No Holes Barred

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This was her favorite village in Hawaii. Everyone was as friendly as can be, tourists were minimal, and the scenery was breathtaking, making it one of her favorite places to do photo shoots. The road to Hana was long and windy which deterred tourists but she loved cruising her truck up and down it if she ever needed to clear her head. She took pride in her truck, an 06 Toyota X-Runner, black and yellow custom paint with a lift kit, big tires with black rims and a sound system that she enjoyed using to blow her dates’ clothes off. Her truck came in second to the love of her camera though, photography being the love of her life and the reason she had money and lived on the island. With a variety of lenses and types of lighting, her Nikon D200 had brought her paychecks since she had unwrapped it on her 16th birthday. It was her own idea to move to Hawaii and she never regretted it for a minute since she had bought her house. It was nothing much but the location was spectacular and she was independent and wealthy at 19 so happiness was not shy in her life.
About half an hour outside of Hana, she woke up to the sun lighting up the pacific every morning on her cliff top. Trails wound around her house that snaked through the forest surrounding her house and eventually down the cliff to a small half sand half driftwood beach. She was in a perfect area for her two favorite types of nature photography, landscape, as well as macro. There is also something about the stars she enjoys capturing, perhaps it’s randomness, maybe it’s mysteriousness, even possibly it’s perfect chaos.
Although there is rarely a bad day in Hawaii, this one was perfect. With very few clouds and a nice light breeze to cool the skin from the beating of the sun, there was something in the air that sparked her excitable adventurous side. She had gone into Hana for some groceries and with the rest of the day free, decided to grab her camera and head down one of the local trails. Although she hadn’t been in a few weeks, this trail was one of her favorites on her side of the island. There was an interesting scenic feature here, a waterfall into a small pond that went into another waterfall that streamed down less than a quarter mile rock path and exited into the ocean. Under the 2nd waterfall there was a cave area that was big enough to fit as many as 10 people. The cave was a wonder with 3 very smooth walls and a marble looking floor. The wall farthest from the water was dry and she sometimes brought lights to sit and read or write for hours so she could escape the world. Not today though, today she was hoping for something different. Once in a blue moon she found that she could get a picture of the caves interior through the waterfall using just natural light and nothing out of her extensive collection.
On the 25 minute walk down she had only taken 40, maybe 50, pictures hoping to save the memory card for the falls. The pond was like curving glass as she could see each and every ripple yet not a single one seemed to be moving. She even noticed a unique plant she didn’t remember seeing before and got a very pretty shot of an Oreo colored butterfly sitting on one of its leaves.
Finally she got down to it and started clicking away from the moment the falls came into view. Today was just not her day with the lighting, she couldn’t seem to get the angle right, even after practically circling the falls. After a few minutes she gave up and moved closer in, trying to get at least one if not two walls clear in the shot. She started getting disappointed when the whole falls no longer fit in the shot, that feeling disappeared quickly as she looked closer into the cave.
There seemed to be two bodies in the cave standing very close together. Adjusting her sights through the long-range lens, the light was just enough to make out two guys in the cave, both of them very good-looking and probably around 19 or 20 years old. Moving off to the side she tried to hide herself from their view but still watching to find out what they could possibly be doing. Both boys were handsome and tall, around 6 feet maybe taller, and even with their clothes on she could tell both had sexy bodies. One of them was darker skinned with very Italian features while the other defined the typical surfer dude. Both were dressed similarly in board shorts and a sleeveless tee, the Italian with matching camouflage shirt and shorts while the curly blonde wore a white sleeveless tee, which was probably a size too small on him but he made it look good, and really badass Quicksilver plaid-style shorts. Her jaw hit her chest when she zoomed in closer on their faces; surfer boy had some of the bluest eyes shed ever seen. Disappointment set in again as his eyes closed, until she realized they had closed because he leaned in and brought his lips together with the Italian’s. To no fault of the waterfall she could’ve used a towel to dry off her bathing suit. She watched and saw they were no amateurs and wished she could kiss them as they kissed each other. Although the sun was beating down on her, that wasn’t the reason her whole body was heating up.
