Jennifer's World: The College Years Ch. 18

“She did it again!”

That one exasperated statement from Jason was all Eric needed to figure out what Jennifer had done. She “found” another person.

“All right, Jason, settle down,” Eric said. “Tell me: Who is it this time?”

“Some girl named Patty. She said she was her match, and is the perfect D’Artagnan to her Aramis! They’re calling themselves the Skirted Musketeers, or something like that!”

Eric and Mark chuckled. Ever since Jennifer went back to college for Sorority pledge week, a week before the fall term started, Jason had been getting daily calls from her on her status. Yesterday’s call had broached the possibility of having to get an apartment. Today’s call informed them that she not only got into a sorority, but its condition, how they were accepted, and the finding of this new woman.

“You’re gonna have to marry that woman, but quick,” Mark said. “She’ll fill our homes before we have a chance to build for the ones we have already!”

Jason looked at him, then smiled. “I wouldn’t be able to stop her, even if I wanted to, and I don’t. I trust her implicitly.”

“Don’t we all,” Eric said.

“Can we get back to the meeting now?” Mark asked.

Eric, Jason, and Mark were discussing business expansion plans. Ever since Van Pellte Technologies had awarded their accounting contract to Eric’s firm, Thomlinson and Tarvo, inc., CPA, other enterprises have clamored for his services. Eric had to expand, and the summer saw his company go from 4 CPA’s and 7 staff to well over 45, just to handle the new accounts. James Tarvo, his Junior partner since the beginning of March, was a financial genius, and he successfully brought in new business. Plus, he spearheaded the pilot training program for new bookkeepers and accountants for the A.L. Accounting firm, a national all-homosexual accounting firm, through Eric’s company. This program alone has netted Thomlinson and Tarvo millions in residual incomes, and gave their company international attention. Jason was working with Eric on opening his own health spa and extreme sports center, using Eric’s company as financial advisor and for accounting setup and services. Mark Saw the need for capital dispersion from his father’s business, and found the perfect investment in Eric’s and Jason’s plans. There was also a personal element in the business dealings as well, for Mark had purchased Jennifer’s old house and property, had destroyed the house, and was putting up a grand Guest House on the lot. Summing it up, Mark had put enough money in the various projects that many people were put to work to build a new office building in downtown Cetnerville for Eric’s fast-expanding firm, Jason’s Health Spa and X-Treme Sports Center, and the new Guest home.

This meeting was to effect the sale of that guest house and land to Eric, thus tripling his assets. Thanks to Mark and James, he had enough to buy out his mortgage and acquire the land and guest house for cash.

The last of the details were completed, and Eric put down his pen with a satisfied sigh.

“I am so glad that’s done!” he said.

“Feels good, doesn’t it?” Mark asked.

“Sure does.”

“I am just excited to see my dream come to fruition,” Jason said. “So is Angela. She’s just itching to get the health spa side going while I concentrate on the sports side. She’s already interviewing for the staff!”

“Won’t that put you into direct competition with the spa you’re at?” Eric asked.

“No,” Mark said. “His place is in the valley, smack dab in the center of where the majority of extreme sports are done. It about 45 miles from the college, a perfect retreat for the extreme sportsmen there.”

Jason smiled.

“Well, that concludes business, gentlemen,” Mark said. “Eric, have you told Jennifer you bought her old place, and what we’re doing with it?”

“Not yet,” he said. “I planned on surprising the entire group about that when we go to the college tomorrow and see where our Jennifer is now living.”

“Good,” Mark said. “I’ll need to register for my last year, and finish up my studies for my Doctorate.”

“What classes will your professor have you teach?” Jason asked.

“Advanced Computer Science, Sophomore Physics, and Business Prelaw. Since I blew the curve in nanotechnology, and taught HIM a few things about it, he is giving me the ancillary classes to ’round out my experience’, or some shit like that.”

Eric and Jason laughed.


Jennifer finished folding the last pair of jeans and put them away. Her, Yolanda, Alexandra, and Patty spent the day packing their belongings and lugging it from the freshman dorm to their new home in Delta Delta Omega. She was surprised to learn how fast the news of her acceptance into the sorority had spread, and the girls literally had to battle through the gaggle of new freshmen and all the curiosity seekers wanting to know how they got in, or why they went there. The four girls kept closed-lipped, and trudged their stuff over, and completed it in 3 trips. They were all dead tired, and wanted nothing but to get it put away, take a shower, and go to bed. They had a big day tomorrow, and she wanted to be well rested when she saw Jason.

