My First Sauna Experience

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My First Sauna Experience

It was mid-week and I was alone out of town on business and had to stay overnight at a motel while leaving my wife at home alone. I was hungry and it was getting late and there was a restaurant across the street so I walk over to get something to eat. I had three beers while I was there and now I was in the mood to drink some more. There was a store a few doors down so I went and grabbed a 12 pack and headed back to my room.

I soon found myself getting drunk and feeling pretty good but was very bored. I was thinking of going to the Jacuzzi down by the pool but realized it was almost eleven o’clock and the pool closed at ten. I remembered the lady at the desk telling me there was a sauna downstairs in the gym and that the gym and sauna was open twenty four hours. I never been in a sauna before and was interested in trying it out so I put on my swim shorts and slammed down my beer. I grabbed another to drink on my way as I left to go find the sauna. When I found it I walked in and noticed a glass door to the sauna in the back of the gym. The glass door was frosted except for the word “sauna,” and as I approached it, I noticed someone sitting in there.

As I opened the door I got a big surprise. There sat an older guy on the upper bench stroking his cock. My first glimpse was seeing his hand wrapped around his big hard cock as he was stoking away. He quickly pulled his hand away and pulled his towel over himself hiding the view of his cock while saying, “I’m sorry.” I told him that it was ok. Then he said, “Yea, but I’m so embarrassed.”

I quickly responded saying, “That’s ok. I don’t mind,” as I sat down on the lower bench.

Then I was totally surprised when he asked, “So, you don’t mind if I continue? I was too drunk to care and I said no, go ahead. He then slid his hand under his towel and began to slowly stroke himself. I should have gotten up and left, but I was pretty well buzzed and actually getting turned on by it. I have been bi-curious for a long time and have often fantasized about sucking and fucking a big, hard cock-so yes, I was turned on. I guess most people wear towels in a sauna, but it was my first time and I had on my swim shorts and my cock was getting slightly aroused. The lower bench I was on T’d into the upper bench he was on. So with him sitting on the upper bench and myself on the lower bench gave me a straight view of his cock.

I couldn’t stop myself from looking over his way and he finally said, “Here, you want to watch?” and removed his towel. My heart began to race and my body trembled as I began to watch. His cock had to be a good seven inches as I watched his hand stroke up and down on it. Then suddenly he asked, “Would you like to give me a hand?”Not saying a word, I thought my heart was going to explode as I slide over towards him. He quickly removed his hand from his cock and I slowly reached out with my trembling hand and began touching his cock. Within seconds, I had my hand wrapped around it and slowly began stroking it. He then told me, “Yea, that’s the way to give a guy a hand.” He leaned back against the wall and watched as I sat there between his legs stroking on his big hard cock.

I was stroking his cock at a nice steady pace when suddenly he said to me, “I think you should suck my cock.” I didn’t know this guy or anything about him, but I was so tempted. I just grinned and continued stroking, but he wanted more than a hand job and kept insisting that I suck him. Finally he placed his hand on the back of my head and pulled me down towards his cock. Since I was so drunk, curious and turned on it didn’t take long for him to have his big hard cock stuffed in my mouth. He quickly began to moan with pleasure as I began sucking on his cock. His cock wasn’t real thick, but it seemed so big in my mouth but I was so turned on that it didn’t take me long to get more than a mouthful. I was not only stroking but now sucking some stranger’s cock, and we were both enjoying it. Though I never sucked a cock before I must have been doing a good job because as I continued he began to moan and tell me how good of a cock sucker I was. He said my head looked so good bobbing up and down on his cock. I continued sucking him in that position for sometime then I noticed he was folding his towel in half. A few minutes later he told me to get down on my knees as he tossed his folded towel down onto the floor. I quickly made my way to the floor dropping my knees onto the towel.

He immediately slid off the bench and stood in front of me with his throbbing hard cock sticking in front of my face. Before I could do or say anything he placed both of his hands on the back of my head and pressed the head of his cock against my lips and forced his cock into my mouth. He then took control and began force fucking my mouth. He held my head steady as he thrust his cock in and out of my mouth. At times he would go too far and cause me to gag as his cock would hit the back of my throat. He told me how good my mouth felt and that he enjoyed face fucking me. I actually liked the fact that he was in control and using force as He continued to fuck my mouth. After a good long face fucking he began slowing down and removed one of his hands away but kept one hand on the back of my head to gently guide me as he slowly let me take control. I quickly found myself sucking up and down on his hard cock at my own pace again. He then started telling me that he was going to cum soon and that he wanted me to swallow his cum. At this point between the alcohol and being so fucking turned on I couldn’t resist, I actually wanted to taste and feel his cum shoot down my throat. I was so excited that I moaned softly as I continued to suck his big hard cock. It didn’t take much longer until he began telling me that I was going to make him cum if I continued. Of course we both wanted to continue and that I did. I knew he was getting closer to cumming because his moans increased and got louder. I was sucking at a nice, steady pace and his moans continued to grow.

Then suddenly he grabbed the back of my head with both hands and his body suddenly thrust forward forcing his cock deep into my mouth hitting the back of my throat as he began to cum. He held my head firm as his body jerked as he moaned out while shooting his load of cum down my throat. I know a guy don’t cum that much but it sure seemed like a lot. With his cock stuffed so far in my mouth and the head resting at the back of my throat I had no choice but to swallow. He continued to cum and didn’t let go until he was completely finished cumming. Then he began to slowly inch his cock out of my mouth but stopped leaving just the head of his cock in my mouth as began squeezing out every last drop onto my tongue. As he finished I wrapped my lips around the head of his cock and gave him one last good suck draining his cock completely dry. Man that felt so fucking good he said to me before grabbing his towel off the floor and wrapping it around his waist. He then thanked me for doing such a good job sucking him off before he opened the door and left. Wow! That was not only my first sauna experience but my first cock sucking experience also. Still buzzed from the alcohol I sat there for a minute thinking about what I had just done. I thought to myself that I didn’t even know this guy or even his name or where he was from and I just sucked him off and swallowed his cum. Oh well I enjoyed it.

I then got up and headed back to my room where I stripped out of my shorts in front of the bathroom mirror and started jacking myself off while picturing in my mind of sucking that guy’s cock. Within minutes I lost control and shoot my cum all over the bathroom counter. I cleaned up my mess before I went and crawled into bed while telling myself that this night would always be my little secret, well until now. I often think about what I had done that night and fantasize of doing it again someday. So while I’m waiting for that day to come I want to share my first experience with someone so I thought writing this story of that night and sharing it would be exciting.



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  1. fcl4me2

    WOW!! I love this story. I have many similar fantasies myself. Great, Great, Great.

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