Obeying Robert

It was supposed to be another boring conference, but a conference during the work week in a foreign city always beat going to work. I usually preferred getting my own room in the hotel in case I had any luck at the bars in the evenings, but this was more fantasy than anything I actually hoped for. Even if I did hit it off with a woman in a bar and she wanted to do the one-night thing, I was married, and I knew I could not bring myself to follow through. I was faithful to the last. Still, booking the single room fueled the fantasy, and the fantasy would grow, and after a night of ogling and maybe flirting with a hot polish girl all evening I would go back to my room and jerk off.  In the morning, still pumped by my imagination, I would blow another load before joining the others at breakfast. This time, though, the company insisted on making cutbacks to expenses, and unless I forked up the difference, they would put me in for a roommate to split the costs.

My sex life with my wife was wildly satisfying, and we talked often about our fantasies. I kept the hotel fantasy to myself, but only so she would not worry about any possibilities that I might follow through on it. Most of the fantasies we did share were about her with other guys. While I liked to imagine sharing her or just watching her get fucked, she preferred the idea of being seduced in a bar and brought out to a van to be taken advantage of.  But it did not stop there.  Other men waited in the van for her, some with cameras, and there was an internet hook up where subscribers could watch and tell her what to do.  The fantasies generally ran along those lines, and when I expressed my interest in them, she could not understand why.

“Would you really like to watch me fuck and blow other men?” she asked once.

“I don’t know. The idea turns me on.”

Then one time, after a similar discussion, she asked me if I ever fantasized about being with a man.

“Why do you ask?”

“I just find it strange that you want to see me handling all of those cocks.”

I had to admit it: giving a blowjob and getting fucked in the ass had been things I fantasized about now and again.

“Have you ever been with a man?” she asked

“No,” I said. “I’m not sure I would. But if you were ever to be open to being shared, at least I’d know how I’d feel about being around another naked, turned-on guy.”

As we lay there talking, I had been stroking my cock, and my wife took note of this. She said that I did seem excited by the idea. When we fucked a few moments later, she pushed her thumb up my butt and asked if I wished it were a big cock. I came hard.

This fantasy of her with other men gripped me so hard that it even interrupted my fantasies of picking up a slut in the bar while away at a conference. I would instead imagine my wife taking advantage of my absence from home, going somewhere local and shady to be the type of bar slut I imagined I would score with while away. I’d imagine her one of the main strips near our home, inviting a group of strangers in to bang her on our bed while I jerked off hundreds of miles away in a hotel room.

But sharing a room, would I even have the opportunity to strip down, on top of my bed, and wildly beat it with a fist full of lotion? What would I do now with my downtime that I had a roommate? Jerk off in the shower? That’s what I did at home. What would I have to look forward to on this trip?

My roommate’s name was Robert, and when I swiped my card to enter our room on the eighteenth floor he was already there, his suitcase opened on the better bed by the window. He shook my hand with a firm grip, and we chatted about the conference for a moment, figuring out who we both knew in the company. Then, since the real business of the conference did not start until late the next morning and it was almost dinner time, we decided to join up with some of the others at a restaurant in town. He’d arranged it with some others already. He was that kind of social guy. He’d even started a group of guys within the conference to hit the gym early in the morning. I had gotten the emails, but I liked to work out alone, and just to keep tone. He on the other hand, was a body sculptor and had quite a bit of sturdy, refined muscle to him.

He was a friendly guy, it seemed, a little higher up the ladder in the company than me, but then I was not that ambitious.  I soon found out that Robert was. At dinner, at a table too large to get to know everyone but the few in my area, Robert talked about his ambitions like an athlete would. He wanted to conquer. He wanted to rise up. It didn’t matter in what he excelled. He was on a mission to be his best self, and to dominate.  Some of that talk got a few derisive remarks from the two females in our little corner of the table, but Robert reined them back in with a nod to the fact that he was only half serious.

“I just want to make something of myself. What’s wrong with wanting to be looked up to?”

We toasted that, one of the women commenting on her preference for this kind of modesty.

“Talk more like that, and you might just get somewhere,” she said. Her name was Rebecca, and she had a look like she might want to see just how good Robert could be. Here was a man sitting at my table who, through sheer audacity, might just accomplish what I had only fantasized about. I feared he might have to ask me to stay away from the room for a few hours if things worked out between him and Rebecca. She had a body like my wife – slim and blonde, and this alone already drove my imagination in the right direction. I already started fantasizing about my wife meeting a guy like Robert while I was sitting here with him and a woman that could almost pass for her from behind.