Glancing around for a place to hide her stuff she noticed a little crevice between two boulders well away from the water. She approached it while packing her camera away and noticed 2 pairs of sandals and a small backpack hidden where she had planned to drop her stuff. Not very curious about whose they might be, she set her stuff down next to theirs including her own sandals. As she unbuttoned her white blouse her curiosity started arising, wondering who the two were and what they kept in the backpack. Before looking through it, she tied the blouse in a knot at her breasts, pushing her boobs together and looking incredible with her 10″ plaid skirt revealing long, tan, muscular legs and her visible six pack, not to mention her cleavage.
A few meal replacement bars, water bottles, sunglasses, pretty basic things minus the highlighter-sized bottle of personal lubricant and stack of Rough Rider condoms. The last two items she stuffed in her pockets but decided to grab only four of the Rough Rider’s.
The sound of water muffled her footsteps as she entered the cave, trying to avoid contact with them, partially because she’s shy but mostly because watching them was turning her on more than she could have imagined. Her eyes adjusted to the low light of the cave and they focused on a pile on the floor that looked like it could be camouflage print. Immediately her eyes snapped to the Italians shirtless body, causing her to awe over the definition of his chest and arms. His abs wound tightly into his torso and his pecs looked rock solid as they flowed into his collar bones and the muscles and veins in his neck. As she watched the blonde attack the Italians neck with his lips, she found her hand sneaking down her torso and sliding under the elastic of her suit where she could feel her fingers rubbing between her lips.
In minutes there was another shirt added to the first pile as she watched hands exploring the half naked bodies in front of her. The blonde had just as good of a figure with a little broader and more muscular shoulders. Surfer wrapped his hand around the others oblique as he kissed down his neck, between his pecs and through his abs until he reached the board shorts. He started leaving small hickeys around the edge of the suit and slid his hands firmly up the Italians chest, hooking his neck and pulling himself up to bring their lips together, flicking their tongues playfully with each others. She was so caught up with watching them kiss that she hadn’t noticed the brown haired one untie the string keeping the blonde’s shorts tight around his waist and slide the shorts down to his ankles. Her hand had been rubbing in circles before she had noticed how excited she was getting by watching, it was like nothing she had ever felt before. Completely disowning her shy side she strolled towards them, being as silent as possible. Watching her walk would have gotten any man up, so confident and sexy, not that these two needed it as they were already standing to attention.
“KEVIN,” The blonde one yelped, caught completely off guard as Kevin’s lips were making their way down his chest to his fully erect member. With Kevin frozen down on one knee she strode up to the blonde and planted her lips firmly on his. For a second he didn’t know how to react, but quickly started kissing her back. After a minute their tongues started to play, wildly massaging one another. Her hands explored his body, feeling the taughtness of his muscles and the rigidity of his torso, causing her to be the wettest thing in the cave. As Kevin kept motionless, not sure what to do, she had her hand around the others firm ass, noticing the definition of muscle back there. Her heart stopped from excitement as her hands wrapped around his shaft, realizing he was almost an inch thicker and longer than she had expected. It felt warm in her hand as she slid up and down on it, pulling the skin slightly over the head each time and pushing it all the way down to the base. After a minute or two her grip loosened around him as her hand found it’s way onto Kevin’s head, playing with his hair for a little until pulling him forcefully towards the pulsing cock in front of him. Willingly and without question Kevin took the dick into his mouth, immediately taking it as deep as possible. She could hear the sucking as Blondy lightly pumped himself forwards and backwards in Kevin’s skillful mouth. Dropping to her knees she took charge, quickly wrapping her tongue around the head and swirling around it until she took the head full in her mouth. Although she could touch her lips to the base of any mans cock, it was driving this one absolutely nuts, he was practically shuddering from the pleasure and she knew exactly what she could to do him. After teasing him with that for a few minutes she came off him and pulled Kevin in with her so both their tongues played with Blondy’s tip. Both their tongues ran up and down the side of his member while he closed his eyes and basked in the overwhelming stimulation. Kevin followed her lead as the tip of her tongue dragged down one side of his cock and down to his balls, letting her mouth engulf and suck on it. Not a muscle in his body was relaxed as both of his jewels were worked on.
