My brother's girlfriend's skills. Part II

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Once John’s parents ran upstairs, he knew the night was giong to get even more strange. Normally, this would never happen, but tonight, Shantel was calling the shots. So far, Shantel somehow vanished John’s throbbing cock and replaced it with a nice pink pussy, and also forced him to pleasure Jason, his brother.

With his legs over Shantel’s shoulders as she fucked him with her newly grown massive cock, John could barely think. His mind was full of thoughts but none that he could express. Forced by Shantel’s will, John reached over and slid three fingers in Jason’s ass and grabbed him around his 9” cock. He pulled Jason’s body over his face this way, and slid the throbbing cock into his mouth, which was bouncing as Shantel rammed his new pussy harder and harder. Her breasts were bouncing up and down as she thrusted again and again.

It wasn’t long until Jason overfilled John’s mouth with cum, and John arched his back with an orgasm unlike any other. Shantel, on the other hand, continued to ram John. After the first few screams, Jason and John’s parents ran upstairs and into the room. Kim, Jason’s mom, was very beautiful. She was quite young, barely twice the age of Jason, her oldest son. Jack was a handsome man, who was well built and tall. After all the racket, John could hear his sister in the room next to him, stirring in her sleep. “At least she’s not involved,” he thought.

Kim and Jack, John’s parents, starred in shock at the scene in front of them. Jack began to step forward and yell. Continuing to fuck John, Shantel told him to stop, and instantly he did so. “What’s going on here?” Kim asked.

“Oh, we’re just having a little fun,” Shantel said as she slid her cock out of John, causing him to make a muffled gasp with Jason’s cock still in his mouth. Shantel stood up and slowly turned around, facing Kim.

“What’s wrong with my husband?” asked Kim, who still seemed to have perfect control over her body.

“He just likes what he sees,” replied Shantel, “don’t you?” And with that, Shantel slowly got on her hands and knees with her perfectly round ass facing Kim and Jack. “God, I’m so wet, aren’t you, Mrs. Kim?”

Suddenly, Kim’s knees buckled and gave out. Kim fell to her knees and crawled to Shantel moaning and removing her robe on the way. As she did, she revealed her enormously perfect breasts, arched back, and smooth ass. When she got within reach, Kim fell forward onto Shantel, gripping her thighs and immediatly moaning with her face pressed hard into Shantel’s ass. Shantel now had her face against the ground and her ass sticking out for Kim’s reach, gasping and moaning with this stimulation.
John, who still had his legs spread wide open revealing his pussy, Jason’s cock in his mouth, and his hand in Jason’s ass, could see his mother moving her head back and forth, sliding her tounge in and out of Shantel’s perfect red asshole. With another look from Shantel, John once again began sucking Jason’s cock and Jason began fucking John’s mouth.

Shantel then looked back at Jack while she was still being tounge fucked and said, “Boy do I have a special treat for you.” Just then, Keelee, Jason and John’s little sister, opened the door and walked in slowly. Keelee was about 5′ tall with blond hair like her mothers. She was 14 years old and had already spent a year developing her body. Little did her father know, she had developed quite a curiousity for sex, as she noticed her breasts become fuller over the year. They were quite big for a 14 year old of her size. She was perfect size with an amazing tan. She played volleyball and was on the school dance team, which made her mother happy.

“Hi, Keelee,” said Shantel. Jack’s eyes grew wide, and somehow he knew what was going to happen. “Keelee, I want you to do something for me,” said Shantel again, in a sweat voice.

“Yes?” answered Keelee obidiently.

“Would you mind seducing your father for me, and letting him fuck you in every hole? Make him pop your cherry and take your virginity for me,” Shantel asked sweetly, and then gasped again from the work of Kim.

“Absolutly,” answered Keelee, who obviously had no idea what she was doing or what was going on. Jack could finally move again, but couldn’t run or protest what was happening. Everything Shantel wanted was inevitable.

Jack turned and faced Keelee, “Sweety, don’t,” but Keelee couldn’t stop.

