Scarlett, Marla's Little Harlot

For a woman who’d just resorted to using her safe word, I felt pleased with myself. Marla lay on the bed behind me, laughing, and Brick had an obvious hard-on. I owed him. And thinking about giving him a blow job, telling myself exactly how I’d take his hard cock in my mouth and everything I’d do to it with my tongue, well, that made me want to do it. So I owed myself as well as owing him.

Besides wanting Brick, I was half-crazed with wanting Marla. Marla was wearing one of her black cut-velvet hostess gowns. Looking at her was a real tease. She trained me her to know I’m not allowed to look unless I’m not invited. Anyone else would be watching the material move over her beautiful breasts. She showed me how to put on makeup so her aureoles and nipples will show through more. (Once, before she took the photos she did that for me, too: she put make-up on my breasts and on the cleft in my pussy.) You can look all you want for the shadow between her legs, and you won’t find one because she gets waxed. Sometimes she wears a merkin because, as she said, “Darling, variety is everything.” And then she flicked my pussy with her whip.

I didn’t like standing in only my heels and leather mini-skirt while they were both fully clothed, but when I picked up my white sweater, Brick told me to leave it on the bed.

“Feeling overdressed?” Marla asked with a twinkle in her voice. One other reason Marla gets to me is that she knows how to tease me.

I nodded. She knew I wanted her to get naked. It had been weeks since I’d seen her body, and even though it had been months since she’d let me serve her, sometimes at night I liked to think about where I could see those blue veins through her pale skin on her breasts. It wasn’t until I saw her breasts that I liked the veins in mine. Right then I wasn’t sure whether I wanted to get fucked by Brick or lick Marla all over. Or both.

One whole wall of Marla’s bedroom is floor-to-ceiling windows. I’ve never seen her pull her drapes closed. Anyone who cares to look from the houses and apartments across the way can see right in. We can see what they’re doing, too. Sometimes it’s ordinary, sometimes they’re having sex. Either they think they’re invisible, or they don’t care. Or maybe they like sex more if they think they’re being watched. Tonight most of the windows across the way have drapes over them. I guess that gives us privacy.

The three of us were reflected in the window. And the people across the way, any who have their curtains open, will be able to see us. Wouldn’t you just know that the window directly opposite Marla’s was open, and a man was standing in the window in the apartment about fifty feet away. Wasn’t he embarrassed to stand there and watch us right out in the open?

Of course I was the only one giving him a free show, and not much of one now, either.. I’m sure I’m not the first woman he’s seen, but it’s the first time he’s seen me—and I’m even more naked because I’m not alone. As for not having much of a free show that was about to change.

When the phone by the bed rang, I expected Marla to ignore it, but instead she checked the caller ID, and said to Brick and me, “We’ve got company.”

The man on the phone was our company. “Well, Happy Birthday, Barry!” Marla said, and then she waved, and the man across the street waved back.

“Brick, Scarlett, wave to Barry,” Marla said.

We both waved, though I felt silly. I covered my breasts with one arm, trying to be modest when I waved although it was a little late for modesty.

I don’t know how Brick felt, except none of this had been enough to make him lose interest, judging by the bulge in his trousers. Had he ever fucked Marla? I didn’t want to get caught staring at Brick’s cock. Marla would laugh at me and call me cock crazy. Really, I’m not totally cock crazy—I’d just as soon lick her pussy for hours as be fucked by a man’s hard cock. It’s just that Brick turned me on.

“It’s Barry’s 40th Birthday,” Marla said, not covering the phone while she spoke. “And we’re his party.”

Where were the streamers and the noisemakers? Were we going to put on funny paper hats? We should at least have a cake and candles for a birthday. Or maybe this was another kind of birthday party. If we were the party, I wondered what he’d get as a present.

If I were still Marla’s slave, she could put a bow on me and send me over to her neighbor.

“Is he coming over?” Brick asked. It didn’t sound like he wanted Barry to join us. Why would he? Here we were in Marla’s bedroom and although it would keep Brick pretty busy, the odds were in his favor.

“He’ll come, but he’s happy staying home,” Marla said. “Right, Barry?”

I peered out the window. It was odd having Marla talk to someone I could see but couldn’t hear. I wondered how she knew his name. I guess one day they’d gotten together after looking at each other through the back windows.

The man in the window waved, then slid his hand under the waistband of his sweats. He looked pretty good for forty. I’d bet his cock was all slippery by then.

“Here, Brick,” Marla said, waving the phone. “Special request. Mano a mano.”

Brick laughed and took the phone—hand to hand? or man to man? Then he tossed it back to Marla, but not before he’d listened to Barry (if that was really his name).

