Kristina and Kat

Kristen was working for a well known Senator. I had to find her. I loved her. She was in a long term relationship. He didn’t like the idea of her having a lover. About three years prior, we’d lost contact. Changed our numbers. I’d hired a P.I. to find her. She was my best friend in college.

I called her up, she asked the Senator to cover for her, he owed her. I was meetin her outside his office. To me, it seemed like a lot for just dinner, but she came up with the idea. The Senator’s car picked us up. The driver was to take him home, then drive us to the hotel she had me get a suite.

All was going great. Dinner had arrived we set in a secluded booth in the back of the restaurant. I don’t know what came over me. I took her fork and fed her bites. Her dark brown eyes looking into mine. How beautiful, she looked taking the bites of food. Her lips wrapped around the fork, just made me want her more.
“I’m not nervous, Kat.”
“No, I want you…” That was such a relief to me. Cause after seeing her lips puckered around the fork. I’d had, had a hard time letting go. Just before I fed her the bite, she took my hand and fed it to me. I took the fork, put it down. I had to consentrate slightly more, or I’d choke on the small bite. I took a sip of wine, I leaned back against the booth. Slid my left arm around her neck, caressed her cheek with my right hand. I leaned in her, the smell of her hair, her soft skin, I’d decided to go for it. I pressed my likps to hers. She slipped her tongue past my lips. It sent me into another world. Her beautiful taste. I slid my right hand slowly down her cheek, her soft neck, she stopped me when I slipped to her breasts.
“Keep ‘em there.” she barely got out.
“Would you… Oh I’m sorry.” The lady had opened the drawn curtain holding red roses. I removed my hand and lips.
“Yes, ma’am, I’ll take two.” I handed the lady the money and she gave me the roses.
“I’m very sorry.” She walked away, closing the curtain.
“Here you go. These are for you.”
“Why don’t we go to the room, Kat.” I slid out and took her hand.
She slid out in to my arms. She kissed me, once again her tongue slipped through. I almost went to my knees, tasting ger again.

We held hands going to the elevator, I slipped my hand in her back jean pocket. I slid my hand out and slowly slid my hand down between her legs. She rolled her head back onto my shoulder, she kissed my neck. The more I moved my fingers, the more her pants got wet. I didn’t want to stop. Luckily, the bell dinged a couple seconds before the doors opened. Otherwise, the family waiting for the elevator would’ve seen her have an orgasm.

It was a short walk to our room.
“Kris, hows your jeans?” I whispered.
“Wet and ready for more.” she whispered back.
“You sure, I don’t want to push you into it.”
“I think the dinner, the elevator ride was great.”

We walked into the room. I’d spotted the ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign.
“I’m ginna order room service.” I told her. She looked at me, I wanted so much to make love to her.
“Forget room service.” I said, and put the sign on the door. I walked over to her, our hands like magnets to each other. I wrapped her hands around my neck, our bodies so close. She was wearing a white blouse. Untucked, with her arms draped over my shoulders. I slid my hands down. She has the infamous J.Lo booty. I slid my hands across her his and booty. She leaned her head on my shoulder, kissing my neck. I slipped my hands under her shirt, her warm skin was soft and silky. I turned toward her, her curly hair stck in my face. I had to smell it. Such an intoxicating fragrance. I nuzzled up to her neck. She did something that shot me to another world. She softly bit my shoulder, I licked her neck, I wanted to taste her. I pulled her earlobe into my mouth.
“Oh my God!” Following by a wildly passionate moan.
“Yeah baby.” I wrapped my lips around the back of her ear. More passionate moans slipped from her lips.
I slid my hands up and took off her blouse. Her well tanned skin contrast against her white lace bra.
“God, your beautiful.” She shyed away.
“Kris. You are beautiful.” Still shying away. I wrapped my arms around her, she pushed her hands between us, she was trying to unbutton my shirt.
“I want to see your body.” I backed up and let her take it off. She pulled my shirt off, dropped it to the floor, normally, I’d pick it up, but I just didn’t care. Her hand slid across my goose-fleshed skin.
“Are you nervous Kat?”
“Not with you. Just got cool.” She pulled me to her, her warm body, against my cool body. I lifted her up, she wrapped her legs around my mid-section. I carried her to the bed. I lay her down and strattled her body. Our lips pressing hard against each others.
“God, I want to devour you. Are you ready?”
“Kat, I’m far from ready. So far past.” I smiled and undid her pants.
“Lets go take a bath. You stay here, I’ll go get it ready.”
She looked at me like, what you got in mind. Her eyes followed me from the room.

Quickly, I put some warm water and some sensual soap filled the tub. I walked out of the bathroom to see her beautiful naked body.
“Strip, Kat.” I did as was told. She watched as my clothes were removed from my body. Her eyes glued to my pussy. Cleanly shaven, like hers.

I climed in first, she climbed in and leaned up against me. My pussy convulsing against her naked body. I pulled her back, to relax a little. She leaned on my shoulder, I toook the rag and gently pouring water over her breasts. Water rippling away. I poured some more drops onto her breasts. I lowered my mouth to her round breasts. Velvet-like skin, soft, pure lust. I let slip a loud passion filled groan. She took the rag from me and dipped in the water, then slid the rag over my back. With each stroke, I nibbled on her breast. I wanted more, I slid my right hand down her belly, down between her thighs. I cupped my hand over her sweet cunny, slipped my middled finger inside her. She gasped for air, I raised my head and kissed her hard. I cradled her head on my arm. Our mouths groping each others wildly. With each slip of the finger, she’d gasp for air. Her warm pussy being invaded by my finger. Warm juices flowed past my finger, her body writhed in my arms. I couldn’t stop kissing her, tasting her.
“Why must you taste so good.” I asked, her body convulsing in my arm. I slowly to a stop. Letting her regain compusure.
“Oh my god, Kat that was amazing.” She got out.