“It’s okay Daddy, I want to,” Keelee replied, not knowing what she was saying. She stepped forward and pressed her body up against him, making sure his cock met her pussy. Jack’s cock immediately became rock hard and throbbed without any effort. Keelee pressed against him again, this time sliding her hand down his briefs, rubbing and stroking his head and shaft, then slightly squeezing his balls. She slipped her hand out of his briefs and stepped back. Her hand had large drops of cum all over it, and she put it to her mouth and sucked her fingers, licking off all his cum. “Don’t you want me, Daddy? The white stuff tastes so good, fuck me like you fuck Mommy,” she said as she slid off her shorts, revealing her shaved, perfect, pink, 14 year old vagina. “Please, Daddy.” Then she pulled off her shirt, letting her breasts fall slightly, exposing her hard nipples. She moved her hand down to her pussy and slid two fingers in, fingering herself as she stepped forward to her father. She then squatted down, as if to ride an invisible dick. She got down low and pulled her father’s ripped cock out of his briefs with her hand still feeling the inside of her vagina. Before her dad could even think, she rammed all 10” of cock into her throat up to the balls. She slid her head back and forth along her father’s dick for a few minutes, getting his boner dripping wet.

By this time, Jack was almost screaming with pleasure. His own daughter just dying to suck him off and have him inside of her. He just couldn’t take it anymore, perhaps because of Shantel or perhaps because he wanted Keelee too bad. He grabbed Keelee by the back of the head and pushed his dick even farther into her; his balls squishing against her chin. Then he pulled himself out and let her go. Keelee laid on her back and spread her legs, revealing her gaping vagina, dripping with cum. Jack plunged in, popping her cherry on the first stroke. Keelee screamed with pain and pleasure as her father slammed her with a second stroke.

As Jack and Keelee were fucking, Shantel had moved onto her back and was now having her cock sucked by Kim, and Jason and John were still sucking and fucking. Shantel lifted her head and looked at Kim, who looked back. “It’s time for you to have fun with your daughter as well, and my boyfriend and I to have a little fun of our own. Maybe I’ll let John have his fantasy as well,” Shantel said, “Wouldn’t you like to fuck me John?” John replied with a muffled moan around Jason’s cock.

After Shantel was finished talking, Kim pulled herself back and crawled away slightly, sitting up on her knees, moaning with pain or pleasure; no one could really tell. Kim reached down to feel for her pussy, but it had closed up, leaving behind her juices dripping from her ass crack. In its place, Kim grew a 12” cock and some balls of her own. Kim got up and walked over to Keelee. She kneeled down again and straddled her face, dipping her balls into her daughter’s mouth. Then she pulled up her sack and sank her 12” dick into her daughter’s throat. Keelee didn’t gag, but instead lifted her head to get as much of her mother’s cock as she could.

Meanwhile, Jason walked over and sat down on Shantel’s cock, screaming in pain and much pleasure. He then began to bounce up and down while Shantel ass-fucked him violently. John also slid off the bed came over to Shantel. He slowly sat down on her face as she sucked on his pussy, bringing him to an orgasm nearly every five minutes. She tounged fucked him for the next hour and enjoyed it more than anything else.

The whole family fi
nished near dawn, once Shantel had several dozen orgasms. When they woke up, no
one remembered the previous night except for Shantel. Keelee woke up with one hand in her vagina and the other on her breast. She was wearing no clothes, was covered with small drops of cum, and was halfway off the bed with her legs wide open. She was a nympho for the rest of her life. Kim woke up on top of Jack, with her cock all the way in his ass, neither of them wearing any clothes. John woke up on his stomach, with a dildo in his pussy and cum all over his face. Every day after that, John couldn’t keep his fingers out of his vagina for more than two hours. He masturbated constantly and used everything from bananas to vibrators, and fucked anybody or anything (dogs, horses, etc.) Jason woke up with Shantel’s face between his legs, working his cock over and over again, her finger going in and out of his ass. They were together for the rest of their lives.

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  1. this is the best fucking story ive ever read…nice work

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