Quicker than I could imagine, Brick stood naked. I hadn’t expected him to have a tattoo of a skull and crossbones on his arm. But I was more interested in his hard cock, anyway.

His cock was larger than I had expected. I wasn’t sure that I could take it all in my mouth though I was certainly eager to try. He was circumcised, and the head of his cock was about one and a half times the size of the shaft. It curved slightly up and to the left. I wondered what it would feel like going into my cunt. I thought it would be fun to play with his balls until he was good and wet—at least as wet as I was thinking about fucking him.

“This is for Barry’s birthday,” Brick said, “So bend over the chair with your legs apart so that he can watch.”

I rested my elbows on the chair seat with my ass up in the air. If I hadn’t been so turned on by Brick and Marla, I woudn’t have done this. After all, I don’t know Barry.

Before I could think any more about what I wanted to do, Brick put his hand between my legs. He pinched my clit, then slid a finger into me, then pulled it out. He reached around me and told me to lick his finger that had been inside me. “Lick it like you’re giving me a blow job,” he said, “It’ll be good practice.”

I did it to turn on Marla as much as to please Barry and Brick.

“Now me,” Brick said, “Turn around.”

He thrust his hips towards me. His cock bounced, glistening in the candlelight with a bit of pre-cum. He didn’t have to tell me to lick it off, I wanted to.

I had to strain to open my mouth wide enough to take him into my mouth without scraping his cock with my teeth. My mouth filled with saliva, part of a gag reflex. That was lucky because now he was dripping wet with his pre-cum and my saliva.

He spun me around and pushed my head down so that I was resting it on the chair. With my high heels on, I was just the right height so that he could fuck me.

He put his hands on my hips and said, “Ready?” He knew I was—I was so wet. I moaned a yes, and then he was in me. At the end of each stroke, he took his cock all the way out of me. I tried tightening my cunt muscles to keep him inside me, but it was no use. It was one stroke in, hitting deep enough to hurt, and then he was out. I felt so empty each time he pulled out that I whimpered and begged him to put his cock back in.

The way he fucked me might have been a show for Barry, but it was driving me nuts, too. Each time he pulled his cock out of my cunt, I didn’t know when or even if he was going to put it back in. I turned my head so that I could watch Barry across the street. Concentrating on Barry, I couldn’t see Brick’s reflection. Each time he slammed into me was a wonderful surprise. There wasn’t a rhythm to the way he fucked, and each time he went into me, his cock seemed larger. Maybe I just wanted his cock more each time.

Barry had slid his sweats down, and was jerking off. Oh…that’s what Brick was doing in between putting his cock in me! When was he going to come?

“What about me?” Marla asked.

She sounded petulant. She’d taken off her hostess gown while Brick was fucking me. All I’d been able to think about was how much I wanted him to ram his cock into my pussy and then how good it felt with him inside.

Brick said, “Do her.” He gestured towards the bed. Brick’s cock was in his hand now, oozing fluid—I thought he might come any second.

I stumbled towards the bed and fell on it sprawling face down. I crawled towards Marla, and her hands were in my hair, tugging to guide my head towards her cunt.

She smelled like jasmine, but, she’d taste like nothing but Marla.

My tongue was in her cunt, and I was on the edge of coming, but I wanted to wait for her. “Suck hard,” she said, “bite my clit.”

I did what she told me. “Yes,” she hissed, “just like that! Again….again….again!” I held my breath so I could concentrate on how my mouth felt on her pussy.

But here I was sucking her, having just been fucked hard by Brick while I watched Barry jerk off—and I wanted to come, too! Wasn’t anyone going to let me come? I was near tears when she said, “Rub your clit, Darling. Do it for me,” she said. “Now! come for me right now.”

I grunted, coming, shuddering, and Brick who had been jerking off by the side of the bed, where he could have a good view, said, “Cunt,” and he came on Marla’s breasts.

“Baby,” she said. I knew she was talking to me. I slid up to where I could lick her breasts, swirling my tongue over her silky skin. I smoothed Brick’s pooled semen over her chest, then licked her clean. I held her breasts in my hands and sucked on her tits as if I were nursing. Every so often I’d bite sharp enough to hurt her because I knew she liked that. Ha! I was right! Her nipples were hard again, and I knew she’d want my tongue—or Brick’s cock—to bring her off. Maybe both. If so, I’d go first. And if she’d let me, I’d do her again, after he fucked her so it would be me she remembered.

The phone was beeping to let us know it was off the hook. Barry was gone. I could get used to birthday parties like this one.

– END –

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