The four girls decided on an open door policy between them, so it was no surprise to Jennifer when Patty came in.

“Hey, Jen, you finished yet?”


“Good. Wanna go grab a bite to eat? I know you’re tired; I’m bushed myself. But we need to get something. Dinner was over two hours ago, and we missed it. We’ll sleep better with some food in us.”

Jennifer digested this, and nodded. It would do her some good to get a bite to eat.

“Great. I’ll get the others. I’m driving.”

Tevorton was the college town just outside the university gates. It was medium sized, and it endeavored to keep their prices reasonable to help with most students’ modest budgets. The girls decided to go to Arlene’s, a small sandwich place on Restaurant Row, just down the street from the Coffee Stop.

Arlene’s was a favorite place for the college night owls when they needed something to eat. Arlene, the owner, served hot and cold sandwiches, chili, fries, chips, juices, and milk. She kept her shop open 24 hours, and each shift knew the tastes of their respective shift clientele. Arlene herself worked the mid shift, 12 pm to 12 am, and knew Jennifer and her friends. She talked with Jennifer whenever she stopped in, and Jennifer considered her a friend.

The place looked busy when Patty pulled into the parking lot. The girls got out, talking and laughing, and went in.

Arlene saw Jennifer, and immediately motioned her over. Jennifer smiled, and motioned the other three to follow. When she got to Arlene, she gave her a big hug.

“Jennifer!” Arlene exclaimed. “I’ve not seen you nigh on to 3 months, lass! Where you been keeping yourself?”

“I just came back from Cetnerville, Arlene!” Jennifer said, laughing as Arlene hugged her harder. “I was with my fiancĂ© this summer!”

“When am I gonna meet this bonnie boy?”

“Tomorrow, Arlene. I’ll make certain that I bring him around!”

“You be sure to do that, lass.”

Jennifer broke the hug and looked at Arlene. She was beautiful, red-haired Irish woman with a petite figure and great legs.

Arlene guided the girls over to her special table she usually reserved for her staff and friends. No one was at it, and the girls ranged around it.

“Your usual, lasses?” Arlene asked.

Jennifer looked at Yolanda and Alexandra, who both nodded.

“Yes,” Jennifer said.

“And how about you, dear?”

Patty looked at the board over the Sandwich bar. “I will have the roast beef sandwich with fries, and an apple juice, please.”

“Gotcha. Anything else?”

They shook their

“OK. Be back in a few.”

Patty looked around the place. “This is neat! I mean, I knew it was here, but I never came in before. How does she know you, Jennifer?”

“Arlene knows
all her regular patrons,” Jennifer said. “We just talked for a while one night a few months back, and she took a liking to me. She told me she knew my mother when she was alive, and we’ve been friends ever since.”

The sandwiches and drinks arrived in no time, and the four women dug in. Pretty soon, the place emptied and a new group of people came in. Jennifer and Patty were perpetual people watchers, so watched the new group of students come in. When a certain tall, handsome-looking boy walked in, however, Patty quickly turned around and blushed. Jennifer and Yolanda noticed it.

“What’s the matter, Pats?” Yolanda asked.

Patty collected herself, took a breath, and calmed down. “That boy that just came. The tall one with the short brown hair?”

“Yes?” Jennifer said.

“Well, I kinda have a crush on him. Had one on him since last Semester, when I saw him at a pep rally. He smiled at me and talked with me for a moment, the only boy that ever did that here.”

Jennifer smiled. “Would you like to meet him?”

Patty quailed.

“Give her a break, Jen,” Alexandra whispered. “Let her eat her meal, first, before you turn her world upside down.”

“Nonsense,” Jennifer said dismissively. “This is the perfect time! I had been waiting for her to tell us whom she pined for. You don’t masturbate to ghosts, you know.” Jennifer got up and headed toward the boy.

Patty looked at Yolanda. “How does she do that? How does she know whom I fantasize about? I never told her!”

“That’s Jennie baby for you,” Yolanda said smiling. “Just when you think she is finished with you, she pulls another zinger.”

“We know how you feel, lover,” Alexandra said. “She’s done the same thing to us on more than one occasion, and she hasn’t been wrong yet.”

Don’t worry, Pats,” Yolanda said, “Jennie won’t do anything to hurt you. Embarrass you? Well, that’s another novel.”

