My Sick Day!

“Hello, Leena?”
“Ally, what’s going”
“There’s a party tonight wanna go?”
“cool, I’ll pick you up at 9:00″
“Ok, see you then”

Realizing that it was already 8:00 Leena jumped in the shower. As soon as she gets out the phone rings again.

“Are you almost ready?”, asked Ally.
“I just got out the shower,” replied Leena.
“OK, I’ll leave in 15 minutes,” said Ally.
“I’ll be ready!”

Ally lives about 20 minutes from Leena, so Leena knew she still had a little time. She picked out a great out fit. She decided to wear a short red skirt, black knee high boots (or CFM boots = Come Fuck Me boots), and a black shirt that fit around her so tightly her 36C’s were popping out. She finished doing her makeup, and as soon as she finished blow drying her long black hair she heard a honk.

“Wow, you look great, “Ally shouted out from the window as Leena was walking to the car.
“Thanks, let me see what you’re wearing,” Leena asked.

Ally got out of the car, she was wearing a similar outfit. A plaid skirt with a white fitted top to show off the D sized breasts and white thigh high stockings that you could see the lace where the skirt ends.

“You look great Ally,” Leena said.
“Thanks, we both look great,” Ally replied.

When they finally got to the party, they turned some heads when the walked in. They had been invited by Ally’s big brother (who just graduated from the college they had started to attend). They walked into the kitchen and all the guys wanted to get them a drink. They started talking to a couple people, when a guy comes over, picks Leena up and starts running around the kitchen. At first she screamed to let her down, but when she realized she loved the attention she just laughed. The guy and a friend lifted her legs up to do a keg stand and she remembered she had a skirt on. She was already “buzzed” so she didn’t think twice about it.

They were having a great time at the party when Leena told Ally she wasn’t feeling well. Ally didn’t want to leave, but she didn’t want to stay there by herself. All the guys were disappointed, but invited them to party the next weekend…

Leena only lived about 15 minutes from where the party was at. She had passed out in the front seat and began squirming around. With every little movement her skirt began to rise. Ally would move it down but after a minute of that she just said forget it. By the time they got to Leena’s apartment, Ally looked down and realized Leena wasn’t wearing any underwear. This turned Ally on so much, and she knew that Leena knew what she was doing. Ally and Leena had never been with a girl, but they both had kissed each other, and always talked about trying it, but always got nervous and never did “it”.

“Leena wake up,” Ally said as she tugged her arm.

Silence, she just turned over and “accidentally” threw her hand on Ally’s leg.

“Leena, we’re at your apartment, I’ll walk you to the door, just come on,” Ally pleaded with her “sleeping” friend.
“Huh?, oh, ok, but I want you to stay the night,” Leena whispered.
“Ok, Leena, let’s just got out of this car, please” Ally begged.

They finally made it to Leena’s apartment and got in the front door. Ally walked Leena to the bedroom and then went to the kitchen to help her self to a beer.

“ALLY!” screamed Leena.
Ally was walking back to the bedroom, “Yes?”
“Can you help me out my PJ’s on?”
“You’re too funny right now, sure Leena,” Ally chuckled back.

Ally was looking around for Leena’s pajamas, when Leena’s let’s out a little chuckle.

“What’s so funny?” Ally asked
“I’m already in my PJ’s”, Leena slurred as she tried to explain.
“What?” Ally asked with a confused look.
“I sleep in the nude, silly, ” Leena whispered, “so can you take my clothes of me please? I can’t even see straight.”
“Sure, Leena,” answered Ally.

Ally started by sitting Leena up, and trying to balance her with one hand while slowly taking her shirt off. Ally finally pulled Leena’s shirt off, when Leena’s breast just popped out and bounced around for a minute in her bra. Then Ally leaned Leena back down on the bed and started to pull Lenna’s skirt off. She noticed that Leena shaved, and her pussy was wet, soaking wet. Then she pulled off her “CFM” boots. With a lot of wild thought’s in Ally’s head, Ally started to get wet. With Leena still laid out on the bed Ally straddled her and reached under Leena to unhook her bra. At first she had trouble getting it unhooked Leena moved around sticking her breasts in Ally’s face. Then Leena popped her head up and kissed Ally on the lips. Ally finally got the bra unhooked and got it off Leena, and noticed the perfect nipples hardening.

