Loving my Man, in ways you can only imagine.

I just had a long three week vacation with my husband. It was by far the best vacation ever.  It was a sexcation.  All we did was have sex mixed in with a little eating, sleeping, and beach walking.  We rented this cute little cabana in a couple’s adult only area.  The couples there were so attractive, not model, plastic, or hormone fake, but real down to earth attractive.  We got to know so many wonderful couples.  My husband and I had sex multiple times daily in multiple locations through the facility.  We had housekeeping walk in on us, other staff see us getting it on, couples who were staying there caught us, we were having the time of our lives.  We even kept doing it as a police officer wrote us a ticket for public lewdness.  I love sex and my husband does everything he can to keep up with me.  I have introduced him to so much variety over the many years we have been married.  He has been quite the trooper.  I love when he masturbates for me, especially into his own mouth.  I also love it when he will back up onto a nice wall toy and F himself for me to watch, touch, and play with him while the big ole pole is ramming in and out of his tight little anal hole.

By our 8th day we were having sex out on a boardwalk when two other couples joined us.  They were going at it strong when 1, 2, and all 3 of us orgasmed.  Yes all 3 couples were simultaneously orgasming.  It was so amazing.  We all had lunch afterwards talking about all the sex we’ve been having and what we were into.  Everyone was pretty open sexually thought we all had our stopping point.  I was chatting with the other two ladies when one of them ran her up my thigh.  I jumped.  She continued.  I was so nervous I was shaking.  I asked her to stop.  She asked me why.  I said because I am married.  She replied, “SO?”  I reminded her our husbands were right at the bar and it wasn’t right.  She wanted to know if I needed permission.  I grew heated letting her know I did not.

She changed tactics as her finger tips were trying to slip under the edge of my bathing suit.  She asked me what I thought about my husband being F***ed by another person.  I asked, “Who, you?”  She told me no, her husband.  Her fingers were dipping into my wet pussy.  I couldn’t stop her.  The other lady had pulled her bottoms aside as was fingering herself as she watched me being assaulted.  I sat there stunned at her suggestion.  “Have you ever imagined your husband getting F***ed anally by a nice real cock?”  She asked.  “What about having a nice juicy cum filled cock forcing in his mouth unloading a nice big creamy load?”  I do love seeing his mouth fill with cum and I have pictured his cock in his own mouth and I love to watch him F himself with our toys.  But a real cock?  Oh my goodness, oh my goodness, oh oh oh oooooooohhh! I orgasmed against her fingers.  I was shocked, this lady had manipulated me into getting finger F***ed by her.

The other lady had pulled out one of my breasts and was sucking on it, then biting my nipple, I moaned.  My pussy was on fire.  I stood with one lady attached to my breast and the other pulling down on my bottoms.  She knelt between my legs immediately eating my pussy out as my nipples were getting bitten.  I was grinding against her face humping her mouth when a finger when in my ass.  OHHHHH!  I orgasmed all over her face.  Then I felt another tongue licking my anus.  Oh my goodness I was going to collapse.  I felt myself letting go and falling but I never fell.  Two sets of strong arms held me in place on either side.  The husbands had come over and held me in place.  My husband was staring deeply into my eyes as I received the most incredible dual oral pleasure ever.  My hips were bucking all over as both of my holes were being forced open by wild passionate feminine tongues.   I orgasmed 7 more times not standing on my legs but held in place by the women’s husbands.  My husband was bulging through his swim trunks.  Finally I was laid on a cushion from one of the chairs.  The two ladies continued eating my pussy and tonguing out my anus.  The men pulled out their cocks masturbating over us telling my husband to join them.  He stood off watching like a doe.  I orgasmed two more time when the men came all over me.  My mouth was open as I gasped from the anal orgasm and cum from I believe both of them ran into my mouth.  All I could do was lick it off and drink it down.

