Magic time


When I was about 30 years old, I found out I was magic. I was very excited and started playing around with it.  Things like  getting money, making people say what I wanted, and getting things I wanted came to me.

I am male and have always been a kinky sex addict so the thing that made sense was to change the way I looked, and play around. I changed my whole appearance-a six pack, white, straight teeth, large arms, and, of course, a very large dick-12″ and very thick.

After making my changes, I started going out and really having a good time. I was making women scream with pleasure. Then I had a great idea I wanted to try the other side.

I turned myself into a beautiful woman-large tits, tight pussy, etc…I started going out just to see how many guys would hit on me.  And just as I thought, everywhere I went  I was hit on by all types of men. But I was not ready to go there yet, so I just had the fun of being a tease.

One Saturday night, I was at a local club having a few drinks. After about 3 or 4 drinks, a woman came up to me.  She started talking to me, just chit chat at first.  Then the question she wanted to know if I was interested in going  home with her and her husband.

I was nervous at first, but got very excited and agreed.  When we arrived at their home, we had a few more drinks and then it happened.

We will call her Lori. Lori began to rub my leg and brush my hair back to get to my neck. Lori started kissing my neck and then my lips. I was getting so wet and horny.  Then things changed. Mike pulled his dick out. He was about 10″ and very thick. Mike grabbed the back of my head and guided it down and asked me to suck it. I could not refuse. I did not know what I was doing but did my best. Lori somehow got my pants off while I was giving Mike head.

Gag on His Cock

Lori began to lick my clit and suck it, very softly at first. I had tears pouring out of my eyes from Mike pushing my head down on his dick and gagging me, but it was all exciting.

Then it changed. Mike stood me up, bent me over, and started fucking me from behind while Lori shoved my face in her pussy. After a few minutes, Mike pulled out and started pressing his hard dick into my virgin rosebud. It hurt like hell, but also felt great at the same time.

Lori came so hard that she squirted all over my face. I was dripping all over the floor.  Then Mike put me on my knees and came all over my face.  I was asked to stay the rest of the weekend and I did.

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  1. Amanda19

    Awesome made me wet as hell reading about it

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