Man Slave Part II

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Well the next thing I know Drew has Peggy wearing a strap on dildo. Then as Drew admires my new make over Peggy comes up from behind lifts my silk skirt and rushes her middle finger into the split crotch panties I am wearing and right up into my asshole. Janelle comes over and opens the silk blouse and starts sliding her pussy wet fingers on my nipples, then the two of them guide me to the bench and onto my back where Peggy ties my legs wide open to the post, as Janelle secures my wrist to the legs. Then Peggy inserts her rubber dildo into my ass and starts to fuck me while Janelle sits her ass onto my face. I licked her asshole and cunt while my wife plowed into my hole. Peggy was yelling for Drew to suck her tits and be her man because I was too sissy now for her. She laughed and then began to dig her nails into my balls as she fucked me harder.
Drew was sucker her tits and letting her torture me as he told her she would now be his woman and that I would be his gay sex toy. As Janelle screamed in pleasure she joined in with, “No way baby, I get you as my sex slave.” At first I though she was talking to me but as she dismounted me and turned towards Peggy I knew. She pulled her out of my ass then forced her onto the cement floor and straddled her mouth before she slammed her wet dripping cunt to her lips. As Janelle ground her pussy tightly to her face, she yelled out, “You are mine bitch. You are going to eat my pussy all the time.”
Drew watched as he slowly moved up to my face then he flopped his dick onto my lips, and ordered me to kiss and lick it. I did, as I was about to swallow it hole he pissed in my mouth and all over my face. When the girls saw that they went wild.
Drew made them play with each other while he had me suck his piss off his dick and lick it from his balls. Then he moved to my ass and began to ride me like a wild man. He thrust harder and deeper it seemed each time. I panted for breath and so did he.
Then almost an hour later he erupted in my asshole with a full load. The women were still playing and eating each other as he cried out. Then tired and drained we started to talk about who would really be whose.
Drew was serious when he told Peggy he wanted me to sleep with him in his bed while Janelle slept with her in ours. She was still horny and a bit frisky when she agreed. So drew took me upstairs and had me go get in bed and wait for him.
When he got in the bedroom he announced that the next day we would officially swap mates, wives and husbands. I wondered if he was serious the next day I found out just how serious he was. He called Peggy at 8:00 am the next morning and told her that he was taking me off for the remainder of my vacation and that after the next week if she still wanted to change back he would consider it. Then off we went.
Drew drove us up to the mountains and rented a cabin where he properly introduced me to the owner as his sex slave. Then he stripped me naked on the porch and handed him my clothes and told him he could either join in or hold on to them for the week.
The old man watched as he pushed me into the cabin and then as Drew took his clothes off, the old man dropped mine and then his and joined us.
He was almost sixty and wrinkled and gray haired, but he had a six-inch dick that was harder than steel. He fixed his eyes on my ass and as Drew took my mouth for his pleasure the old man, Carter, took my ass.
They fucked me for almost half an hour before Carter let his load go on my ass. Then Drew had him rub his dick in it and feed it to me while he watched. As soon as I cleaned Carter off, Drew reinserted his hard prick into my mouth and then flooded me with his cum.
Carter left for a while after that but drew knew he liked my ass and told me that he would be back for more. We took a bath in the hot tub and after we cleaned up our bodies Drew decided it was my time to cum. So he walked me out onto the patio and had me lay on the padded bench while he began to suck my dick. It was the first time he had sucked me and I liked it but all the while he did it he toyed with my nipples and that made me want to suck him. When he brought me to a full climax, I quivered in pleasure. Drew just stood up and as I could see some of my cum on his lips and chin he knelt for me to clean his face off which I did. Then he opened his mouth and let his cum flow onto my lips.
He told me to rest there for a while so he could go catch a nap himself. I thought it was weird but I did as I was told and about twenty minutes later I drifted off to sleep.
When I woke up Carter was standing over me. With his dick caressing my nipples he asked me, “Would you like to suck it little boy.”
I opened my mouth and in it went. I devoured his meat and as he throbbed and pulsed I drained it dry and swallowed his load whole. Then he withdrew from my face and began to fondle my dick until it was really hard, next thing I knew Carter sat back onto my prick and began to bounce on it.
Drew came out just as Carter was hitting a stride riding my dick. He walked over and offered me his dick and then told me to carefully lick it and suck it. As I did Carter brought my load into his fresh hole.
Drew smiled at him and asked him if he would like to come around again later, and he did. Over the next six days Carter fucked me six times and had me suck him three more while he used my dick ten times. By the end of the week, we had a free pass to come back and stay any weekend.
Drew meanwhile was right about the women, when we got home Peggy had willingly become Janelle’s pussy whipped slave bitch. Janelle had her so well trained that she made Peggy eat her in front of their other girl friends, and had even whored her out for money to a couple of old women and big fat chick.
While I still wonder what fucking peggy would be like, but I know that I want Drew more than her.

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