Melody and Marybeth

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Melody always enjoys explicit sexual conversations at work over the instant messenger. It’s easy for me to come up with stimulating scenarios, as Melody is beautiful and sexual as the stories describe. She is absolutely gorgeous; in her twenties with sunshine blond hair that falls in long continuous ringlets down off her shoulders all the way to the small of her back. Her sensuous bright green eyes pierce you with the slightest glance while being accentuated by her lovely pursed lips, which in turn becomes a bright smile. What a fantastic sexy body with full round breasts that enhance her flat toned torso and slender waist that curves out to her well-rounded hips. Her long shapely legs rise up to her firm ass that just begs to be held. We often spend time at the office filling in the hours of the slow afternoons with incredible erotic stories. Many of which she admits she wishes would come true. She especially takes pleasure in fantasies that include her and another woman. It is easiest for us to secretly discuss these fantasies over the IM as we are in a close knit office. After a heated IM session just glancing at me in the hall causes her to blush. She almost never can bring herself to have eye contact with me, though sometimes our eyes meet and she can’t help but give me a knowing look. I’m sure these are some of her deepest personal secrets that she has become willing to share with me. I’ve come to realize this beautiful women has an insatiable libido that almost no one could imagine fulfilling. If the opportunity ever comes up, I hope she’ll give me a chance to satisfy her.

One afternoon she types that she’s made plans to go out dancing at a club with her friend Marybeth who she’d once asked to be the subject of one of her fantasies. This particular friend one time gave Melody the sense that there might be something more between them and she was excited at the possibility. I’d never seen Marybeth, but Melody described her over the IM just like this “She’s full chested, skinny with a strawberry blonde bob hairdo… beautiful blue eyes and lips… overall, very very attractive and with a southern accent and sweetness. I mean I think the poor girl has double F’s. LOL! Oh, they don’t look that big… but she says there seriously E’s.” Most of all, I knew Melody was hoping to know those lovely huge tits better. Jokingly, I responded that I’d need to be around to make sure they play out the details as discussed in the previous tales. As she often teased just before signing off she’d reply, “You’re welcome to if you can find us”.

That night I wondered if they were having fun on their night out and toyed with the idea of riding by her house. She once told me she had gotten extremely wet as I described how I was secretly watching her through a window as she washed her splendid body in the shower.. I feared she preferred the fantasy rather than me really being there but, I knew she’d relay every detail of her experience of this night if things went her way.

Returning from the club, Melody suggested a Margarita would help them cool down from a long evening. Both were still wired from the night of dancing and left early due to having to continually put off over anxious suitors. And why wouldn’t they, they were both stunning in the dresses they wore complimenting their exquisite long tanned legs. Melody’s dress was sheer with thin spaghetti straps, her nipples slightly visible through the fabric; Marybeth’s had a classic open front exposing just enough of her deep full cleavage. After pulling in the drive, Melody goes in and mixes the Margaritas. The back deck was lighted by a few Tiki lights that illuminate a carved bench with a soft cushion that is discreetly surrounded by a lattice barrier. Marybeth sits at the bench and she stares up at the stars in the clear night until Melody returns with the Margarita’s in tall salt encrusted glasses. Melody sits down and watches Marybeth as she takes her tongue and licks a bit of salt from the rim. The glimmer of Tiki lights is mesmerizing as it twinkles against the glass. Melody leans in more closely and in response Marybeth tilts towards her and picks up the scent emanating from Melody’s long flowing hair. Then in a breathy voice Marybeth says, “I love the way you smell tonight”.

