Perfection Condensed Into One LONG Story…Enjoy

He’d lent her the truck for the day, with the message that there would be little hints to the evening’s events. Telling her that if she could figure out the game she could be the player of her choice.Intrigued, she thought all day about the games he’d played in the past with her. None have ever been so secretive. The possibilities were endless, seeing as his imagination was vast. Around 1 pm she got her usual lunch time phone call. She was picnicking out in the courtyard of the nursing home where she worked.“Hello baby, how’s my girl today?” he said as she answered.“I’m good, sweetie. Want to tell me about this game we’ll be playing later?” she asked.All he said was, “Nope, the hints are in the truck, if you care to search.”They chatted a bit and then her break was over. Before they hung up, he had her describe the scrubs she was wearing that day. He loved her in her nursing scrubs. Especially since they’d come out with short skirts and hip hugging pants. The day was warm so she’d told him she’d chosen a black mini with a cutesy Tinkerbell top, with black trim. No panties and his favorite black lace bra. She heard him growl over the phone and told him he was terrible, with a giggle they hung up.

Work seemed to drag on and she was sure it was from the need to search the truck for clues. The day finally came to a close and she took the truck to the car wash to search it. It needed a cleaning so she figured, kill two birds with one stone. First she removed all the trash, finding an envelope that said ‘open last’. Knowing she was being watched, as he’d installed play cams he called them, to watch her play when the mood struck if she were sitting in traffic, she had to obey the rules. She vacuumed first the drivers side of the truck. Finding a blind fold and a leather belt he’d fixed to her wrist size months before, under the seat. She smiled at the memory of the belt. Her pussy twitched along with the memory.

As she started passenger side of the truck, she found a box with a new purple and black bra and panty set, and thigh high Mistress boots, under that seat. Wondering why he’d combined the items caused her to rethink her original idea for the night. He never let her be Mistress and slave on the same night. Forgetting for the time being about what game he may be playing, she finished the vacuuming and headed to the auto wash. She relaxed in her seat as the young man pre scrubbed her front end. As he neared her drivers window, she shifted in her seat, showing him the tanned expanse of her long legs. She saw him watching and shifted again, giving him a view of naked shaved pussy. He pressed his crotch to the window, and gave the thumbs up to the camera. She smiled, shaking her head with the wonderment of why he let her play with his friends as he did.

She’d let him play with couple of hers but only base play, some kisses and caresses. He liked to watch her masturbate while his friends watched. Liked the compliments he got as she worked herself into a frenzied cum. Telling her when she’d asked why, that there wasn’t enough magic in the world and that to see her squirting all over was pure magic and it would be wrong of him not to share with a choice few. Realizing the truck was moving into the wash brought her back to the envelope in her lap. She opened it to find a hotel room key. She knew the hotel well. It was called the Play Pen and was for all sorts of fantasy role playing. They often went there so he could bring her to squirting orgasms that filled little cups for hungry young men, who’d never seen it before. Again telling her that he shared because to taste of her sweet nectar, was to taste life itself. She often wondered how he picked the specific men, that got the pleasure of “assisting” him when he was being generous.. But knew better then to ask.
A little note fell from the envelope and she read it as the last brush of the wash hit the truck.

Take care to bath longingly, wear your hair the way I like it and dress in the gifts I’ve given you. You will wear the outfit on the bed at home and douse yourself in your liquid pheromones. Meet me at the specified room, no later then 8 pm and take 3 shots of our good friend Jose.

Seriously intrigued that he wanted the pheromones on her. She was only allowed that pleasure when he wanted to watch other men crave her and not have her. This game was not something she could figure out and gave up trying. Letting him decide what role she’d play would be more fun, considering all the combos he was throwing in.

Driving back from the car wash she noticed it was already 6 pm. She didn’t have much time. Arriving at the house she quickly unlocked the door, stripping on her way to the bathroom. Filling the Jacuzzi with scented bath and pheromone, her one secret he didn’t know, which drove HIM crazy with lust, that she not only dabbed it on, she bathed in its oil. She went to the bar and poured herself two shots of tequila as the tub filled. Curiosity getting the better of her she headed for the bedroom to see the outfit. Passing the hall clock she saw she didn’t have time to pre scope the clothes. Turning into the bathroom she entered the tub and sighed as the warm water lapped at her aching muscles. She leaned against the back of the tub enjoying the scent of her soap and the tingling sensations the pheromones brought to her skin. The need to pleasure herself was strong, but she held back. He’d know if she did and she would be punished. He gave her no instructions to cum.

