My Sister’s College Trip

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My Sister’s College Trip


Man was I pissed! My girlfriend volunteered us to take my sister on a road trip to visit the college she went to. ” Come on! It won’t be that bad. You used to like to come and visit me.” she said to me. ” Yeah, but my sister wasn’t there, and all your Hot! girlfriends were.”  That reply got me a punch in the arm. “Your a pig! Come on, we’ll have fun, hit the bars, go swimming in the lake…” She continued on, but I cut her short, ” Kathy’s only eighteen, she can’t hit the bars, what are we going to do leave her in the motel room?” I complained but to no avail.
The three hour ride was torture! It rained hard, the girls talked non-stop, cops were everywhere on the road, and I wasn’t even going to get laid because we were all sharing one room. We checked into the motel, ordered a pizza, and each of us popped open a beer. The girls sat on the bed, still yaking away, I went to get some ice for the cooler. The pizza came, we ate, and were going to check out the town, but decided because of the hard, driving rain, we’d stay in for the night and start early the next morning.
While they chatted away, I hopped into the shower and came back wearing my shorts. I was about to fire up a fat joint when the girls saw me and asked that I wait till they both had showered as well. I reluctantly agreed, and watched TV, as first, my girlfriend took hers, and my  sister next. The girls were both wearing white bikini panties, nothing crazy, and white, oversized t-shirts as they sat on the bed still yaking. I couldn’t hear, or I should say didn’t care, what they were saying. I fired up a joint, took a deep, long pull on it and held it out for one of them to come and get it, my sister did, and brought it over to Karen, my girlfriend. I continued watching some dumb movie on TV, drinking my beer, and waiting for the joint to be brought back to me. When it didn’t, I looked over at the girls and saw the were on their knee’s facing each other on the bed, the light on the nightstand behind them making their t-shirts transparent to me.

The shadow of their sexy bodies, their fine tits, no bra on, made my cock stir in my shorts. I know that is was my sister I was looking at, but I had never noticed what a fine set of tits she had!  Bigger than my girlfriends, with nipples that if they weren’t hard now, I could only imagine how long they would grow if she was turned on.
I was enjoying the show to much to interrupt  so I just lit another joint for myself and watched. Karen put the lit end of her joint in her mouth, put her hands on my sisters thighs and leaned in to give her a shotgun. From where I was sitting it looked like they were kissing! My cock moved it’s way up along my belly, the bulb peeking out the waistband of my shorts. Next it was Kathy’s turn, Karen sat back on her feet as my sister placed her hands on my girlfriends thighs, leaned over and blew a long steady stream of smoke into her mouth from just inches away.
Both girls took big gulps of their cold beers, eyes glazed over, and laughed quietly. I watched them finish the joint, sip on the beers and talk and laugh with each other for maybe ten minutes, when finally my girlfriend looked my way saying, “Oh, sorry, we forgot about you.” in a hushed tone. I answered just as quietly, ” It’s ok, I’m enjoying the show.” My sister had a puzzled look on her face when I said that, but Karen seemed to know what I meant. Karen reached out and brushed my sisters long brown hair from her face and said something, but I couldn’t hear her. I clicked the TV off and turned all my attention their way. My girlfriend then lightly ran her fingers down my sisters arm to her hand and took it in hers, flipped it over, palm facing up, and gently scratched it, saying, ” Have you ever thought about it? Ever wanted to experiment? Ever kissed another girl?”
Kathy’s eyes looked my way quickly, then back to Karen when she said, ” Never mind him. He’s staying right where he is.” My girlfriend put a finger on my sister’s lips and gently ran it along the bottom, then the upper. ” Your mouth is so pretty! I love your lips! So big and puffy!” Karen raised her ass off her feet, hands on Kathy’s thighs, and bent her mouth to my sister’s, kissing her gently on the lips. Kathy didn’t pull away, but she didn’t kiss her back either. ” Did you like that?” Karen whispered. ” Yes” was Kathy’s soft reply. Karen sat back on her feet waiting for Karen to make the next move, which she did, but when my sister leaned in, Karen cupped her big tits in her hand, letting them fill her palms, holding them gently, not moving. My sister kissed Karen the same way she had been kissed, softly, gently, closed mouth, but she didn’t move away, letting Karen hold her and whispered, ” Do you like them?”
” Very much!” Karen moaned as Kathy moved in for another kiss. This time my sister bit down gently on Karen’s lower lip, before letting her tongue slide into my girlfriends mouth, she said, ” I like you touching them!”  The girls let thier tongues dance over one and others, Karen just supporting my sisters heavy tits in her palms, her thumbs moving slowly over the nipples. Karen eased my sister down onto the pillows, pulling the shirt up and gently licked at my sister’s long hard nipples. Kathy’s hand went between Karen’s legs and slowly ran a finger along her slit, up and around her clit, and back down again. ” Oh God Yes! Just like that!” my girlfriend instructed my sister, before feasting on her again.
I pushed my shorts over my hips, spit in my palm, and worked my cock hard and fast. My sister’s finger was now a blur, moving quickly over and around Karen’s clit, a damp spot on her white panties growing wider. Karen lifted her head from my sister’s tits, grabbed hold of the bed’s headboard and screamed out, ” Fuck Yes! Yes! Yes!” as her body shook wildly, her ass cheeks clenched tightly, and her juices drenched my sister’s finger. Both girls hugged and kissed, laying next to each other, catching their breath. My girlfriend slid down a bit, pulled Kathy’s t shirt up again, pulled a nipple into her mouth, and looking me right in the eye, moved her  hand down over my sister’s belly and onto her panties, giving my sister the same treatment she had just received  Gently moving just one fingertip over, up, and down my sister’s damp panties. Karen then hooked her finger into my sister’s panties and pulled the thin strip to the side, exposing my sister to me, her clean shaven pussy, wet and dripping. My hand was moving quickly now, my cock throbbing, the bulb a deep purple, my eyes fixed to the glorious sight of my girlfriends finger sliding slowly over my sister’s clit. ” Like  what you see?” I heard someone say and looking up saw my sister’s eye’s, half glazed over, looking back at me. ” Fuck Yes!” I blurted out, my cum splashing onto my belly and neck. My sister’s legs spread even wider, her hips lifted off the bed and shook, “Oh Fuck” Kathy screamed out, juices dripping from her pussy and wetting the bed.

