Round of of the MMF Weekend Fun

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After that first amazing experience the three of us were sitting naked on the couch with Janette in the middle. After a little more wine and a bit of time relaxing she began to stroke both of our cocks with her hands. Eric and I began to kiss her and lick her neck and breasts, both of us also stroking her clit and fingering her still dripping wet pussy. I had never kissed a man before this night but as we both moved around and tasted her sexy body, our mouths soon ended up on her lips together. I hesitated at first but soon the three of our tongues were playing and flicking over the others, our lips slipping and kissing together, our hands roaming all over her wonderful body. As we kissed like that I felt Eric’s hand move to me, stroking my cock and balls with Janette. I leaned back and spread my legs and they both began to alternately slip a finger to my ass. Rubbing and fingering me with their slick hands.

Eric got up and then knelt between my legs… like I was in front of him less than an hour earlier. As Janette and I kissed I felt him grip and gently tug on my balls and then I felt his lips slip over the head of my cock. He rolled and flicked his tongue over the head as he stroked me with his hand. I was still dripping precum and he started to lick it from the tip. He was slipping his lips and tongue over me and then he took my whole length in his mouth in one push. I could feel the end of my dick bend as it pushed into his throat. Just as quick as he swallowed it, he slid me out and started to stroke me with his hand, and using the other hand to begin to finger my ass again. As he did this Janette leaned to me and said “Will you fuck him?”. “Absolutely” I answered her. Eric smiled as he licked my dick and fingered my asshole.

They stood up and directed me to their kitchen. First Eric sat in a dinning chair and Janette knelt in front of him. She took my hand and lead me to do the same and we each straddled one of his legs. I joined her as she started sucking his cock and licking his balls again. I started to suck his head and stroke him with my hand as she moved down to suck his balls. I was rubbing my cock on his leg as I sucked him. She was using her fingers on his ass and getting him ready for more. Soon Eric was moaning and begging “Give me your cock. Please, fuck me”.

Janette stood up with me still following her lead. Eric stood and moved to their dinning table which was a long rectangle with legs at the corners. He spread his legs and leaned over the end of the table with his chest flat to it. As he did that Janette got on her knees and moved under the table to his dick. She reached her hand up between his legs and tugged on his balls and said “He is ready for it, Baby. Give him your cock”

I moved behind him and started to slide my cock around on his balls and then pushed it down to his dick so Janette could lick us both at the same time. Moving up I started to glide the shaft up his ass crack. I pushed it against him with my thumbs as I slid up and down his crack. I took my cock in my hand and started to rub the tip against his tight hole. I was stroking him in circles with just the head as I squeezed out more precum and smeared it around his asshole. He was begging for my dick again and Janette was telling me to give it to him.

I pushed the head slowly into his ass, feeling him tense a little but then quickly relax. I held the head there for a few seconds before pushing a little deeper, then sliding back out to just the tip. Each time I pushed to him I very slowly moved a little deeper. He was begging me to fuck him harder now and I started to move in and out a little quicker, sliding out so just my head was in him, then going deeper with each push back into him. Janette had started to suck his cock again as she reached up and stroked us both. She began to pull my balls to him and encouraged me to fuck his ass even harder. Soon I was giving him the whole length of my cock. I held his hips and started to drive my dick deep into him with long strokes. I held him tight and began to fuck him faster, pushing my hips hard into his ass. I leaned back a little as I fucked him, watching my dick slide into his tight asshole. It felt incredible to take a man this way and his ass felt amazing on my cock. I could feel him squeeze my cock as I fucked him. He knew how to take it and he knew how to work a dick with his ass.

Eric started to push his hips back to me, saying that he was going to cum. As he did I felt Janette start to stroke his balls faster and harder and I began to fuck him slower as he began to get off in her mouth. Each time he pumped into her I felt his ass tighten on my cock and tremble with his orgasm. It incredible to feel my cock in his ass as he filled her mouth with his thick load. It felt as if he was milking my dick with his tight ass as he came in her mouth. I could hear her moaning as she swallowed him down and I knew first hand how amazing she felt now. The thought of tasting him again made me start to let go. As I got off I pumped a shot of cum into him before I pulled it out and shot the rest on his asshole, watching it drip down his balls. I leaned forward and lay against his back, my hips against his ass and my cock pushing down to his. Janette gently stroked us together as she licked up the rest of his cum.

We took a shower together shortly after finishing up. As we stood in the warm spray of water we touched and caressed each others bodies, softly stroking and touching each other. We giggled and laughed and replayed those amazing past few hours we just shared. As we joked and played, Eric took my cock in his hand and said to me “Can I fuck you next?”. After catching my breath I answered “Do you still have something for me?”. Without hesitation, Janette leaned close to us and said “The third time in an evening is his best, baby”. My whole body trembled at the thought of what I was about to enjoy….

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