Exiting the tub, she wrapped a towel from the warmer around her nakedness and went to get dressed. She smiled when she saw the clothes laid out…

She arrived at the hotel at 7:45. She had 15 mins to get to the room. As she walked the hall looking for the room number her mind searched the recesses to recall this particular room. Realizing it was new, she got a little nervous. The events were too strange to remain calm. She said hello to the fellow patrons she knew and the new faces she didn’t. She could feel all their eyes following her movements. Not knowing why, she didn’t think she was so special. She was only herself and he constantly tried to tell her she was a treasure. She found room 666, smiling at that and entered.

The room was dimly lit and only with scented candles and one small lamp by the huge 4 poster bed. Had it not been for the silk scarfs hanging from the 4 posts it would have seemed romantic. Her body trembled and a chill went down her spine. Noticing a note one the bed she went and peered at it. ‘Please join us in the adjoining room, Love Master.’

Having received no phone calls with a guess from her she gave him the choice of Master tonight. She felt almost afraid. Who is ‘us’ and why here? The questions plagued her as she headed for the door in the side wall.

He heard the click and knew as he glanced at his watch, right on time he, thought. His breath caught as she entered the room. He known she’d look gorgeous, but not breathtaking. The outfit he’d chosen was a silky, sheer mini dress. It was a deep purple amethyst. Her birthstone. The bra and panty set showed magnificently through the fabric. The bit of tanned thigh showing between the boot tops and dress hem made his groin tighten. He heard gasps from the other man and woman in the room. She’d heard them too, but her eyes wouldn’t leave his to find where they were located and who they were. He could see her tits heaving and knew she was nervous and excited.

He knew her scent and could smell her moist, excited heat. His cock swelled some more and he knew he’d made the right choice for tonight. He walked to her and kissed her with all the need his cock was sending. Her mouth opened under his and their tongues explored each other. His hands slid around her small waist and down to cup her luscious apple bottom. He pressed his aching length against her burning core. She sighed into his mouth and he slid his hand up to cup her left tit. His thumb grazing the hardened nipple underneath. He loved them. Their size, shape, feel, taste. He especially loved fucking them, bringing himself to orgasm all over their silky beauty. He growled as her hand found his hardness, rubbing it through his jeans. He ripped himself away from her wanting need. He needed to be strong tonight. She was going to be a shinning example of the perfect slave and she didn’t even know it.

Perfection part 2She whimpered against the emptiness left behind by his pulling away.He looked at her and said, “Come meet our guests.”Taking her hand he led her to the couple, standing slightly in the shadows watching the display.“Tra my pet, this is my associate and his pet, Camile.”She let her eyes travel the length of him in his t-shirt and jeans. He wasn’t bad looking, but there was a cruelness in his eyes that her Master lacked. She then let her gaze settle on the female with him. She was shorter then Tra, and a little plumper. Hispanic maybe. She had short black, curly hair, almost like a pixie cut. Ample breasts with dark nipples that showed through her white top. Her waist wasn’t nearly as small as Tra’s, but she wasn’t fat. She had wide hips, but not bulging and thick thighs.

Tra wasn’t revolted, but nor was she attracted. She desperately hoped Master wasn’t in the mood for sharing. She had no desire to be smothered by the other woman’s large tits or thighs.

He smiled as he watched the emotions cross her face. He even allowed himself to giggle. This caught her attention and she had the grace to blush, when she realized he knew what she was thinking.

He pulled her to him and brushed his lips against her ear and whispered, “No my sexy little bitch, you will not be forced to endure any ethnic foods. You will be used for mine and my associate’s pleasure and to teach his new pet how to behave. So you will be on your best behavior, right?”

She thought for a moment and wondered at his statement. She so enjoyed his punishments, his wrath was almost as pleasurable as his love. Deciding against rebellion for now, she nodded and kissed him sensually. Her hand resting on his chest, the nipple underneath responding to her touch. He crushed her to him, once more grinding his cock into her pussy. Her clit throbbed with the need to get at her lover. He pushed her away and told her to fix them all some drinks. She obeyed as she listened to the two men chatter about the ins and outs of pet ownership. More then once she heard Master’s associate comment on her body and the way she moved. As she brought the drinks, Master using his black cane, stopped her and told her to remove her dress. She did as she was told, for she knew to refuse meant the cane would land across her ass. He never welted her like some pets got, but it hurt none the less.

She placed the drink tray on a side table and began to slowly remove her dress. His associate watched the rise and fall of her tits as she removed the dress. The way her rib cage showed along her belly. The glittering jewel of her belly ring. The slight flare of her hips as they descended down to her incredibly long legs. His mouth watered and he looked to her Master. You could see that askance in his eyes. Her Master nodded to the other man, giving permission for him to get up and inspect. He rose and moved toward Tra. She stood perfectly still, her skin anticipating his touch. They couldn’t not touch. To her surprise he was quite gentle. The back of his fingers grazed her arm.