A few drinks after dinner, and a few of us – Robert and Rebecca included – took the fun to a local bar/club on the same block as the hotel. Some of the other guys in the morning gym club joined as well, and the ratio of men to women was so lopsided that we joked it was almost a sausage party. At the bar we continued to indulge in drink, and Rebecca and a few of the other women became more and more flirtatious as they drank their mixed cocktails. Soon they were pulling a few guys onto the dance floor, and as I watched this woman who might pass for my wife grind between Robert and his friend Greg, I could only imagine it was the woman I’d been married to for ten years, back home, doing exactly the same thing.

After a few of these dances, with me mostly just taking in the scenery, Rebecca invited me to dance by pulling me off my stool. Soon we were grinding under the lights of the dance floor.

“Is that all you in there?” she said, taking a chance to grip my hard cock through my jeans.

Before I could answer, Robert was in front of her, and she put his arms around him. She was lost in his eyes in a moment, and I was all but forgotten. I took my seat again. The night wore on, the flirtations grew and receded by the minutes and hours, and I found myself sitting with Greg, Robert’s gym buddy. He was built like Robert but a little taller. He told me that I was lucky to be rooming with Robert.

“This guy always gets laid,” he said. “Every conference I’ve been to with him. I was his roommate once, and I checked in early. The dude woke me up bringing two chicks back to the room and invited me to join in. If you’re lucky, it might happen to you, too.”

“Are you kidding?” I said. “That’s crazy.”

“It’s true,” Greg said. “Everyone gets lucky with Robert.”

My dick was now pulsing. This conversation was really getting to me.

“Just promise me if there is any action you’ll buzz my room,” Greg said. “I’m so fucking horny right now.” He winked at me and passed me a bar napkin with his room number and name scrawled on it.

I couldn’t hold back anymore. On the chance I would not get an opportunity to wank back at the room, I decided to just rub one off in the bathroom, right there in the bar. As I entered the double doors that led to the ladies and gents rooms in the back, I saw, down on her knees, Rebecca reaching into Robert’s jeans for his cock.  She had this look like she couldn’t wait to pop it in her mouth.  Just as she got the bulbous head out, though, one of her girlfriends came in behind me and, seeing what was about to play out, and announce that it was time to go. She scooped a drunken Rebecca up and pulled her away. Rebecca protested as Robert zipped his pants back up. I was strangely disappointed and relieved at the same time.  I would have loved to witness this – fuel for countless future fantasies – but at the same time Rebecca was clearly wasted.  She stumbled home on the arms of the two other women that had come along with us. It would not have been right for Robert to take advantage of this situation.  This he conceded to me on the way back to the hotel around one in the morning.

“I was so ready to blow my load in her,” he said. “But I don’t want that kind of trouble, you know what I mean? But damn.”

So the night was a bust. We went back to our room on the eighteenth floor, both of us obviously pumped. He had almost found relief in a blowjob, which was closer than I had come to. I couldn’t even get lucky with my own hand. I guessed we’d both be taking care of ourselves in the shower.

Robert just lay back on his bed in his clothes, his hands behind his head, going on about how much he really needed that blowjob from Rebecca. “I’ve been saving up for two days,” he said.

“What do you mean?” I asked, getting my stuff ready for a shower.  I had brought pajamas with me and now laid them out on my bed.

“I haven’t had an orgasm in two days.  I’ve been saving up. That’s what these conferences are about, don’t you know?”

“Yeah, I said, “well, we all have our secret pleasures.” I was slightly drunk; I would not have opened this vein of conversation otherwise.

“You seemed pretty cool headed,” he said, “for all the excitement going on around you.”

“Well, I’m married.  I don’t want to cross the line, though I am allowed to dream.” He clearly had a hard-on pushing against his pants.

“So you’re saying you don’t take action then, just sit by and dream about it?”

“I guess.” I sat on my bed, across from him, just the narrow passage the width of the night table between us. I was ready to go into the shower, but something kept me sitting there. Maybe the way Robert was looking at me, questioning me the way he had questioned Rebecca at the bar, and drawing her in.

“Well, that’s no way to live,” he said. “You gotta live at least a little, you know.  There are experiences out there if you give in to them from time to time. Man, is my dick hard.”

The way he slipped that last statement in took me aback. My throat felt thick, as though anything I might want to add to the conversation had been forced back.

