Me, Stephen, and Amy (Part 1)

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It had been a long summer. It seemed like school was never going to start back. Me and my friends were bored and had nothing to do here in the little town of Ashwater. Stephen and his girlfriend had invited me to go to Lake Thompson with them for the weekend. I knew them from school but we had never really hung out together before. I thought, “what the heck,” since there was nothing else to do in this jerk water town.

We met up Friday evening and headed out. Neither I or Amy , Stephen’s girlfriend, had packed many clothes. We both had the idea that we would be in the water for the most part. We got to the lake around 7 and decided to go for a quick swim before we unpacked the car. As Amy removed her shorts I could see she had a very nice set of legs. She was wearing a thong bathing suit , and I must admit she had a nice ass too. Wearing a suit like that was something I never thought I could pull off. Stephen scooped her up into his arms and carried her into the water. She was giggling the whole time and when they got to about waist deep, Stephen kissed her deeply. Amy was hanging onto his shoulders the deeper out they went. I felt like I would be an interruption so I went to the dock and sat, dangling my feet in the water. As I watched Stephen and Amy I seen the water begin to slosh around them. I wasn’t sure what was going on until I heard Amy moaning. She looked like she was bouncing in the water and that’s what made me realize they were having sex. I got embarrassed and went to the car and started unpacking.

I was in the cabin by the fire when they came running in laughing.
“Where did you go? We were looking all over for you.” Stephen said as he sat on the couch.
“I just decided it might be too cold to go swimming tonight.” I didn’t want to tell them what I seen.
“Oh, I know what would be fun….Let’s play quarters!” Amy chimed.
We sat at the table and apparently none of us were very god at the game because we were all very soused.
“Now what? There’s no more tequila, there’s no more rum, and there’s no more vodka. What are we going to do now?” I asked.
“Let’s play truth or dare!” Amy and Stephen said in unison.
As Amy and I began asking each other questions, Stephen was searching the cabin looking for more booze.
“Amy, Truth or Dare?”
“Have you ever had sex while someone else watched?” I knew she had but it wasn’t to her knowledge.
I was kind of shocked but didn’t say anything.
“Ok, Tammy, Truth or Dare?”
I was scared as to what she might dare me to do so I picked truth also.
“Do you think Stephen is sexy and if so, would you fuck him?”
“Well, I don’t really know what to say. Yeah he’s cute…..”
“I Found Some More Booze!!! Party Time!!” Stephen interrupted. I was glad too because I didn’t want to say whether or not I would fuck him.

So, we began drinking and continued playing the game. The more we asked each other the harder the game got. We asked each other questions such as, what is the most orgasms you have ever had, would you ever have intercourse with the same sex, and who is the one person you would like to fuck if you could. We also dared each other to do things too. Stephen had dared Amy to go naked for a while. He had dared me to sit around in my bra and panties. Amy and I didn’t let him get off so easy either. We dared him to get naked and jack off until he got hard but as soon as it got hard he couldn’t touch it anymore unless we said so. You could tell he was in agony. Everytime he would look over at Amy, he had to light a cigarette just to keep his hands away from his dick.

As the night wore on and the booze began taking complete control of our minds, we decided to go to the bedroom to finish the game, in case someone ended up passing out. As the game went on, things got more and more risqué. I had dared Amy to lick the head of Stephen’s cock until I said stop. She gladly accepted the challenge. She lowered her head and stuck out her tongue. She began by running it around the edge of the head first. I looked at Stephen and his eyes were closed and his head was layed back on the pillows. I told her to lick down the shaft and she did. She looked like a pro doing it. Stephen was enjoying the hell out of the treatment he was receiving but piped up and said, “Tammy, truth or dare?”
“Dare.” I don’t know how I got that word out of my mouth because I was so fixed on what Amy was doing.
“I dare you to French kiss Amy.”
Without a word Amy pulled away from her task and layed a kiss on me like I had never had before. Her tongue darted into my mouth and began wrestling with mine. I had never kissed a girl before and didn’t really know what to think about all this. As she kissed me harder, I lost all thought. Her mouth tasted so sweet and it had been so long since I had been kissed, I let it happen. I did however open my eyes and look over at Stephen. His hand was wrapped around his cock and was slowly rubbing it up and down the shaft. Seeing that, turned me on more than I ever had been before. Amy pulled away from my lips and looked at Stephen.
“Oh, what do we have here? Does seeing me kiss Tammy turn you on that much?”
Stephen had this sly look on his face but didn’t say a word. He just kept stroking his cock. I don’t know what took over me but I got this idea. “Amy, truth or dare?”
“Dare, Dare, DARE!” I think she thought I was going to dare her to do something to Stephen but I had other plans.
“I dare you to lay back on the bed beside Stephen and play with your pussy.”
I had hardly gotten the words out of my mouth before she was laying down and had her pussy lips spread wide for us to see. It was the most beautiful shade of pink I had ever seen. It looked like it was dripping wet and just begging for attention. Stephen came down to the foot of the bed with me so he could see better. My eyes were glued on this naked goddess before me. Her firm breasts heaved as her breathing got heavier. She licked her fingers and began running circles around her clit. I know I was staring because I didn’t even notice Stephen getting closer to me. He moved the hair away from my neck and began kissing me there. It sent shivers up my spine. The combination of a hot pussy in front of me and him kissing my weak spot made my pussy twitch. Stephen worked his way to my ear and whispered, “Doesn’t she have a sweet body?”
All I was able to do was nod my head as I watched Amy insert two fingers into her dripping twat.
“Do you like all this?”
Again, all I did was nod.
Amy’s back suddenly arched and she began to cry out, ” Oh goddddd….I’m cummingggggg……yessssss!”
She wiggled and thrashed as the orgasm washed over her. Stephen was still kissing my neck and stroking his cock when she finished.
“Tammy, you haven’t been dared in a while. Do you want a dare?” Amy asked with her face all flushed.
My eyes rolled back in my head as Stephen began biting my neck. He moved up just long enough to whisper in my ear, “Get naked if you want her to dare you.”
I couldn’t help myself. I began stripping off my bra and panties faster than I ever had before. Once naked, Amy layed me down on the bed and said, “I dare you to let me eat your pussy.”
I couldn’t believe the words that came out of her mouth but my mind was so delirious with booze and excitement, I grabbed her head and pulled her lips to mine. She took my kiss as the go ahead and knelt between my thighs.
“Stephen, look. You were right. She does have a nice tight pussy.”
Stephen came to the top of the bed and sat down. As if they had planned it, as soon as Amy’s tongue touched my clit, Stephen licked my hardened nipple. He sucked it like a hungry man while Amy lapped at my pussy feverishly. I was in ecstasy. I felt myself nearing the first orgasm of many I would have that night nearing the edge. Stephen continued his assault on my nipple as pinched the other. Amy wrapped her lips around my clit and that’s all it took. Wave after wa
ve washed through my steaming pussy. I couldn’t help but buck my hips but Amy never let go
of my clit. My pussy was over flowing with cum. As I was cumming Stephen got up on the bed and positioned his cock to my mouth. I didn’t think. I took it in my mouth and moaned my ecstasy as I sucked him. Before I even finished cumming, Stephen let out a loud moan of his own and shoved his cock as far down my throat as he could. With one more flick of my tongue he bathed my throat in a tidal wave of cum. I swallowed it all and wanted more. He finished and I sucked him until there was no more cum for me to taste. He pulled out of my mouth and laid back down on the bed. Amy sat up and said, “Now, I dare you to let me fuck you.”

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