“Like silk” he said.

Master smiled and again only nodded. He walked behind her and stood mere centimeters from her back. So close she could feel the heat of him. He breathed in the scent of her hair. She heard him softly growl and lick his lips with a small lap of his tongue, and then brush her shoulder.

He groaned, “God man, she tastes like sugar and wine. Smells like heaven and earth.”

Walking to the front of her he stood hands across his chest and asked, “How does she listen? Looks don’t mean an obedient pet.”

Master stood and walking to Tra, looking her up and down he said, “On your knees.”

In one motion she dropped in front of her Master. Her knees hitting the floor with a soft thud. Master grabbing her head and pulling it into his aching crotch. She felt the throb of hic cock, and obediently licked at his pants when told to. You could see that the man was impressed.

He patted Masters back and said, “Let us drink a while. You can show me more of your delicious pet.”

The latter was said while his tongue re-tasted his lips where her skin had touched. From lowered lids Tra saw the impending jealousy in the man’s own pet’s eyes. One rule for being a pet: One pet must never become, or at least never show, jealousy of another pet.

Part 3

Tra was told to bring the drinks. She did so. First depositing the sissy drink of the other woman in her perfectly manicured hand. The man came next. As she placed his drink in his hand she watched as his eyes stared intently at her nicely tanned tits, the tops almost spilling from the lacy bra. Her nipples hardening more at the smoldering look he gave her. His tongue traced his lips, his mouth gone dry. He shifted his hips. The movement causing her to glance into his lap. His cock jumped and her eyes flew back to his face. He grinned. A lecherous grin, that made her look away and to her Master for help. He motioned for his drink. The move to hand it to him pointed her delectable ass in the leeches direction. The feel of a wet tongue on her cheek caused Tra to jump and almost spill his drink in his lap.

As bad as Master felt for her, he couldn’t help but smile. She should know to anticipate any touch, when they are with others. Although he sternly reprimanded her for not paying attention, it didn’t show in his eyes. There was only sympathy for her embarrassment.

For a while the guys talked as the pets sat at their Masters feet. Every so often Master would touch Tra intimately. Either a brush of breast, a tweak of a nipple, a graze of his fingers along the edge or her panties. Twice he let his hand slip along the warm, wet fabric between her legs. She was breathing heavy and squirming. Partly wishing Master would get on with it. Kind of glad he hadn’t.

Apparently the other man was thinking the same thing. He stood, and called his pet to him. She knelt at his feet. Head bowed. There was an almost broken look about her. Tra was again reminded that she was lucky and Loved. She watched as the man told his pet to suck his cock. She looked up and hesitated. The resounding slap made Tra cringe.

Master jumped up and took hold of the man’s hand. “There is no need for that here.”

The man looked sorry and gently kissed and apologized to his pet. Something rarely seen among owners.

Master took hold of Tras hand and asked if she would like a shot. She nodded and he immediately poured her one. He waited for her to swallow her shot and then took her mouth in a hungry kiss that told her he was done playing nice. His hands wrapped themselves in her hair and he ground his mouth into hers. Their tongues dueled and fought. Her breathing rasping out. She clutched at his shirt. Pressed her pussy into his hardened cock. He picked her up and she wrapped her long silky legs around his hips. The heat of her snatch burning into his pants. He could feel the throbbing of her sex calling to his cock. His hands gripped her hips hard and he drove his tongue deeper into her mouth. She accepted without hesitation, driving back with her own. She wrapped tighter around him and started rocking her swollen, aching bud against his jean clad hardness. He tore from her mouth, devouring her neck. Biting and licking her collar bone. His breathing came in a harsh in and out pattern. He undid the clasp to her bra, freeing her beautiful tits. His mouth covered one nipple and then the other, sucking like a starving babe. He was emitting little moans of delight. His hands pulling her hard against him.

The man stopped the slow petting of his own slave and walked up to the writhing couple. He put his hand between them feeling the sopping wetness of her panties and the pre cum soaking his jeans.

“Hey bro, your loosing control here,” he said.

Slowly, as if in a drug induced fog, Master looks to his associate and his words register. He looks at Tra’s kiss swollen lips and the bite marks on her neck. Her naked breasts, down her heaving belly to the spot where they are still clothed but joined as closely as possible. He suddenly feels the wetness of his clothes. The aching hardness of his cock. The tightness of her thighs around his waist.

He looked at her face, her heavy eyelids and the blazing fire told him she was almost ready. He couldn’t believe how close he’d come to being enslaved by her.

