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So I was on my way to Hawaii. Finally, no parents, no boyfriend, and only two other girls were with me.

I got to the airport, and when i went past the exit, i saw the finest piece of ass I’ve ever seen. Just a couple of days ago, I decided I was a lesbian, and now, girls with tight asses, and juicy pussies were everywhere.

I got over to the bitch, asked her if i could eat her out. Surprisingly, she said yes. She was a size 1, with a 38C bra. She turned me on so hard, we started there, n my car.

She lifted my top, and started sucking on my tits. THis was my first time as a lesbian, but she looked so fuckin good…

She had a real juicy clit, and her pussy tasted so fuckin sweet, she made me cum. She licked my wet hole, and sucked so hard, she made me cum again. I drove with her head stuck on my clit, and we stayed at a hotel near the beach.

At night, we rolled over in the sand, and fucked with dildos. she made me ass fuck her, and finger her. Her Asshole was so wide the dildo just slipped in. My friends overheard her moaning, and came over to join.

We were having a foursome, 4 pussies, two dildos and a whole lotta fuckin. After wards, we went to our rooms and switched mates. We fucked all night, then ate each other for breakfast. Pussy if fuckin good.

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