I stood up, my shorts fell to the floor, my cock still dripping, and moved to the bed, kneeling between my sisters open legs. Karen reached up, scooped some cum from my belly and smeared it over the head of my cock, wrapped her fingers around it, and pulled me closer. My sisters lips were open, wet, and inviting, her blood-filled clit a deep purple. Karen moved my cock over it, then smacked it with my swollen bulb. ” Fuck! This is so fucking nasty!  Look at her pussy! It’s dripping! You want to fuck her, don’t you? You want to fuck your sister, don’t you?” Karen was screaming at me, loud and in control! Karen teased Kathy, holding my mushroom against her quivering opening. “Fuck Yes!” I answered her just as loud. Karen leaned in and bit Kathy’s ear, licked her neck and whispered, ” You want him to fuck you, don’t you? You want your brothers fat cock inside you, don’t you?”  Karen moved her hand up my cock and pulled me closer, the tip entering my sisters  inviting hole, just the tip, her pussy grabbing a hold of it. ” Please! Yes! I want you to fuck me! I want that cock now!” my sister’s eyes were closed now, her breathing hard and fast, her new friend, my girlfriend, held her long hard nipple between her teeth, her fingertip quickly flicking her swollen clit. ” Oh Fuck!” Karen mumbled, her mouth full, as I slowly pushed my way in, watching me cock disappear into my sisters wanting pussy. I hooked my hands under my sisters knee’s and pulled her to me, my balls resting on her ass. I let her legs fall and moved down on top of her, Karen moving out of the way, her head next to my sister’s. ” Fuck her baby, fuck her nice and slow. Kiss her, kiss your  sister as you fuck her baby.” Again she commanded. Karen’s fingers were buried deep in her own pussy as she watched me lower my mouth  over my sisters, pushing my tongue inside and Kathy suck it into her mouth. ” Oh Fuck! That is so fucking hot! Oh baby, I want you to cum on
her tits! Cum all over her big fucking tits!”
My sisters hands were glued to my ass, pulling me deeper with each thrust, a loud grunt coming from deep in her throat. It only took maybe a minute till my balls started to boil over. I pulled out, Karen and Kathy’s eyes glued to my cock, their fingers deep inside themselves, moaning loudly next to each other, as spurt of long spurt splashed onto my sister’s tits, over her hard nipples, dripping off after hanging in mid-air. “Oh Fuck!” They both screamed, their bodies stiff as a board, four legs bucking wildly!
I was never so happy it rained for two days straight! We never left the room, the three of us exploring and experimenting the whole  time. My sister and I grew very close that weekend and my girlfriend has a new best friend! The three of us are planning the same trip in two weeks, hopefully Kathy will get to visit the college this time.

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