He set her down a little more harshly then intended and ordered her to the previous room. She walked into the adjoining bedroom, closely followed by the other couple.

She could hear the man telling his pet, “See that’s how you should behave. Do it the first time you are told.”

Again Tra caught the underlining jealousy as the woman dipped her head and mumbled, “And we are not all so lucky to have him,” she angled her eyes in Masters direction, “as their Master.”

After entering the bedroom, Tra was ordered to remove her panties. She did so and handed them off to Master’s outstretched hand. He held the soaked material to his nose, as is sniffing a fine wine. Then he handed them off to the other man who did the same and took it further to put them in his mouth and suck them, the whole time staring at Tra’s silky smooth pussy. An audible “mmmmm” escaped his throat as the taste of her juice entered his mouth

 After the removing of her panties, Master made her get on the bed on her hands and knees. With her knees on the edge of the bed. She did as told. Her ass pointing high and at them. She looked back over her shoulder and Master groaned half silently. Lord did he wish he’d rubbed one out before he got here. She was so juicy tonight, he didn’t know if he’d last. The other man heard the groan and seeing the sexually sweet torment cross his associates face knew he was going to crack soon if something wasn’t done.

The man looked back at Tra’s upturned ass and glistening slit. He whispered something to Master. She watched as Master got out the blindfold and belt. He put the blindfold on, whispering in her ear how much he loved her, how hot she was making him tonight. How much trouble she was going to be in if he couldn’t last.

She had no idea that as she was being blindfolded, the other man had called his pet over and was putting the leather belt on her. Her wrists behind her back so he had control with a simple tug of leather. He bent down and whispered in her ear. She frowned and shook her head. A tug up brought her arms up high and painful. She cried out and relented.

Tra felt hands all over her. She knew one set was Master’s, the other set must have belonged to the other man. She felt them at her tits, her nipples, her belly, her hips, her thighs, her ass cheeks, her neck, everywhere but her aching, seeping pussy. She heard the small whimpers coming from her mouth and reached for a hand as it passed between her thighs but not touching her center.Her hand was grabbed and forced back to the bed.

“You will keep still, my pet. You will not cum or you will feel the cane,” he said. There it was out, the cane was to ensure she did indeed behave. She nodded, the hands still roaming.

She heard rustling and knew clothing was being removed. Felt the bed dip and knew someone was in front of her. She felt hands at her head, guiding her. She then felt the very wet tip of a cock at her lips. Her tongue came out to taste and knew without a doubt it was her Master’s. She gobbled down the rest of him, sighing in pure bliss as he grabbed her head and held her down, his cock buried in her throat.

The hands roaming her body stopped and she suddenly felt a tongue at her dripping pussy. It started gentle and unsure at first, then hungrily began to eat at her. Its mouth sucked and nipped, tongue fucked and scooped. She had to pull her mouth from Master’s cock to let out a very deep shuddering sigh. Her body was singing from the heat of that mouth.

“mmmmm, yess, eat that pussy,” Tra moaned and arched, pushing back into the face of whomever was sucking her clit.

The hands were back. This time there was no taste test. She greedily devoured the cock pressing at her mouth. She heard a hiss and a rumbled laughter, but was too far gone to care who it belonged to. She continued inhaling the cock, like a fat kid on a candy bar. The mouth at her pussy slowed, as if it knew she was so close.

He watched as his gorgeous, delicious little fuck slave, sucked long and hard on his associate’s cock. He watched as the man’s eyes rolled back in his head and remembered the first time she had ever encased his whole cock in her tiny mouth. Angels had sang.

His eyes moved down her writhing body. The fine sheen of sweat, glistening. She was behaving tonight. Trying hard not to cum. Her cum, god what a drink. It alone could make you deliriously drunk. His eyes reached her ass and he reached out a finger to run it along the crack to the tight little bung. The first time he’d fucked that sweet ass, he’d only lasted a short time. Its tightness is his undoing. His finger traveled down her slippery slit, dipping into the heated pool at her opening. He sighed and pulled out a sopping finger. Sucking it clean he then put two thick fingers deep into her well and slowly started fucking in and out. She moaned loud around the cock in her mouth.

The man feeling the vibrations grabbed handfuls of her hair and started fucking her mouth harder. You could hear her muffled swallows as she gave him her best.

She sucked for all she was worth. If this didn’t stop soon, she was in trouble. The need to cum was about to overtake her. She knew the only way to stop or at least slow it down was to finish off the cock in her mouth. The fingers in her pussy were making it hard to concentrate. She started slamming back onto them. The face of the person munching on her clit getting soaked. She slid along their mouth, aching for release.