Removing himself from their mouths Surfer boy knelt and began kissing them both, slowly turning more and more towards her, taking it upon himself to take care of her. Within seconds her top had been untied and by the time it hit the floor there were two excited tongues engaging her nipples as well has two different hands massaging her boobs firmly against her chest. Their hands were strong but delicate, massaging up to her collarbone as they toyed with her nipples until she couldn’t take it and wanted more. Her hands ran through both men’s hair seconds before she pushed both of them down to her waist. As the two kissed passionately along her panty line she felt her skirt slide gently to the floor. Following behind her skirt the tropical thong bikini that wasn’t so dry was off her in seconds. She could feel an orgasm building just from the two kissing up the inside of her legs, gently pulling the skin with their teeth and sucking on it as they went.
With eyes closed she concentrated on the warmth of Kevin’s tongue sliding between the inflamed pink folds of her pussy while Surfer’s tongue worked vigorously on her nipples. The guys brought her lightly to the ground where they pinned her as one spread her legs and went back to work, tonguing her clit and darting in and out of her pussy. Her hand wrapped itself around the closest cock to her, which happened to be Kevin’s, and she put what effort and concentration she had left into pumping up and down on his dick. She didn’t do it hard enough to get him off but she got him as stiff as he could be and as excited as ever. One finger slid into her, followed seconds later by another and both started moving in and out quickly. His fingers would curl each time they moved in and out of her pussy, stroking her g-spot continuously. She pulled Kevin’s cock towards her head, putting the tip in her mouth and letting her tongue tease it. Kevin knelt at her head, letting her bob up and down on him and feeling like her tongue could set him off in 2 seconds if she wanted to. Her hand reached towards her skirt and emptied the contents out onto the cave floor. Both men’s eyes popped as they realized there were no restrictions on her. Tearing open a first package she took Kevin out of her mouth and rolled the condom skillfully down his shaft with her teeth, the whole thing unrolling before it reached his base. Almost instantly the men switched positions, Kevin kneeling before her as she lay spread eagle while Blondy knelt at her head and she opened another condom. About to tease the cock closest to her head, she felt Kevin’s head slide slowly into her, followed by his extensive shaft. Overwhelmed, she forgot about teasing and immediately took Blondy in her mouth to try and help pull her towards reality. Starting out like a dragster Kevin took no time to start pounding against her, their legs slapping very audibly against each other. The studs on the Rough Rider felt like nothing special compared to the pleasure just the size of him brought her. The other cock was pulled from her mouth as Blondy stood, moving closer to Kevin. She took a second to look down herself at Kevin’s veiny engorged member pumping in and out of her. Waves of heat were flowing though her body as she was taken over by pure pleasure. The faster he pounded into her she started losing sense of almost everything and she was filed with an unimaginable amount of sexual passion.
Realizing she was still holding an open condom, she slid Blondy out from the back of her throat and rolled it over his tip before unrolling it down his cock with her teeth. Keeping her lips at the base of his pole, she wrapped her tongue around his shaft as much as she could until Kevin pulled Surfer Boy towards himself. Kneeling behind Kevin, Blondy started preparing him for what was coming. After sliding one finger slowly in and applying the lube she had so kindly brought for them, he spread more on his own cock and brought himself up to the closest hole.
A strange mix of pleasure more than pain showed on Kevin’s face as he slowed down from his constant pounding. The two men, who were as close as they could be to each other as possible, paused as Kevin’s tight hole adjusted to the sizeable object now deep inside of him.
She was in awe as she watched the two move in unison, Kevin grinding backwards as Blondy pulled himself towards Kevin. When the two found a good rhythm, Kevin decided to add the third instrument and started again on her. He grabbed her roughly and positioned her on her knees in front of him. Like a zip-line, Kevin slid between the two in a perfect line, going in and out while having something slide in and out of him. When Blondy started pounding Kevin she lost rhythm and decided to try something else. Grabbing his cock and pulling it out of herself, she knelt at their side, jacking him off and watching the men take so much pleasure of out fucking each other. She felt a hand wrap around her neck before pulling her strongly onto the only free cock. The sounds he made as she sucked on him were driving her wild so much so that she wanted them to keep going and wanted to try more.
Her hand found its way to Kevin’s taint as she started rubbing it and stroking his balls. Although pleased, she wanted to be stimulated more and laid with her back to the warm stone in front of them, an action which brought Kevin to his knees in front of her. She watched in ecstasy as the italians tongue teased her rosy clit. Even though his motions werent concise, the view of watching Blondy dig his nails into Kevin’s sides while fucking him hard was enough to make up for it. She found herself rolling her head and grasping her breasts while two of her fingers rolled one of her nipples tightly, never had she imagined how exciting this would be.