“You didn’t get horny when she grabbed your dick?”

He saw that? “Well, yeah, of course.”

“And you just stood there enjoying it.  That could’ve been you in my place by the bathroom if you were a little more forceful. She’s have been on her knees in front of you.”

“I guess I’m just not that way,” I said. “I’m more go-with-the-flow.  If she kept tugging me along, I probably would have followed after her.”

“But now you’re just going to jerk off in the shower,” he said.

I couldn’t believe he just said that. I felt a rush of embarrassment and a stirring in my groin.

“But I’ve met guys like you before. You just need to be pushed in the right direction. If she tugged you along, you would have done what she said. So I guess you like to be told what to do.  Not cross the line, put be pulled across.”

“Yes,” I said, my voice catching. “You could say that.”

“I bet you would even suck a dick if she told you to.”

I was stunned into silence.  My heart beat hard.  I could see where this was going, and if I were to say what I was thinking in that moment, that would lay out the rest of the night. There would be no turning back.

“Well?  Would you suck a dick? I really need a blowjob, and I saw how you were checking me out before.”

Another rush of embarrassment came over me. He had noticed me checking him out!

“You’ve been eyeing my goods since you walked into the room today. It was kind of cool, knowing that if I struck out at the bar I would at least have your mouth to get me off. So come on. Are you going to take my cock out and suck on it?”

“Yes,” I said. And I sat there.  I wanted him to tell me what to do.

He must have known this, for the next thing he said was, “Then get your little ass off the bed, dig my cock out and suck on it, my little cock slut.”

The next moment played out like in a dream.  I was pulling his zipper down while he just lay there, waiting for me to obey his command.

“You ever have cock before, slut?”

“No,” I said. I pulled his jeans and underwear down over his muscular thighs. I’d seen the big bulbous head of his penis at the bar, so I was not too surprised at the thickness of his big dick.  He was big and rippled with veins, and the tip was already wet with pre-cum.

“Lick it,” he said.

I put my head near his stomach and licked up the shaft.  The smell was musky, the taste salty.

“Keep licking it up and down.”

I couldn’t believe I was doing this – and loving it! I licked the shaft up and down, the ache at the core of my body growing with each flick of my tongue.

“Mmmm,” Robert said. His cock jumped with my tongue flicks, and I had to bob my head after it if I wanted it in my mouth.

“Put your lips around the head. Good. Now I want to feel a little suction.  I want to feel your tongue around the tip of my dick.”

I wouldn’t call it the tip, but the knob.  It felt so big in my mouth. I slid my mouth down further. I was sucking my first cock.

“Go on and suck it off,” he said. “Your mouth is so good.  Fuck. Yeah, suck my cock you little slut.  Do you like when I call you a slut?”

“Mmm-hmm,” I said, going further down on him. I was in bliss. The more I sucked him, the more I wanted him.

“Use your hands, too,” he said.  Cup my balls.”

I must have blown him for a good ten minutes, popping his cock out now and again to look at it and then feverishly gobble it again.  It was shiny and wet with my spit in the dim light of the bedside lamp. Each long stroke I gave with my hand sent a shiver through me that came to rest in my groin.  I pumped and pumped and pumped his cock with my eager mouth.

“You better not make me cum yet, you little cock slut,” he said. You’re mine all night, you know that.  I’m going to teach you to be a good little slut for me.”

I took his cock out of my mouth. “Do you want me to slow down?”

“Did I say you could talk? Your job is to listen and do what I say. Now suck me.”

I obeyed.  I wanted to taste his cum so badly now, but I wanted this to last, too. I slowed my pace.

“I know you want a mouth full of jizz, slut.  That’s why you obey me.  If you’re good, you’ll get your reward.  You want my cum?”


“Good.” With that, he took his cock away, pulled it right out of my mouth with his hand, and he stood up.

I still knelt on the bed, my face wet with spit and drool on my chin. I so badly wanted to keep going.

He started taking his clothes off. “Do you have that room number in your pocket still?”

How did he know about the napkin Greg had given me?

“Don’t give me that innocent look. I know you have it, you dirty slut. I know you were planning to have Greg come over and fuck you.  You can’t keep secrets from me.”

I reached into my pocket and took out the napkin.

“Good,” he said. “Now we’re going to invite your friend over for fun. You made a promise to him, didn’t you? Don’t talk unless I say. Didn’t you?”

I shook my head.

