My first all male four some!!

This story is a true one from my life experiences. Last night I met with a guy I knew from way back neither of us knew the other was gay or bi. We started talking sex and he told me that he loves asses. Men’s and women’s asses. I came clean and told him that I loved having my ass and mouth filled with cock! So we are talking about what we had just learned about one another when I head a knock at his front door. It was two of my other friends from school. He had invited them knowing I haven’t seen any of them in a long time. Mug first friend pulls me aside and told me they were both gay as well. So I said fuck it who wants to fill my holes. They had puzzling faces on because they hadn’t known about me. But when I unzipped one of their pants and pulled out a soft cock and sucked on it so hard became right there in my mouth the other one got the picture. So we all got naked and started stoking each others cocks and rubbing balls. I asked who wants what from who they all said they wanted me. One said I got dibs on that ass another wanted my mouth and the other sat and watched until he could get hard again. The one fucking my face took no time at all to figure out that I could deep throat. The one in my ass said he loved how tight my hole was. And the other one didn’t last long just sitting watching he slid under me and started sucking on my cock. ┬ánot to much after he started he had a mouthful of my spunk. Since I came my ass hole got even tighter and made the guy in my ass cum deep in me bareback!! And feeling his ┬ábig hot load hit my insides made me suck the other guy harder and I got another large load of cream in the back of my throat and he kept fucking my face until I swallowed all of it. We all took a little break just stroking each other and chatting until I told them I have always wanted to try two cocks in my ass at one time so they all got rock hard instantly. We all got lubed up even more than we already were and I sat down on one of them with their cock standing at attention for me. When I got all of the way down on it I sat there for a minute to get used to the position then another one came up from behind me pushed me over a little so he could have a better angle but carefully making sure the first guys cock didn’t come out of me and then I felt my asshole was on fire the bulbous head of his cock was pushing through and just about to pop in. Then out of no where he just s slammed his whole cock down the other guys cock and balls deep into me. I couldn’t breathe it hurt so bad at first. Or maybe it was just because I was getting face fucked again at the same time the. It started to feel good. I had two rock hard grown men’s cocks balls deep in me and they were both pounding away and I was sucking the cock in front of me like it was going out of style. He came so hard in my mouth I almost gagged. But just then I felt the two cocks in my ass swell up even more and both shoot nice big hot loads of cum deep in my ass. And that made me lose control ok shot my load all over the guys chest I was sitting on. Then I passed out.

The next morning was a whole other story so let me know if you liked this one and maybe I’ll tell you what happened the next day.

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My first all male four some!!, 9.0 out of 10 based on 21 ratings

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  1. masterhank

    Good start but needs more detail to get a good hard.

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