Not too many Girlfriends

“I don’t have too many girlfriends so I’m glad we hung out tonight.” I said. “And what was up with that guy who asked for your phone number when we were heading out, I mean he’d been checking you out all night and jumped up at the last minute to get your attention.” “I don’t know girl but he had nothing to say,” she said. “Well that last line… that your beauty was worth the wait was so corny,” I said. She replied, “Well give him credit for trying but no points for actually waiting,” she said. We laughed and headed to her car.

Her car was very sleek, sexy and black, it truly went with her personality, the inside had leather interior, tinted windows, soft music playing in the background, she had it all together. The city lights were everywhere, dancing off the other cars speeding by us. I enjoyed her company we could talk about anything and we usually did. But tonight was a little different it was quieter than normal we just seemed to be hanging out relaxing, after all it was Friday night and we had already done the club scene.

She smiled just for a second and I asked what for, “I was thinking about that guys’ last line about my beauty being worth the wait, it was really kind of corny,” she said.” We both bursted into laughter one more time. I felt like maybe this was the time to tell her what had been on my mind ever since our friendship began. “I thought that guy was so corny too… but what he said was so true.” “About what?” she said. “About your beauty being worth the wait, I hope I don’t offend you by saying this but you are very beautiful”. I saw a slight grin on her face but wasn’t sure what to make of it. “I’ve always wanted to tell you that I thought of you as possibly more than just a friend.” “I don’t know what to say to all this,” she replied. “Did I offend you?” “No you didn’t but you caught me off guard”. “I hope we can still be friends, I don’t know exactly what I thought would happen after I said this, I just wanted it out in the open”.

We drove for a while until she turned onto this secluded street. It was a dimly lit street with a street lamp that seemed like it was going to burn out at any minute. She stopped the car and put it into park and got out. She walked around the front of the car and opened the door and she said to me, “Step out of the car.” And I did. “What’s going on,” I asked. She smiled again and said, “Have you thought about me sexually?” I was so unprepared that I wanted to say “No” but gave in to my thoughts of her and said “Yes”. She moved in close to me and guided me against the car door. She had this look like she had thought of me the same way.

She was so sexy, from her hair to her heels she exuded sexiness. “Kiss me, she said.” “I’ve never been with a woman before,” I replied. “Well I’m going to change all of that right now,” she said. “Kiss me,” she said, once more but this time it was more demanding. Her lips tasted so sweet, she danced with my tongue in a way that I never felt. We kissed and kissed and kissed until my panties were soaked. She placed my hands all over the places I had only fantasized about, her breasts, her ass, her inner thigh, all the while kissing me, teaching me.

She had begin to unbutton my pants and started to place her hand down my panties, I knew she could feel how moist I was and she started to kiss on my neck and nibble on my ear. She slid two fingers inside me so slowly that I let out a vibrating moan that made me cush down her hand. She asked me, “Do you like this, do you want me to stop?”. She was teasing me and I liked it. “No don’t stop”, I said, “go deeper, please”. I could feel myself slipping into her ecstasy. She slowly stopped and slid her fingers from inside me and she told me to open my mouth and placed her two fingers inside and she made suck my taste off her fingers. She glided her tongue around my ear and whispered, “How do you taste?” I moaned so heavily the word, “DELICIOUS”. She smiled and took my hand and slid my fingers inside of her and said, “You’re coming home with me!”

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