sam and her stepmother


A beautiful two story house. An average street, could be anywhere.
A young man, Max hears sees the front door open as he walks by.. he hears voices inside and decides to see what is going on. He knows that a girl that used to go to his high school lives here with her step-mom, Terri.. her dad is gone most of the time and her mom tends to do yard work in a bikini top and the smallest shorts imaginable. Her figure is gorgeous, she is tan with large D cup breasts and Sam’s double d cups would seems to be quite a sight as well. She is blonde and shorter than her step-mom with a slightly husky voice.
Max has thought of each of them while jerking off in the shower. He had never dreamt of finding them in the living room.. watching porn as Terri sucked on Sam’s massive tits.
As he stepped inside, quietly closing the door, Max stood almost completely hidden behind the corner. Watching Sam rub her pussy through her panties as her step-mom sucked her tits.
“My little pussy is so fucking wet, mommy. I want you to eat it.”
Max can’t fucking believe this. He doesn’t realize that he has already pulled his 5 inch cock out, furiously tugging away. He watches Terri push Sam backward dipping her head down between her smooth creamy thighs, wiggling her head as she eats her daughter’s cunt.
Sam grinds her crotch into her mother’s face.
“I’m gonna cum on your face mommy! Uhhhhmmmm ooooooooh yes yes yes fucking hell! Goddamn I love how you eat pussy!”
Terri lift her head and sticks out her tongue, Sam sucks her step-mom’s tongue, tasting her own juices.
“Now it’s my turn, you little slut. I wanna sit on your face.”
Terri straddles Sam’s head, riding her mouth as she pulls her top off she notices max..jerking off.. she motions quietly for him to walk over. He does never taking his hand off his dick.
Terri continues to grind her horny cunt into her daughter’s face only now leaning over to suck Max off.. swallowing him whole.
Max leans his head back, trying to resist the urge to cum in his neighbor’s mouth.
Only as Terri reaches over to play with his balls he squirts in her mouth.
Multiple shots as she smacks her lips, moaning more as she finally cums on her daughter’s face
Max doesn’t know what to do next so he runs for the door, shoving his prick into his pants.
Terri looks down at Sam with cum dripping from her lips, “lets take this to the pool, sweetie”

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