When it was all over I lay there exhausted.  The couples spoke with us but I do not remember what was said.  They left and my husband knelt beside me.  “Are you okay honey?”  I said yes and asked him if he was okay.  “I’m not sure what just happened here to be honest.”  Me either I replied.  I hugged him still finding him rock hard.  Whatever it was it was intensely hot I told him and you still need to get off.  Would you like to F me anally?  I am more than prepared.  “Heck yeah I’d love to.”  I turned to kiss him deeply both of us forgetting about the cum I had all over me.  The kiss was wonderful.

My husband rolled me over placing another cushion under my hips and mounted my ass.  His cock easily went in me anally all the way in and he took no time F***ing me royally.  He exploded cum in me which I felt as the heat hit me.  Dang but I love that feeling of being filled full of cum in my ass.

We went back to our cabana washing off, eating, and fell asleep in each other’s arms.  I dreamed about being ravished, cocks cumming all over me over and over and over again.  Tongues begin repeatedly shoved in my holes, then fingers, then larger than life cocks.  I drank load after load of cum every hole being fill to running over until I could no longer drink any more.  I told my husband he would have to help me not let any go to waste and I dream of easily taking over a dozen more cocks letting them use my mouth to deposit cum and then kiss my husband with mouthful after mouthful sharing until he drank each one down.

Then I switched gears, oh my goodness my I had my husband helping me suck each cock now.  The sight of him with a huge beefy cock in his mouth excited me beyond belief.  I wanted him to take it all the way, deep throat it, then suck it dry and let the cum fill his mouth.  We licked, kissed and sucked so many cocks together; he drank as much if not more cum than I had.  His mouth, lips, and tongue was covered in cum.  I woke up on my stomach humping my hands.  My husband was watching.  I turned red hoping I had not been talking in my sleep.  “Good dream huh.”  I shook my head yes.  I was so thankful he didn’t ask about it.

At breakfast I ran into the lady who had tongued my anus out.  I was so embarrassed I could barely look her in the eyes.  She walked up hugging me whispering how much she loved tonguing my lovely ass out and that she’d love to get another chance to do it.  Uh huh was all I could muster.  She asked me if I was up for getting my husband to try cock.  I flashed back to my dream, I was soaked, oh my goodness I actually wanted this to happen.  I told her he’d never go for it.  She said he doesn’t even have to know until it’s too late and then he’ll be sold on it.  She proceeded to tell me about her husband and her friend’s how the wives turned them bisexual and the men are now open to anything.  The wives even F them regularly with strapons and how much a rush it is to take your man’s anal hole.

I had always wanted to do that…

Early afternoon my husband and I cleaned up well for an afternoon delight.  We were going to do it on the outdoor massage tables.  We had rented a private one for a sex date and headed to it.  We made love, did it standing doggy, doggy, cowgirl, reverse, licked, sucked, bit, fingered, played, toyed and had a great time together.  We were in a 69 on one of the massage tables I was licking my husband and vice versa while also playing anally.  I asked him if he would mind if I worked my way to larger on him, meaning 1 finger, 2, 3, larger toys, etc.  He said as long as he could on me.  We were getting pretty hotNheavy when my new friends showed up.  I was getting pretty forceful with a rather large dildo in my husband’s anal hole as one of the husband’s stepped up.  I glanced at him he nodded if it was okay; I was uncertain but nodded approval.  He place the head of his cock against my husband’s anus as I removed the toy.  Oh my goodness this was going to be mind blowing.  He pressed the head into my husband and I nearly came.  I forced my pussy down on my husband’s face F****ing him roughly.  He had to let go of the toy in my ass to handle eating me.

The cock was then shoved all the way to the hilt right before my very eyes.  This gorgeous piece of man meat was shoved up my husband’s ass as I watched with the best close up in the world.  As he withdrew I came all over my husband’s face.  I took his cock into my mouth and he begin humping against the cock in his ass and F***ing my mouth.   The man F***ed his hole good.  Thrusting hard jamming his hole roughly.  My husband was screaming with pleasure as he orgasmed 5, 6, 7 times and finally came in my mouth.  The man did not stop.  I let the cock go out of my mouth lifting to watch the show from that angle.

