My Womanly Adventure

I was invited to a party with a Jimmy Buffet theme. Cheeseburgers and Margaritas. What better way to live life. The woman who was throwing the party asked me to bring my “costume” for the party. She said I would be the late night entertainment. The party was great margaritas, And Tequila Jello shots as fast as I could take them. I was hammered within two hours.
Jene, the hostess, asked me to put on my costume. I went into the bedroom and donned my attire. Total crossdresser. Breastorms, highheels, makeup, and bikini. i looked like an Island babe if I do say so myself.
I went out and danced to the music. I was on fire. I felt more like a woman than ever. One guest took particular attention. He was handsome, athletic build. Tall, muscular, and very well hung from what I could see through his shorts. He came up to me with a Margarita and asked if I was looking for a good time? I was so caught up in the act I said “what do you have in mind?” He handed me the margarita and whispered in my ear, “The greatest night of your life”.
Pretty bold I thought as I took him by the hand. “Lets go inside” I said. Staring deep into his crystal blue eyes. We went into a room that had a bed. He pulled me close and kissed me. Our tongues becoming as one. I could feel hi cock pushing against his shorts begging to be free. “I know you are not really a woman.” he said. “I have had this fantasy for years to make love to a crossdreser.” My hand went immediatly to his cock. I kissed my way down and got on my knees. I unzipped his pants and was astonished by the sight of this huge piece of meat staring back at me. I took the tip in my mouth and statred to lick< and suck the tip. He moaned in extasy. I took as much as I could in my mouth and licke until I felt him grab my waist. He pulled me down and started to eat out my ass. It was the greatest feeling I have ever had.
He then asked mre if i was ready for his cock. I could only grab the cheeks of my ass and say yes. He slowly inserted his cock and thrusted with patience. He started slow and worked his way up to pounding me with the force of a jackhammer. Suddenly he turned me over and blew his load all over my face. I grabbed his pulsating cock and licke what I could off his tip.
We kissed deeply and made plans for a private party….

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