next door-wednesday lunch

The entire week has been spent obsessing about Anna from next door.. her tanned b cup breasts.. wondering what her pussy tastes like.. imagining her ride his cock as he slaps her tight ass..making her call him daddy as he fucks her in her parents bed..
Tuesday night he arrived home to find find that she had sent pics of her fucking herself with a vibrator wearing pink thigh high socks and a big fucking smile..

All day at work all he can think about is shoving his rod in her mouth.. bending her over in a stall in the mens room and shoving his somewhat thick seven inch cock up her asshole.. pulling her hair as he pounds her from behind..
Sitting at his desk he tries to hide the bulge in his slacks as his secretary walks in.. strawberry blonde hair, five foot eight, smallish breasts but great legs and perfect ass..

Adam suspects that she is fucking his boss, Andrea.. suspects.. hopes.. same difference
Andrea has long thin legs and a firm body for a 43 year old woman and before Anna moved in for the summer Adam fantasized about his boss and his secretary Katy eating each other on the conference room table after hours..
Their hands grasping one another’s asses as their faces were buried in each others wet pussies.. moaning and fingering.. one screams in orgasm then the other.. exchanging climaxes as they reposition themselves again and again
In fact just as he notices the precum stain on hos trousers, Katy walks in to tell him he has a visitor.. as Katy steps aside she reveals Anna standing behind her..
Dressed in a very professional, though somewhat slutty manner.. high heels and silk blouse with a knee length pencil skirt and black stockings..
“she said you have an appointment,
Only I don’t recall..” Adam stops Katy fumbling through an explanation until Katy leaves closing the door behind her.

“Mr proctor, I’m bored”
“Well, um.. what do you suggest we should do..?”
It seems that any possibility of a smooth line went out the window as soon as he opened his mouth.
“Well,” she said.. stepping around between him and his desk she reaches behind her back unzipping her skirt.. then with a wiggle of her hips sliding it down to her ankles..
Adam can’t help but let his jaw drop at the sight of her standing inches from him wearing thigh high stockings and no panties
“.. I think we can come up with something.. unless you are busy, Mr..”

At that moment it seemed that Adam’s cock took over for his brain as he stood up placing one hand over her mouth and the other reaching for her pussy.. she scooted onto the desk.. pulling his pants down along with his boxers.. while not a huge cock it was rock hard as she stroked it..
He saw an opportunity and decided to turn her over in the desk.. slipping a finger in his mouth then probing her tight little asshole.. she squealed a bit..”do you wanna fuck my ass mr proctor?”
“It’s daddy to you, you little slut!”
He spit on his hand and rubbed his seven inches of meat before sliding it in this young whore bent over his desk..
Adam immediately began pounding her ass, covering her mouth with one hand and pulling her head back by the hair with the other.. she pushed against his pounding..
“Fuck my horny ass, daddy! Give me that old man dick! Drain your meat in my asshole”
He drove it in her harder as she kept talking dirty.. trying to make her scream into his hand clasped over her mouth..

In the back of his mind hoping that Katy would open the door and watch him fuck this girl’s ass.. pulling up her skirt to play with herself or maybe joining in.. maybe make Anna eat her own pussy as he pounded her ass..

Adam could feel his load building then squirt up her ass.. pumping as deep as he could.. as he pulled out he saw the semen running down the inner cheeks of her ass..
“That’s a start..” Anna teased as she pulled up her skirt bending over to suck at the tip of Adam’s cock then with a kiss she said “see ya” walking out of his office..
Stopping to speak with Katy momentarily before leaving him scrambling to get himself together..
Adam thought to himself “this was the best goddamn lunch ever!”

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