My First MMF Bisexual Threeway

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Lets start with some stats and facts…

I am a 39 year old guy that has only had straight relationships my entire life. With two, one time experiences with men in my early 20’s. Both experiences with men consisted of just jerking each other off.

Those two experiences were me exploring curiosities I had at the time and they convinced me that I had no real interest in having one on one sex with another man. But since then I have fantasized very much about having a three-way with a bi-man and a woman. I have also played a fair amount with female partners using strap-on dildos to fuck me with.

Last year I decided to join an adult dating website to see if I might be able to explore some of my bisexual fantasies. After a few weeks on the site and after talking to many freaks, meeting a couple of people and having no luck…. I met Eric and his girlfriend Janette.

We chatted several times through the dating site and had a few phone conversations before we decided to meet for drinks. We went over plenty of our mutual ideas and desires while talking and the three of us were pretty comfortable with each other right away.

We met on a Wednesday, agreeing that the first meeting was not going to involve getting it on. That first meeting was full of anxious nerves for us all but we clicked very well.

As we shared a couple drinks the evening turned into much talk about our desires and some simple ground rules. We talked about a bit of our past experiences and what we were looking for if we should meet for sex. Eric was Bi and had shared many experiences with men. We was open to everything with men or women. Janette was straight but very much into being with two men that were also into each other. I was ready to try anything but really still unsure about it all as well. They were OK with my apprehension.

We shared many mutual fantasies that had us all turned on, but the only solid rule we had was that No meant No at any time. For any reason. No hassles and no hurt feelings. They made me feel very at ease.

We decided that I would come to their place the following Saturday evening. They lived around an hour from me and on the drive there that day I nearly turned around too many times to count. I was as nervous as I was turned on by the idea of it all.

When I got there we sat down and had a bit of wine while chatting and relaxing. We were all casually dressed… Eric and I in jeans and button down shirts, Jeanette in a summer dress.

I am thin… six feet tall and about 160 pounds. Light brown hair. No chest hair, shaved genitals. Eric was about the same height and also thin, but a little heavier than I am. Blond hair and he also had no chest hair.

Jeanette was about five, eight and a little bit on the chunky side. Not overweight but by no means a skinny lady. She had very nice curves and proportions and full, C cup breasts. She had dark brown hair. They were both 45 years old, fit and very attractive.

We were sitting on a couch, Janette between he and I. As we relaxed she began to lightly slip her hand up and down both of our thighs. As she did this Eric leaned in to kiss her. They kissed deeply as she kept her hand moving gently on my leg.

As they kissed she now used both of her hands to start to open his shirt, and then to begin to undo his jeans. When his shirt was off and his pants open she reached over to me again, tugging on my shirt and motioning for me to take it off.

As I did that, she leaned closer to him, kissing and licking his chest and stomach as she started to rub his crotch with her hand. I could see that Eric was already hard… as was I. I slipped my shirt off as she started to help him take his jeans off. As he pushed them down his hard dick slipped out with an audible “slap” to his abdomen.

He had a beautiful cock. I am about 7” and he was easily 1.5” longer. He was circumcised, thicker than I am but not too big. The head slightly bigger than the shaft. I was surprised at how turned on I got and how my cock got even harder from seeing his hard cock. Janette looked back to me and without saying anything motioned for me to finish getting undressed.

As i did, she leaned to him and started to lick and kiss cock and balls. Stroking his chest with one hand. She then pulled her top leg up and used her other hand to slip her dress up. She had no bra or panties on. She stopped and sat up, pulling her dress over her shoulders and showing her sexy body.

She had soft pear shaped breasts with dark nipples. With her dress off she leaned back to him and again lifted her leg, showing me her pussy. She had a small little strip of hair with the rest shaved.Her lips were dark, thick and swollen. I could see that she was already very wet. I felt half frozen and have no idea how long I just stood there before I heard Eric say “taste her”….

I knelt in front of her and started to kiss and lick my way up her legs as she began to suck his cock. I slowly slipped my way up her soft and supple thighs, kissing and licking along the way. I could here Eric moaning as she sucked and stroked his sexy cock.

I moved to her pussy and she lifted her leg a bit more to let me get closer. I licked and kissed around her lips, gently brushing the hood of her clit with my lips before pushing my tongue deep into her pussy. Her thick lips wrapping my tongue as it pushed inside of her. I sucked her lips and flicked my tongue on her hard lit and she came almost as soon as I slipped my tongue inside of her the second time. That made her suck his cock deeper and faster with the pace of her orgasm. She was so warm and wet that my lips and chin were covered with her tangy juices. I kept on softly licking and sucking her pussy as she got off. I was stroking my cock with one hand the whole time I licked her wet pussy and I was as hard as I have ever been, with precum dripping from the tip of my dick.

As she cooled down a little she gently pulled my head back by my hair, looked me in the eyes and said “Are you ready to share his cock with me?” I was frozen there for what seemed like hours before she urged me to move closer. She remained beside him leaning into his lap as i moved over to kneel between his legs.

As I knelt there she started to slowly lick and kiss up and down the length of his shaft… stopping to flick her tongue on the head before sliding back down… looking me in the eyes the whole time. She held her hand around the base and pushed his dick forward to me, still kissing around the base. I hesitated at first but then I could not resist them any longer. They were so sexy and I was so turned on.