I felt the toy in my anal hole start pumping in and out which caused me to hit the roof again.  Then a cock was shoved in my pussy.  Holy moly, the other guy was F***ing my directly over my husband’s face.  I came quickly yet again.  I was screaming now as someone worked my ass while I was being F***ed.  My husband was begging for me to stop F***ing his ass only it wasn’t me.  He was screaming in ecstasy as was I.  I couldn’t believe he wasn’t protesting about this cock over his face, in my pussy, oh my goodness my husband wanted me to F*** other men, he likes me getting F***ed by other men.

The two men had both of us pinned in a tight sandwich I looked back to see the man pounding me as he gripped my hips.  The one doing my husband’s ass hole grabbed him by the hips.  I heard my husband protest.  He knew.  Then I heard a muffled, “Heck NO!”  And a ummphhh ump ummmphhr.  The cock was no longer in my pussy.  Oh heck, no way did they?  I had to get off, I had to see but if I do my husband is probably going to kick everyone’s butt.  I stayed but rolled over with the help of the ladies (not an easy thing to do).  I sat up straddling my husband’s stomach.  Holy Toledo, oh my OH MY!  He was getting throat F***ed I could see the cock going in and out.  Then I felt him orgasming from another anal onslaught.  I leaned over and sucked the cock in out of my man’s mouth he was groaning and moaning form the anal spasms as I sucked the cock from his mouth.  As he came down off his orgasm I let the man shove his cock back into my husband’s mouth.

We locked eyes.  He was at odds.  I was approving.  He relaxed.  I shook my head yeeeeeess.  He relented and worked his mouth on the cock.  I climbed off and the two ladies sucked my husband together.  I stood watching as my husband was gangbanged in the ass, mouth, and his cock.  He was sucking the cock now, his hips were grinding on the cock in his ass hole and everyone knew he was going with the flow.  These people could F*** forever.  It was over an hour before the men asked if I wanted them to cum in my husband.  I was so enthusiastic about it even my husband nodded okay.  Then it happened.  The cock in his as mouth erupted.  Cum overflowed out of his mouth around the cock as it packed into the cum.  He drank as fast as he could.  Me and one of the ladies licked up the rest and I kissed him hard.  Then the cock in his ass exploded.  My husband let out the loudest deepest guttural OOOOOOOOOOOOH!  I have ever heard.  Everyone commented on how hot it was.  I leaned over to watch the cock in his ass hole go flaccid and slid out as cum ran out in buckets.  It was by far the hottest thing I have ever been a witness too.  It was AMAZING!  One of the wives jerked my husband off feeding the cum to her husband.  These people were so sexy.

You would think it as over but the ladies asked my husband if he’d like to stay where he was and watch as I got F***ed in the ass by one of them with a strap on.  He shouted, “HECK YES!”  I climbed into another 69 and took her strapon up my anal hole as I spread and played with my husband’s cum coated anus. I was coming when the other wife slipped up and F***ed by husband.  Back and forth we huffed and puffed yelling about F***ing, and Ass F***ing, talking all nasty and dirty, we orgasmed several times and collapsed before the finished.  Eventually I rolled off and we both slid down on the floor cushions and napped.

When we woke the couples were sitting around with the wives sucking on the men.  They had gone and cleaned up.  Before we knew it the cocks were in our faces.  I told my husband I wanted to suck them at the same time and together also I wanted them to cum in our mouths and then for us to drink it together.  He did not want to but I kept pressing his face toward the cock as I licked and sucked on it kissing him in the process until the cock head was in the middle of one of our kisses.  If you have never tried this, I HIGHLY recommend it.  I was able to get him to suck the cock into his mouth as I sucked on his balls and licked along the shaft.  The man grabbed his head and started F***ing his mouth.  I took the other cock and let him do the same to me.  Oh WOW here we were husband and wife kneeling side my side each with wonderful meat in our mouths sucking cock together.

