Mandy's Visit Pt. 2

Mandy’s Visit – Part II

Mandy walked back to the house and went straight to the shower. She washed the remnants of Brian from her body. She couldn’t believe she had been fucked and not by a boy but a man…a beautiful man. She was hooked, she couldn’t wait to fuck again and again. She dressed in a thin pink tank top that she had cut off. She had cut it shorter than she meant to and it now rested just below her tits. The idea of one wrong move exposing her tits turned her on. She put on a pair of short-shorts that Aunt Steph had given her and was very pleased at how much her ass showed. She stood admiring herself in the mirror, she liked the way the shorts crept into the cleft of her pussy and touched herself there a few times. Who was she becoming?

When she started downstairs she heard a noise coming from her Aunt’s room. She went over to ask how she looked but when she started to open the door she heard her Aunt moan. She pushed the door open enough to look inside and saw Steph on her hands and knees in the middle of her bed. She was naked and was being fucked hard by some man that Mandy had never seen. He looked older, maybe 40ish, shoulder-length black hair and tanned, large muscles. He was a god and right now Steph was his slave. Her tits were swaying from the pounding and she had metal clips on each nipple that were attached to a chain that he held in his mouth. Every once in a while he would pull the chain and Steph would moan louder. Mandy was shocked at how hard he was fucking her and wondered if it hurt. He smacked her ass and grabbed at her tits. “You’ve been fucking someone else you little cunt. I can always tell when someone else has been fucking my pussy.” He smacked her again, this time harder. “I guess you let him suck at your tits too.” He said as he pulled hard on the chain and Steph whenced. “I don’t want to fuck a hole that some other dick has been fucking so I guess I have to fuck your ass.” He pulled his dick from her pussy. “But not now.” He said as he pushed her down on the bed and walked over to the chair in the corner. Mandy could see his dick and it was bigger than Brian’s. He spoke with an accent. Mandy wondered where Steph had met him. Steph got up slowly from the bed, appearing exhausted. She slowly removed the gag from her mouth. He looked at her, “You can remove the gag but the clamps stay.” She obeyed him, Mandy had never seen her aunt behave like this. “I’m hungry, make me something to eat bitch.” Steph walked to the door. Mandy was in a trance and didn’t have time to get out of the way when Steph opened the door. Both shocked, they stood there for a minute before speaking. Mandy had forgotten that her hand was rubbing the cleft of her pussy and the man noticed. Steph pushed Mandy into the hall. “What are you doing here?” Steph asked in a panic. She didn’t bother to cover her naked body or the clamps on her purple nipples. “I was looking for you. Who is that man? Why do you let him talk to you like that?” Steph dropped her head for second and realized that she needed to explain things to her niece.

“His name is Vito and he is from Italy. A long, long time ago he came to work for my father as a field hand. Your mother fell in love with him and he really liked her. My father was very pleased because Vito was like a son to him. When I came home from school that summer I couldn’t take my eyes off him. My father warned me that he belonged to your mom. I tried to keep my distance but your mother wouldn’t let him touch her and I couldn’t stop salivating over him in secret. We met one day in the woods by chance and we didn’t even say a word. He walked over to me and kissed me, took me in his arms and fucked me right there by the river. Soon we fucked every chance we got. We were falling for each other but as much out of lust as out of love. In August I became pregnant and when my father asked who the father was, Vito spoke up and said it was him. My father was outraged that Vito and I would do this to my sister and to him. He made Vito leave and he beat me. Because of that I lost the baby and your mother left in September for school, hating me. Now Vito comes around every once in a while and stays for a week or two before he leaves again. He still has the same spell over me. You need to know that he is a good person and this is just an act. I play along willingly. I would do anything for him.” Mandy reached out quietly and touched her aunt’s large purple nipples. “Who are you talking to baby?” Vito asked. “Go downstairs.” Steph told Mandy. “”Why? Introduce me at least.” Mandy said, wanting to meet this sexy man. “No Mandy, he is too much for you right now. I will introduce you after I have fucked him into exhaustion.” “I want to meet him now” Mandy said as she pushed the door open slowly. Standing there looking at Vito’s large erection, her fingers went back to her pussy. “Well hello beautiful. What is your name?” Vito said to Mandy and she gave him a shy smile. “Mandy.” “Aw, I love that name. Come here Mandy, let me take a look at you.” Mandy walked over and he took her hand and surveyed every inch of her young body. “Vito leave her alone, she is just a kid.” Steph protested. “Don’t tell me what to do slut, you have been fucking other men, you little cunt. Go make me a sandwich.” He said as he waved her away. Steph left the room. “You are very beautiful Mandy. Has anyone ever told you that you have a beautiful body?” “No, I am not beautiful.” “Oh, maybe not as a girl but you’re a very sexy woman. You have very sexy tits.” He said as he gently lifted the thin top over her left tit. His fingers grazed her nipple and she moaned softly. “And just look at this sweet pussy.” His fingertips traced the seam where her shorts parted her pussy lips. “Come my babygirl and sit on my lap.” Without hesitation she climbed into his lap and spread her legs as his hand rubbed her moist cave. He bent his head and sucked in her nipples. Mandy was so glad she wore this shirt. She soon had her shorts off and didn’t even remember doing it. He was good. He lifted her thin body and sat her back down on his lap. This time his dick slid inside her pussy. Having her sit sideways in his lap gave him free access to her tits and clit while his dick was deep inside her tight little cunt.

She moaned louder as he fucked her pussy while massaging her clit and devouring her tits. She lost count of her orgasms and soon it felt like one continuous cum fest. When Steph came back into the room she stopped and watched him fuck her niece. She was jealous because Mandy looked so beautiful there on Vito’s dick. Steph walked closer and Vito looked up at her and smiled. Vito gathered Mandy in his arms and carried her, with his dick still inside her, over to the bed. He lay her on her back and raised her legs high over his shoulders. He began to fuck her slow and long. He looked at Steph and told her to give her pussy to Mandy. Steph walked over and straddled Mandy’s face. Mandy began to eagerly eat Steph’s pussy. Her tongue danced over Steph’s clit and she moaned. Vito unclipped Steph’s tits and sucked them into his mouth. Steph pinched and twisted Mandy’s nipples while she watched her pussy get fucked. Soon Steph was cumming and so was Vito. They collapsed onto the bed in a heap. Mandy and Steph slid up and placed their nipples into Vito’s mouth. He licked and sucked like a child. Soon his cock was hard again. He rolled over to Mandy and while continuing to suck her nipples he began to finger her pussy. Mandy opened her legs like the slut she was becoming. Steph felt a little left out got up to leave the room. Vito called her back. He sat up and kissed her tits and shoved his fingers inside her pussy. “Where are you going baby?” “Nowhere.” “Here, lay beside her and play with each others tits. I will take care of the rest.” Steph climbed into bed beside Mandy. They intertwined their legs and began kissing. They squeezed and played with each other’s
tits, rolling and
twisting their nipples. Vito climbed up and shoved his dick into Steph’s pussy while slipping his fingers into Mandy’s pussy. He pumped hard for a while then switched. He fucked them for well over an hour, making sure that each woman got plenty of dick. When he was ready to cum he pulled out and shot his load all over their tits. Each woman carefully licked his cum off the other’s tits before collapsing into a deep sleep.

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