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My girlfriend invited me to an all girl overnight party. She asked everyone for ideas of what they wanted to do. I suggested that we hire a massage therapist to come and give each one of us a massage. We tried for days to find one that would come on a Friday night without success.

There was five of us, drinking, laughing talking about our stressful lives and jobs. Julia sat on the couch behind me and I moved between her legs to use the couch to lean on. As we spoke, Julia began to rub my shoulders and I moved my long blonde hair out of the way, I moaned and let her know how good it felt. She asked if I wanted a back rub, that her sister had a massage table that I could lay on. I told her that would be great and that I would recipricate.

I took off my shirt and undid my bra and laid face down on the table. Julia began to rub my back and poor baby oil on my back. The other girls watched. Julia told me to take off my bra it was in the way. As she softly rubbed my back, she told me to undo my pants and lower them so she could get my lower back. I took them off and just had my thong on.

Soon two of the other girls came to help rub my back. Julia asked if I wanted a complete body rub. I told her that would be wonderful. They began rubbing baby oil all over me and rubbing my ass.

Soon I felt eight hands rubbing oil all over my body slow and soft. I started to get wet and my nipples hard, I was kind of embarrased about my reaction, but it felt great. The next thing I knew Julia gently nudged me to turn over. I did, all eight hands carressed me, one of the other girls took off my thong and began rubbing my pussy. Julia and another began sucking my nipples. The girl rubbing my pussy slid my legs apart and began rubbing my clit and fingering my pussy. Having all eight hands explore me so gently and romantically made me hot. Julia began to kiss me while the others explored every inch of my skin. Someone sucked each nipple, one began licking my clit and finger fucking me. It wasn’t long before I came in the most explosive way.

I was so excited, that I suggested that each person have a turn. The massages ended early the next morning and we moved to the bedroom. I experienced my first bi-sexual encounter over and over all night. I could tell that I was the only newbie. Julia surprised me by asking to ride me and rub her clit on mine. She poured more baby oil to allow are swollen clits to glide easily against each other. As she rubbed her clit on mine another girl gently penetrated me with a vibrator. I came harder than I had ever cum in my life.

This became our first party with many more planned.

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