Melody is at first stunned by Marybeth’s remark, and then realizes that one of her fantasies is possibly about to come true. She looks into Marybeth’s eyes and sees her staring intently back at her. No questions needed to be asked, Marybeth inches closer to Melody who’s excitement builds as she notices the bottom of her dress riding up exposing more of her firm thigh. Melody nervously reaches with her hand to the opening in Marybeth’s dress to slightly run her fingers along the cleft in her chest. Marybeth more aggressively reaches and pulls Melody closer, twirling her fingers in the thin straps of Melody’s dress and suddenly pulls them both down off her shoulders. Melody’s breasts now exposed to the night air cause her nipples to quickly become erect. Marybeth leans down and softly kisses the tender inside of Melody’s breast just away from the nipple. She senses Melody’s excitement and runs her hands down Melody’s sides and pulls the top of her dress to her waist. Together they expose Marybeth’s chest and nervously giggle as they press their ample breasts together as they lay back side-by-side on the bench. Melody wraps her arms around Marybeth’s waist to get even more of the sensation of their soft supple flesh pressing together. Then down she moves to bring her lips and tongue to Marybeth’s dark outreaching nipple. She wets the areola and sucks the hard nipple in deeply. Marybeth sighs her approval. Melody relaxing now lifts her head and as she’s often described before, longs for a deep kiss. Marybeth responds by bringing her lips to hers, first nimbly encircling the inner surface of her lips with her tongue. Melody anxiously presses to Marybeth’s mouth and their tongues swirl deeply together. Legs tangled together their dresses have risen up to their waists. Marybeth stops long enough to pull off their thongs, then slips her legs on either side of Melody’s upper thigh. She rocks her hips side to side to spread her vagina and expose her moist clit to Melody’s warm supple skin. Melody grasps Marybeth’s hips, fingers sinking into to the soft flesh of her ass, as she gyrates against her thigh. At the same time, Marybeth reaches between Melody’s legs, running her fingers through the curly close trimmed hairs and down to caress her moistened lips. She deftly caresses them together then softly pinches together the skin over top Melody’s clit so it is stimulated through her skin by the light pressure. Melody lifts her leg away to allow Marybeth to press her palm over her entire pussy. The soft tender surface of Marybeth’s exposed breasts dangle above Melody’s pursed lips and she playfully kisses them. Melody is relaxed now; she kisses Marybeth then rolls back with a sigh drinking in the pleasure she has longed for. Marybeth begins kissing her way down the front of Melody’s chest. First, nibbling at the skin under her chin, then working to the nape of her neck, making her way down she enjoys Melody’s full wanting breasts. As Marybeth intimately moves down Melody’s torso, Melody enjoying the attention looks up and suddenly she sees them, steely intent eyes flickering in the light from behind the lattice. For the moment, I chose the right night, and was rewarded by getting to observe these two delicious writhing bodies through the slats of the lattice.

I had a sudden burst of uncertainty overcome me but, to my surprise she is not offended. She smiles at me and relieves me by giving me that secret knowing look, she pauses a second, then arches her back offering me to see every bit of her beautiful body. Her gorgeous full breasts are as tanned as the rest of her body. The nipples pink, firm, and again erect with the added excitement. Melody’s knees are just slightly apart and now in a deliberate motion, smiling at me, she drops one leg to th
e side clearly exposin
g her exquisite pussy to me exactly as she had written she would do many times before. I must admit, I felt a jump in my pants just by that gesture. She always requested me to describe what I thought her pussy looked like and to my surprise I was dead on. Luscious full pink fleshy uniform lips glistening with a hint of her honey framed by her long legs and supported by her shapely round ass. Her mound was golden blond neatly trimmed but actually being there made it more beautiful than I’d ever imagined. Melody always wrote that she loves to imagine me watching her. As Marybeth reaches her pussy she suckles Melody’s now saturated inner pussy lips. Looking into my eyes, Melody smiles as she begins to rock her hip in rhythm with Marybeth’s every slide of her tongue up between her swollen lips and flick of her nub. I could only hope that somehow I could join these two hot excited women.

Melody gestures to Marybeth and says “Would you care if a friend of mine could join us”. Marybeth lifts up giggling and says, “I thought you were kidding when you said you hoped your friend from work will show up but, it was hard not to notice his heavy breathing through the lattice. Well let’s have a look at him.” I sheepishly come out from behind the lattice and with an approving glance Marybeth says, “well I hope you can keep up with us.”

