My story… then hers.

“Hello, what is the name of that perfume you’re wearing, I’ve been looking for a fragrance that is light and has a wonderful scent.” “Well it’s called ‘Natural Beauty’ I picked it up yesterday after I was spritz by one of representative’s inside the store.” “It smells lovely on you and it truely suits you.” She smiled with one dimple on her left cheek. “Thank you.” I wanted to talk with her more so I introduced myself, “My name is Dionne, what’s yours?” “It’s Rachael.” “Did the name of the perfume or the scent cause you to purchase it?” “Well I hadn’t really thought about until now but since you asked it was probably the scent first and then the name.” “Well like I said it smells great on you, bye.”

“Hi…we have to stop meeting like this,” I said. “It’s Rachael right?” “Yes, Hi Dionne!” she said. “So what are you shopping for today?” “Well I’m on my lunch break right now so I thought I’d grab a bite to eat and walk around before heading back to the office,” she mentioned. “Do mind if I join you?” I asked. “No, please.” Her smile was very inviting. I enjoyed the occasional way she licked her lips when she was done speaking. “So what do you do for a living?” I asked. “Well I’m a Ad Executive over at Jacob & Phellps Advertising, I’ve designed for some their biggest clients, with a great design team by my side.” “That sounds interesting… so you’re the creative type.” “Yeah, I’ve been creative since childhood, it’s a passion of mine,” she replied. “And you?” “Well it’s a little embarrassing…I’m a writer, I write Comtemporary Erotica for Women,” I mentioned. “I thought I was the passionate one,” she said. We both laughed. We talked her entire lunch break. “Would you like to exchange numbers, maybe we could have lunch again without being pressed for time,” I asked. “I’d like that, sure, here’s my number, give me a call.”

It had been around two weeks since we spoke so I gave her a call. “How’s your day going Rachael?” “Oh hi Dionne, well right now it’s a bit hectic, this client of mine just can’t be satisfied, I’m losing it,” she said. “Wow, I know how that feels… change this, change that.” “Being a writer I’m alway conforming to what my publishers think is best, so believe me when I say, I understand,” I replied. “Thanks Dionne.” “No problem, so how about we grab some lunch this afternoon?” “I wish I could but I can’t get out of the office today.” “Well what about tonight, how does dinner sound?” “Sounds lovely,” she said. “You know you’re not to far from my apartment, how about you come over?” “Sure, what can I bring on my way over?” she asked. “What about something to drink, you do that and I’ll do the cooking.” “Okay, I’ll see you tonight?”

It was around 7:30 in the evening when she arrived, I was still preparing dinner when I invited her in. “You have a lovely place Dionne.” “Thanks,” I replied. She handed me a bottle of Merlot. “You didn’t have to bring this Rachael.” “It really isn’t a problem, don’t worry about it,” she said. “Dinner will be ready shortly, let me go and freshen up a bit.” As I was walking away I explained why dinner was running a little late. “I’m working on a new book and I couldn’t seem to pull myself away from my laptop.” “Oh really, do you mind if I have a sneak peek?” “No go right ahead, maybe you could add some more spice to the story.” She began to read my story standing there until she realized their was a chair behind her. I was gone for about ten minutes when I heard her mention, “This is really good girl.”

“So do you think I’m onto something?” I asked. “I sure do. Do you mind if I offer a little advice.” “Come over here let me show you what I’m talking about.” “Right here in this part of the story the guy seems to be too aggressive in how he’s touching her.” “Well I don’t know, some women like having passionate men,” I said. “There’s a difference in being passionate and being aggressive,” she says. “Show me!” So she begins to rewrite my story adding more senuality and sexuality to it. She’s wearing that perfume that I like and her body heat seemed to make the scent even stronger, driving me to intoxication. “How does that read?” she asks. Her breasts brush lightly up against mine as she got up to let me sit down, sending tingles to my clit. She leans foward in front of me with her blouse slightly unbuttoned while pointing out her changes to my story. I can’t concentrate with her smell and her blouse open like that. I mention, “Let’s eat.” “Did I do something wrong Dionne, I didn’t mean to take anything away from your story?” she asked concerned. “No you didn’t do anything wrong, it’s me.” “You’re driving me wild with that perfume your wearing, I didn’t know if you could tell when we first met that I was flirting with you.” “I noticed it Dionne and it’s okay, I’m attracted to you too!”

She was breathtaking. She walked around the kitchen table and told me to come here. She mentioned, “Maybe we should turn the oven off.” I wanted her so bad that she could certainly tell it. She pulled a chair from underneath the table, walked me over to it and sat me down. She asked, “Should I take off my blouse?” “Yes!” I answered. She never took her eyes off me while she undressed. She licked her lips just the way I liked. She took my hands and told me to unfasten her bra. Her nipples were nice and hard and she rushed her breasts right into my mouth. I sucked on her nipples and glided my tongue down her stomach. She guided my head back up to her breasts and told me not to stop. “Suck me right, Dionne!” She made me even wetter when she said my name. I unzipped her skirt and let it fall to the floor. Her ass was shaped like a juicy green apple. I turned her around, bent her over and spreaded her cheeks but not before I took a bite.

“That hurt a little,” she said. “I’m sorry, should I kiss it and make it all better.” She replied, “You definately better!” I placed my face into her ass and could feel her bucking her clit back and forth as her juices started down my chin and down her thighs. She tasted bitter sweet. She pulled from me behind her and told me stand up. “I really want to show you the difference between being passionate and aggressive, follow me.” She lead me to the couch and unbutton my blouse and went straight to my jeans. “Now tell me if this feels like passion.” She slid two fingers inside me making moan out, “That feels like passion.” Then she slid deeper and harder into me and she got down on her knees, spread my lips apart and licked me deliciously and said, “Now tell me what this feels like.” “Like passion,” I moaned breathlessly.

She eventually stopped and I wondered if I said the wrong thing. “Okay now here’s the difference,” she said pushing me down onto the couch. She started to bite me tenderly on my neck, she became forceful and rammed her fingers back inside me and had me on verge of cumming. “Do you want me to stop?”she asked. “No, please.” She took her tongue and flicked and sucked me until I felt a little soar. She turned me over and spanked my ass. Again and again. She pressed her breasts up against my back and started to pull on my hair. She demanded, “Now do you know the difference?” I begged her passionately, “Please I know the difference now, please!
“Now give me whatever it is you think I deserve.”

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