“You said if there was any action tonight you would call him up and invite him for some.

I shook my head.

“Good, little slut. Good.” He had taking his clothes off.  His raging hard-on bobbed so close to my waiting mouth.  I wanted to get it back in my throat. I would do anything for that.

“Take your clothes off and lay on your bed. I don’t want to sleep in a puddle of cum tonight, but I bet you do. Get on your stomach.”

I eagerly did as he said.  Then he told me to stick my ass up with my legs apart and get comfortable like that, for that would be my position for most of the weekend. I was so horny, exposed like that, not knowing what he was going to have me do or do to me.

He put the phone near my head, and before dialing Greg’s room, he told me, “Greg likes a nice piece of ass.  You’re going to call him up and ask him over for some fresh tight ass.”

Greg picked up on the third ring. He remembered giving me the napkin at the bar. “So you guys got something going on over there?”

“Yes,” I said into the phone.

“Ask him if he wants to fuck a tight ass,” Robert said, pushing the head of his cock against my cheek and my nose.

“Do you want to fuck a tight ass, Greg?” I said.

“Shit,” Greg said.  “I’ll be over in fifteen minutes.” He hung up.

Robert then stuck his dick in my mouth and had me blow him while he squeezed my ass cheeks. After a few minutes of this, he stopped, went to his bag, and took some things out.  I was not allowed to move. While I knelt there on hands and knees, he blindfolded me, and did other things to me, all the while talking.

“I want you to wear this for me,” he said, fitting the blindfold on. “I have more surprises for you, cocksucker.” Then he rubbed his lubed hands on my ass, his fingertips brushing over my asshole and dipping in around the rim. “This is a good little obedient ass.  Look at that little puckering hole.  I bet you can’t wait to take a dick up there. Greg’s got a big one.  Do you think you can handle a big one?” Now he pushed a finger into my butthole. He slowly fingered me. “I’m just warming you up for the party: a sausage party.  You thought that was funny before, on the way to the bar.  I saw that look on your face though.  You like the idea.  More cock than you can handle sounds like fun, doesn’t it?” with that, he slid something thick and stiff and oiled in my ass—a sizeable butt plug—and he put his dick back in my mouth. I hungrily sucked on it. “You’re so obedient. You’re so vulnerable.  Look at your little ass up in the air, waiting for some dick.  You want dick in your ass?  Yes?  I bet you do.  I bet you could suck and fuck five dicks and be ready for more.”

That’s when the bell rang.  Robert pulled his dick out of my mouth, spanked my ass, and then went to answer the door. What I heard next sent chills down my spine. Not just Greg’s voice, but a small gathering of voices entered the space of the room.

“Who do you have in here?”

“Wow, it’s all ready for us.”

A hand caressed my ass. “Nice.”

“He’s a good little faggot,” Robert said.  “I nearly blew my load down his throat.”

“Look at him eager for cock. You want my cock?” one of the men said.  And then he yanked the plug out of my butt, I felt my asshole clench and open, and as it opened a big hard cock just slid right in and started fucking me madly.  Another cock went to my mouth. I was getting fucked from both ends.  I couldn’t believe how willing I was, or how lucky.  The men took turns filling me with their cocks and coming on my back.  There must have been six of them, all Robert’s buddies, and after each blew their load, they thanked Robert, some of them smacking my ass goodbye. When the last one left, Robert took the mask off.

“Now, my little cock hungry slut: dessert.  You may swallow my come.”

I was ravenous. I put his throbbing dick in my mouth and slowly blew him, my thighs wet with cum from my gang bang.

“You suck it,” he said, “and I’ll massage your sore little asshole.  You’ll need it ready for tomorrow.  My friends made that tight little hole ready for my big dick.”

As he said this, a small squirt more of pre cum leaked onto my tongue.  I could feel his dick thicken.  His balls in my hands tighten. He was about to come hard in my mouth.

I was so fucking hungry for it. I so wanted his hot sticky come.

Then it happened. He spurt hot come in my mouth and I nearly choked on it.  The cum was salty and spilled out over my lips, but still I sucked at his engorged dick.

“That’s right little slut. Worship my cock.  Lick it all up.”

When I finished cleaning his cock with my tongue, he fingered my asshole while I jerked off to orgasm, and then I collapsed in exhaustion on my come-soaked bed.

“Good night, slut,” he said. “Get some rest. You have a big date at the gym in the morning.”

I couldn’t wait.

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