“Oh god, oh god, FUCK YES OH MY GOD,” she screamed as the built up orgasm roared through her entire body like nothing she’d ever imagined. As she shook and enthusiastically convulsed on the cave floor she had to run her hands through Kevins hair and pull him off of her overly sensitive pussy. Only a minute had passed where the studs had continued, and with renewed strength she knelt beside them and watched Blondy disappear into Kevin, beads of sweat all over his hairless chest and neck. Her left hand ran nails down the italians back, up the abs of Blondy before wrapping around his neck and pulling herself in to kiss him. Their warm tongues flirted while her right hand scratched down the muscular back of surfer boy before rubbing her middle finger in circles around his ass. The quick exhale and hard bite on her lip urged her continue, an unspoken request that she was more than happy to oblige.
Sliding her middle finger in and out up to her knuckle was something only one previous boy had let her do, and it made her feel so dirty she couldn’t help but starting to play with Kevins cock again. Her horniness was at a new time high and the feeling of being inside Blondy made her want something she had rarely explored. Watching the shaved men in perfect rhythm while she sat playing with both renewed her need for that overwhelming explosive sensation she had not long ago reached. She spanked Blondy and stood up.
Standing with her chest to the wall, she turned her head and motioned them to her with a finger. Without letting the cock out of his ass, Kevin lead Blondy towards the wall, firmly grabbing her hips as he got close to her. Without hesitation he aligned himself with her wet hole and thrust into her. They found standing helped them find rhythm, as she was so agile Kevin’s cock had trouble leaving her pussy. Time and time again she ground her ass into him, overwhelming his libido and keeping him harder than ever before. Coming close to exploding, he forcefully pulled Blondy’s cock from his ass and slowed down but still kept himself inside of her. Finally pulling out, Blondy wanted his turn and he turned her around, picking her up. Wrapping her legs around him and guiding his dick into her without hesitation drove Surfer Boy crazy. Too excited to take his time, he bounced her up and down on himself, holding her body close to his own. His abilities were driving her crazy before he slammed her against the wall, pinning her there and fucking her senseless. For a few minutes she clutched to him, her nails digging and lightly scratching at his back while she bounced up and down on his engorged wet cock. In a moment of clarity, brief for sure, she realized someone was left out and looked surfer boy in the eyes.
“Lay down cowboy,” she commanded seductively the first second she could catch her breath. Dismounting him first, she pressed him hard against the ground and straddled his face as she took him deep in her throat. Kevin was still standing to attention watching the two 69 and saw Surfer Boy wink at him. Understanding, he picked up the bottle of lube and watched her clit get attacked by Blondy’s tongue. Popping the top Kevin dripped the slippery liquid down her ass, starting at her lower back and stopping at her asshole. Almost instinctually she tensed her hands around Blondy’s firm ass, to which he raised his knees and brought his heels to his ass. She felt a finger slide down her lower back to her other hole and start massaging, she wanted him to keep going and thought that deepthroating the cock in front of her would coax him, but it wasn’t Kevins and his thoughts brought him to keep going anyway. Every time she felt the finger slide a little deeper into her ass she forced her hips down on Blondy’s mouth, it was as if both of them were stroking her clit from different places. She found her hand being grabbed by someone and lead around to the hole in front of her, at which point she smirked. Every time she felt the finger slide in and out of her well lubed rear, she would reciprocate in near perfect timing to Blondy. This went on even with two fingers and she was surprised at how tight he was, and at how incredible she felt letting them explore all of her. All of a sudden it stopped and she paused, wondering why they had stopped pleasing her holes.
Before she had a chance to turn around the head of a cock slid into her pussy and she took the whole thing as much as she could. She almost gagged as her whole body tensed up, her hands included before she found rhythm and rocked herself back into Kevin, still playing with Blondy and having the feeling of his tongue on her. Kevin stopped inside her while the other engulfed the italians balls in his mouth, swirling his tongue around before they both focused their attention back on her. She felt his thumb sneak into her tight button, loving the feeling as she pushed back against it while he penetrated her hot wet pussy. At this point she was glistening with sweat and loving every minute of it, but she knew what she wanted next. She loved knowing Blondy was playing with Kevin while he fucked her, but she wanted to change it up.