Master’s fingers felt her pussy walls clench three times consecutively and knew she was way too close to stop. He fucked his fingers in and out of her pussy harder and faster. Dragging his finger tips along her g spot inside. He could see the juices just gushing from her, so great was her need to cum.

He straddled the man’s pet and slapped at her face with his cock. She grabbed it in her mouth and began sucking. She was no comparison to his beauty. As she sucked him, he leaned down and started tonguing Tra’s ass. His fingers still buried in her hot snatch. The juice dripping down her clit to the bed. He could smell her excitement and knew she was getting ready. He removed his fingers and got his mouth completely around her pussy, from clit to ass and started sucking. She whimpered at the loss of fingers and then squealed with delight at the tongue that replaced them.

The other man could hold out no more and called for his pet. It was decided that he would cum nowhere inside Tra. At his pets arrival, he jammed his cock deep into her throat and exploded, with loud moans and “aaarrgghhhss”.

With the lack of cock in her mouth, Tra’s gasps, squeals and moans filled the room. She felt the tongue in her pussy. Fucking in and out, sucking. The teeth light on her clit. She was on the edge and about to step off when she felt the vast emptiness of the mouth removed.

The bed dipped twice and she felt herself dragged, hurting from the need to cum. She was placed on her knees, in the middle of the bed, facing the wall. She felt her arms tugged in opposite directions. Her wrists were tied with silk cords.

She tugged and judge it was a good tie. She then felt the stinging bite of a flat whip hit her swollen clit. She cried out, from pain and sheer pleasure. Almost cumming right then. A mouth, soft and warm, was at her nipples. She knew it to be the girl. She could smell her perfume and the two of their mixed sexes.

The girls hands traveled down Tra’s body. Grabbing handfuls of her ass cheeks and up and down between her legs. Between her pussy lips.

“OOO Master she is sooo wet. Squishy even,” She said. There was laughter and the man demanded a taste. The fingers were withdrawn and then replaced with a moan filling the air.

There was some movement and then she felt the heat of a body behind her. She felt hands come around to grab her tits. Pinching the nipples and then sliding down, deep between her legs. Her knees were shoved apart wider and a cock was thrust between, riding along the cleft of her cunt. She moaned and wondered whom it belonged to. She soon forgot as wet lips kissed her tits and neck, down her belly and to her clit. She felt hair on her belly and figured it for the girl. She felt a tongue snaked out ever time the cock head pushed thru her slit and popped out in front. It felt strange at first then very nice.

She didn’t care to think, just feel. Her body had slowed down and the threat of punishment banished for now.

part 5

The body behind her had slowed the thrusting between her lips. Every time the cock head poked through it rubbed the hard swollen clit and then met up with the girls tongue, which in turn flicked across her clit too. Her body was so heated and throbbing at every nerve. Hands pinched and tweaked her nipples. She could hear raspy breathing and the sound of a male voice softly repeating, “amazing, so wet”, over and over. This spurred her on and she started sliding back and forth along the cock. Pressing her body down onto it. Adding pressure.
So engrossed with the sweet sensations she was feeling that when the whip struck she cried out and came instantly. Cum squirting into the face and mouth of the girl lapping at her. Spraying all over the cock.

The man behind her grabbed at her tits. Big handfuls. He ground his cock into the slippery slit of Tra’s pussy. He rubbed back and forth, fast and hard. His chest pressed hard into Tra’s back. His hips slamming into her ass. Suddenly the hands were no longer on her tits, but reaching around and down to grab the girls head. She felt the girls face forced hard and held into her pussy. The angle keeping her only at the front but the man behind her didn’t seem to mind. He thrust vigorously in between her legs. His cock being jabbed hard at the open mouth of the girl in front of her.

He grabbed at the girls head and growled, “Now, open your mouth,” while holding the girls face harshly against Tra’s pussy.

Tra’s aching pussy felt the cock shoved hard once more deeply through the soaked slip of her lips and felt the girls mouth close over the head and held it while the shaft pressed deep and hard against her jumped. She could feel the cum flowing out the shaft and spewing hot cum into the little Spanish girls mouth. Her tongue lapping and sucking every drop. The mans hips bucked a couple times and the girls head was released. He slowly withdrew his cock from between Tra’s lips.

The silence that followed spoke volumes to Tra. She knew she was in trouble and didn’t know exactly where her Master was and wasn’t sure who’s cock she’d just cum all over. The blindfold was slipping and she could just see him sitting in a chair, not far away. He was in shadows, so she couldn’t see his face but she could clearly see his cock in his hand and he had obviously be stroking it quite hard and fast. The tip was purple and tight. Clearly in need of release.