“Story, Yo,” Alexandra said, “Story.”

“Story. Right.”

The three girls watched as Jennifer walked up to the tall boy. He looked up, and shook her hand. The girls couldn’t hear what they said to each other, but after a few exchanges, they saw the boy nod his head, say something to the waitress standing there, then got up and followed Jennifer back to their table.

Patty looked panicked. “She’s bringing him over!”

Alexandra and Yolanda giggled, then went back to their sandwiches, leaving Patty to stew.

Jennifer stopped at the table. “Girls, I’d like you to meet Avery Schmidt.”

“Nice to meet you,” Avery said.

Alexandra extended her hand. “Nice to meet you too. I’m Alex.” Avery shook the proffered hand.

“Hiya boyo!” Yolanda said. “I’m Yolanda. You can call me Yo.”

“Nice to meet you, Yo” Avery said.

“And this,” Jennifer went on, “Is Patty.”

“Hi Patty,” Avery said.

Patty peeped, looking at him.

“Have a seat, Avery,” Jennifer said, purposely seating him next to Patty. “I’ll be back.” Jennifer then went to the bathroom.

Patty was in a quandary. She had fantasized about this boy numerous times, and now he was sitting next to her! Alexandra and Yolanda were busy studying their plates. She remembered what she said to Jennifer, about helping her to see herself through her eyes, and decided to push through her fear of rejection. She screwed up her courage and faced Avery.

“How have you been, Avery?” Patty said, her voice wavering just a little. “The last time I saw you was at that last pep rally.”

“Oh, I’ve been doing fine,” he said. “I’ve been pledging to the different frats, and I got accepted into the Lambda Rho Theta today.”

“That’s great!” Patty said. “We got in to Delta Delta Omega yesterday.”

“That’s good to hear. Was it hard?”

Patty decided to be diplomatic on this one. “No harder than it was for you, I’m sure.”

“Hard?” Avery said. “It was anything but! LRT is the geek frat. My grades are all they looked at, and when they saw them, they nearly begged me to join!”

“That’s odd.”

“Not really. You see, the frats cumulative grade point average is so low they are in jeopardy of losing their national charter. Their sister Sorority disassociated with them 5 years ago, and they had been going downhill ever since. They needed an infusion of top grades to stave off losing their charter. My grades raised it above that point, but just barely. This group has got to raise their grades if they want to stay chartered next year. I hear tell the university is considering raising the GPA by half a point in order for any Fraternity or Sorority to stay chartered there.”

Patty listened, intrigued. She, too had heard the tale of the university upping the GPA, but was not aware of any frat or sorority who were on the verge of losing it. She knew the Deltas had an above-average GPA. She felt for him.

“I’m sure you’ll be able to inspire them, Avery,” Patty said.

“I doubt it, Patty,” Avery said. “They’re good people. They just lack determination. That attitude is pretty well ingrained with them. They are happy to just limp along, riding the bubble. If it weren’t for the fact that I was running out of time, I would not have joined.” Avery looked away.

Patty didn’t know what to say, so she just laid her hand on his. He returned his gaze to her, smiling at the sympathy her hand telegraphed.

“Let’s go see what’s keeping Jen up, Yo,” Alexandra said. Yolanda nodded, and the two left for the bathroom.

They met up with Jennifer in the bathroom. “So, how’s it going with Pats,” Jennifer asked.

“Well, they’re talking,” Alexandra said.

“What did you say to the hunk?” Yolanda asked. “Do you know him?”

“No,” Jennifer said. “And all I told him was that we all wanted to meet him, and that there was one who remembered him from last year. I asked him if he wanted to meet us, and he said yes.”

“Did you put him next to Pats on purpose?” Alexandra asked.

“That, yes, I did.”

“That’s dangerous, Jen. Matchmaking is too unpredictable, even for you.”

“I know it’s a gamble, Alex. It’s one I had to take, though. You recognized her talent, lover. So do I, and so I decided to have her walk the same path I took when I found out about myself. This is pretty much how I met Jason, you know.”

“Oh, that’s right,” Yolanda said. “Angela got you two together, didn’t she?”

“She sure did!” Jennifer smiled. “C’mon, let’s look in on what’s happening.”

The three girls peeked out and gasped at what they saw. Patty and Avery were in a passionate kiss, and Avery’s hand was massaging her crotch!

