PERFECT OBEDIANCE *perfection part 2*

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She whimpered against the emptiness left behind by his pulling away. He looked at her and said, ” Come meet our guests.” Taking her hand he led her to the couple, standing slightly in the shadows watching the display. “Tra my pet, this is my associate and his pet Camile.” She let her eyes travel the length of him in his t-shirt and jeans. He wasnt bad looking, but there was a cruelness in his eyes, that her Master lacked. She then let her gaze settle on the female with him. She was shorter then Tra, and a little plumper. Hispanic maybe. She had short black, curly hair, almost like a pixie cut. Ample breasts with dark nipples that showed thru her white top. Her waist wasnt as near as small as Tras but she wasnt fat. She had wide hips, but not bulging and thick thighs.

Tra wasnt revulted, but nor was she attracted. She desperately hoped, Master wasnt in the mood for sharing. She had no desire to be somthered by the other womans large tits or thighs.

He smiled as he watched the emotions cross her face. He even allowed himself to giggle. This caught her attention and she had the grace to blush, when she realized he knew what she was thinking. He pulled her to him and brushed his lips against her ear and whisperd, “No my sexy little bitch, you will not be forced to endure any ethnic foods. You will be used for mine and my associates pleasure and to teach his new pet how to behave. So you will be on your best behavior, right?”

She thought for a moment and wondered at his statement. She so enjoyed his punishments, his wrath was almost as pleasurable as his love. Deciding against rebellion, for now she nodded and kissed him sensually. Her hand resting on his chest, the nipple underneath responding to her touch. He crushed her to him once more grinding his cock into her pussy. Her clit throbbed with the need to get at her lover. He pushed her away and told her to fix them all some drinks. She obeyed as she listened to the two mens chatter about the ins and outs of pet ownership. More then once she heard Masters associate comment on her body and the way she moved. As she braught the drinks, Master using his black cane, stopped her and told her to remove her dress. She did as she was told, for she knew to refuse meant the cane would land across her ass. He never welted her like some pets got, but it hurt none the less.

She place the drink tray on a side table and began to slowly remove her dress. His associate watched the rise and fall of her tits as she removed the dress. The way her rib cage showed along her belly. The glittering jewel of her belly ring. The slight flare of her hips as they decended down to her incredibly long legs. His mouth watered and he looked to her Master. You could see that askance in his eyes. Her Master nodded to the other man, giving permission for him to get up and inspect. He rose and moved toward Tra. She stood perfectly still her skin anticipating his touch. They couldnt not touch. To her suprise he was quite gentle. The back of his fingers grazed her arm. “Like silk” he said. Master smiled and again only nodded. He walked behind her and standing mere centimeters from her back. So close she could feel the heat of him. His breath on her hair. She heard him sniff at her hair and his lips with a small lap of his tongue, brush her shoulder. He groaned, “God man she tastes like sugar and wine. Smells like heaven and earth.” Walking to the front of her he stood hands across her chest and asked, “How does she listen? Looks dont mean an obediant pet.” Master stood and walking to Tra looked her up and down and said, “On your knees.” In one motion she dropped in front of her Master. Her knees hitting the floor with a soft thud. You could see that the man was impressed. He patted Masters back and said,” let us drink a while. You can show me more of ur delicious pet.” The latter was said while his tongue retasted his lips, where her skin had touched. From lowered lids Tra saw the impending jealousy in the man’s own pets eyes.

One rule for slave ownership. Ones pet must never become or at least to never show jealousy of anothers pet.

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