He was still dressed so it wasn’t his cock that had been so sweetly driving her mad with need. That made the fact that she’d disobeyed and let herself cum that much worse.

Master felt her eyes on him and looked at her. He was clearly pleased and pissed at the same time. He got up and removed his clothes. His cock standing out proudly from his body. He stalked towards her. Her eyes never leaving the twitching rod preceding his body as he walked. She licked her lips, her mouth going dry with the want to suck him down her throat. Feel him throb at the back. He climbed upon the bed, standing above her and took the blindfold off. Grabbing her hair hard and yanking her head back he forced her to look up at him. His cock inches from her mouth. So close she could see where his pre cum had oozed out.

He leaned over her, put his mouth to her ear and whispered, “Did you enjoy riding his length. Did her tongue grazing your clit every time he thrust through you lips make you crazy with lust?”

She leaned her head back further to look into his eyes and saw that he was truly pissed. She was tempted to say no, but knew that he’d already seen she did enjoy it. Afraid to speak, she nodded her head. He gave her a smile that sent chills along her skin. He shoved her away from him. The ties causing her to only go a few inches, before settling back at the same level as his cock. Looking down into her beautiful eyes he could see she was ashamed for cumming and still highly excited, but also a little scared. He liked that.

Grabbing hold of the canopy rails he looked at her and said, “Suck it, you naughty lil bitch,” he growled at her while swiping his cock across her lips.

She readily opened her mouth and he thrust his cock deep into it. She had to concentrate on her breathing and relax enough that he’d slide down her throat and not hurt her. Once his cock was sufficiently coated in her spit, he started face fucking her with hard, long strokes. The other man watched from his position on the bed and asked Master how he keeps Tra from gagging. Master grabbed Tra’s head and held her at the base, his cock buried balls deep in her throat. She swallowed around it and he groaned.

He looked at the other man and said,”That, my friend, is all her doing. She has no gag reflex.”

The other man was clearly impressed that during this chat, Tra still had his cock buried in her throat. Master held her and flexed his cock a couple times, pushing deeper. Master waited til he saw the movement of the ties, telltale signs that she needed air, before he let her up. Tra came up gasping and glowing.

“You like sucking cock, don’t you slave?” Master asked while stroking her cheek.

Tra smiled brightly and nodded, proud. There were laughs all around and the other man got off the bed, going to a black box on the table where he took out a few items. Tra felt the girls hands on her ankles. The girl tied her feet while Tra was still on her knees. Although Tra could still stand, though no more then that. She opted to stay on her knees, slowly licking and playing with her Master’s cock with her tongue.
Curious, she just watched as the other man strapped his pet to the table. Master leaned down and kissed her deeply, his tongue probing and promising. Then he left her tied to the bed and wanting to be fucked. He could hear her whimpers as he left her and his cock oozed. He loved that she wasn’t loud and fake. Her little schoolgirl whimpers made him want to cum. To do dirty, vile things to her delicate body and truly own her.

Her Master turned once to look back at his writhing, whimpering, beautiful pet. He saw the need and hunger in her eyes. Every fiber in his being told him to go to her. His need to bury his cock deep in her burning pussy was so strong he took a step toward her. His associate watched as he prepared his own pet. He cleared his throat loudly and asked for Master’s assistance. Tra cursed the man and vowed that if she could help it he would not be enjoying any more of her body. Master walked to the table and there was some whispers among the men. The girl looked a little frightened and unsure.

Tra moved to draw the girl’s attention. She was not allowed to speak unless spoken to. The girl’s gaze was fixed on the huge dildo her master was inspecting. She tugged at the ties to the table and struggled harder when they wouldn’t give. She was rewarded with a stinging slap from the same crop used on Tra’s tingling pussy earlier. The girl cried out and Tra shook her head cause she knew that would only be rewarded with another. Sure enough the silence was broken by the hiss of the whip in the air and the loud thwack of leather hitting flesh. Her eyes finally met Tra’s and she searched them and seemed to calm almost immediately. Tra smiled and nodded. The girl’s mouth opened and Tra shook her head. She closed her mouth and again Tra smiled and nodded.

Unbeknownst to the girls, Master saw this display and was torn between respect for his pet that she would go to such lengths of walking the line between disobeying and behaving, and anger at her disobeying him orders. He decided she’d been left too long untouched. He grabbed the crop from his associate and briefly explained what had transpired. His associate grinned at what that meant. There was more talk between the men and Master handed the crop back to his associate.

