My Broken Strap

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My Broken Strap
By Joker500

I just got up and I had to be somewhere and I was feeling horny so I decided to put on a bra. A tight black see through bra on, along with a pair of lace panties. Rolled on a pair of panty hose on very slowly rubbing myself through my panties I was getting excited about this!!! For me I love to cross dress I’m 5’6 190 and a 10-inch cock. I looked at the news stating it was supposed to rain and totally ignored it cuz I hate to plan my life around the weather.

I finished getting ready and I was out the door. Through out the day my bra was irritating me but I didn’t want to take it off. So around noon I decided to fix this strap so I headed in to the men’s room at a local deli. I’m standing in the stall trying to fix my strap when unknowingly a guy peaks through and checking me out. So I pointed my finger at him and told him to enter to stall. He entered and went to business on me feeling me up as if I had a pair of breasts.

Tounging on my nipples making them stand erect just like it was doing to my cock. So he unbuckle my belt and lets my pants fall to the floor. The guy was telling me that he loved my choice in clothing as he ran his tounge up and down my legs and finally licking his was back up to my cock. Using foreplay he licked my cock through the panties making it harder than it was before. Finally he uses his teeth and pulls my panties toward the floor and he starts to suck my balls.

Running his tounge all over my shaft almost sent me cumming but I held it off. He finally got down to business when he started to suck my cock. Up and down he went making slurping sounds. I was into this so I grabbed the back of his head and pushed it down so he can go deep on me. Mmm this was feeling good I rolled my eyes in the back on my head and started pinching my nipples. I tell this man that I’m about to blow my load. He completely ignores and starts to pump faster and…… squish… I blew my load right into his mouth.

He gets up off his knees and kisses me on the mouth so I can taste my own cum and this alone got me going again. He helped me get dressed and then he was gone. I kept thinking to myself damn that was one of the best blowjobs I’ve gotten in a long while. I got up and cleaned myself off and went out of the deli and finish the day. And what a day this was turning out to be,

Tune in later to find out if our man gets lucky again

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