My Neighbors Wife By Rick

My Neighbor’s Wife
BY Rick

If you have even lived in a trailer park you know that gossiping is the favorite pass time . There were all sorts of rumors about me because I had a lot of visitors ,and was fucking any woman I could find . Judy coming over in her nuns outfit went through the park like wild fire , but I ignored the gossip partly because it was true and who knows , some lonely woman could be interested ! The owners of the park have a cook out every labor day up here that really is the end of summer . I went as I always do just to chat with my neighbors . I was eating a hot dog and drinking a cold beer this last labor day at the party. Linda one of my neighbors who also had a double wide asked me a funny question . Is that nun that I see at your place a relative ? No I said just a friend I said . I knew her before she was a nun . Oh she said I wondered if you had found religion . Not me I said I’m still a dirty old man . She laughed . Well she said I do see a number of women going in and out of your place . But most of them aren’t very good looking she said . I know I said but any port in a storm . I have a side business I said I do videos of couples so some of the people you see are customers . What kind of videos she asked ? Adult videos I said. Really ? she asked Yes I said you’d be surprised how many couple want them . I suppose I would she said . I’ll make one for you and your husband I said . She laughed and said not likely he wouldn’t approve . Sorry to hear that I said . Debbie another of my neighbors was listening she said he’s pretty good at making videos I’ve seen a few . I had been fucking Debbie and her daughter since the had first moved in I wrote about that before here . Linda had already had a few beers and obviously didn’t drink very often . Really she asked . Sure Debbie said would like to see one of me and Rick ? Linda blushed and said not right now . Besides my limp cocked husband wouldn’t approve if I went to Rick’s he thinks Rick is a pervert . I am I said and damn proud of it ! Debbie laughed . Linda said well come over to my place some time and I’ll show you a video . Maybe I will Linda said . He’s going to play golf tomorrow afternoon can I come over then ? She Debbie said . Linda then wandered off . Debbie said I’ll be eating her pussy ten minutes after she comes over . We both laughed . The party was breaking up and I asked Debbie if she wanted to have some fun . I’m on the rag she said but you can fuck my ass! Lets go I said and we went to her trailer . We were making out when her daughter , Tammy came in . Are you to at it again ? Yep I said . I’ve got a date or I’d join you she said . Be careful Debbie said . I will Tammy said and she is cute to ! She got her purse and left giving her mother a kiss and my cock a quick lick and left . Debbie laughed and said where were we ? I said you were sucking my cock and I as fingering your ass hole . Oh yea she said I thought so . Debbie is a BBW and give a great blow job. I was enjoying every second . I lubed her ass and put on a condom and fucked her ass slowly and she came twice before I came and went limp. I needed that Debbie said . Me to I said . There was a knock on Debbie’s door . Who is it she asked . It’s me Linda my husband had to much to drink and passed out can I come in . We were sitting naked on the sofa . Before I could say anything Debbie said sure come on in . Linda walked in and started to giggle she blushed so hard that her entire face was bright red . Debbie patted the sofa next to her and said come on over and sit down . Linda was almost in shock but she came over and sat next to Debbie . Linda couldn’t help glancing at my cock , which was limp . Sorry Linda said I didn’t mean to interrupt you . Don’t worry Debbie said we just finished . I’ll get that video for you . Thanks Linda said . Debbie got up and found the video in the VCR and hit the play button . Then she cam back and sat next to Linda . Linda was fascinated by the Video . Linda was a thin dark haired woman with maybe B cup tits . She was short and about my age (51) . I’ve never done anything like this before she said . Like what Debbie said as she stroked my cock . Watched a porno before Linda said . Your kidding Debbie said . No Linda said I’ve only ever been with my husband . Debbie said you need to get out more ! Linda was getting hot . Debbie started to rub Linda’s tits through her top and bra . Oh! Linda said . I leaned over and licked Debbie’s nipples . Linda didn’t know where to look at the screen or at Debbie and I . Debbie slowly took Linda’s top off and then her bra . OH! MY GOD ! Linda said but didn’t resist. Debbie licked Linda’s nipples and let her hand wander to Linda’s crotch . Debbie’s hand slipped under the top of Linda’s skirt . Debbie was rubbing Linda’s pussy and Linda was starting to moan . My cock was hard again and I was getting very excited . Debbie pulled down Linda’s skirt and panties . OH! Linda said but opened her legs a bit and Debbie fingered Linda’s cunt . Linda was about to cum when Debbie slid down on her knees and started to lick Linda’s cunt and suck on her clit . Debbie had been right it had taken her less than ten minutes to get her tongue in Linda’s pussy . Linda came very hard her hips were thrusting and her nipples were rock hard and sticking out at least an inch . Her entire chest turned red and she screamed DAMN ! and shook all over . Linda said can I try that on you Debbie? Not today Debbie said I’m on the rag just started this morning . Then what were you and Rick doing she asked . He was fucking my ass I like that she said . I’ve never done that Linda said and I don’t think I’d like that . Well I give a great blow job and Rick likes that as well Debbie said . I’ve never done that either Linda said . You’ve lead a very boring life Debbie said . I guess so Linda said . Has your husband even sucked on your cunt ? Never Linda said this was the first time I’ve ever had that done and I liked it . Would you like to have Rick eat you Debbie asked . I , I , I don’t know Linda said . I spoke up and said I’ll stop if you ask me to . I think I’ like that Linda said . I switched places with Debbie and sucked on Linda’s hairy pussy while Debbie licked her nipples . I slipped my finger in Linda’s cunt while I licked and sucked on her clit . Linda came again even harder than the first time ! I love it she said . Debbie said poor Rick he needs to get of to . Debbie sucked on my cock and asked Linda if she would like to help . No I don’t think I could she said . Ok Debbie said watch and learn . Debbie showed Linda how to give a great blow job . Debbie stopped before I was about to cum . Debbie was holding my cock in her hand squeezing the shaft hard . She said men love it when you swallow their cum and it tastes pretty good to me . Debbie smiled and said their cock head is very sensitive at this point see how red it is ? Linda said yes I do . I like to run my tongue around it at this point Debbie said . That gets them off in a hurry . She was shaking my cock like it was a pointer . Then after they cum in my mouth I hold it there for a few seconds and run my tongue around the shaft it drives them nuts . Debbie released my cock but I really like it up my ass . By this time I wasn’t as ready to cum . Debbie put a condom on my cock and had me lube up her ass again . I pushed my cock in and pumped until I came and went limp . I pulled my cock out of Debbie’s bid ass . Debbie turned around and pulled the condom off and sucked my cock dry . Linda looked shocked . Debbie sucked on my cock until it was hard again . See the beast lives Debbie said and laughed . Linda asked if I would fuck her . Sure I said and licked her pussy for a few minutes until she was wet and ready . I put another condom on and slipped my cock into her pussy while Debbie was sucking on Linda’s nipples . Linda came several times . It took me a while to get off because it was the third time that day that I had fucked . When I finally pulled my cock out I was exhausted . Debbie too the condom off my cock and Linda said let me
. She suck
ed tenderly on my cock until it was clean . You know she said I think I like that !

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