just needed some motivation part 2

The light streamed threw the window and woke me up, starting my head ache. As I slowly returned to life, the amazing night that I had, came back to memory. I laid there on the couch, still sticky from sweat and my liquidly explosion of pleasure. As I thought about how awesome it had been I tickled my naked body. I was so happy that I barely noticed the hang over. I drew a hot bath, ready to just relax and enjoy the feeling of complete satisfaction. For a few hours I would just live in this place of peace, stress free. As the warm water touched my feet, my body tingled, it reminded me of the first contacted I made with my clit. As my pussy sunk below the surface, the warmth seemed to bring it to life. I almost instantly became horny; I had to have another big o. I put one hand on my already hard nipple and played with it between my fingers. It was rubbery and sensitive. The blood rushed to my cunt and I could feel my lips opening and swelling. I softly pulled and rubbed them, in my haste the night before I hadn’t spent much time learning my every fold and where to touch for more pleasure. As I played with myself I thought of how different it felt then the last time. I was so relaxed, so calm, but the pleasure was building just the same as it had when I frantically rubbed and fucked myself. This orgasm was much softer and yet just as satisfying. I stood naked looking at my wet body, admiring for the first time how sexy I was. How could I have seen this millions of times and missed how perfect my breasts looked and how sexy my legs are. I thought of my ex-husband, who had left me because I was too boring in bed, seeing me with two men and how jealous he would be. When he comes crawling back, I will be able to tell him how bad he was at fucking and that I didn’t want him. I found my video camera and made sure it had batteries. Tonight I was going to get it like I never dreamed I could. I went shopping all day, to find the perfect out fit, since I had never shop for ‘look like I want it’ clothing it took me a while, but I got the perfect outfit. I wanted to be a casual knock out. Tight low rider jeans that showed my coin slot when I sat down and a super tight slightly see threw t shirt, with a cut out v neck line showing my perfect cleavage. the bright green push up bra was clearly visible threw my shirt and the small gap between my jeans and shirt showed just enough skin to make any guy get lost staring at my 26 six year old body. I got my hair done and for the first time I got waxed. Before getting ready I admired my new clean look, my shiny pussy looked so ready to be fucked. I decided to start at a bi club, thinking I would find two guys willing to help me out and willing to give me a show too. As I entered every eye watched as a walked to the bar to sit down, my pussy throbbed, knowing that everyone in there was watching me, it turned me on so much. I could feel the wetness between my legs and wanted to taste it. Everything I had done last night flooded my mind and thinking of the movie I was going to make had me breathing a little faster. My nipples poked out hard, I tried to brush my arm by them just to satisfy my desire to pinch and lick them. I had several people, men and women, offer to buy me drinks, but I declined most of their offers, I was waiting for the right pair off guys. After about an hour and a few drinks two guys walked up to me and asked if I wanted to dance. I asked with which one of you, desperately hoping for a ‘both of us’ response. It must of been my lucky day because that is exactly what they said, my pussy instantly heated up and I just wanted to rip their cloths off. I didn’t have any experience dancing, so I figured the more it looked like sex the hotter it would be. As I rubbed my box on their legs and rubbed my tits against their arms I was very happy to realize they weren’t too scared to touch each other. As my hard nipples rub against them and my now soaking pussy got rubbed by ripped legs I knew that I would be taking these guys home. After only 15 minutes I whispered into one’s ear, as I flicked my tongue along the lob, that I wanted to suck his cock and let his friend ass fuck me, he smiled and we left. In the cab I explained that I wanted to video this so I could watch it and get myself off. I sat between them and rubbed their stiff cocks threw their jeans as we made small talk. I could barely keep up with the conversation, all I wanted was to get fucked hard and make my ex wish he could get his dick in my cunt again. I left them alone as I went too get drinks, I stopped at the bathroom to make sure I looked perfect. I looked at myself and thought about how much I had missed in life because I was so sexually shy, I laughed at the thought that from now on I would be a the very thing I used to hate, a dirty easy slut. I liked it though, something about knowing that I would be used and enjoy it made me smile. When I came back to the living room my guest shirts were off and they were kissing passionately. I dropped the drinks in surprise and watched in complete lust. I moved over and started rubbing one of their muscular backs, I was so wet and watching them made me so hot. I reached around and grabbed a cock threw pants and started rubbing. He turned around and kissed me so passionately I almost came right then. The other guy moved around to behind me and kissed the back of my neck and grabbed my breast. I pushed them into his hands and played with his friend’s mouth. They lifted my shirt and undid my bra in one swift motion. As soon as my tits were out I grabbed the head in front of me and pushed his mouth to my rock hard nipples, all night I wanted to feel a warm tongue play with them. I moaned loud as he sucked them and bit them softly. A hand slid down my back and around my hips right between my legs, I spread them as wide as I could and pushed my cunt into his hand. I was in heaven, but realized that I hadn’t even got the video camera out. Reluctantly, I stood and said I had to get the camera. They just scooted closer and kept kissing. I ran to the camera and set it up with perfect few of the bed and called them in. I stripped before they found the bedroom and kneeled with my legs stretched open on the bed. They came in paused, smiled, and both removed their pants. I was filming and staring at the hottest cocks I had