Grabbing a burning candle he stalked toward Tra. They had talked of this often, but had not yet done it. She instantly became aroused and wary. He stopped just short of the bed. Her pulse quickened. He watched her eyes darken and knew she was craving his touch. Her eyes dropped at the movement of his hands. The rise and fall of her heaving breasts told him she was straining for control. He was aware of her breathing, she softly whimpered. A half moan, half gasp. It was one of his favorite sounds. Picking up the candle again he climbed onto the bed and made his way toward her. He could hear the breaths she took and feel the heat of her body. The hunger in her eyes as he neared her was so hard to ignore.

He took her mouth in a searing kiss. Pulling away from her breathless and pre cum oozing from his cock. It flexed and she involuntarily opened her mouth. He chuckled and moved behind her. Her head fell back as his mouth took her neck in a vicious bite and she cried out. She knew instantly that was a mistake and braced herself for the pain.

He smiled at her cry. Taking the candle, he slowly poured until the hot wax drizzled across the rise of her ass. Covering her butterfly tattoo in a steaming purple trail. Her back arched as it trailed into her ass crack. He barely heard the hiss escape her mouth as she arched.
She had forgotten about the other couple until she heard the man removing his clothes. Her eyes focused on him and she glared. He didn’t seemed the least bit worried, in fact he smiled and told Master to pour it down Tra’s spine, that she arches so nicely.

She felt Master’s hands move her hair over to one shoulder and strained a little against the silk cords. He again slowly poured the wax starting at the base of her skull, trailing it down her spine. She immediately arched hard and her nipples pressed forward. He tweaked one hard and she started to pant. His mouth came around her ribs and closed over the other one. Her hips seemed to seek his body out on their own. She tried to turn into him and instead found hot wax being poured over her left breast. The nipple tingling from the heat.

She whispered softly. He strained to hear. “Please Master. Please touch me..”

He had to fight the pleading sound of her voice. His associate had slowly been stroking his cock while watching. Standing next to his pet’s head he started fucking her mouth, gagging sounds filling the room. Rather then slow Tra’s blood as she’d hoped, it spurred her on. Her pussy twitching and seeping wetness. Master trailed his tongue down her belly heading for the very spot aching for some attention. She longed to have her hands free to push him down, to tell him how badly she needed his mouth on her. He seemed to know what she needed and avoided it at all cost.

He poured more wax over her belly, down over her shaved pussy. The minute the wax and its searing heat touched her swollen nub, she cried out and a squirting orgasm followed. Master just barely caught the sweet nectar as it exploded from her body. It coated his lips and chin and flowed over his tongue and down his throat before she finally collapsed, limp against the silken cords. His associate pounded away at his pet’s mouth, her own pussy flooding the table with wetness. His orgasm followed Tra’s and was just as long. Master raised back up and gently lifted her chin and looked into her eyes for a brief second before kissing her deeply. She tasted the tangy sweetness of herself and longed for the taste of him to mix with it.

He raised up from that kiss, wanting her as badly as he knew she wanted him. She sighed and pleaded with her eyes for him to end her agony. He trailed his fingers down her cheek, along her neck and down over her left breast. Circling the nipple, pinching it, tugging it, and lastly twisting it. Her breathing was once again ragged and her body strained towards his. His cock stood out, beckoning her. His fingers continued their trek down her body, over the soft skin of her belly, flicking the ring at her navel. She felt the tremors flow through her body from her belly button where he’d flicked the ring down to her too swollen clit. It burned with need.

She felt and watched his fingers glide the rest of the way from her belly to her pussy. His hands caressed each of her hips, down the outside and up the inside of each thigh, around to her ass cheeks, so supple. He dipped a finger in to her crack and slid it to just a mere breath away from the dripping opening of her pussy, slowly back up, over her asshole. Pressing slightly, she gave a little shiver and he knew shed thoroughly enjoy anal this night. He ran his fingers up and back over her hip and down across the top of her silky pussy. Her hips arched up as if inviting his fingers more formally. He let the tip of his middle finger graze her clit and she cried out.

“You must wait, my pet. You have already had more orgasms then I should allow.” He whispered so that the other couple couldn’t hear.

His breath on her ear, his finger starting a slow tapping at her clit, became too much and she began to whimper. Almost in tears from the need to be filled.

“Please Master, oh god please,” she begged.

Straining against the ties that bound her. He looked at her and slowly shook his head. He climbed from the bed and walked to the other couple. The girl was being totally, orally pleased by her Master. Her moans and squeals filled the room. She wondered why she was being so tortured. She knew it was wrong to be jealous of another pet, but for once she was. She wanted it to be her that was being ravished. Her being so fully cock filled.

