My first night drinking, close friends get closer.

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One summer morning I wake up to my phone ringing. On the other end was my best friend Ted,(Ted and I were both about 16) “Hey whats up man, I heard there was a party up at the lake, you want to go?” I reply,”Yea I guess, let me take a shower and everything, and give you a shout back.” After taking a steaming hot shower, in which my 7-inch cock got rock hard. I jus finish drying off and run through the chilling hallway to the parlor in which I stand bare naked beside the stone mason fire place.”Ted, yo whats up, you ready to go?” he coughs back, “yea, lets go.”
After about a 20 minute drive to the lake we arrive at a huge mansion of a house right on the water.Of course when we get there, there is no parking so we drive a few blocks down and park on the side of the street and walk to the party. As soon as we ge there Ted and I see the triangle of kegs and slap hands, “Score.” After about three or four hours of keg stands, dirty dancing, and pounding music me and Ted see eachother on the balcony smoking a cigarette. After a few minutes of trading stories and comparing girls we are interupted by nothing else but red, white,blue, flashes and the wail of a police siren. Ted and I dash down the deck stairs and down a few blocks to where my car is sitting. We roll out and speed down the interstate all the way back to my house. When we go inside we go straight to my room and lay down, adrenaline pumping. Both of us laying on my bed, drunk as fish. Still being little kids we get into a punching contest, but this one is different because it’s soft hitting. I smack him in the stomach, he pat’s me back in the abdomen. I feel a small wave of pleasure surge through my cock, I tap him right at his groin, I can lightly sense his small cock through the covers. He throws his hand back this time more directed at my rod, and keeps his hand there, and gives it a squeeze. My cock jumps to life in his palm and instantaneously I reach for his dick, already rock hard. We jack eachother furiously until we want more, Ted dives down and sucks my cock into his mouth, INSTANT HEAVEN, I can feel his little tounge caressing every inch of my pole. I manuever into a position to where I can take his small, but delicious cock into my mouth. I push and pull his head with my tounge and lightly nibble on the head of his rock hard rod. His back arches and I feel his dick surge with cum, It fills my mouth and I drool it out onto his stomach. He then goes into overdrive sucking the life out of my thing. I can take it for all but 30 seconds and then I try to pull away to save my shot, and he pulls me back sucking harder, I scream out, “NO” and moan like a little girl as I empty my contents into his mouth, after a cig, we lay there a fall asleep by the fire….. Wait for part 2

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