ever seen standing tall, veins popping out. I rushed over, kneeled between them and wrapped my hands around their meaty shafts. They started kissing and I took one in my mouth while slowly stroking them both. It tasted so good, a sweet musky tasted that made we get lost in a world of desire. I switched back and forth giving them both as much time as I could. After taking them deep into my mouth for a few thrusts I would lick down the shaft and take each ball into my mouth, carefully sucking them. Spit mixed with pre-cum was dripping out of the corners of my mouth and I loved it. I resisted as they pulled me up to kiss. They ground their slippery cocks against my hips and each had a handful of my breast. We moved over to the bed, they lowered me down onto my back. I felt warm soft kisses on my thighs, it felt amazing, I pushed my hips up hoping he would get to my pussy faster, but I enjoyed the slow journey up my legs. The other one straddled me just below my tits and put a pillow under my head, I took his entire penis deep into my mouth and slowly pulled it out circling it with my tongue, he moaned. Knowing I pleased him made me want his cum, I sucked harder pushing my boobs against his balls and grabbing his ass forcing him to fuck my mouth hard. His friend found my lips dripping wet; I bucked into his face as his tongue explored my secret playground. His warm tongue moving up and down my slit as I took a sweet cock down my throat caused a now familiar pressure to build inside me. I started moaning and told him that I want to taste his cum; he grunted back that he was getting close. As I felt a slight increase in the penis in my mouth and I knew I was about to get my first money shot for the night. I quickly sucked the tip in and out licking the slit
s it popped in my mouth. His breathing was hard and he moaned “here it comes, here it comes!” louder each time. The man between my legs started to suck my clit pulling it hard and then letting it go only to suck it back in to his warm mouth. Each time my clit stretched out my entire body would quiver, small little waves of stimulations. I was sweaty, wet and ready to squirt. I franticly rubbed the shaft and he pushed deep into me and I felt a warm splat against my throat, I milked his cock as he slowly pulled out, each squirt getting a little weaker. His cream was like candy, so sweat I couldn’t get enough, I held it in my mouth rolling it a round my tongue. As the pressure in me over flowed into a violent orgasm, my body shook, my legs squeezed his face against me as I squirted into his mouth. I screamed in pleasure. After only a moment I rolled over onto all fours and told him that it was his turn and that I wanted to be filled. Without hesitation he slid his cock past my tight opening and started thrusting, I grinded in to him with each thrust. I motioned for the other man to kneel in front of me so I could suck him back to a useful state. I looked over at the camera and flipped it off, knowing that my ex would still be watching me get it top and bottom. The man behind me grabbed my hips and pulled me hard as he thrust his penis into me. Each time his body slapped against my ass a wave of pleasure went threw me, I moaned and begged him to fuck me harder. Sucking the flaccid penis back to a throbbing hard on and told him, a bit forcibly, to get back there and fuck my ass. We repositioned so I was on top of one man with our legs hanging off the bed with the other standing between them. As his dick was well lubricated with my spit and my juices dribbled down to my ass, his cock slid right in my tight virgin ass hole. He was nice and slow making sure it didn’t hurt. It felt like I would split open, but it felt so good. As he begun to slow fuck me, his friend slid his penis back in to my cunt. I felt filled to the max and their cocks went in and out of me, only a bit of internal skin separating them. We were all sweaty and moaning. I beg them to fuck my harder and faster. Our bodies melted together as the pace increased. I pinched my nipples and knew I was going to lose it. The man below me said he was coming and I told him to fill my pussy with his hot cream, a moment later he thrust in and I could feel the pulsation as his milky seed added to the fire inside me, I gasped as he came. “Oh yeah baby, oh hell yeah,” I said as he continued to pump the last bit out. I asked if I could clean him up and we switched back to doggie style. I wanted to taste our juices mixed together off his soft penis. I spread my legs wide and arched my back down so there would be access back to my ass. “Fill my ass, I want you to cum in my ass” I half moaned and said, as the first tastes of my cream hit my tongue. I licked all around his penis savoring our taste as my ass got pounded. I reached down to rub my clit and felt the pressure about to go. I bucked into his cock moaning for more, harder, faster and telling him, how good it felt to get fuck by his huge cock. As his little mushroom popped out and back in my rim and I pulled and twisted my clit, the pleasure took over. It started in my thighs and exploded threw out my body like a shock wave. Each time he pushed in, a new wave would shake my body. Creamy liquid sprayed my hands as I came. It was ten times the pleasure I felt before and it kept coming, like little bombs each one intensifying the feeling. I was screaming and writhing in intense overwhelming pleasure as he shot his cum into my ass, it was warm and my body erupted into a blinding state of pure ecstasy. I collapsed on the bed completely spent and lost in my cloudy world of perfection. We laid in a sticky heap of naked flesh, all breathing hard and smiling. After a few minutes they both kissed me on the cheek and thanked me, I didn’t want them to go, but could even form a sentence as they left me. I feel asleep completely soaked. The next day I played with myself sitting in a warm tub watching the video of the previous night, I couldn’t believe I had done it. I had gone from a complete prude to slut and it was easy and the funniest time I have ever had. I attached a note to the dvd that said, “thank you” and sent it to my ex. I wished more then anything I could see his face as he watched me, knowing he could never get me back. I would love any feed back on my stories, let me know what you think =-)

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