Ally was still straddling Leena looking at her confused at the kiss Leena just gave her. (Now they had kissed before but this was a different circumstance, Leena was naked!) Leena started to open her eyes up and gently smiled. Lenna put her hands around Ally’s waist and gently pulled her towards her. They locked lips again, and Leena slowly started pulling Ally’s shirt up. Ally never wore a bra, so as soon as Leena got Ally’s shirt above her nipples, her D’s just fell out, and Ally let out a little moan. Leena then started feeling on her best friends breast like no man ever had. Still kissing they parted lips and Leena put her one hand around Ally’s neck, and started licking Ally’s ear, whispering, “I’ve wanted you for a while, can I have you?
“Of course you can,” Ally moaned out.

Leena flipped the two over so that she was on top. She unzipped Ally’s skirt and pulled it off her slowly. Then took each stocking off while kissing her waist all the way down to her toes. Ally letting out more and more moans said, “Wow, Leena, I want to come right now.”

“Shhh, I want you to come right now, and later, and some more after that,” Leena whispered.

Leena made her way back up to Ally’s neck, gently kissing her neck and rubbing her breast. Ally’s skin was so soft and smelled so good Leena could kiss her all day. Lenna started sucking Ally’s nipples and a loud moan cam from Ally. Lenna slowly maneuvered her hand down her stomach to the edge of Ally’s thong. Left to right Leena slowly teased her friend. Finally reaching under Ally’s underwear to her lips, and she gently caressed them. Ally squirmed as she let out her first orgasm.

Leena looked at Alley and had a smile on her face. “I have an idea,” Leena blurted out. Ally looking confused watched as Leena walked to her dresser and pulled out silk scarves. Ally looking confused, just watched her friend. Leena’s olive complexion glowed by the moonlight, and Ally just thought wow, I can’t believe this is happening. Leena continues toward the bed again and ties her friend to the four bed posts. “Leena, what are you doing?” Ally asked. Leena just stood there and admired her friend as she laid there spread eagle. “Shhh, you’ll like this,” Leena finally replied. She took the last scarf she had and lightly brushed it against Ally’s body. Watching her friends nipples harden and moan after moan coming out. Circling her breasts, and dragging it down to her clit. Up and down her body her hips begin to buck. “Leena, why have we never done this before, I think I’m Cumming again Leena, I’m Cumming, oh my gosh, I’m Cumming!” Leena stepped back and watched as her friend found her self in another orgasm. Ally’s body looked like a wave a night, you could feel her orgasm move through your body, and her juices flowed out of her as Leena slightly touched herself to feel how wet she was.

“Leena kiss me, please,” Ally begged. Leena, spread her friends pussy lips open and blew gently as she watched her friend start bucking her hips again. “Oh Leena, this feels so good, no man could ever do this, I want you Leena, I need you,” Ally told her. Leena lightly
licked the inside walls while sticking a finger in Ally’s pussy hole. Ally about to come to her third orgasm pushing her body into L
eena’s face begged Leena’s to 69 her. Leena without hesitation jumped on top of Ally. Ally dug in as soon as Leena’s pussy was in range. Sticking her tongue in Leena’s pussy whole as far as it could go. Ally’s tongue squirming all around the inside of Leena’s pussy, Leena let out the loudest moan yet. That just made Ally go deeper, and deeper. “Ally, give me more mami, give it to me, please, I need you.” Leena begged.

Ally loved control, and she knew she had. She told Leena to untie one of her hands, sit on her face, rub her tits and bounce. Leena looked confused but went along with her friend. Leena turned around and sat at her face, she looked down at her friend who was between her legs. Ally gently teasing her lips at first, reminded Leena to rub her breasts. Leena just did that, pinching and rubbing and grabbing. This got Ally excited even more, watching her friend help pleasure her own self. Ally then said, “Bounce sweetie, I need you to bounce like you are sitting on a see-saw.” Leena started to bounce as Ally licked her pussy up and down, up and down, until Leena arched her back and screamed. “That’s right girl, let it out,” Ally said, slapping her on her ass. Lapping her lips more and more, Leena came into her friends mouth, trapped in a mindblowing orgasm, Lenna began fingering herself letting out the loudest moans, as Ally just watched her friend. Ally soon decided to finish her own sellf off and to finger herself . The two girls layed beside each other, and kissed as the finished fingering themselves. The couldn’t wait until next time someone got “sick”.

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  1. redhot girl

    a good story hot&sexy i’d like a encounter like that.yummy yummy

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  2. measurements_36_25_34

    Me too. I pratically came just reading that!

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