We got out of the tub. I wrapped her in a soft robe. She wrapped me in the other rogbe. Walked back to the bed. I told her I wasn’t done with her. She climbed onto the middle of the kingsize bed. I climbed onto the bed, strattling over her body. I opened my robe threw it to the end of the bed. I looked at her again, and once again I was taken away by her body. She pulled her arms out. Her perky-round breasts staring up at me. Her nipples hard needing, wanting, and begging for attention. I lowered my hips to hers, making our bodies touch. Her eyes widened as our bare pussies rubbed each other. I lowered my mouth to her nipples. Having to taste them, again. I tugged and pulled on her nips. She arched her back. I let go and kissed down her body. I looked up at her, our eyes looking at each other. I licked down her navel to her pussy. I smiled and watched her eyes grow wider and when I slipped my tongue in her slit. Her hips leaped up. I grabbed her and help on tight. I wrapped my tongue around her clit, rubbed my tongue in and out. Taste of pure exstacy. I let out a groan that rocked her to her core. She screamed inaudible words. I looked at her, her eyes rolling back. Her hands pulling her breasts. I shook my hand side to side. More inaudible words slipped out of her lips. I let go of her hips with one hand and massaged her left breast. I could keep quiet anymore, tasting the woman of my dreams, deep husky moans, slipped out of my mouth. The low moans sent her body into anoth
er orgasm. Her pussy juice gushed out. I slowed to a stop. Then licked all that creamy juice up.
Her body writhed up. She was panting to catch a breath. I crawled up beside her. Semi-audible words escaped her.

I lay on my side, I pulled her body into mine. Her back to me. I pulled her close, she fit perfectly to my body. I caressed up and down her body. As she caught her breath. I kissed her nape. Puckered my lips as I kissed. Trying not to leave anymarks, but I wanted to.
“Kat, that was oh my god, awesome.”
“It was for me, too.”
She looked at me strangly. “But I didn’t…how?”
“Baby, you don’t know how long, I’ve waited for you. To taste you. You may never do me, but holding you, loving you, tasting you. Makes it all well worth it.”
“I love you, Kat.”
I didn’t know what to say, but what I felt. “I lve you, too. Kris.” She fell asleep. I kept kissing her body, massaging her body. As she fell asleep, she pulled my hand to her pussy. I kept it there. Rubbing her slowly and softly.
“I love you, Kristina.” I was getting tired, she snored softly and rolled over facing me. I couldn’t help myself, I kissed her, tugging on her lips. Each time I went to kiss her, I nuzzled her nose. I rubbed up and down her, back to her button. I grabbed her ass cheek in my hand. She pushed further up against me. I had to stop.

I had fallen asleep. When I awoke, she was kissing me and rubbing her finger in and out of my pussy.
“What are you doing?”
She smiled, “Playing.”

It was still dark out, a small light had slightly illuminated the room.
“You wanna play now?” She never quit rubbing my wet pussy. I pulled her hand up to my mouth, sucked on her fingers. Tasting my own juices. As I slid my lips over her fingers, she rubbed her lower body against me. Her pussy slid up against my leg. I flung her on her back. Big smile on her face.
“It’s my turn, Kat.”
“Too bad, Kris. I want you.” She giggled and I wanted to fuck her. I dipped my tongue to her open bosom. Her warm body shivered under my touch. She arched her back. I softly bit into her soft round breasts. Trying not to leave markings.
“Harder, KAT! Harder!” I wrapped my lips around her nipple, hard light brown areola, hard stiff light brown nipple. Tasting her sweet body. She slid her right index finger down between my ass cheeks. I sprung up, she giggled again. I slid my left hand down her body, between her legs. She was wet, I dipped my middle finger and finger into her pussy, pressed my palm against the top of her soft, wet, warm and puffy pussy lips. Resting my pinkie on the outside. And my index finger and thumb rubbing her mound. A deep husky moan slipped through her luscious lips. I pressed my lips hard to hers, taking her in. Wanting to taste her. We were both breathing hard and heavy. Gasping for air.
I dipped my lips down to her breasts. I had to taste them. So soft, like melts in my mouth good. I kept my fingers rubbing her clit. She was close to releasing her warm juices. I lowered my head to her pussy. I wanted to suck on her clit till she cummed. I wrapped my arms around her thighs, lifted her up slightly off the bed. Wrapped my lips around her engorged clit. Tiny soft bites grabbing her clit, tugging and letting go.
“Oh GOD Kat!!!” She screamed out. Pushing hard to breathe. I kept my lips wrapped around her and I slipped my tongue around her clit, in a curved, taco shell shape and slowly rubbed in and out of my mouth. More loud moans came from Kris. I was getting more into it with my body, her moans sounding like screams, I let one small deep moan slip out. That’s all it took, the slight vibration to make her explode. Warm liquid squirting from her. I lapped it all up. Gave her one last long, hard lick. The full length of her pussy. And continued to lick up her body to her neck. I continued to her luscious lips, again kissing them hard. Grabbing at everything I could get. She slipped her tongue past mine and licked up a small amount of her pussy juice. She was wanting it, when she tasted it, her demeanor changed.
“My turn. No fighting me. I want to taste you. I want to make love to you, Kris. Please let me.”

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