her pussy. Elaine started to play with the cunts in her hands, her head swimming in lust for these women.

Angela looked up from Elaine’s pussy. “my knees are getting sore,” she said. “Pick her up so I can eat her standing.”

Alexandra and Jennifer looked up and smiled. Jennifer moved to Elaine’s left shoulder, and Alexandra moved to her right shoulder. Sherry grabbed the left leg, and Yolanda grabbed the right leg. At an unseen signal, the four women lifted Elaine in the air, eliciting a gasp from her. Angela then got to her feet and attacked Elaines pussy with renewed vigor.

Elaine shuddered. Angela’s tongue was doing wonders in her cunt, hitting all the right spots. She felt helpless being held as she was, about five feet off the ground.

All of a sudden, the dam broke. A mighty orgasm shook Elaine to her very being. She screamed incoherently as she came.

“Let her down easy, girls,” Angela said to the women holding Elaine. The four of them gently lowered her to the floor. Elaine was still shuddering and bucking from a monstrous orgasm.

Yolanda went to her closet, then returned to the group carrying a vibrator and an 18-inch double dildo.

“Let’s do a double fuck with her,” Yolanda said. “Jennie baby, you first.”

Jennifer smiled and lay down opposite a blinking Elaine.Yolanda inserted one side of the dildo into Jennifer, then inserted the other side into Elaine. Both women gasped. The dildo was a thick one.

Angela knelt over Elaine. “Now I want you to eat me,” she said as she lowered her pussy to Elaine’s mouth.

Alexandra knelt over Jennifer. “Now you get to do me,” she said to her.

“Sherry,” Yolanda said, “you lay under me and lick my pussy while I fuck these two with my big dildo, and I will fuck you with this vibrator.

Sherry smiled and schooched under Yolanda. She then took her pussy into her mouth and bit her clit. Yolanda yelped and ground her pussy harder into her mouth. Yolanda then plunged the vibrator into Sherry’s wet and waiting pussy, making her gasp with lust. Then with her other hand, she started moving the dildo in and out of Elaine and Jennifer, slamming her fist into the cunt of each one with each thrust.

Alex and Angela moaned with pleasure as Elane and Jennifer ate their pussies. Yolanda squealed with pleasure as Sherry’s mouth licked her twat and nibbled her clit. Sherry grunted with each thrust of the vibrator, and Elaine and Jennifer moaned with each thrust of the dildo and slam of Yolanda’s fist.

The six women continued this augmented daisy-chain of lust for a good half hour. Each woman sensed the others’ impending orgasm, and it was as if they had practiced to come at the same time.




Sherry, Elaine, and Jennifer screamed their orgasm into the pussy they were eating, making Yolanda, Angela, and Alexandra scream harder as their orgasms hit.

It took almost seven minutes until the final shudder subsided. They all collapsed into a tangle of legs and tits, totally exhausted. Yolanda gingerly pulled the vibrator out of Sherry, and the dildo out of Elaine and Jennifer.

“Wow!” Elaine exclaimed. “That was positively great!”

“It sure was!” Jennifer said dreamily.

“Hey, cunt!” Sherry called over. “Do you have any bigger vibrators?”

“Yeah,” Yolanda said. “Why?”

“Well, next time you fuck me with one of those things, make sure it’s as large as Jerry’s cock, OK? I felt a little cheated!”

Everyone either groaned or laughed. Only Sherry would make such a statement! Elaine evinced a quiet surprise at this.

“Are you all-bi here?” Elaine asked Jennifer.

“Pretty much,” Jennifer answered. Angela and Yolanda here are the true bi’s. Sherry and I are converts from straight, and Alex is a convert from lesbian. Angela here was my first.”

“Oh, and what a night that was!” Angela exclaimed dreamily. Jennifer smiled at that remembered event.

“How is it I never heard of this?” Elaine asked. “I cruised the entire scene, looking for someone, and I thought I knew all the bi’s…”

“We pretty much keep to ourselves,” Jennifer said. “Like I mentioned before, I am pretty particular on whom I let in.”

“So how did you decide on me?”

“I didn’t. I said I trusted Alex’s judgement in this. We have talked in detail over the past couple of months, and have come to trust one another. We have become windows into each other’s life, and I learn from her as she learns from me. You are a person from her past, and if she says you’re ok, then I can accept that. You’re cool, aren’t you?”

Elaine thought about it. “I have been gay for as long as I can remember. I have no interest in men, and I only want a loving relationship with a woman that can share with me as I share with her, with mutual trust and respect for each other as a person as well as a lover. I am not into one-night stands, a
lthough my wonderful time with Alex could be seen as such; it just felt differently. Alex said you could possibly help me with my dilemma. Truthfully, I am open to all suggestions, even from men. So, yes, I’m cool.”

Jennifer and the ladies took this all in. It was not often that all the female members of Jennifer’s group could be in on helping someone.

“That is the positive attitude to have,” Jennifer finally said. “Tell you what: Let us think on it. I can’t promise you anything. Who knows? All I can do is try. In the meantime, if you feel the need to…have some fun…”

The girls laughed at that euphemism.

“I’m sure that one of us here would be able to accommodate you. Granted, this is only in the interim, but like I said, who knows?”

“OK,” Elaine said. “Thanks! That’s more than anyone has done for me.”

“Good,” Angela said. “Now I think it is mine and Yolanda’s turn on that dildo. That is, If you ladies are up for round two!”

With a laugh and a group hug, the six women began to arouse each other again…


So, Elaine has fallen under the charm and charisma of our heroine. Will Jennifer be able to help? Do any of the girls have an idea? Find out in the next erotic chapter of “Jennifer’s World: The College Years”, coming soon!

If you liked this story, email me or leave a message. I appreciate hearing from all my readers!

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