I leaned forward and at first just barely licked his head. He was rock hard and the veins on his cock were bulging. He was still slippery from her sucking him. I started to lick more. I was slipping my tongue around the head of his cock and licking the ridge where it met the shaft. She still held him for me as I took him into my mouth. First just sucking softly on the head. Then I began to take more and more of him and started to suck him deeper into my mouth. Slowing sliding him in and out. Janette had moved up and they were now kissing deeply as I sucked his dick by myself.

I moved my hand up and started to stroke his shaft and balls as I took as much of him in my mouth as I could. He was too long for me to take it all but I sucked him deep and felt his head against the back of my throat as he began to move his hips up to me when I took him in. His hard dick felt amazing in my mouth and I was so turned on I was almost delirious. It felt incredible to finally experience what had been fantasy for years. I had to stop stroking my own cock for fear I would cum too soon.

I kept sucking him like that. First taking him deep and then slipping him out to suck just the head. Licking the tip. I started to gently stroke and tug on his balls and then use a finger to stroke and push against his asshole now and then. The more I did that the more he began to push his hips up to meet my mouth. He was forcing his hard cock deeper each time and almost making me gag. Eric was moaning and telling me how nice it felt to have his cock in my mouth while Janette was giving me sweet and sexy encouragement. She was stroking my hair and gently pushing my head down on her mans hard dick.

She pulled my head up and made me let him slip out of my mouth. She looked at him and said “Let’s give him a little treat” He smiled and winked at her as she reached down and took his dick in her hand and told me not to suck him but to move in closer.

She squeezed him tight at the base and slid her hand up his shaft. As she did a huge drop of precum started to ooze from the tip. Before they had to say anything I leaned in and put my mouth to the end of his cock. I felt the slippery wetness on my lips before sucking in his head. She kept her hand on him and helped him squeeze out a big salty shot of precum as I sucked hard on the head of his dick. I swallowed and started to suck him off again. I kept pumping my mouth on his sexy cock as long and as deep as I could.

I sucked him hard like that for a couple minutes before they stopped me again. She moved on top of him, straddling and facing him. I didn’t need them to give directions now. As she moved over him I took his cock in my hand and helped guide it to her pussy. She held herself over him and let me slip the tip over her slippery wet lips and clit before she pushed down hard to him. She took his whole cock in one stroke and she held him deep like that before she began to ride his dick. Then she began pumping up and down the full length.

I stayed between his legs and started kissing and licking her back and ass and caressing her body. I was also reaching down to touch him as she rode his dick. I stroked his balls and felt the slippery shaft of his cock as it moved in and out of her pussy. I leaned in closer and kissed his inner thighs and licked her juice from his balls as she rode him like that.

She then held herself up over him and he started to pump his hips up to her. He was pushing his cock deep in her pussy. I leaned in even closer now and started kissing her ass. He had his hands on her ass now and he was spreading it for me. I moved to her and started licking her. Flicking and circling my tongue around her tight hole. Then moving down and feeling his cock with my tongue as he slid in and out of her. It was amazing to see his cock slipping in and out of her wet pussy with her thick lips wrapped around him. Pushing all the way to his balls.

Now and then I slipped his cock out and licked and sucked her juice from him. Squeezing more delicious precum from him to swallow down. Also moving up to lick her pussy. Pushing my tongue inside of her. She was so warm and wet from fucking him.

It felt like my whole body was going to explode and my cock was dripping all over my thighs. I felt as if I was in another world and I had little control over where my desires were taking me.

Very quickly his balls started to tighten hard to his cock and his legs began to tense up and tremble a little. He was nearly ready to cum. I moved up to kiss her back and neck as he kept pumping into her. I kissed her and whispered “Please let me taste his cum” She just smiled and gave me a little nod.

I moved back between his legs and started to rub and squeeze his balls. I was using my thumbs to stroke his asshole. He was moaning and pleading with me to push a finger into his ass. They are both so slick with her juice and his precum that my thumb easily slips into his tight ass. I hold it there and stroke his balls at the same… I can feel him tightening even more now.

She lifts off of him and moves to the side again and we both move to his cock, licking and sucking him alternately. Before too long he is beginning to let go. She moves back a little and puts her hand on my head and pushes me to him. I suck him deep a couple times and then start sucking his head hard while she strokes his shaft for me. In just a few seconds he starts to moan more deeply and tell us that he is letting go. I hold the head of his cock in my mouth as he starts to get off.

I was shocked by the size of his orgasm. I was even more shocked that I could not seem to control myself when he got off. The taste of his cock with her pussy juice all over it was amazing.

Holding just the head of his dick in my lips his first squirt of cum shot warmly onto my tongue and before I swallowed that down I pushed his cock deeper in my mouth and felt the head at the back of my throat. He must have shot six or seven more very thick and strong pumps of cum for me. I nearly gagged a couple times but I could not help myself and kept him deep in my throat. I was squeezing his balls and swallowing each time his cock pumped a warm load in my mouth. I kept him in my mouth and kept sucking his hard dick until he gave me every shot of cum he had. Janette moved next to me and we both slowly licked and kissed his amazing dick together as he cooled down.

This was only the beginning of an incredible 36 hours.

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