Me, Stephen, and Amy (Part 2)

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Where we left off…….
I couldn’t help but buck my hips but Amy never let go of my clit. My pussy was over flowing with cum. As I was cumming Stephen got up on the bed and positioned his cock to my mouth. I didn’t think. I took it in my mouth and moaned my ecstasy as I sucked him. Before I even finished cumming, Stephen let out a loud moan of his own and shoved his cock as far down my throat as he could. With one more flick of my tongue he bathed my throat in a tidal wave of cum. I swallowed it all and wanted more. He finished and I sucked him until there was no more cum for me to taste. He pulled out of my mouth and laid back down on the bed. Amy sat up and said, “Now, I dare you to let me fuck you.”

I had to wonder how was a girl going to fuck me. I looked at Stephen confused. I watched Amy go over to her over night bag and pull out several toys.
“What are those?” I asked.
“Well, this one is a strap-on. That’s how I am going to fuck you. This one is just a regular dildo. This one is vibrator. This one is a anal beads…they go up your ass and they feel great when you are cumming. And I promise you that you will enjoy each and every one of them.”

I had come to trust her. I don’t know if I was just that comfortable with her or if it was the alcohol taking over. She told me to get on my hands and knees with my ass in the air. I was in the midst of doing so when she told me to position myself where I could suck Stephen off. So I moved over on the bed and did as instructed. Amy leaned over me and spit onto my asshole. She rubbed it in with her thumb and it almost sent me through the roof. I then felt her begin to lick my ass and it took everything in my power not to cum right then. Before I had a chance to cum again she handed me the vibrator and told me to turn it on and place it on my clit. GOD it felt good. This was the first time I had ever felt anything this intense. As I was sucking Stephen and massaging my clit with the vibrator, Amy had began putting the anal beads in my ass. Once she got the last one in, she stood up and put the strap-on onto her and got it adjusted for a good fit.
Without a word spoken, Amy got behind me and pressed the head against my watering pussy. She pushed it in ever so slightly and began fucking me with just the head. She would pull it all the way out and quickly put it back in.

Stephen pulled out of my mouth and got off the bed. He went behind Amy and massaged her tits and ass as she fucked me. The more he fondled her the harder she fucked me. He bit her neck as he guided her hips to thrust harder and harder. The combination of the vibrator, the anal beads, and the cock stuffed up my twat was blowing my mind.
“You little whore, you like this don’t you? Stephen said you were a slut just waiting to happen. IM going to fuck you like the dirty whore you are!”
With that, her tempo sped up. She was relentless in her torture of my pussy. She reached down and one by one pulled the beads out of my ass. It was more than I could take and I started cumming.
I pressed the vibrator hard on my clit and Amy fucked me harder and harder with Stephen whispering his encouragement in her ear. I don’t know what he was saying but she fucked me like a battering ram. God I had no idea how good this night was going to turn out.
“DON’T STOP……I’M CUMMINGGG AGAINNNN!!!! GOD……OOOOOOOHHHHH…..GODDDD!!!” I moaned as the orgasms were tearing their way through my cunt. I slumped on the bed, drained of all energy.

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