We kept staring into each other’s eyes as best we could and then came the cum.  I was proud of my man he took it all in as did I and we had the longest kiss in our history.  The other couples clapped and cheered as we finished.  We stood up and all four of my friend took turns sucking my husband off and eating my pussy.  We both came and they all shared our juices.  It was like live porn.  Never been a fan of pro but this was top notch.  We had to eat and clean up so we parted ways until the next day.  Back in the room after we had eaten and showered well I asked my husband to bend over and spread.  I took pictures.  His hole was so incredibly hot.  So hot that I asked him if I could F*** him.  He was beside himself.  “With a strapon?  You?  Seriously?”  I was putting it on as I said yes.  Now bend over boy.  I F***ed him for the next 4o minutes while he jerked on his cock.

Your turn he said but you have to sit on mine and ride it anally.  I did.  What a crazy day.  We slept till almost noon.  We had not spoken about all the past few days sex and at lunch we did.  My husband didn’t want to do it with men but understood me wanting it.  He was okay with it for my sake.  He admitted it was good sex but next time it was my turn to have the train run on me.  I told him first he had to have one more day of train running then I’d do whatever he wanted.   So early afternoon, me, wife 1, wife 2, husband 1, and then husband 2 lined up to F*** my husband who was bent over the edge of the life guard stand in the middle of the beach out in public.  It was okay.  There area was a designated sex area.  We F***ed my husband one after the other with the men filling his ass hole full of cum.  His hands were gently tied to the life stand and he had to take everything we dished out.  2 male life guards F***ed him cumming in his ass, 4 more women F***ed him, and 3 more men from the beach, then we wives did him again F***ing all the cum out of his anal hole.

My husband and I have watched that video so many times we know every millisecond by heart.  We also taped him sucking 8 cocks in a row.  These are some of my favorites, along with me getting F***ed by the same 8 men and my husband eating all the cum out of me.  For all this I did whatever he wanted like taking all 8 men on at one time.  One day I sucked and F***ed 8 cocks plus his the entire day.  A few of the staff even got blow jobs.  I had my ass filled, my pussy filled, and of course my mouth filled repeatedly with cum.  My husband’s favorites are the videos of me getting cum filled and then all the women eating each other out.  My husband F***ed one wife 5 times cumming in her and I had to eat every drop of cum out of her.  He also loves the strapon F***ing, mainly the dual penetration as he fed me his cock after he had F***ed 4 different pussies.

I found out my husband loves for me to share cock, eat pussy, eat cream filled pussies, suck titty, and get dp ed whether if be ff, fm, or mm.  And he loves watching me get gangbanged and a train run on me.  Pretty much ditto for me on him.  I love to suck cock with him, watch him do it, love for him to get F***ed in the ass, eat loads of cum, and surprisingly I like to watch him eat pussy especially cum filled pussy from other cocks.  He said as far as other men he liked the dp on me where his cock was with another F***ing me.  He is up for that anything.  He never F***ed a guy and I am fine with that, he said it will never happen.  Taking it anally for both of us was awesome so we are good to go but he said he is not interested in pursuing it but will let me take him whenever I want.  Oh and lastly he loves to watch when all the men masturbated on me and the ladies licked me clean and I did the same off another lady.  I loved it when this big black man with the 10 inch plus cock finally was able to get his cock in my husband’s ass.  My man actually cried.  It is by far the best video we have now.  He F***ed him so well he was sore for days (thank goodness it was on the last day).  He also sucked him off and this black man could cum tons.  My hubby was drenched even with swallowing like a pro.  We shared the best kiss of the weekend, this guy’s cum was amazingly yummy.  The pictures of my husband’s anal hole after that F***ing are sooooooooHOOOOOT!

And yes I had to let the giant F*** me as well.  It was only fair.  Holy cow, he was huge.  I have no idea how my husband was able to take him.  I never was able to get him in very far and it hurt like heck.  When he tried anal the head and a few inches were all that fit but it was more than enough for some seriously massive orgasms.  And I also got the full on blowjob effect.  I am still getting cum out of my hair.

I suggest every couple go south for an island experience of Hedonism.  It is liberating!

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Loving my Man, in ways you can only imagine., 7.8 out of 10 based on 24 ratings

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