Mandy's Visit

Mandy had been not seen her aunt Steph since she was 10 and she couldn’t wait to spend time alone with her on the farm. Two months seemed like paradise after a long winter with her parents who fought all the time. The dirt road rose in a brown cloud behind their car as she and her parents made there way to her summer haven. “I don’t know why Steph insists on living out here in the middle of nowhere.” Her mother complained. This did not surprise her since her mother complained so often anyway. Finally the big farmhouse was in sight.

When the car stopped Mandy jumped out and ran to the front porch where her aunt Steph was waiting. They hugged and aunt Steph held her at arms length to inspect how she had grown over the last five years. As her eyes went down Mandy’s body and rested on her large “C” breast she smiled and commented, “I see you took after me a little.” Steph’s breast were a large “D”, very firm and were never in a bra, while Mandy’s mom was barely a “B” and very conservative. “We’ll visit later, let me make nice to the dragon.” She said with a smile. Steph hugged Mandy’s parents and invited them in. After strained conversation her mother stood and said they must be going or the traffic would be terrible. She gave Steph a quick hug, said goodbye to Mandy and walked to the car. Mandy’s father lingered a moment, hugging Steph for a long time and as he released her his fingers found her nipples and caressed them for a moment. Steph moaned softly and kissed him again. Mandy was shocked. After they had gone Steph explained that her father was a very unhappy man and she shouldn’t judge him because he longed for the affections of a woman from time to time.

After dinner Mandy went up to unpack. The room was hot with no air conditioning and her clothes were drenched with sweat. She showered and walked back into her bedroom with only a towel around her body. Aunt Steph walked in and surprised Mandy, as she turned around she saw Steph standing there in only little pink thong panties. Mandy was so shocked she didn’t know what to say. “How are you settling in sweetheart?” Mandy only stared at Steph’s large breast. “I hope you don’t mind me walking around in only my panties, it is just too damned hot to wear clothes, besides your tits are almost as big as mine. Here baby, sit down and let me brush your hair.” Mandy sat on the bed and Steph sat behind her brushing her long brown hair. She began to rub her shoulders and soon Mandy’s towel fell to her sides. “You are so beautiful honey, don’t hide yourself from me, I love to look at a woman’s body.” Steph said. “I have never seen another woman’s body this close. I mean I’ve seen the girls in gym class as they change clothes but they always have underwear on.” “Are you telling me that you have never looked at the beauty of another woman’s tits or kissed the delicate folds of her moist pussy?” “No, no, never.” “Here my baby girl, turn and look at me. Look at the way my tits hang round & full and how my nipples are hard and point at you.” Steph said as her fingers lightly grazed her nipples. Mandy drank in her aunt’s beauty. Her breasts were so full and firm. “A woman’s beauty is something to be enjoyed, not hidden behind a tight, uncomfortable bra. The feel of a hard nipple in your mouth or the taste of a woman’s sweet nectar is indescribable. Would you ever like to try?” “Yes, I think so.” Mandy said, unsure of herself. Steph gently laid Mandy down on the bed and caressed her hair. “Turn to me sweetheart.” Mandy turned toward Steph until her breast was in her face. Without prompting she took Steph’s nipple into her mouth and gentle sucked the hard bud. Steph continued to stroke Mandy’s hair. Mandy had no idea why she was doing this but it felt so good and the pulsing between her legs was uncontrollable. The nipple was full and felt as if it belonged in the curvature of her tongue, as if it had always belonged there. Steph reached over and gently touched Mandy’s nipples with the back of her fingers. Mandy flinched at first, then relaxed and released a long, low moan from deep in her throat. With every minute that Steph’s nipple was in Mandy’s mouth her pussy ached more and more until she began to squeeze her thighs together and moan. “What’s the matter baby girl?” “It hurts down there, it aches.” “Oh my sweet darling, this is natural. Your pussy is reacting to my fingers on your nipples and your mouth on mine.” Steph said as she rolled Mandy’s nipple between her finger and thumb. “Mmmmmm” was all Mandy could manage to say. Steph’s hand released her nipple and trailed down her stomach. It came to rest just above Mandy’s mound. Mandy had stopped sucking in anticipation of what was about to happen. Her legs opened and her aunt’s fingers began to trace back and forth over her moist slit. “MMMMMMMMMMMM” Mandy moaned and began sucking with the passion of a hungry child. Steph smiled as her own pussy was throbbing and went deeper into the folds of the virgin pussy. She traced back and forth over the wetness and came to rest upon Mandy’s swollen clit. She stoked slowly at first, knowing that the first orgasm was the most important. She removed her nipple from Mandy’s mouth and leaned over to her niece’s firm tits. She sucked the small cherry tip into her mouth and flicked it with her tongue. Mandy moaned louder and allowed her legs to fall to the sides, opened her pussy to Steph’s touch. Steph sucked at both nipples and increased her speed on Mandy’s clit. Within a minute her niece was convulsing beneath her touch and moaning loud enough to disturb the dogs. After Mandy’s orgasm was complete Steph quietly got up and left her niece to sleep.