With determined mind and force she pulled the sexy penis out of her and told him to get on his back. Seamlessly she straddled him, starting to ride him so deep that her clit was brushing hard against where his smooth skin should have had hair. Dominantly ordering surfer boy over to Kevin, she watched as Kevin took the waiting cock deep in his mouth, making sensual eye contact with his friend. This drove her wild, pressing her hands against the steel-like pecs in front of her she picked up speed, riding her stallion at a pace that would rival the best of metronomes.
Another orgasm quickly approached as once again her body girated on the italian, quivering in delight as the current flowed through her no less than a powerline. The stamina of her sexy new friends impressed her but she wasn’t quite finished, her hands were around Kevins neck, kissing him passionately, almost roughly. Her eyes shot towards Blondy who was standing next to them watching and stroking his still hard member. “I want you to fuck my ass like you did his,” she said sternly through clenched jaw while her breath fluttered.
Not a second was lost as he grabbed the bottle of lube and dripped the warm liquid onto her crack, lightly massaging it into her tight ass with barely the tip of his finger before drizzling it onto himself, his cock pulsing, even harder than before. She was ready for the almost painful sensation she had gotten from doing that with boys before but this time was different. She felt the head of him enter her slowly as he gently pushed himself in. “Oh my god more,” she moaned as he continued. She grate her teeth and tried to relax as her ass accepted the entirety of him, feeling both shafts pressing almost against each other. The nervousness she felt about it being painful had subsided before she whipped her head around. Meeting eyes she grinned and said, “start slow.”
He followed orders as he started slowly sliding out to the bottom edge of his tip, before going all the way back in. She kept Kevin still inside her pussy while she got used to it. Before long Blondy had picked up pace and from her closed eyes and lip tightly between teeth Kevin took it upon himself to start fucking her. The boys could feel each others cocks rubbing through her, their tips occasionally crossing and both absolutely loved it. Apparently not as much as her though, after a few minutes she took it upon herself to create a rhythm. The boys had to stop as she gyrated away and into them, skillfully keeping both of them in her as she took both rods. Back and forth she could feel something building in her, wishing the feeling of being completely filled wouldn’t stop.
“If you keep this up im gonna cum soon,” said the out of breath Blondy, loving the sight of her take his cock all the way in and out of her ass. Instantly she picked up pace with a new goal in mind. “Oh my god, take my dick in you babe, oh yeah let me fuck your ass you dirty little girl,” escaped fervently from his mouth as the sound of their skin slapped together. More and more she felt it building in her, a feeling like never before. Closer and closer.
“CUM ON US,” she moaned excitely without skipping a beat. With that she felt him pull out of her ass. Walking next to their faces Blondy started stroking his cock quickly. “OHHHH FUCK,” yelled Kevin as his cock started twitching, filling her pussy with his warm juices. This brought her over the top as she closed her eyes and her final orgasm gushed through her like a tidal wave. Before she knew it she felt Blondy’s juices spurting onto her face, opening her eyes and watching the cum shoot from the tip of his perfect cock and land on her chin. Another barely missed her and ended up on Kevin’s cheek.
As if he wasn’t overwhelmed enough, Blondy stood and felt both of the others kiss up from the base of his cock, licking it clean and swallowing his warm fluids as the last bits of his balls were drained.
With that Kevin, her, and surfer boy all layed with their back to the floors respectively, shoulder to shoulder. “OH,” said Kevin, “MY,” she said, “GOD,” said Blondy as their bodies finally relaxed, moreso collaped.
A minute went by before Kevin and her wiped their faces off, but went back to the same positions as both boys wrapped her in their arms, falling asleep within minutes of cuddling together.

When she finally came to she was still naked, almost completely dark out and she rushed to gather her strength and get home, but the boys were gone. “Maybe it was a dream, a very good dream,” she thought to herself as she clothed herself. On her way out she grabbed her bag, and found a note while checking to make sure everything was there. It was signed with two phone numbers.

Hey, so we never got you name.. If you ever want to hang out again let us know.

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