The three girls decided to exit the bathroom noisily, so that Avery and Patty could break without being embarrassed. They then returned to the table, very animated, to finish their sandwiches. When Jennifer looked at Patty, she had a grin on her face. Avery was red.

They finished their meal and decided to go back to the sorority to get some sleep. Patty said goodbye to Avery, and winked at him. She then followed the girls out, got into her car, and left.

Jennifer said good night to the other three and went into her room. She was very tired, and horny, and the bed looked damned inviting. She quickly stripped, and crawled in. Soon she was asleep.


A noise roused Jennifer out of her dream of Jason. She couldn’t place it. She looked at the clock. It was 3 am. That sound happened again. It was coming from Patty’s room. It sounded like the bed legs scraping the floor.

Smiling Jennifer laid back down, and listened. She heard the bed scrape again, and a familiar moan. She closed her eyes and started fingering her clit. As her hearing became more acute in the stillness of the night, she could hear the bed squeak. She knew that Avery was in there with Patty, and he was fucking
her brains out. She could sometimes hear his grunts, and her moans. Jennifer figured that if he kept up what he was doing to Patty, the whole house would hear her orgasm. The sounds inflamed her lust, and she rubbed her clit faster.

Jennifer’s door opened, and Alexandra walked in.

“What’s that noise?” she asked without preamble.

Jennifer kept rubbing her clit. “Listen,” she said, a little shakily.

Alexandra adjusted her eyes to the darkness, and saw what Jennifer was doing. Then she heard the bed in Patty’s room creak, and the grunt of a man, and Patty’s moan.

“Is that Avery in there?” Alexandra whispered.

“Uh huh,” Jennifer said, her eyes closed, and shivering.

Alexandra closed her eyes, and removed her nightie. She opened her eyes and clicked her tongue. When Jennifer opened her eyes, Alexandra gazed into them. Jennifer nodded.

Alexandra pulled back the sheet, then laid on top of Jennifer, placing her pussy near her mouth. She then started licking Jennifer’s clit, making her shiver more.

Jennifer grabbed Alexandra’s waist, and pulled her pussy to her mouth. Alexandra was already wet, and Jennifer licked up the moisture with long strokes along her crack. Alexandra shivered with pleasure, trying to keep quiet

The two girls ate each other out while listening to Patty get fucked by her fantasy man. The sounds became more pronounced, making the scene that much more erotic. Jennifer and Alexandra judged how long it would take for Patty to come, and adjusted their 69 to come at the same time. As the bed squeaked faster, Their licking and biting got faster.

Jennifer was furiously sucking Alexandra’s clit, holding her so she would not bounce out of her mouth. Alexandra was doing the same to Jennifer. Both girls were lost in a sea of lust for each other, and for what they heard.

All of a sudden, Patty squealed her orgasm, trying to keep the volume down. Avery grunted and moaned as his orgasm hit. Jennifer and Alexandra screamed into each others’ pussy as their orgasms gripped them.

Alexandra rolled off and turned around to lie in Jennifer’s arms.

“That was the most vicarious thrill I have ever had, Jennifer,” she whispered to her.

“Mmmm,” Jennifer cooed.

Alexandra laid her head down, holding Jennifer. Soon, the slumber that both of them were awoke from took hold, and they were asleep.


“Wake up, you two!”

Jennifer yawned, and stretched. Her movement woke Alexandra, who was still nestled next to her. When Jennifer opened her eyes, she spied Yolanda.

“What time is it?” Jennifer asked.

“It time for you two to get your asses up and shower and dress. Our men will be her in 4 hour!”

Jennifer shot awake. “Come on, Alex,” she said to her. “We got to get ready!”

“I’m up. I’m up” Alexandra said sleepily.

“I already got Pats up. Man, When I walked in, she was spread naked on her bed, moaning. It look like she got brains fucked out last night.”

“We know, Yo,” Jennifer said. She then looked at Alexandra. The two women smiled.

“What I miss last night?” Yolanda asked plaintively.

Jennifer and Alexandra laughed. “I’ll tell you later. Let’s get ready for our men.


Patty is coming along nicely. Jennifer decided to put her on the same path she took. Will it take? Who knows. And what about Eric, Jason and company? How will they react to where Jennifer is living? And what will their Sorority Sisters think of them? What plans does Jennifer have for them? Find out in the next erotic chapter of “Jennifer’s World: The College Years”, coming soon!

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