Master walked to his associate, clapped him on the back and stuck his thumb back in Tra’s direction as he moved between the girls legs. He spun the table and stood so he was facing his pet. So he could watch the lust, the need, and the jealousy on her face as he fucked the girl.
She watched as he put a condom on, stuck fingers in the girls pussy to make sure she was ready and in one thrust entered her deep and hard. She cried out and gripped the table. He began to fuck her as tho he’d been denied that pleasure his whole life. Tra watched, hatred for the girl filling her. The other man had since worked his way over to the bed. He climbed up and immediately began sliding his fingers all over Tra’s pussy. Deep inside, wetting and then removing, adding another finger and repeating the process until he had 3 fingers deep inside her. His thumb circling her clit. She tried to ignore the feelings building between her legs. Tried to ignore everything and hate both of these men and their little fuck toy.

Try as she may, Master could see her fighting herself. He continued to abuse the girl’s pussy, smacking at her clit and pinching it hard. He felt no real pleasure in what he was doing, all he wanted was to bury himself completely and for eternity in his own pet’s tight cunt. This girl was nowhere near as tight, not shaped right and too plump. He liked feeling his pets hip bones beneath his hands when her grabbed them to pull her into him.

Finally giving up, he called to his associate just before the man put his mouth to Tra’s nipple.

“I need her now!!”It was all he said and final.

The man got down from the bed and returned to his own pet. Master removed his semi limp cock from the girl and yanked the condom off.
He quickly went to the sink, washed his hands and cock. His stride as he walked to the bed was slow but purposeful. Reaching the bed he grabbed at the ties holding Tra in place. He yanked all four from her body and she dropped to her hands. Her shoulders ached but nowhere near the intensity of the ache in her pussy.

Master climbed onto the bed and she jumped on him. Knocking him to the mattress, she quickly positioned herself over his face and swallowed him in one breath. She had him balls deep in her throat and started to gently bite at the base of his cock. Her hands cupped his balls and she could swear she felt the cum swirling. He laughed at the quickness in which she had him pinned. It died the minute her mouth engulfed his cock. He gasped and held his breath. His eyes closed and he threw his head back. God her mouth felt so good. When her hands cupped his nuts, he had to concentrate on not blowing his load. He took a deep breath and opened his eyes. When he did her delicious pussy was staring him in the face. He roughly grasped her hips, bring his mouth up and her pussy down. He clamped onto it, like a starving man. His tongue thrusting deep and pulling out mouthfuls of her sweet taste. He became crazed with the need to have her. He bit at her clit, jammed 3 fingers in her pussy and his pinky in her tight asshole.

She fought to wait, fought to control her body. The way he was working her, she could hardly concentrate on the cock in her mouth. She sucked and nipped, licked and played. Did all the things she knew he loved. While up for air she rolled his balls in her hand while stroking his cock with the other. Enjoying for a minute the feel of him. She wet her middle finger with spit and started to roll his balls again. She couldn’t stand it anymore, she wanted him to feel the same need she did. Again she inhaled his cock, but at the same time put her slippery middle finger in his ass. She was rewarded with a very loud growl, his hips thrusting into her face and back to the tip and then a last time, and then she received a mouthful of cum. Feeling his cum jetting into her throat over and over was more then she could stand. She came hard. The force of the spray soaking his face. He sucked at her clit through the remnants of her orgasm.

Breathing hard he rolls until she is beneath him. Switching positions, he is still hard. Taking his cock he rubs the head on her overly sensitive clit. She hisses in a breath and arches. He repeats it and watches as the wetness seeps from her pretty pussy. Watching himself he slowly slips the head in and holding it, moves it up and down instead of in and out. She whimpers and he pushes a little more in. He looks up her body and sees her watching him. He holds her gaze as he shoves the rest deep, her eyes close and her hands grip the sheet tight.

He beckons to the other couple, whom she forgot was in the room. They approach the bed, both carrying burning candles. She is too caught up in the feel of his thick cock thrusting in and out of her to care. He waits until the perfect moment when he feels her pussy clench around him  and then nods and the man and his pet pour the hot purple and black wax all up and down her creamy body. They cover her nipples and belly button, a hot line down to her clit. He is unprepared for the heat and as it drips from her clit to his cock, they both cum. Hard and long. He feels the sweet wetness of her cunt squirting his stomach. He is lost in the sensation of her insides milking him. He has just enough strength to pull out a little, before he explodes within her.

He slowly regains some perspective and tells the other couple they may commence cleaning her. The couple both get on either side of her and both take turns sucking, licking and slurping the cum cocktail from her pussy. The tremors that shake her body each time a tongue is swiped across her clit, cause the other couple to chuckle.

She comes to herself just as her Master gets to her head. They kiss and he whispers, “You did exquisitely, my pet.”


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