Old friends, new habits.

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I hadn’t seen Jackie in ages. In high school we had always been best friends, but with my going away to college, we had grown apart. But since she had always been there for me, I had always tried my best to stay in touch with her.
I was going to go back to my hometown, to visit family, and decided to maybe call on Jackie, if time allowed it. One night I was walking through the neighbourhoods I had grown up in, and found myself on a very familiar street. Looking around I noticed that I was indeed on her street. I don’t know why, but as I walked towards Jackie’s house, my heart-rate quickened. Why was I reacting like this? We had stayed in touch, but it was true that I hadn’t actually seen her in almost five years. Why was I nervous? I couldn’t find an answer to this question, not could I stop myself from going up to her door, and ringing the doorbell. No turning back now. Maybe she wouldn’t be home. But she was. I could hear footsteps coming closer to the door, from the other side. Soon she’d be standing in front of me, and I had no idea what to say. I didn’t even know why I was here, ringing her doorbell. Would she even recognise me? Or remember me?
-“Hi Jackie—.”
-“Alex?! Oh my God!”
-“You recognise me! I wasn’t sure if you would.”
-“We were best friends, of course I would! Wow! Come on in!”
Her place looked the same. A wave of calm washed over me. The energy in this place had always been positive, and it felt great to be back.. Jackie asked me if I wanted tea, and as I nodded yes, we walked into the kitchen. Like so many other times, her step-mother was sitting on a wooden stool by the table, reading the newspaper, wearing only her robe.
-“Well, well, well. Alexandra. God, you look great! Big city life must be treating you good.”
-“Hey Mrs M. Long time no see.”
Mrs M had always liked me. I was a good kid, and I was always polite. She put down her newspaper and came over to give me a hug. As she put her arms around me, I had to close my eyes to take in her scent. She smelt heavenly of coconut. She let go, looked me in the eyes, gave me a wink and walked back to her reading. Jackie came over to give me my cup of tea and said:
-“Alex, let’s go talk. We have so much catching up to do!”
-“Yeah, great! Bye Mrs M.”
-“Bye Alex. Ohh, and hun’, you’re old enough to call me Erica.”
-“Alright! Bye Erica.”
I walked out of the kitchen, smiling to myself. Erica. It suited her.
Jackie took me to her room. Gone were the boy-band posters. Intead the room had been turned into a little haven. Blues and whites. Silks and satines. It was perfect. We walked over to her bed and sat on it. It was as if we were 15 again. As if we had seen each other just the other day. We picked up the conversation as if we had ended it just a few hours earlier. Everything was back to normal. We talked about everything between heaven and earth. Career, love, relationships, sex, future… everything. Jackie told me how she and her step-mom had gotten really close, and how they were now good friends. Jackies dad had died a few years prior, and since then it has only been the two of them. I told her about my failed relationships and my craving for sex. She smiled.
-“I don’t know if you ever noticed but I’m gay, Alex.”
-“What? No way?! No, I really had not noticed. Since when have you known?”
-“About two years ago. I was really attracted to this one woman, and I figured that that kind of attraction had to mean something.”
By now, we were lying on Jackie’s bed, on our sides, facing each other.
-“Wow. Well are you happy?”
-“Yeah. I mean, it’s as hard to find dates for me as it is for straight people, so no difference there. And the sex is amazing. So, why complain?”
-“Amazing? Hard to imagine. But if you say so, I’m, happy for you.”
-“Thanks. And don’t freak out or something, but you really do look amazing, just like Erica said.”
-“Thanks. I feel good. I never did before. But I do now. I think that changed the way people saw me.”
-“Might have. But you were always really pretty.”
As she said those last words, I really looked at her. I hadn’t ever REALLY looked at her. She was stunning. She had gorgeous blue eyes. Wavy chatain hair. And curves to die for. As I looked into her eyes, I found I had to focus on my breathing.
She felt it too. She moved closer, but made sure I could decide what was going to happen. I leaned in, and kissed her. Her lips were full and soft. And she tasted amazing. Something in my head just clicked. I was all over her. I wanted her so badly. She had always been so close, but I never saw. Within minutes our shirts and bras were gone and our pants unbuttoned. Jackie went straight for my breasts but I needed more. My hand found it’s way into her underwear, and soon I was easing my fingers into her. She was wet. And very tight. She welcomed my touch by guiding my fingers deeper, and moaning softly. She moved her hands from my breasts, down my stomach into my pants. She was an expert. I was soon ready to cum, when the door opened.
-“Can I join?”
Erica was standing in the doorway, holding a small bag. Jackie looked at me, and I nodded. What was I supposed to do? Refuse a gorgeous woman from taking part?
Jackie and I continued and Erica stepped into the room. She placed her bag on the desk and let her robe fall to the floor. She did not look a day over 30, yet she was at least ten years older. Her skin looked velvety soft, and she was well groomed… all over. Erica walked over to the bed, where Jackie and me were now engrossed in each other. She first walked over to me. She began taking my pants off, and as soon as they were, she did the same to Jackie. Out underwear followed. We were now naked. Erica walked back to the desk where her mystery bag was standing, and opened it. Jackie stopped kissing me, and we both tried to see what Erica was doing. Out of the bag she pulled two toys. In one hand she held a jelly dildo, and in the other a vibrating dildo. She stood in front of us, trying to decide which of us would get which toy. As I was kissing Jackie, Erica walked over to her, spread her legs, made the jelly dildo wet with her sailva and put it towards Jackies clit. She was wet enough for the dildo to slide in with no problem. Jackie was loving it. She moaned, and moved with Erica’s penetration. With the other hand she eased the vibrating dildo into me. It felt amazing. I had not had sex in ages, I was tight. The feeling of being filled up was powerful.
With a toy in each hand, Erica expertly read our sings. She knew when to pause and when to really give it to us. All the while, we were kissing frantically. Feeling Jackied tongue in my mouth, looking at Erica and being fucked by a dildo soon proved to much. I came like never before. I quivered, and I don’t think that I had ever been that wet. Jackie was still getting it. There was only one thing left to do. As Erica screwed Jackie with the jelly toy, I moved down towards her beautiful pussy. I put out the tip of my tongue, and touched her clit gently. She grabbed on to the sheets to contain herself. I then let my tongue move up and down her cunt, always stopping a little longer on her clit. Jackies hands tightened around the sheets she was so desperately clutching too. I felt that she was near, so I stopped at the clit, put my lips around her and sucked. With every suck, I could sense her get nearer. By the time she came, she was sweating. She moaned to deep, so heavily. She looked over at me, and kissed me. One last time.

I haven’t seen her since then. It was fun. It was amazing. Just as she had said. But it was only a one-time thing. A one-time thing I will never forget though.

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  1. Tony

    Great story I e-mailed you a Surprise

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  2. axenoos

    Love you story about the dinner party. Thank you.

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