I’m 30 years old now, but years ago when I was growing up as a young teenager, my friend and I Dave spent a lot of time together and were both very curious. We would play and satisfy each other and eventually by the time we were 16 – 17, we used to suck each others cocks. Neither of us had any other gay tendencies apart from these sexual acts with each other.
As we went through our 20’s, our lives took different courses and we eventually lost touch. And then 2 years ago I received an invite to Dave’s wedding.( well to the evening celebration ) I went along and enjoyed a good evening, met briefely with his new wife Deb and chatted to Dave about what had been happening in our lives over recent years. We exchanged phone numbers and agreed to keep in touch and go out for a beer at some point.
A few weeks later I received a text from Dave saying that he was free for the evening but what with the recent wedding couldn’t afford to go out and could he visit the flat. I said of course, and so he came round.
We chatted for an hour or so and then he asked to go to the toilet. He was gone a long time and then I heard him call me through to my bedroom. I walked through and found him on my bed naked playing with his placid cock. He said that since we’d recently spoken he’s been thinking about old times. I was really shocked and had put our experiences down to curiousity growing up. He asked me to suck his cock. Without a word of argument I found myself next to him on the bed with his massive cock in my hand. It was soon rock hard, and I began to move my mouth up and down his shaft. I concentrated my tongue on and around his purple helmet. He began to moan with pleasure and was saying it felt so good. I asked me if I was enjoying myself, and all I could muster was a satisfying “mmmm” as I continued to work my mouth round his erection. I began to feel my own cock stiffen through my jeans but feeling quite nervous, I didn’t answer yes when asked if I wanted it sucked. He told me he wanted to cum in my mouth and so I started to wank his cock and hold the tip close to my mouth. He was soon cuming and shooting deep into my mouth.
We saw one another a couple of more times like that over the next 6 months or so, nothing regular but each time we’d take it in turns to suck each other off. Then one night he invited me round to his house. Saying his wife’s kids were round their Dad’s for the weekend. His wife was going to be their as she wanted to meet me again. Deb was 38 at the time, but in the most amazing shape. Beautifully slim, wonderful full “C” cup breasts and killer eyes. The evening went as I suspected – a few drinks, nervous conversation and then as there was nothing on the TV, Dave suggested he put a porno on. Although slightly surprised, I didn’t say no. After a while Dave left the room to get some more drinks. I looked accross to the opposite sofa whre Deb was sitting and could she had her hand down her trousers and on top of her pussy. She looked accross at me and smiled. I didn’t know what to do or think. I wonderd if it was a set up or if she was just teasing me off her own back. By then, Dave was coming back and she straightened up and and we both locked onto the porn. As Dave sat down he sarcastically asked if we’d been have fun without him. We both just laughed.
A few more moments passed and then D & D began to start kissing and touching each other as I looked on. She undid his jeans and he did the same to her. They were soon donn to wearing nothing but underwear. She was wearing a sexy white lacy bra and matching thong. They carried on and began to have sex right in front of me. I couldn’t resist but undo my jean and play with my hard dick as continued to fuck and lick each other. They moved onto the floor in front of me and then Dave whispered in her ear. she moved towards me on hands and knees and took my cok from my hand and began to suck it. As she did, Dave entered her from behind. It was amazing. I couldn’t beleive he was allowing it, not only that, but enjoying it. He then asked me to lick her arse. I moved down and as she was on all fours, I spread her cheeks apart and began to tongue in and around her whole, it tasted so sweet. As I did this, he moved himself underneath her and she began sucking his cock. He then said I could fuck her arse and did I want ot cum inside her. I didn’t hesitate – I was immediately onto my knees and and easing my hard cock into her sweet tight arse. She moaned with pain first but once I was fully inside her and was rocking gently, she began to enjoy it. I began moving faster and told them that I was xlose to cumming. She began wanking D’s cock and when he told her he was goingto cum, I couldn’t hold back as I saw him sqirt his warm cum over her face. My orgasm exploded inside her arse as I rocked back and forth. We both then lay Deb on her back and pampered her with our tongues and fingers, taking it in turns to lick her erect clit and hardenned nipples until eventually as D sucked away at her clit, he reached climax and cum into his mouth. As she did, she whispered into my ear that she loved my cock and next time wanted inside her wet pussy whether Dave was there or not…………………

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