Early the next morning Mandy woke to the smell of eggs and bacon. She quickly threw on a tank top and shorts and ran downstairs. She kissed her aunt good morning on the cheek, not sure how to act after last night. Steph smiled when she saw Mandy’s nipples showing through the tank and knew that she wasn’t wearing a bra. “What are you going to do today?” Steph asked. “I was thinking of going horseback riding, I haven’t ridden in such a long time.” I think that’s a great idea.”

After breakfast Mandy made her way to the barn. She saddled-up a horse to went for a ride in the woods. When she returned an hour and a half later, Brian, the horse trainer, saw her riding across the field. He couldn’t take his eyes off her long flowing brown hair or her bouncing tits. She was beautiful. When she rode into the barn he helped her off the horse. She could barely stand. “My thighs are killing me, I haven’t rode in years.” She said. Brian looked at her thighs, they were very red. “I was wondering why you were wearing those short-shorts while riding a horse. I mean you looked fantastic riding across the field, but I imagine it wasn’t very comfortable. Come with me, I have some cream in the office that will help.” Mandy followed him over to a small room in the back of the barn. He took a jar off the shelf and told her to have a seat on some hay bales. He opened the jar and scooped out some white cream. He gently rubbed the cool cream onto her inner thigh. Mandy couldn’t stop looking at his golden skin glistening with sweat over his firm, shirtless body. He was beautiful. She began to feel that tingling between her legs again. He finished her right thigh and moved over to start on the left one. He rubbed the cream in and began to move up her thigh. Her breathing became harder and he took this as an invitation. He leaned in and kissed her softly on the lips. She couldn’t believe this gorgeous man was kissing her. This would never happen back home, there were no men like him back home. He kissed her again and again. He reached over and lifted her tank top over her head. She couldn’t believe that she was sitting here in the barn, shirtless. Her nipples were hard, begging to be touched. He slid his hand up her thigh and rested it on the thin material covering her mound. She spread her legs and gently
pushed her pussy again
st his hand. He smiled and kissed down her neck while laying her back on the hay. He massaged her pussy and pushed the flimsy fabric aside to discover that she wasn’t wearing panties. She was soaking wet and he could only imagine how many orgasms she had while riding the horse. He kissed down her chest and located one of her perky hard nipples. He sucked it into his mouth just as his finger plunged into her wet hole. Her breath caught in her throat and she moaned. Wow, he was good. She arched her back pushing her tits toward the sky. She was hot. He pulled her shorts off, placed her legs over his shoulders and began eating her pussy. “Oh my, oh yes, yes, yes, that feels so good.” He plunged his tongue deep into her canal and then back up to diddle her clitty. She was going crazy holding his head and pushed her pussy against his face. He knew she was close to an orgasm and wanted to hold off a little longer. He released her legs and began unzipping his jeans. When his thick 8 ½ inch dick sprang free, Mandy gasped. She had never seen a cock up close before. “I’ve never done this before.” She said. “You gotta be kidding, the way you were grinding your pussy into my face…” “No, I’m not kidding, I’m a virgin. I mean it feels great when you lick me down there but I’ve never had sex before.” She said timidly. “Do you want me to fuck you baby?” he said as he kissed her tits and flicked his tongue across her nipples. “Do you want to be the first to fuck your sweet pussy baby girl?” He said as he played with her clit. “Yes, oh yes please fuck me.” He loved the way she said it. “Say it again baby, ask me to fuck you baby girl.” “Please fuck me, fuck my pussy with you big stiff cock.” She was really good at this. He put her ankles on his shoulders and gently pushed his cock into her sweet hole. It hurt for the first few strokes then the discomfort turned to pleasure. He began to pump her harder. Soon she was moaning louder and begging for more, more, more. He put her legs around him, picked her up and turned around so that he was sitting and she was on top of him. “Ride my cock baby, like this.” He used his hands to show her how to move her hips. She bucked her hips back and forth, forgetting the pain in her thighs. His dick felt so good sliding in and out of her pussy. He pinched and played with her nipples while she took his cock deep inside her. She bucked faster and faster until they both were cumming. When they were finished they lay there for a few moments before she got off his cock. He quickly dressed saying that he had to get back to work. She pulled on her tank and shorts and after a quick kiss goodbye she began to walk out of the barn. Brian loved his new little puppet and he loved being in charge. He walked up behind her catching her at the door of the barn. He wrapped his arms around her from behind. He lifted her tank top above her tits and grabbed her pussy pushing her shorts aside and slipping his fingers into the creamy haven inside. There was no one outside but the thought of being exposed in the wide open turned Mandy on. He kissed her neck, and rolled her nipples between his thumb and finger. His fingers pumped in and out of her rawness before coming to rest on her clit, which was incredibly hard again. “Do you like it baby? Do you like the world seeing your tits and me playing with your sweet pussy?” He asked softly in her ear. “Oh yes, I love it. Let them all see you touch me.” He pulled at her nipples and diddled her clitty faster and faster. “Cum for me baby girl. Let the see you fuckin’ cum on my fingers.” With that her body broke into a convulsing orgasm. She bucked hard against his hand and he pulled at her nipples until she finished. Then he kissed her softly on the cheek and walked away.

To Be Continued…

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