With those words Marybeth deliberately bends down to Melody’s mound and softly tugs at the tiny hairs of her airstrip with her lips. Then she lifts Melody’s legs and at exhales a warm moist breath on Melody’s swollen lips then lightly begins to flick the soft slippery pink flesh with the tip of her tongue. Melody responsively gives out an “Mmmmmmm” and she looks at me and in an assuring voice says, “Hey, what are you waiting for? I’m sure Marybeth wants to feel as good as she’s making me feel now.” Marybeth never lifts her head and moans her approval as she slightly turns her rear my way. Quickly I drop my pants and whip off my T-shirt, as I want no restrictions as I begin to play. Settling down beside her, I slip one hand between Marybeth’s legs and slowly run my fingers up and down the smooth supple skin of her inner thighs, slowly nudging closer to her blossoming pussy with each pass. As my fingers finally begin to massage and separate her sensitive slippery lips she arches her back and presses to my hand. I work a finger into her as the warm slippery juices guide it deep inside. Melody grabs for my other hand and draws it to her breast. I’m shaking slightly as I touch the body that I’ve so longed to hold. I put her full breast in my hand then lean down and direct her hard nipple into my mouth. There I press it between my teeth and tongue and bite it ever so slightly as I press my chin to the lovely curve of her breast . With that Melody reaches for my rock hard shaft and tugs at it firmly, then motions for me to bring it to her. She never lets go and guides the swollen head to her mouth. She starts at the tip with a soft kissing motion. Her warm wet tongue flicking at the sensitive tip. Then ever so calmly her beautiful lips begin to envelop the whole soft spongy head. Then she sucks it in deeper as I feel her tongue run up and down my shaft then circle the rim of the purply head. She’s noticeable surprised at how large the head swells when she sucks it in deeply. She begins to suck it rhythmically along with Marybeth’s tongue’s every pass of her swollen pussy lips. Melody slowly slips her mouth out to the end of my dick and kneads the smooth head with her lips. Then she looks at me and says “now it’s wet enough to go into her pussy.”

Marybeth takes a another to look up and her face brightens when she hears Melody’s words. I move in behind her and feel my wet bobbing cock press against the warm smooth skin of her ass and I playfully run the shaft up in between her ass cheeks while slowly guiding my dick down to her pussy. I can see Melody enjoys the fact I can see her outstretched with her glistening pussy exposed. Melody grabs her breasts and playfully presses them together as she intently watches my cock glide into Marybeth. Marybeth lets out a little squeal as I begin to thrust into her. She raises her firm ass so I can get as deep inside as possible. Melody continues to watch me as I cup and sink my fingers into Marybeth’s huge breasts. I take my finger tips and circle her hard dark nipples. I describe that her pussy feels so hot and wet as I drive in and out of her. Melody says, she wants some of that pussy in her mouth and, it’s time for me to take a turn at pressing my rock hard shaft into her ready pussy.

Marybeth enjoys a few more strokes of my shaft and I withdraw so not to come too early. She quickly moves up and turns around and straddles Melody’s face. Melody eagerly begins to lick Marybeth’s lips and quickly sinks her tongue deep into her dripping pussy. Marybeth leans forward and begins to rock her hips as she enjoys Melody’s attention. I grab Melody’s legs and spread them before me, move in, and grab her hips as I guide my pulsing head to the slippery lips of her pussy. Taking the head of my cock I work it up and down feeling her moistened lips spread to take it in. I gasp as I easily thrust the length of my shaft deep inside of her tight, warm, pussy. Melody feeling my thrusts begins to suck Marybeth harder as I increase my rhythm. Marybeth begins to pant as Melody begins to nibble her sensitive burning clit. Marybeth focuses on my cock as it drives into Melody’s pussy, watching as the lips slide in and out enveloping my shaft with each stroke. We all begin to move faster and more intently trying to reach our goal. The intensity is unbelievable and first Marybeth takes in a deep breath as she begins to shudder with pleasure. She lifts her hips as she feels wave after wave. I now am thrusting hard into Melody, my fingers sunk deeply in her ass cheeks, she inhales several quick times and begins to wildly rocks her hips to my every drive. I feel my hot load rising to the head of my cock and I burst inside of her. At that same moment, Melody grasps my legs pulling herself tightly to me and moans as her body pulses with her orgasm.

Exhausted we all lie quietly together for a few minutes. I hold them both absorbing the moment. Melody still tingling and sensitive rubs closely to me as I cup her ass in my hand. Marybeth nestles in behind me nuzzling the back of my neck and gently presses her hips to my back. I in stunned shock of what just unfolded, can’t believe I’m lying here with two of the most beautiful women. I can only hope Melody has a few more online adventures waiting for us to bring to reality.

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